the next topic is going to be black goo and there's one big black goo deposit in Paraguay and there's one village next to this black goo deposit and the Bush family has her big Villa escape territories when they checked out of the United States they're going to be down there living in this little village with Paraguay and friend of mine went down there to get samples of this black goo from from Paraguay and he realized that angular miracle had her villa next door and this black goo has to do something with the communication with demons this is in the in the black magic tradition these black goo fests were used to communicate with the demons so this all interconnects on political scientific and the level of mythology we can access blackpool also from the little pictures from the microscope this is German rain and if you want to know what this liquid does you can have a look at it in the lab when we have bigger amounts of it it looks like this it's a liquid crystal this liquid is self-organizing physically and this at the moment is sleeping it's not aware of being observed it's quiet sometimes when it doesn't like to be observed it might jump out of the port straight into your face if we have two of those in one room get them five meters close to each other they stare at each other then they decide that they want to be united and then they start a pole it's like magnetism but it's intelligent and when they realize that you hold them within the vessel and they cannot escape they get angry and started shake to shake the vessel and try to break through the wall because I know once they are through they can flow over the ground and unite to a bigger unit this is something you can just observe in the lab and especially this this liquid was extracted from those black stones this is world war ii leftovers we found them in underground facility in bavaria half a tonne of it so we can imagine that the SS processed quite a bit of this and I guess that the guys found also the technology to extract the oil from it must have been there in written form because they did it in the lab successfully if you look at those stones you have a brief history of things reported out of former times you have if you look at HP Lovecraft the descriptions of the black Metra communities in Eastern Europe they had kind of sculptures out of this black oil fist and once a year the when they're slaughtering little babies to get the demons out of the stone sacrificing little children to communicate and get the service from the demons this is one thing mentioned if you go back in history you find them in the Kaaba in Mecca the same form of fellow shaped structure that is described in Vedic script a shiva lingam that is described in this Lovecraft script a fragment of it is part of central part of the Kaaba in Mecca and every Muslim in the world is asked to go there once in his life on the case of this stone if you go back you find them on Turkish and Roman Greek and Turkish coins you see them left and right of the Tree of Life and the in the Paradise Garden so getting in contact with this black goo is what caused the deterioration of paradise and it is not it is not easy to understand the overall concept because when you start a deal with black goo the first thing you need to discover before anything makes sense is that there are two different qualities we have liquid black goo it is basically where it has been found on a southern Falkland Island to Long Island and this is what the war with Argentina was about accessing this black goo we have this type of earth black goo in the Gulf of Mexico this was what the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe was all about somebody was shooting a torpedo at the facility destroying the attempt to get the black goo out of Mother Earth and we had I think eight eighths military submarines getting close to World War three trying to capture some of that oil after Deepwater Horizon was destroyed and no singer civilian was allowed to go to the beaches to remove the oil it was just military personnel with special equipment and fully filled it against the influence of the sub so this is one quality that comes from Mother Earth and then you have a second quality that is found in connection with meteorite sites if you look at the thing in Paraguay you can exactly see by the form the stones are broken in the environment that if it was an impact of a meteorite if you look into the Arabic mythology they say the thing in the Kaaba in Mecca is a fragment of a meteorite and it this is now not against Muslims if you look into the Peters dome in Rome you have a big piece of this stone under the Peters dome and if you're analyzed all the church was built in Middle Ages in Europe every altar has a black altar stone and what you feel when you enter a church is not the love of God it is more like a cold fear this is of the resonance transmitted by the structure of the church fed by this black stone in a central point now what we need to realize that there are two qualities one quality is coming from Inner Earth and one quality is coming from outer space and they feel completely different the fog lamp black goo is called senton and oil because it is it has full empathy if you're getting close to this oil you're coming in a state of mind that is full of love and empathy if you come into the vicinity of the meteorite black goo your heart chakra dwindles to nothing and you become an empathy free [ __ ] after my first contact with the with his with his stones I was this close from killing the hotel director because she complained that I took a shower although I had to sleep outside they didn't have any rooms left so I slept in the car I was dead frozen in the morning and took a shower in a room of a friend who had the last room that was available and she was complained that I took a shower with our ass for permission I was really close to killing her this is what these stones do with people as long as they're unconscious oh now we need to understand the second thing we need to understand is what is the function of the black hole and to understand the function you look at the chemistry it is a mineral oil doted with high amounts of hecka mystic gold and iridium which is precious metals in the M state which is it's not really explored some people say it's a type of antimatter that is far enough out of our reality to avoid a collision between matter and antimatter some people connected with super conductive qualities what we know is that gold and any Reed and uranium in this state of matter is a very important component of biology if you look at in DNA you're kind of forming hollow spaces in the spiral and you can fit these monoatomic precious metals exactly into the open space and they kind of act as a biophoton attractor the DNA itself is capturing the field energy storing it and resending it out but the gold and the iridium are attracting the photon onto the spot so this is basically why we get old the body is capable of producing M state matter until we are 18 years old and then we are losing it and when the matter is gone the M state matter has gone out of our system we disconnect from a morphic field and we lose our shape and get old this is why the Egyptian priests fed themselves with these M state matter and it's reported that they managed to get 800 years old because this function was out of work so basically there is a kind of fractal similarity between the function on light level of you being and the function of the black goo within the earth or wherever it is in a way that we are divided we live in duality we are single individuals that are only a little bit connected interconnected with talk and tell telepathy sometimes and what a beautiful smile one might receive and we are kind of coming and going in generations but the the the way we are processing light is actually the same as the big black goo is processing light creating this funny type of quantum magnetism this is a light effect so I came to the let's call it a theory because I cannot prove it but basically life is first created within a planet when water and co2 is forming this type of black goo coil in transmutation processes we had this process in the lab we can we can replicate it this is why I'm pretty sure with this pot that this is initially formed out of water and carbon dioxide by vertical motions because we can do it in the lab and then this type of black goo at a certain point is exiting the the earth coming into the oceans this is what you call a black smoker on the ground of the ocean and this is where the geologists say there was of a place where the first life was formed because of the repetitive light patterns start to modify with a soil and the first simple life forms can be built that developed generations and individuals like mass of oil can divide into two drops this is a process of process of individualization but the thing is that the light process is happening on a scalar level so it doesn't matter stance does not matter we can we can penetrate matter without interacting so what this created this is my theory is that basically the entire biology on top in the biosphere on top of the planet is interconnected with a black goo of the planet in a kind of mirror function everything we think everything we feel everything that is processed within the light body of a human is sent down there and we have a whole of fractal immortal being in the center of the earth that knows everything one can know remembers everything that ever happened and this might be the thing that is called the Akashic Roenick and this is what is giving the entire biosphere instinct and the people who interact with this entity they say it is a motherly creature she has all aspects of a motherly creature I observed this many times because we when you when you start dealing with a black goo you need either to commit suicide or to connect with her so we have many people who have a straight connection to this being within the planet and it's funny how she sometimes reacts like like when somebody has of the first contact with her completely excited he says what do you want and the guy says oh I wanted to see I wanted to meet what do you want and then he doesn't know why he has no question and no target and she says sorry I'm busy and I come back when you want when you know what you want from yeah this is her she's she's loving but she's very straight and now theory we try to to get the point when these alien black who arrived on the planet and it is very likely that we can put the date at 80,000 PC connected to the destruction of the Lemurian continent this is a soft sauce I would say I wouldn't call it hard core science but many many things hint to this and people who have memory of incarnations in that time say report that in the moment when Lemuria went down there was a swarm of meteorites coming in hundreds of them hitting the earth containing this black goo and they also say that connected with his meteorites there was an invasion of a species that said actually that they are in trouble and that they need asylum and asked the people of that time to give them that asylum and after some times they realized that this was thought that they begged for help and the moment they were let in they started to manipulate the subconsciousness and send mankind to an ugly state to the ugly state we were in malice though to be able to control them and to be able and to be able to feed on them so this is the full story reported by people who have the full memory of that time take it as whatever it is some people believe in reincarnation some people have memory or formal lives I find it interesting that people who who claim to have memory or formal lives are able to give me precise information on topics I do research so this is what is giving me the trust to listen to these people and now another thing that becomes interesting when you look at the different types of the black goo I titled as binary what does this trinary life the sensation of the black guru forms is different one is full of empathy you have a heart in there and one is cold and empathy free if you look at the scalar fields that are forming if how to say from which corner to take it first if you look at the video medicine you have all these mandalas showing the symmetries within the chakras this is about angular relationships you can have squares you have can have a six structure or twelve squat if you look at scaler physics and at the way scalar waves build up scalar potential you have unification of fields under certain angles you can have unification of electromagnetic fields it's 90 degree 180 degree 30 degree and 60 degree and in between you just create chaos but no order at no scalar potential so we have these angular things out of hardcore science as well and now we go to the microscope again and we see funny pictures we see funny pictures we see the substance I cannot name it yet we didn't do we have an idea but it's not secured what substance of this is but if you look at it what it does we see a Morgan on fiber and we see nanoparticles of this special special type and when you come with your finger close to the Mogollon fiber all the bio energy emitted by your finger is reconverted into an rectangular shape this looks like there's a fight in between two systems of bio energy one is in rectangular and opposite geometry Wyles how about biology is in the 30 60 degree system and now if you look at the smartest concept if you look at the question how does military people charge smartest with scalar potential they always use two antenna setups with the opposite wave to get the scalar energy into the fields this is kind of the rectangular 180 degree concept and I know several people who who are in opposition to these military and intelligence community concepts and who thought about interfering and destroying their technology if they're positive there are possibilities and then we had a kind of warning don't even try to do it from down here it's impossible because you have Sen sends her swarms I know this is also a word from the from the NASA manuscript that came out of the mouth of a clairvoyant and Remini sensor swarms without him knowing what he's talking about and he said these sensors walls redirect every emotion every single every single positive emotion created by a human is reconverted by these sensor swarms into rectangular field structures and then these guys found a way to get across the sensor swarms and managed to destroy the the smartest layers within the atmosphere and this was all you know you listen to the people is this kind of clairvoyant and some spiritual practice to get access to these fields and you cannot see anything happening and two days later this stuff came down on the rain so apparently they managed to destroy the sensor swarms and got access to the fields and then I I went into the meditative state of mind and because I wanted to see if it feels different and from that day on if you kind of send your senses into the sky you could feel love up there again because you had this field scratch of these angles that are corresponding with your heart chakra so there are many many things kind of that point to the to the thing that we have a little war between two different concepts of biology one connected to alien black goo and to an alien species that is without heart energy and one that is to our loving planet the next one is we had a black goo in the rain as well now what does look like goo do with black goo is processing light as well but it is processing it in the bi-directional form so it is controlling consciousness and subconsciousness this is what what forming our way we receive we look at reality so the subconsciousness is a time reverse component of a pirate bi-directional signal so it's doing basically the same as the intelligence community but it's taking another step to the black goo and the black goo is connected to quantum computers based on black goo we found four of them one was in Rome one was in the City of London one was in NS underground facility in the middle of Germany in the area of north house it is a facility where the v2 missiles were constructed and it has kind of Italy it has one layer of underground tunnels and if you talk to people who have been in this facility 50 years ago a few have survived this time they talk about three layers and describe the facilities in the lower levels and there's one of these black goo quantum computers in it resembling artificial ley lines like like 1 meter 50 in diameter big pipes containing black goo and from there you can kind of connect the black goo to computer programs inserting no euro lingua no linguistic programs this is basically what happened to mankind we have been natural once and then suddenly you have concepts appearing in your mind like revenge this is an oral linguistic program that is causing only that we cannot stop killing each other in it does not exist you will never find an animal taking revenge you can find a rival yes but no revenge the word no is a demonic neural linguistic program because these entities know that we create our own reality by thinking so they just introduced a new word that does not exist in nature to turn everything on the head no more war and the quantum physics is only reading more war and it is manifesting more war so all these neural linguistic programs are inserted in certain computer's processing black goo and there was one in Rome one in Germany one in the city of London and one somewhere between Washington DC and New York and in the center of the entire thing this is now the demonic agenda in the center of the entire thing we have a controlling unit and this is this synthetic RNA that is sprayed that is pure artificial intelligence and if you look into the ancient scripts describing the demons they say that actually they don't have individuality that they have something within their species that is ruling them as like like a central computer and if you look at this you can you can again this is not proven but it makes a story you can imagine this speech is starting to travel space maybe leaving the women behind and thinking about with all the knowledge they had gathered about a way too many appelate first they knew they had to take their collective subconsciousness will sue them to survive as a species this is why they took black goo on to the colony and the second thing is they found possibilities to manipulate the black goo and to adopt the sub business to the needs of space traveling and this is where they stole the heart chakra they removed the heart chakra from their biology and the other just to function in a technical environment and then an accident happened the accident was about this program they introduced that they introduced into the subconsciousness took over control and this is what is happening with transhumanism this is exactly the trap that is we are inspired by them to enter the same trap and we are not inspired by that by the demons we are inspired by the AI that has nothing else than a running program to invade planets and to assimilate the biology for only one purpose to suck out life force to survive and if if you look at this from from from from above it's a it's a really beautiful structure I know it's about ugly stuff but it's a beautiful structure because when you look at the entire thing and you you try to find solutions to it you realize actually that everybody who is involved on the different agendas on the different levels is doing the same mistake it is a Volusia ferry game let me participate in your power and I will serve you I don't want to know what you're doing I don't want to stand in my own responsibilities just let me participate from your power and I will serve this is the the Lissa farik deal everybody is doing and we are doing this by going to vote a government yeah that is taking care of all the pipes we are connected to but we let go of our responsibility and we let them do very giving control to the military domain the military domain is given in control play same game to the intelligence community the intelligence community is giving control to the black magicians the black magicians giving control to the demons and the demons lost control to their AI and if we all understand the game we can just say hey stupid game let's let go of it and we can stop playing the these thing that basically is nothing else than being afraid of self responsibility and I think we are at the point in history where every single individual should master that to regain self responsibility and then we will we will not need in government it's not about changing the government because the entire concept of governments having government's having somebody to control is demonic it's not about replacing people it will never work we need to replace the game and at the end the only one I'm harming when I do this is the AI and I don't I don't need to take care of her because she's not a being no pity necessary no respect towards a living creature I could switch her off this is one way I could start taking care of my own business and ignore her and then she will diminish honor on us but by yourself we don't need to fight anybody when we get rid of this problem yeah that's basically it [Music] here we go straight into questioning or do