Разговорный английский Episode 12 Jenny and Rob go sightseeing

Sorry about the weather. Yeah. But what a view! It's a great bridge too. It's the Millennium Bridge. It's not for cars only for people. It was the first new bridge over the Thames in 100 years. You sound like a tour guide. Sorry. I interviewed the architect last year. So. What would you like to visit? What is there to see? Well, we could see the Tate Modern first as we are here. And then we could go to the Global Theater? Do you like Shakespeare? Not really. I studied too much Shakespeare in college. It's Daniel. Sorry. Hi Daniel. Hi Jennifer. How is your free day? Are you enjoying London? Absolutely. It's fantastic. Listen. I have some free time today. Would you like to meet for lunch? Ah, that's really nice of you Daniel but I'm sorry. I can't. I'm really far away from the office right now. That's OK. No problem. Maybe another time? Definitely. Bye. What did he want? Anything important? Not at all. Hey let's go inside the Tate Modern now. Yeah, of course. There's a great restaurant on the top floor. The view is fantastic. The Tate Modern was a power station until 1981. Did you know that? I didn't. Do you know anything else about the Tate Modern? Thank you for asking. I know a lot about it actually.