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EPISODE SIX Sofia. 1931. Cafe Bayaderka Hello. Good day. Excuse me but may I speak to the owner? I am the owner? Really? Yes. I came about your ad in the paper. Are you a foreigner? I am Russian. No. No what? I canít hire you. Because Iím Russian? Because you donít have a passport. Or do you? No. Damn foreigners... We donít have enough jobs for our own, without your types. What are you doing here? Go back to your country. I was taken out of Russia when I was still a child. My parents were nobles and they couldnít stay in Russia after the revolution. The revolution. Who made them start the revolution in the first place? I canít hire you. Maybe you could hire me for a short time, I will be good and work hard I promise you! Youíll see. I see, I see everything - you are a noble and this work isnít for you. You should look for something different. I apologize but I really canít hire you. Forgive me. Goodbye. Farewell. Thank you. Thank you. Iíll be seeing you. Is everything alright? Yes, thank you. Iím sorry, dear. Wonderful. What was that? Maybe something fell down. Oh my god. What happened? Someone help! What happened? I donít know - looks like she fainted. Call a doctor. We have a doctor - Alexey Neznamov! So go get him! Quick! Poor girl... Doctor, whatís wrong with her? Make some room. Let me have a look... How can we help, doctor? She needs a shot - Iíll bring my syringe. You should stay with her. Yes, of course. Alright? Poor girl... Everything will be alright. I donít think itís anything serious... she is exhausted - body and nervous system alike... A shot of glucose should do the trick... There we are. She should come around momentarily... Could you please help me? Yes, of course... There... She needs rest. Yes but before that she needs to eat. Come in. Good day, how are you feeling today? Much better thank you. Stay where you are, save your strength - what if you get a head rush and fall over? I suspect you donít need that to happen? Alexey Andreevich, I feel... Are you feeling worse? No, not at all... I feel awkward. Why? You saved my life and now you are treating me for free. Oh, donít even start. Stop worrying and blowing things out of proportion. I only did my duty as a doctor - no heroics there. You need to eat right and Iím the kind of person that finishes what he started. So now that Iím your physician I wonít give up until you are fully recovered. But I canít stay in bed forever. You need rest - physical and emotional. And from what I observed you are sorely missing the latter ñ you wonít let yourself relax. What is the source of such distress? I need to find a job but there is nothing available no matter how hard I look. Work? Iím practicing at the Clinic aimed at finding a cure for diseases of the nervous system. I need an assistant. I would be honored were you to fill that vacancy. Alexey Andreevich I will do my best... Olga Andreevna, we will discuss this only after you have fully recovered. For now, all I need you to do is rest. Thank you, Alexey Andreevich. The sedatives and syringes are in the drawers. You know how to use a syringe, donít you? Yes, of course. Thatís good but you wonít have to give the shots often. Still, better to be prepared if the occasion arises. The people who come here arenít just those who suffer from insomnia. We treat Hysteria, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and all kinds of other things... Also, you will need to take notes during my meetings with the patients. It would be preferable were you to be as precise as possible. The root of a mental illness lies, first and foremost, in the words of the patient. I will try. Whatís most important is that you must maintain self-control no matter what. You understand - the patients may be different but they all came here seeking help. It is our duty to offer that help. Yes, of course. Alright then, god be with us. God be with us. Ljubka, go get some water. Strumice. 1931. Alright, give me the bucket. Would you like to ask me something? Yes. What should I do? Donít you know - live? And what do I do with the visions? They will be with you forever - learn to live with them. Itís hard. Pick those flowers - they are starflowers and they will help you cure illnesses. How can I cure anything? From now on I will always be helping you. But in the meantime - farewell. You... Will always... Help me... Vanga! Who were you talking to? Didnít you see him? A traveler with a horse - he was glowing. What traveler? Vanga, do you have a headache. Tell me are there any special flowers by the river over there. Yes, tiny white flowers... They are starflowers... Help me pick some. Petric. 1996. Were those flowers special? The traveler was special. And everything he said was special. How did he speak? You want to know whether or not he was loud or quiet? That I do not know. But I clearly heard every word. And you werenít scared? No. I wasnít even surprised... But everything important in my life started there... The starflowers came in handy very soon. Vanga... Strumice. 1936. Vasyl... Help me, Vanga... Vanga, is he going to die? Toma, go get your father... Iíll go get him. Vanga, Vasyl is barely breathing. What are you doing? Iím making a brew for him. Is that the flowers we picked by the river? How can you cure anything with those? Go away, Ljubka! You canít cure him - he will die... Come on brother, have some - youíll feel better. Vasyl, have some more. Yes, have more. Drink up. Vanga. Vasyl, are you feeling any better? Sleep now, Iíll stay by your side. Sofia. 1938. Are you a communist? I am a Bulgarian patriot - we shouldnít fight Russia on Hitlerís side! The Czar is working with the Naziís! itís a crime! Letís go. Everyone get back! Freeze! Stop right there, police! Stop! Good day. Hello. Come in please, Mr. Von Dietrich. Please sit in the chair. I apologize again for making you wait but the circumstances were grave. I was held back on the street by a young beauty. Oh, that sounds like a welcome distraction. Perhaps so but she didnít have eyes for me, Iím afraid. She was only giving out flyers. The ones against Czar Boris? Yes... Ever since the Turkish invasion the people have been sympathetic to the Russians. The Bulgarians canít see the obvious pluses that would come with becoming our allies, as the Fuhrer suggests. But in time they will understand. They will see. So you think Bulgaria will join the alliance? Iím sure of it. The Czar wonít have a choice but to submit. Or do you support the idea of a Bulgarian union with the Bolsheviks? Heaven forbid. They are your countrymen, arenít they? Yes but my parents left exactly because the Bolsheviks came to power. So ever since I was ten Iíve been an opponent of their rule. But right now Iím more interested in your insomnia, Mr. Von Dietrich. Did the powders I prescribed you help? The powders are wonderful, doctor. The rumors that you are a miracle worker were true. By the way, you mentioned some kind of procedure. I am ready to take part - do with me what you wish. If you say so - please get comfortable. Letís work a bit. Relax. I do think that the rumors of the miracles I supposedly work are a little crude though. Strumice. 1938. Vanga, was it the medicine or your flowers that healed Vasyl? You can use anything to heal people, even water. Father! Daddy! Are you tired? Father, whatís wrong? I donít feel so good... I think I have the flu... Where could you have gotten the flu? Itís so warm! Yeah... My god, another problem. Ljubka - bring firewood. Here. Thank you. Petric. 1996. No one knows anything about themselves. People are only smart in hindsight - thatís just how god made us. Even when fate itself offers us hints - we still wave an apathetic hand... Uncaring... I donít think Iím very wise even in hindsight. I dropped the camera and now I donít even have any idea whether itís recording. It is, donít fret. Are you planning to go home? You are being watched... Alright... Yes... She isnít in the hotel. She is probably at Vangaís already. What is your business with the girl anyway? I have no business with the girl but Vanga is a world known phenomenon. Your girl has been with her for about a month now. They meet every day and talk for hours - naturally we want to know whatís behind this. As far as I know Vanga always has her reasons for doing what she does. Why are you so interested in her anyway? You mean Vanga? Yes. What makes you think that? Iíve heard that you assist her... well not you but your Bulgarian colleagues. Apparently they gather intelligence on the people who come to see her and share it with her. Were that the truth then she wouldnít be such a phenomenon. It doesnít depend on us. Sergey Konstantinocvich, I ask you - control your journalist while sheís there. She isnít my journalist - sheís a student intern. More reason for you to find out what she talks about with Vanga, what do they do, et cetera - you know what to do. We will do what we can. I felt bad for the things I said to you yesterday. Really. I didnít want to hurt you. You didnít hurt me. Itís just that you speak of things you know nothing about. I didnít know that Vanga means so much to you. Itís not about me - I think that one shouldnít do that in general. I didnít take it personally but someone else might, you know? Youíre strange. I like you. Are you going to see Vanga? Yes. Can I see you tonight? I donít know, I might be busy for a while. I think tomorrow would be better. Letís do it tomorrow then. ...so that we know your plan here on earth. I knew father would die soon. I knew. But I couldnít do anything to help. Thatís awful. Life takes its course, dear. Iím so sorry, daughter. Forgive me if you can. What for? Back then I just made that call... Decisions like that one canít be made so easily. I destroyed your happiness... I made you come home... Donít... Itís not your fault. It was my destiny. One canít know his destiny. Not your own nor anotherís... One can know but can he change it? Forgive me. Forgive me... Father... What do you want, Vangelia. Something terrible has happened... Iíve heard - your father died. Yes. We need to hold a service. Do you know how much it costs? We have no money - father has been sick for a while... We spent everything on medicine. And did you bother to consider his soul after death? No money... You spent everything on the body while the soul is left derelict. Leave now. You should be ashamed of yourself - such a sin. Youíre going to tell me about sin? Didnít I call you into the house of the lord? Didnít I say that the demon within you needs to be chased away? You didnít listen to godís will then and now you use his name as cover! Leave. I ask for your forgiveness in the heavens. Be merciful and bless us. Let your truth ring out to the clouds. And allow us to know your grave here on earth. Sofia. 1938. Mr. Velchev? The doctor will see you now. Are you his new assistant? Yes, Olga Vasyltsova. Amazing! I wonder where he finds such beauties? I hope the last one already given birth? Last time I was here she was days away from labor. Please come in. Have you taken an interest in the doctorís biography? His story is a curious one. I wasnít hired to fill my time with nonsense - I have my duties. Come along now, please. Goodbye, Olga. Arenít you coming? I thought... What? Nothing. Why is it so? Vanga, how are you doing over there? Strumice. 1940. Fall. Hello. How much is the bread? Two lilas. Thatís steep. Take some corn. Iíve got enough of my own. Hello Irena. Hi, Ljubka. Can I get one of those needles for the rougher threads? Here take these - they are thin. I donít have enough money. People are losing their minds - taking everything they can. Why is that? Stocking up. They say war is coming. When? How should I know when? Did you hear, war is coming! What war? Have you heard? I havenít! What about you? Of course Iíve heard about the war - the market is abuzz with it. What? How will we make it? The same way as everyone else, Milana. Weíll survive somehow. Lord willing... Vanga, if you could only see whatís going on! They are taking everything! They are even fighting for it. Do you think a war is really coming? If we could only know when exactly. Many want to know. I bought needles to sew bags with. Stop jabbering, Ljubka. Grab the bucket. Iím not jabbering... Letís go home. Corn is so expensive... as is the bread - I took nothing! We have our own. Milos and Milana spent the entire day at the market trying to sell their goat. Stop frequenting the market - itís not like we have money to buy anything. Baba Gano bought an expensive bag of beans! I told her, ìWhy spend so much? You have your own!î What do you need the needle for, Ljubka? I need it. Sofia. 1940. Fall. Olga Andreevna! Good morning. Good morning. Iím going to make a house call before I get in. Go to the clinic and prepare everything for admission. Alright, Alexey Andreevich. Oh, and could you please call the patients and make sure they come in on time today? I understand. And strike Mr. Gaygurovís name off the list - he had an episode last night. It is him Iím going to see. Alright. Anything else? No, thank you. Hello. Good day. Connect me to the 35th. This is Velchev. Thereís nothing here but regular medical papers. Alright - Iíll check his apartment today. I just need to get the tools. Alright. You canít catch me! Alexey Andreevich! Olga Andreevna, whatís wrong? Iím sorry Iím not at the clinic. What are you doing here? You said that you were going to see Mr. Gaygurov. I looked up the address in his medical history... Thatís not important - while you were gone Mr. Velchev searched your office. Come with me. Wait, I need to pay. Wait here then, please. Thank you very much. Donít worry about it. What were you saying about Mr. Velchev? First he... Iím tired... So what of Velchev? He looked through your papers and then made a phone call. How do you know this? I accidentally noticed him enter your office. I peeked through the keyhole and listened. Perhaps you accidentally heard whom he was calling? He asked to connect him to the 35th. And what did he say? He said he only found medical papers and that tonight he will check your apartment. Also that he will pick up the tools at his place. Alexey Andreevich, what tools? Is he also a doctor? Olga Andreevna, I thank you. I always suspected that Velchev was sent to me by competitors. You helped me become sure of that. What competitors? You thought I was the only doctor working with mental patients? Velchev works for a large firm thatís ready to destroy anyone in their way. Wait a second but he said that he would check your apartment! Is the battle for clients really so harsh? Regretfully money can make people do a lot of things, Olga Andreevna. In any case, I thank you. You know what? Go to the clinic, call everyone and cancel all our appointments. Is it really... Is it really so serious? To win in competition one has to be resourceful. What will you do? I shall go straight to that clinic and confront them head on. Let them know that I am aware of their scheming. They will be taken aback giving me time to regroup. What should I do after Iím done? You should go home. That will be all for today. Good day. Be quiet and no sudden moves. Please understand... I didnít do anything. Iím not a member of the secret police. How long have you been an agent? Half a year. Sit down. Sit. Why are you interested in me? Personally, I couldnít care less. Stop playing dumb and answer the question, Velchev. I was told to check a few Russians - you among them. Check them for what? For what? Connections to the soviets, of course! So what have you found? Is there anything to find? Answer the question. You wouldnít dare. Oh, I would. It would be a pleasure. Answer the question. I found nothing. I searched your office and found nothing. Whom did you call from my office? Whom did you call, Velchev? My superior in the police force. I donít know his name. He calls himself - Stoyan. Good. Right now you will make a call and connect to the 35th. Get up. I... And you will say that you found nothing in my apartment. I couldnít have had time to check your apartment - I just came for my tools. Fair enough. Alright - then you will make the call in two hours. In the meantime you can tell me about all your buddies. Is that clear? Connect me to the 35th. This is Velchev. I checked his apartment. I found nothing of interest. Nothing. No documents - just personal items. Alright, I understand. Are you happy now? Quite. By the way, about your tools... Show me. Nice set - a true professional. From a past life. You were also a burglar? I have a rich background. This might be of interest to you... Alexey Andreevich... Yes, Olga Andreevna! What happened? Why arenít you asleep? I dropped by to ask if you were alright. Of course - why wouldnít I be? I though you... Excuse me. Have a good night. You too. Have a good... Whatís wrong? Youíre wounded! No, no, donít worry I have already given myself first aid. Itís just a flesh wound. A flesh wound? How much blood have you lost? Back in Middle Ages bloodletting was as a treatment for many diseases. Your hand... Yes... covered in blood. I killed Velchev. I think you should know that. Now you should go. Thank you for your help. You think Iím capable of snitching on you? I donít exclude such a possibility. Go! Alexey Andreevich, is there anything I can do to help? Bring alcohol. What? Just a second. Itís on the drawer. Wait a second. Seems Iíve gotten you wrapped up in quite a story. You should go. Alexey Andreevich, I love you. Olga Andreevna, I just killed a man, donít you understand? You shouldnít stay here. Will they find the body? No, they wonít. He owed a lot of money to a lot of people around town. So they wonít think it was you? Be my wife, Olga. Itís good to have people in the house. Thank you, Vanga! You are so generous, treating your guests with such reverence! Eat and donít worry. Do you need your house foxed up? Milan and I are going to build our own soon, perhaps he should repair yours too? Whatís wrong? There wonít be a construction. Why not? There will be a war. Right here. April 1941. My god. Now we know... Petric. 1996. So did it start in April? I donít know the dates on Bulgaria. It did... Granny Vanga, what happened to Olga? Wonderful, Mr. Von Dietrich. Great coffee! I would like to invite you and your wife for dinner! Would you do me the honor Mrs. Neznamova? Thank you Mr. Von Dietrich, I think my husband would be delighted to come. Absolutely! You are one of my favorite patients. Here is your prescription. Then I await your arrival tomorrow at eight. You donít mind if a friend of mine will be in attendance, do you? He just came from Germany and Iím helping him to get to know Sofia. We would love to meet him. Then until tomorrow. Auf wieder sehen. Have a good day, Mr. Von Dietrich. Perhaps we should have declined? Oh no, this is good. We simply must be there. Iíve been waiting for this invite for a long time. Von Dietrich has been coming to me for over a year and remains almost friendly. Why almost? Because heís an aristocrat. Arenít you one as well? A German Baron and a diplomat to boot? Thatís a whole different story. What does he care about some Russian doctor, even if he is good at his job? But, as you can see, this is progress. Are you sure his invitation isnít some sort of trick? We shall see. Did he ask your wife to accompany you? Of course - all the proprieties were preserved. The time has come for clarification. Clarification in what exactly? Your relationship with your wife. You know what I mean. I do. Itís one thing that you married her without even consulting us... But what do you plan to do now? I am not a psychic. Well you should be! Because now you either tell her whom and what you are or you separate. The first option is dangerous. For her as well as you if she takes it the wrong way. Olga will never betray me. Leave that kind of talk for love stricken teenagers. Never say never. With her you are less suspicious but in way more peril. Option two - you tell her nothing and disappear forever. Thatís out of the question. Itís less desirable and not because of her feelings. But because we canít pull you out of the game - we simply donít have the time. So I urge you to analyze the risks and make a decision. Your Baronís friend should also become a priority. But be careful. That I know. Donít get mad - Iím only worried for your safety. Iíll make an appointment at the clinic and you can tell me how it all went. Good luck. Alesha, could you help me? Wait a minute. Why are you so worried? I have a strange feeling... Iím sorry, Lesha. Olga, whatís the matter? Alexey, tell me - why donít you trust me? What are you talking about? You are about to do something very dangerous and yet you tell me nothing. We... We what? We are about to do something dangerous. Stop it with the jokes! Alesha! You are in danger and I can feel it! Yet you tell me nothing. Why are you silent? Tell me the truth... I love you. I want to help you... Well, I suppose itís time to clarify... Forgive me, Olga, I should have told you from the get go... Even though itís forbidden by everything Iíve learnt... What have you learnt? I work for Russian intelligence. Yes, I work for Russian intelligence - this is a fact. What you do with that fact is up to you. We are late. Itís not polite. The Germans are always on time. We? We. Letís go. They are waiting. What? What is it? At first I thought... Velchev said that your previous assistant was beautiful. So? And that she gave birth so I thought... Olga, what are you talking about... Oh my! Not even a spy can figure out the mental workings of a woman. I never even thought youíd even think of it. So what? Svetlana had a baby. But not by me. She has a wonderful husband. If you want we can go to their house right now so you know for sure. I know for sure. Letís go. We can do this. Yes we can.