Электрогитара SCHECTER SYNYSTER STANDARD Arch Enemy Nemesis




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Hi friends! You are on the POP-MUSIC channel and today our guest is this scary black horned guitar SCHECTER SYNYSTER GATES STANDARD. The body and neck of this guitar are made of mahogany, the fretboard is of ebony. Also the neck is reinforced with carbon fiber rods, 24 frets. The neck is bolted. There are signature Synyster Gates humbukers by SCHECTER, three-way switch, volume knob and a tone knob with a coil tap switch. Let’s listen to the guitar with a clean sound in all positions of the pickups. And now let’s see, how the coil tap switch operates in all positions. This is a signature instrument of the metal band guitarist, and if you factor in its design and very powerful pickups, then the intended use of this guitar is quite obvious. As it was said before - it's a metal guitar, but there's still icing on the cake. This coil tap switch, which still allows you to play music in different styles.