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EPISODE EIGHT I warned that... Herod. Leave Russia be. He wouldnít listen... Bulgaria. Petric. 1996. Granny Vanga, half the night I tossed and turned thinking... How on earth did Hitler let you be? He was a terrifying person. He wasnít thinking about that. And you shouldnít be thinking about my past but rather your own future. I will tell my life story. But only you should worry about your future - no one else will. Listen what happened next. Close it... They didnít believe it would happen but it did... Sit down, Pasha. Moscow. Lubianka. 1941. September. And listen to me very carefully. Comrade Stalin has set a goal for us. Iím listening, comrade Beria. We must send Hitler a certain message... He stops his advance and we call what happened so far a border dispute. A border dispute? How can you say that, Lavrentiy Pavlovich? The Germans are about to seize Kiev! We will consider this incident a border dispute. Furthermore - we propose to transfer several Soviet territories into German hands... What are you saying, Lavrentiy Pavlovich!? This is... No backtalk! Donít you understand? This proposition comes from up above! How should we send this message to Hitler? The fastest way possible. We can do it through Bulgaria - we have a strong presence with a wide array of contacts within the German embassy. So then pass this on through the German embassy in Bulgaria. It will be done, comrade Beria. Can I go now? Wait. I want it relayed verbally. What do you mean? How? Only verbally. I understand, Lavrentiy Pavlovich. Go now, Pasha. Sofia. 1941. September Alexey, where are you going? To get the paper. So have a walk then! Have a little time for yourself. Have a beer or some wine. Oh my god... it is a rare husband that hears such words. I guess Iíll have to get drunk on beer then. Be careful. You too. Goodbye. We consider your channel worthy of our trust as well as the contact at the embassy. This is why... We have decided to charge you with this assignment. Iím listening. You are to relay to your contact at the embassy, Von Dietrich, a verbal proposition. It comes from Soviet leadership and it is intended for Hitler. Verbal? Yes. What is the proposition? Hitler stops his assault. The attack on the USSR is considered a border dispute. What? A border dispute. In exchange for this courtesy the USSR would be willing to hand over certain territories. The exact details would need to be worked out later. Do you understand the task, Neznamov? Von Dietrich will relay our proposition to the Reich leadership. We have already used him as a link but never directly. This time we need to reach him directly. This is why we have called upon you for this task. Why are you silent, Neznamov? I donít believe you. This canít be - it is a provocation. What do you mean - border dispute? How can we just give up territory? I donít believe the leadership could have made such a decision. You arenít in church, so your belief means nothing. What is demanded is unquestioning loyalty in execution of any task the leadership charges you with. Am I making myself clear, Neznamov? Or have you forgotten what you are here for? I havenít forgotten. Get in touch with Von Dietrich and report back on your progress. Alesha... Aleshenka, why arenít you sleeping? I canít fall asleep, my sweet. Did something happen? No, no... nothing happened. Nothing new. The German army continues its victorious expanse into Soviet territory. You know... Vanga once told me... That my husband will be a man of many faces... What does that mean? What faces? Your Vanga is quite the fortuneteller. She said that my husband wonít have any secrets from me... He will be all mine. Olga, I am all yours! What are you talking about? Then donít hide from me! Iím not hiding! Stop it! Do you understand that will your lack of faith you hurt me? What? Alesha... Your parents never lived near Tambov. Maybe they have but there was no mansion. This is the book of the family trees of nobles, my grandmother gave it to me... As I child I would study it carefully. Recently I decided to have another look. There are no nobles named Neznamov in the Tambov region. I see... You are disappointed that Iím not of noble blood then? I am disappointed that you donít want to be truthful with me. Even now. Forgive me. Iím so sorry. I havenít told you anything because I didnít want to put you in danger. You canít even imagine what kind of danger youíll be in once you know everything about me. Alesha...It is my choice. Itís not as though something changed once I found out. I love you. I do. I am with you. Forgive me, my sweet... Please forgive me. I havenít told you everything. Yes, I am not of noble blood. I was born to a regular family in Moscow. My father was a worker and my mother washed clothes. Every summer we went to see my grandparents to a village near Tambov... But they werenít aristocrats... they were mere peasants. Nobility is part of my legend. And you havenít studied in Prague either? No, I have. For a year. But before that I finished medical school in Moscow and... the intelligence academy. And now I donít know what to do. For the first time I donít. Is it because of me? No, not at all... I received a new assignment today... but I canít go through with it... Is it too dangerous? Itís not about that - everything is dangerous... Nothing in my life has been safe for a long time. But I canít complete this one. To do so would to betray myself. I would have to become a traitor and a coward... And I canít.... I simply cannot. I canít. I never gave you any advice and I have no right to counsel you on your job... I think... What do I do? You should do what your conscience allows you to do. It is the only right way to proceed. And the only one for you. Alesha! Whatever you decided - it is the right thing to do. Youíre not mixing anything up? No. Several territories of the USSR by way of mutual understanding... You didnít know? No. A representative of the center demanded I get in touch with you. What are you planning to do? I wonít go through with it. This is treason of the highest order. Have you prepared a way for you and your family to disappear? Yes. Do you think I will need to? Yes. Whether or not you fulfill the task at hand... They will come after you. Oh, it hurts so much... Strumice. 1941. Fall. Guys, guys... Make way everyone! Call Vanga. Oh Lord, how did she deserve this? She has been suffering this way her entire life... Here... Go with god now. Here... You have a river near your village... Pick some grass from the very bottom. Make a brew of it and pour it over your daughter. Pour her with water? Just water from lake? Yes... she will be fine. Here take it. Some bread and cheese. This comes from a grateful heart. Thank you. Donít worry, she will be fine. Dad, Iím so sleepy. Can we go home? Yes, letís go daughter. Come now, precious. Let the soldier in. Me? Yes you. Stay here. So what is it that you wanted to know? My brother has been killed... He left three children and a wife sick with consumption. I want to know what will become of them... the widow and the children. You lie. I am not. Ask the neighbors - he died three months ago. You lie about your intention of finding out about the family... You want to ask something else... You want to know who killed your brother. The names of the killers. It is so. Maybe I will give you their names. But only if you promise not to exact revenge. Can you promise me that? No, I cannot. Then there is no use of you knowing. Why not? Revenge is like murder - you will be punished for it gravely. And if you escape punishment, it will find your sons and grandchildren. It will be a curse upon your house. But it isnít fair. Why is it so? So that it hurts more. Donít fret. If you donít exact revenge - you will see a trial of the killers. Really? Yes. Thank you. Go now. How do you know everything about me? I know many things even of strangers. But we arenít related. Not by blood weíre not. I see you for the first time... But you are no stranger to me. You spoke about the men who killed my brother but what of my destiny? Your destiny is quite simple... What is it? It is your destiny to become a husband to me. It is wonderful when you can tell people some good. Before it was all bad, wasnít it? I couldnít tell good things to all those I wanted to. I couldnít. Sofia. 1941. Fall. Good day. Good day, Mr. Grunlich. You look superb! Please come in. Thank you. What brought you to my door, Hans? Itís not insomnia, is it? What else? Insomnia, headaches and a nervous twitch. Yes, doctor, my eye twitches like that of some psycho. You are no psycho. I see you are as healthy as an ox. You must be overworked or something. Yes, there is a lot of work in Sofia. It was much calmed in Germany. But Sofia is a career maker, is it not? Doctor, I beg you, do anything you want but give me back peaceful sleep. Alright, alright, I suppose we could give it the old college try. Do you remember the procedure? Oh, yes. Relax, get comfortable, close your eyes... yes. Relax. You are completely relaxed... you are consumed by a mild and warm light... It is dimming... flickering and finally goes out. What do you do at work? Bulgarian political immigrants... Why are you focusing on them? They have been sent here by Soviet special intelligence forces. From Russia to Bulgaria... A special NKVD unit... Their goal? Spying. How do you know this? We got one. And now itís time for me to ask the questions, doctor. Why are you asking patients such questions? Hans, this is some kind of misunderstanding. I realized that we should keep an eye on you ever since that restaurant, remember? The way you skillfully kept inquiring about the start of the war. I asked nothing - you were speaking on your own volition. Yes I was - because I dint matter one bit. The war couldnít be stopped. But you can be stopped. And I will be the one to do it. Doctor? Yes, Petra? Doctor, we are all out of disinfectant! Can you lend us some? Yes, of course. Oh no, I think Iím all out as well. Iíd be happy to help tomorrow. Well by tomorrow we will order some ourselves. Excuse my intrusion, doctor. Itís quite alright. Youíre here just in time for dinner. No need. Get dressed and please do it quickly. What happened? Nothing, I will explain on the way. Give me a minute. I have everything packed and ready. Please hurry. What is it? Sit down. Whatís wrong? I think itís starting... why so sudden? Breathe, just breathe. Iíll sit for a moment and then Iím going to get up... Stay where you are. Donít so anything. Sit here and wait. Have patience. Breathe. Hello, ambulance? Chiprovsty street , house eight. My wife is going into labor. Dimitrov is the name. Please hurry - her water broke. Thank you. You named the next street... Because thatís where weíre going. Here, Olechka, these are your documents and some money. Your name is Ruzhina Dimitrova - be sure to remember that. A housewife. I am your husband - Cvetan Dimitrov. A pharmacist. Did you get that? Yes. Will we go together? Iíll take you to the ambulance. You canít stay here. Iím not planning to. I will join you later. Has the pain passed? Yes. Come. Letís go. Donít you worry - everything will be fine. Iíll pick you up from the hospital myself. Both of you. Everything will be alright. Get in please. Iíll see you soon, soul mate. Donít worry. Open the door. Mr. Neznamov, open this door! Mr. Neznamov? Gentlemen. Please. Petric. 1996. I couldnít have handled that... Like your Olga did... or her husband... Yes you could. No. Yes you could - no one knows the true extent of their own strength. When the soul is roused so is strength - you could have. Strumice. 1942. Spring. Stay here. I will go alone. Alright. Hello. Greetings. Can I see Vangelia Pandova. Who are you? Youíre the Czar! Our Czar Boris! Itís a pity you recognized me. How couldnít I - youíre on all the portraits in all the papers. You must want to speak to Vanga? If thatís possible. Of course. Let me call her. Iím her sister, you know. But please, donít tell her who I am. I wanted to speak to her about the future so she doesnít know whose asking. I purposefully came alone. Then youíd better go in alone, otherwise she will sense my anxiety and become suspicious. Good - Iíll go alone. Straight that way? Yes. Everything is clean there - I washed it. Thank you. The Czar himself! Here to see my Vanga... No one will believe me if I told them. Hello, Ms. Pandova. Hi. I was told about you by a friend of yours - Tina. Tina Panderova, do you remember her? I do. She told me many things of your powers. I wanted to speak to you. Your country is wide and far. You know who I am? You are the Czar of Bulgaria - Boris. But how did you... Be ready for your domain to fit on a nutshell soon enough. So our country will be no more? Is there a way to change that? Try... perhaps you could change something. But be prepared to lose your country. Thank you. What for? I will try. Germany is bogged down in Russia - there is no victory there. I shall break my alliance with Hitler. Try. You still have a choice... but not all of it. Remember this date - the twenty eighth of August. Why the twenty eighth of August? Itís springtime! Just remember that date. Now go. Vanga! Itís me - Mitka Gucherov. You donít have to say who you are. I know all about you, Mitka. I came with a proposal... Hello. Hi, Ljubka. Vanga, why was he here? Weíre leaving, Ljubka? Where? To Petric. To Petric? What for? Mitko asked me to marry him. Really? But heís a soldier. As soon as heís discharged, heíll come for us. And he isnít worried, marrying a blind girl? Apparently not. Mitko isnít prone to fright. Heís strong. Weíll both lean on him... Look, Vanga is getting a husband! It canít be! Iím serious! Ljubka told me! He asked her hand in marriage and I couldnít believe it but itís true. Letís go take a look. We will have a grand time at the wedding! Bring the corn tomorrow! I will! Vanga is getting married... I canít believe it. What a carriage Mitko has! Itís all embroiled. Finally we will truly live. Donít think that way, Ljubka. Why not? Are you ready? Letís go! Letís go, Mitko! May you be happy, Vanga! Be well. Goodbye Milan, take care of Milana. May god keep you. Is that it? Yes... this isnít exactly a rich dowry. Thatís alright. Be well... May god be with you. Youíre in charge now, Vasyl. Take care of everything here. Donít worry. See you, Vasyl! Be good, Mitko. Vanga! May god grant you health! Be happy, Milana! May everything be well. Will you invite us to the wedding? Tell everyone to come! We shall! Happiness! Luck onto you! I will come see you in Petric. Come soon! May you have many years of happiness. Be happy! Donít forget about us. Petric. 1996. So you did marry him. You have a husband? Careful... I had one, dear... I did. He died. Some thirty years ago. Granny Vanga... What happened to Czar Boris? And why did you tell him of the twenty eighth of August Iíll tell you... Eastern Prussia. Hitlerís HQ. 1942. Spring. This canít go on! How am I supposed to understand this? Czar Boris had the audacity to violate our alliance. He misunderstood our tactical movements on the Eastern front. I would like to remind you that a Russian military attache is still in Sofia. His impudence knows no limits! Czar! Itís time he let go of this nickname! Canít we do anything to influence this scum? Boris shows incredible pigheadedness. And we canít handle his pigheadedness? This is preposterous! How much money have we wasted on consciousness manipulation? We can influence Czar Boris... But this influence can prove to be permanent. That is of no consequence. Bulgaria must break our alliance. Hi there, Mitko! Petric. 1942. Spring. Who is that Mitko brought? A wife, who else? But sheís blind! What kind of wife will she make? Yeah, a blind one wonít be very helpful... She wonít make a good housewife either... Come now. Donít listen to their silliness. Donít worry, Mitko. Iíve heard all kinds of things. People are people. What was Mitko thinking? Is this the wife he brings home to his mother? He must be stupid... What a moron... Wait a minute. My god... such poverty. I told you not to expect wealth. Come... Stairs... Another one. Come in. Mother... So you brought her... What do you need a blind one for? Mother, stop it. Enough foolishness. You should meet her. Vangelia - my wife. Hello. When did you have time to marry? We are going to go to the church tomorrow and be wed. We will have to stay here today. I will arrange everything tomorrow. I need to return the horse - I only rented it till the evening. Donít worry, Mitko. Go. So stay here. I will bring the mattresses and sleep outside. Vanga... how will we live here? Mitko will arrange everything - he will be our rock. Rocks are the only things here. I wish my eyes didnít see this. Get a hold of yourself, Ljubka. Eastern Prussia. Hitlerís HQ. 1943. August. Is this your final decision? Yes. Bulgaria will no longer be a part of the war on the side of Germany. Are you sure of your decision? Yes, I am. Well, confidence in oneís righteousness is a beautiful thing. Itís a hard thing to argue with. You will be escorted to the airfield. Iíll give the order. You plane is ready to take you to Sofia. Thank you, Reichsfuhrer. Whatís wrong with you? Your heart? Itís done. He died from a heart attack. Call a medic. What a shame. Petric. 1996. You warned him... he didnít... Yes, itís a shame. Granny Vanga, were you and your husband happy? I canít give you a short answer to your question. Well I always thought that a person is either happy or heís isnít... I always know when Iím happy. Thatís what I thought when I was young. So? Life will teach you a lesson. Petric. 1942. How can you have so much dirt? This isnít what I expected... Nothing but woe here. At least Mitko treats you well. Does he love you? How can he? Do you? God brought him to me... He knows it, I know it. Thatís more than enough, little sister. As you see fit. Ljubka, help me out. Pull. Mitko! Come down, have some water. Iíll be done by sundown - weíll have our own room. You have hands of gold, Mitko. How do you know? I just know. I wanted to be a builder all my life. But I guess itís not in the cards - first unemployment, then war... Good thing I got discharged. But they can call me back anytime. Donít think about it... Iím not. Alright, let me get back to work or else I wonít make it before sundown. Granny Vanga... Yes? What? Go on ask. Do you know everything about your loved ones too? It must be very hard. It is. Because you canít help... Do you mean your husband? Him too... Who else? Go now. You and your questions! Iíll tell you later but now you should go. Then Iíll see you tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow.