АСМР 🤖 РЕЙ АЯНАМИ Починит Твоего РОБОТА 🔧 Евангелион Sub ASMR Robot Fixing




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yes yes sir! All forces to save the pilot! Yes, sir! I'll get it out! Evangelion is immobilized. Beginning the autopsy. I insert the connecting contact. Start contact Central system rejects me Battery is empty. I connect an external power supply. Evangelion is unresponsive. Forced ejection of the capsule with the pilot ... Doesn't work. I turn on the communication channel with the pilot. Hey! can you hear me? are you alive there? Are you crying? Sorry, I do not know what to do in such situations .... Can you calm down? You will not die. I will protect you. what? I'm afraid? I’m not afraid don’t you trust our commander? I am loyal to the NERV organization and I will do whatever they tell me. If I die, I will be replaced. You have to help me. You are now inside the Evangelion robot. I can't connect to her without your help. Your task is to calm down, just sit and do nothing without my instructions. Just relax and listen to my voice. You should now launch the interface. Set the interface language. Excellent Preparation for connection. Disable locking device. Re-sync. Synchronization at the primary level is stable. Autonomous systems are functioning. All checkpoints are normal. Synchronization 43% Manageability supported. I will now conduct an initial examination of your robot. The armor broke down. Removing debris from the main sector. The left arm of the robot does not function, all contacts are broken. Cracks in the frontal bone of the skull. The skull is damaged. The extent of the damage is not known. Now I will try to get you out of the robot. I begin to extract the capsule with the pilot. The auxiliary voltage is normal. Disconnect connections from the pilot capsule. Connections are disabled. The pilot capsule will be ejected after 30 seconds. 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Pilot capsule extraction is complete. What is it? tears? I've never seen them before. I need to examine you. I'll start with your head. Everything is all right here. Back of the head. Don't you feel pain? and here? can you feel my touch? touching your hand? you feel? to the other hand? Do you feel the touch of your leg to the other ? excellent numbness of limbs not detected eyes open reaction to light well abnormalities not detected evacuate to a safe area what? 有 難 う 御座 い ま す? words of gratitude? I have never heard them before, weird, but I feel warm next to you what? be friends? what for? If I am ordered, then I will be friends with you. And now they urgently call me. goodbye.