ТЕМА 2 Чотири функції менеджменту

when we consider the four functions of management regardless of the industry they are the same the four functions of management that we're going to be looking at for the purposes of this course are planning organizing leading and controlling one anchor that I'd like you to think about and keep in mind throughout each of the given functions of management is the word objectives so let's first talk about planning as you can see when we look at planning we do this first because we're setting a direction for the organization we're actually setting up the objectives that will determine our actions throughout the organization will anchor them to our vision and mission we'll anchor them and hopefully build strategy to help achieve those objectives when we look towards organizing organizing is all about delegating and organizing the tasks and resources to then wait for it achieve the objectives so within organizing we're looking at levels of decision-making of delegating and setting ourselves up so that once we get the people in place we can achieve our objectives and we'll head down the path of being successful as an organization achieving those objectives so let's get rid of organizing here when we're done organizing we're then into the leading process and I say done but I want you to think of the four functions of management very much as a process so we plan we organize and now we're looking at leading when we consider leading it's all about influencing employees and their behaviors to do what you got it to achieve the organizational objectives so this is where we delve in and when we think about leadership we're thinking about communications we're thinking about managing teams inspiring people and influencing their behaviors ironically not all managers are leaders because it might not be part of their function or who they are but that's a debate we can have in class so we were planning we're organizing we're leading and last but not least we're controlling when we look at controlling this will be the function we look at the least in this course please don't think that there's not importance there though because there's great importance in evaluation in feedback in identifying performance and performance appraisals of your people but for purposes of this course that many of these pieces are covered off in your HR in your HR course so I want you to think of controlling as establishing and implementing mechanisms and processes to ensure that the organization achieves its objectives those so there we have it looks pretty good planning organizing leading and controlling often when you think of management and leadership you see this leading and controlling as the majority of the tasks but it's because it's these two functions are what we see our managers doing often when they close doors or in to go into meetings equal amounts of their time can be spent in this planning and organizing faith phases of things okay so there we have it our four functions of management I want you to think about who you're going to be as a manager what areas are you strong where would you like to improve and where do you see yourself within these given functions lots of room to grow lots of great interest areas to dig into have fun