Вангелия Серия 11 With English sub Vanga Episode 11




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EPISODE ELEVEN Stop! Stop! Let go of her! Mitko! Get back! Let her go! Donít, Mitko! Donít worry about me. Tell Ljubka to pack - Iíll be back soon. Be back? People donít return after the crap youíve said. Come. I repeat my question. What was the purpose behind spreading your anti soviet fantasies to all those people? I had no purpose... And it was no fantasy - I told them what I saw. Stalin will die in half a year. Why you..! Silence! She saw! You canít see anything - you are blind! Alright... I guess youíll like your cell more this way. Take her away. At least there try to keep your mouth shut. Nothing terrible happened to me... Petric. 1996. What do you mean? You were imprisoned! But Iím here now, arenít I? Alive... But you could have remained silent about Stalinís death. I couldnít do that... There would have been no difference - he would have died all the same. And you wouldnít have been sent to prison. Prison... Prison. A soul can survive in prison. It canít survive in lies. Petric. 1953. March. Hereís the sugar, Vanga. I put it under my mattress yesterday just like you instructed... Will you tell me my future now? Come here. Your brother comes... What brother? I have no brother. Yes you do. Your father had another family on the side. He had a son who died when he was small. Here he is with your father. Your mother is here too. She is crying... she worries about you. She says ìWhy did you believe Boyko? Heís a rotten man.î I love him... Boyko is my husband. He is lying to you... He will never marry you. Your father asks you to leave him - this tree gives no fruit. Boyko steals and youíre in prison - your mother weeps for you. Leave Boyko, Maria... You will be free and happy. Vanga, how do you know all this about me? The sugar you put under your pillow remembered everything and told me. Is it only sugar that can do that? Water as well... Water is very good at remembering people and their deeds. Then it tells me. How could they lock you away in here? If they have no shame, they should at least have fear. Vanga... How do you summon the dead? I donít summon them. They come to me. I am a gateway for them - through me they pass into this world. You mean they come to us, right here? Yes. When I see a person I see his loved ones that passed as well. They ask me how their loved one is doing. I ask them and they answer. Those are some serious guests to entertain... Enough talking. Vanga, what is it? I think sheís seeing something. The heart of the comrade and brilliant continuator of the glorious deed of the immortal Lenin has stopped beating. The father of nations and the genius head of our communist land- Josef Vissarionovich Stalin. What happened? Arenít they accepting packages? Stalin died. Are you sure? They just announced it right now. What will become of us? Vangelia Gushtirova - get your things and be ready to go. Where are they taking her? Who knows? Stalin died. I know. But how? Iím so hungry - I missed breakfast... Petric. 1996. Eat up. Youíve been here too long. Are you tired of me? No, Iím not. Itís just that... You donít have any tome for yourself. Did you settle everything with your boyfriend? No... Thatís not important. Of course itís not... Silly... A boyfriend is not important, she says. Everything matters. Everything. I think that... I feel like Iím about to understand what my life is meant for. I know this is no coincidence. I donít know what to do with it... Itís like I donít have solid footing. Only you... Me? Iím no rock for you. I havenít made anyone happy... Thatís not true! You are... You are something different... Have you eaten? Yes. Now go home. Just wait a second. Go home and figure things out. I donít know how. I canít help you anymore. You will understand soon enough. I donít get it - what could be easier? Get the girl to talk and find out what Vanga told her! You see yourself - things are changing every day. Vanga knows whether or not Yeltzin will be elected. It seems as though she spoke about it with his aid. Maybe she said something to that... Vareshkina. She couldnít be staying here for a whole moth for nothing. Sheís not exactly a genius but sheís not very talkative. Whatís stopping you from watching those tapes? She always carries her backpack around... So take them while sheís asleep! Or do I have to teach you how to get a girl into bed too? I donít think itís right... when thereís no love involved. When thereís no what involved? Love. Whatís love got to do with it? You are a professional, turn on the charm! Or have you forgotten how to talk to the ladies? Alyssa. Alyssa wait! Iím in a hurry! I know where youíre going! To that old hag! Why? What do you want to find there? Why do you care? Because youíre not being reasonable. I am. No - you were different. There was life in you. But now... Now Iím what? You are giving up real life for a bunch of cheap parlor tricks. You are destroying everything around you! Destroying love... What love? Love. What can be more precious than that? Vanga? Vitalik, I donít love you. I really donít. Wait... Why are so happy? Because I finally get it now! I was so confused about what was going on... But itís actually very simple - I donít love you. Vanga told me to sort out my affairs! Thank you! Wait! Canít we talk about it? There is nothing to talk about! Thank you. Hi, Granny Vanga! The rain is coming down hard. So now you know? Yes. Well is that it then? Now will you stop asking me how Olga knew when to help those she loved? Iíll stop. So what did you realize? I realized that she loved them and thatís how she knew. Itís all so simple. Itís very simple. She loved. And what about you? You stirred her in the right direction too. Me? Yes. No, not at all. Yes you did. If only a little. Youíre so wet... Sit. Siberia. Listvianka Village. 1962. Olga, why arenít you sleeping? Our son is a full grown man. Heíll be back soon. Why do you worry? I donít know. Itís not because Andrushka is out. I worry about his future. What troubles you about it? He wants to go to the army, is that why youíre worried? Of course not. Our son is strong and smart. He wonít make a mistake. A mistake. Thatís what Iím afraid of. That heíll make a mistake but I canít understand what kind. I worry about him. Thatís enough now. Come here. Donít worry, my sweet. Go on, do it. Now Iím all wet. Look! Is this okay? Letís go. Youíre leaving... But I will come back for you. I love you, Natasha. Will you come back? Soon as Iím done with the academy - I will come back for you. What? Nothing. Come. Natasha... Andrusha... Donít eat on the go. Hereís your supper. Eat, Mom, why arenít you sleeping? I was waiting for you. Iím sorry, I was out with Natasha. Andrusha... Are you sure your mind is made up? On Natasha? Iím sure - I love her. About the academy. You really want to become a soldier? I do, mom. I just havenít decided whether I want to be a pilot or a seaman. But I have time enough - I will decide. Why? Itís nothing. Iím just anxious. About the choice you will make. Whether or not you will become a pilot or a seaman. Go on, eat. Petric. 1962. Drive! Regretfully, I donít have any good news. Your husbandís condition is severe. Is he going to die? He has cirrhosis of the liver. Has he had a drinking problem for long? Since the war. Thatís almost twenty years. This is no surprise. Vanga... Iím here, Mitko. Iím with you. I ruined my life. All by myself. He doesnít have long. I know. Death is near. I will take him home. Forgive me, Vanga. Iíve been a bad husband... Donít say that... I ruined my life and to you... I gave you nothing but grief... Forgive me... Forgive me too... I didnít want it... I only brushed upon it... I didnít want to, forgive me... Iím sorry. Whereís Vanga? Mitko... Go to the light... You will be greeted there. Donít be afraid, Mitko. Go, everything will be alright. Set it down... Vanga, wait. I saw him off. Up until the very end. He is where he needs to be. Where he is meant to be. They say Vanga wonít be in today. Petric. 1996. Vanga wonít be seeing anyone today. She canít. She buried her husband yesterday. Ljubka... Vanga, why are you doing this? I will see everyone... All of them. Give her half an hour. Letís go. But I couldnít... Couldnít what? Save him... If a person is meant to die - he will die. There is nothing one can do. Nothing one can do to help. So you think that a person canít change his fate? No, he canít. How scary. It is, dear. Thatís why we canít know. But on the other hand one Mitko left and another one came. Petric, 1962. Here... Will have apple pirogues tomorrow. Someoneís at the door. Go get it, will you? Itís just the rain. Again with this. My god, how did you get here? I was just standing here... Hurry inside. Run. Vanga, look who it is. Bring a towel, quick. Youíre soaking wet. Goodness... Are you all alone? Yes. Where is your family? I donít have anyone. Can I stay here with you? Of course you can. Whatís your name? Mitko. Will you be my son? What are you standing around for? Feed him and get him to sleep. Yes. Violeta, boil some water. Go on. Take your shirt off. Here look. Auntie Vanga, itís as if youíre speaking to a friend. With a friend also. Who else? Who... With him. The apples? The apples. And what do they tell you? They tell me to eat one a day so I donít have to see a doctor ever. Like I didnít know that. Auntie Vanga... Iíve been meaning to ask you. Go ahead. How can you see what happened to a person and what will happen to them? It just comes to me naturally. Itís like someone opens a window. A in it there is a person. And I know everything about his life... I see everything. And they keep jabbering and telling me things.... They tell you things out loud? Out loud... With their voices? With their voices. And that happens when you look at everyone? Yes, everyone. It must be hard. It is, daughter. I just want to build a church... I just need the time... I hope I have enough time... Listvianka. 1962. Whatís wrong, Olga. Itís so early. Whatís the matter? Alesha... What happened? I must go to Bulgaria. Now wait a minute... What do you mean? Why? To see Vanga. Olga, I get it - you grew up there and you miss Bulgaria... But itís just too risky. How do you imagine going there? Plus Iím certain that the KGB is watching Vanga closely. I understand all of this but I must see her. I donít know how to explain it but it is very important. Is there a way we could take a trip? How? Yes... what trip? We work in a hospital not on a collective farm. Alesha... I have to see her. If you must than you will. Petric. 1962. How many days must I wait? We will stand here as long as it takes... Donít push... Let me through. Whatís going on here? Is there a problem? Our son had an argument with his classmate... You know how it is with boys? He didnít even fight - he just said that tattle telling is bad. But... That boy hit our son in the cheek and... Calm down, people. How many of you are there? The boy has been waiting for a while. Calm down, everyone. Wait a bit. You must understand that itís not about the fight... He insulted him on purpose. Our son is very fragile... A bit too much... He went mute, Vanga. He hasnít said a word in six months. The best psychiatrists are helpless to help him. They said that he will remain mute forever. He will speak again. When? Right now. Right now? What are you doing? Youíll strangle him! You came here seeking the truth but this is how you behave! Mother. Son... I can speak. Vanga! My god. Thank you.. Vanga you are... Olga, you came? Come in quick. Vanga... Wait here. Iíll see you later. Well, my sweetie, I congratulate you. Eighteen years old! Thank you, mother. Cheers! For you, my beauty. We will still be keeping an eye on you... Did you skip classes today with your girlfriend? Yes you did. Did you talk to a bunch of boys? Yes, you did. I... Be quiet. Did you eat ice cream with her? Why do you give her money? She never pays you back and never will. You donít need such a friend. What it is? Did something happen? You didnít bring me my ice cream! No, you didnít! To your health, daughter! Have you tried my pirogi? Itís really good. Learn something from your Auntie! She is a great cook! Letís drink! To health. Go now. Go. Stop talking, help out. Can you help out? Yes, mother. Vanga... Iím so happy to see you. I thought Iíd never see you again. I knew we would. I knew everything. I always see you. I always... I donít even know how to say it... I think about you... as though you are always with me. Vanga... You arenít supposed to know. I watch over you. It makes me happy. Have you any idea how painful it is when you know that something might happen but youíre powerless to do anything about it? I watch over you. Thank you. What has you worried so? Tell me. Go on, talk. Iím almost ashamed to admit it. Donít be ashamed with me. My son is finishing school and he wants to join the army. And this depresses you? No. Iím glad. My father was in the army, so was my husband. Itís a noble profession. But my sonís decision worries me greatly. Itís not your son you are worried about, Olga. Itís your grandchild... Vanga... I donít understand - my son is only eighteen. What grandchild? Your son will go underwater. And so will you grandson... But he will perish underwater... I donít understand... You donít have to understand - just remember. And tell your son to fly... Then your grandson will survive. Do you understand? Have you committed this to memory? Also, your grandson will look exactly like your son. Listvianka. 1962. Hello... Good day, Alexey Andreevich. Who are you? You donít get it, do you? I get it. Thatís right, colleague. To what do I owe the pleasure? How is your health these days, Alexey Andreevich? Why are you so interested in my health all of a sudden? Not all of a sudden at all. This is an interesting situation, Alexey Andreevich. You were commissioned out of the agency due to a serious illness, correct? Correct. So what? Nothing. Iím just curious... What kind of magic heals Parkinsonís disease? Letís have one for you, Olga. Letís. And then itís time to say goodbye. Letís say goodbye. Tomorrow... We will say farewell forever, Olga... Vanga... why forever? I will come to see you. My husband will get a trip from the government... If you only knew how... I know... He is a good man, I know. My wife went to see Vanga on personal business. What kind of personal business? Did I stutter? I shall repeat - personal business. That means that they concern no one but her. Thatís where youíre wrong. Vanga is too important of a figure for your wife to have secret affairs with her. Iíll get to the point, Alexey Andreevich... Before her next trip to Vanga she is to report to us. There is a lot that interests us. She will receive the appropriate instructions. Do you understand? I understand. But my wife will not be getting any kind of instructions before her next trip. Vanga is her close friend. That means that any prying into their personal business is out of the question. Goodbye. In that case her relationship with Vanga is out of the question. You are wrong, Alexei Andreevich... We will find a way to get to Vanga without your help. But your wife wonít have that chance any longer. Goodbye. Letís go. I will come to see you no matter what, Vanga. You think just because itís hard I wonít do it - I will. Nothing came easy to me in this life. I donít know why. I know. Why? Because you are strong and happiness can only come to you when you fight for it. So that the weaker oneís donít have to fight so hard. Do as life commands. I do. I know. We have had a happy life, you and I. My happiness remains with you. Go now. Go. Thank you so much. Mom! Oh, my daughter! Hi there! Hi! Hey there, Andrusha. Well how have you been? We missed you! Is everything alright? All is well. Dad is at work! By the way, my graduation is tomorrow. I know, thatís why I was in such a hurry! Come. Andrusha. I want to ask you to go to the Air Force. Why the Air Force? Just do this one thing for me, please. Donít worry, mom. I have nothing against it. Itís actually good that you have such a strong desire. It really is. Because I was undecided about it - pilot or seaman... But if you want... Then the air force it is. Deal. Petric. 1996. But why did you need Olgaís soon to become a pilot? I donít understand. Neither do I. Then... I donít understand - I see! What do you see? You shouldnít know... No one should know. Youíll see in five years! The whole world will be horrified. Kursk will disappear under the water... The entire world will weep... What are you saying? Donít worry - you wonít be there. What about my parents? They wonít be in Kursk either. Get out of here! What were you thinking? You think that just because youíre some big boss the rules donít apply? No! You are a hollow person! Hollow as a drum! So why donít you make like a drum and roll!? You are rude and stupid! Charlatan! Leave now! Go! Bad people come to visit me. How are you, Vanga? I need to get rid of it... Get rid of all the lies... What is wrong with people? Wait! Iím asking you to wait just a little. Excuse me. Excuse me. Stop your complaining! She comes here every day. Good youíre here! Where are you going? To see Vanga! Iíve been waiting for two months! Vanga will see you when sheís ready! Does Vanga think sheís some sort of saint? Look at what a saint she is! She hates us all! She just wants money! This is all a racket! How much money have I spent on the hotel? Goddamn it! All of this can drop off the face of the earth! Well... Granny Vanga! How can you just listen to all of it? Granny Vanga! Oh, itís you. Itís me. Donít you hear the people outside screaming? They are screaming alright. So what am I supposed to do, chase them away? I donít know - there are so many angry people out there. You canít change human nature. Iíve said it so many times... Someone up there is watching you. They donít believe me... They lie and steal and kill... But they must believe you... They simply must... They know that you know everything, donít the Granny Vanga? They donít want to know everything, dear. They only want to know about themselves. They must envy you then. Oh, if you only knew how much I have in my head... It is I who envy them because they donít hear anything and donít see anything... What are you thinking about? You are thinking about something new - tell me!