कुछ भी UNLIMITED नहीं है Airtel Vodafone IDEA New Recharge Plans 6 Paise Per Minute After FUP

so yeah buddy buddy telecom company Aniki Airtel Vodafone in Laguna upon a unlimited key definition he changed Korea pal able to take a free Matloff free go HFS a permanent nahi then I had free mclubbe unlimited mclubbe unlimited up Tosa heat you know Abby yes sir below hood of a pasar guy but up near unlimited key definition he changed karaoke religio compass MH is a melted in the prices to variety but up japa hello bull today bob subcat emoji karaoke unlimited up kisi bhi network pain nahi betcha what's up network COC network pay call again get the be unlimited rahaga Bucky Savin a real SEO Katara fu p la da da even Vodafone I don't - it's K link tag delete Guardian specially for deferred so much thank you can see operator Nakia prices increase curry or concept plan a bomb good de la noche so hi guys this is hunt and you're watching said talk to chili guys sub silly Airtel giveth curtain you're telling up in a prices increase cardi and you get teen this somebody any asks a sub could change okay Apopka mobile app media website vagina apna number it'll kind recurring it automatically up corn I plan milling it leaking agar apni pls a quick you'd planned rock a hungry yeah palace recharged Caracara copa dos menos up couch of SML level I Jessica you can observe an evil ADA no me up recharges crying it top Co unlimited nahi milega unlimited civil to ALP Malaga he cetera idea enemy open a plan change Cardenas unlimited Kenichi hedgehog yeah it's probably more detail during a rehab ever Tanganyika kazar minute head yeah Tina's our monitor he sees that a water phone maybe hey get up idea what Afonso no a key cheese at though icterus able sector by by by here other a group early rather will be a grouper later tamanna aapke Latino operator Airtel Vodafone or idea in thinik are manic plan when I have Kelly's a couch compare Kirk a so you have a list today here other up Cuba's 2g symmetry GcMAF OGC majubi simmer a little Pookie blind Allen a near like a number active can I go steal a quick active validity Vela concept you look pale ale a ok my love a bizarre plan he'd allotted up incoming be burned out going to be one to sub push bundle other the active validity villager plan say boy tell me 23 Rubisco a bit over the car my lap America number P but ho sakta hatate cookie 23 minimum recharges Mucha vanilla I tell vulgar give I beasties roubideaux hum apke 28 days key valid reading it to nature 35 per child Gaza rechargeable 49 Concordia you see there a Vodafone maybe 35 kaavo show car i but maybe I never lived in Omaha today there will be 49 Coachella 111 shortbow lucuma Africa the other up quark is same active or Akana hey top Co 49 repeatable secure said Angela Denis Peggy Hermione aapke number co-active organically about called laguna llaca incoming i messages i banker was kill a 49 rupees per month per man wa naite 28 days clip with the in hand he said Unger 28 days k plans they can just unlimited voice data Mel Tata was my Bob the cogito a helmet to 48 rupees sky-high just move 1.5 gb per day tominaga you say what ties didn't kill him associate in my nickel here they give us maybe a few Peoria has arm on it key a little too little carrying it the photo unlimited a but booster operator Pickering it to his arm on it emailing it put at Tyson Kelly he says I would've won my 249 hey idea meant 249 kind public of water phone idea may unlimited comma Club BYU yet he Vodafone Sahara Vodafone yeah idea maker thing to op the unlimited it you can tell gob S&L bickering a to buy a pestle a Giga you see there are sub nap nap energy or had unlimited plans Fattah he da or here minutes k bath Agora all curtain the couch APIs a permanent Alex's an eye of Scalia would top up Alex a car out just Sarah lines you system leaky I he sees the Ryan gay or plans taking a doji be point a valid or 298 I tell my hair 3gb project 399 egg my nigga denied subjugate 3 GB per day Malaga or $2.99 min 2 GB per day idea mamaliga so they go idea woulda phone make a group a copy under up konima Lonavala you can hear tell me a grouping under up code dick jaga you see the Raja homologue plant a lotta they teen my natural on Achille 1 399 a 449 is tarik a satchel elicited you can have a post pura system kata Machoke I have simple SATA logic Aggie by chess or Rubidoux 598 rupees dog a top jock a 1.5 gb per day milega horas movie Pele unlimited table Ovi Athena's are minute with Tina's Armani total 84 days can I say other pi Danica look at the body cam minutes annually or you for he cheese over here unlimited much loves your unlimited bolt that they evoke or the bull rabbi unlimited came the coordinator finish and change curly he cetera Vodafone idea Matt the king at the same 1.5 gb panagra Pucci a the pellet charge so Amelia gotta pop camellia chess arupa me to same to same for he cheesy you happy up get dou suru paper report but again 18 minor key go Maharaja Bali Tiberium charge so Rupa dated say their GB pod or unlimited Kalinka Wahhabi of uncle Chester uber dinner but in my naked do so to pay extra deny a by AB Donato hair by Airtel my jaw would have on my job idea my job to deny a baccarat Musa Bolivia we have a BS nel keone de Carabas the way a BS nel we could tonight chat on a hibachi Lukey government and their attire of a cuchara give ibn al-khattab Hatake gong for ke buddy-buddy company hibachi public OBS tell me be mega they connect ek a plan chal ran three happy the palace of Sibyl irregular Menelik dia if you pian get to 50 minutes per day look me a cheese a pod a key here my you niggas upset they cook at the boss da de una value Bucky sub operator has our manatee they Rea look at me happy up they hope you for 48 may look 84 days give a lady GIDA rain who submit your data there any look 2gb pointed array up IBS no give us for Jeeto I think Henny the hook yeah speed I get cannula can have calling Kalia BBBS Nell tick-tock helical kept calling Kelly a beep on saruba dog a was quite detective Lee a beep on saruba do get s a comma the Hazara pay up getting my nigga challenging it so of course on my sneaky up Kobe a Snell use karna hai ki operator use connect we get teeny operator he didn't Tony doebelin see you don't notice at Sato gain or Alec Alec ogre about municipal occupy of APIs yoga seminar novella the way jeona quotable there may be plants increase carnival on who chaired the summer say it's least video me up kookaburra mabini he Bottari you can job be gob plan increase kreega chattery kota bomb up a second burger in a his submissive subsists a he plan coincide though Scalia said taco subscribe cannot build cool a bullet Lucas TED talk by here put trusted information multi or a studio goguma deafness are those tokens at your idea Airtel Vodafone use campaign tracking go potentially give us a robbery charge catimor Ghana Hawai Gamez occupied tick-tock YouTube Facebook whatsapp he subtly cleared those rupees other than you get an egg Theresa decay the Pelham good luck like I agree I want good luck to lock the I watch her so bowl a hyperbola yeah those who bully Leonato home Kohaku Gambon a night ghetto Rohini is attained the amateur I see left regarding a Internet key if I do GB per ml rocket Ankara ham is cube per Amara demon claw got a ha Maya had a math nahi legate you do 24 hours some hairy paws head in que busca mommy use kirk a hamari could connect amorous self-development casa carry other a baby apricot outer Ababa tiny check commitment to be a console operator use Knievel Airtel Vodafone idea yet saturated Geok avoid carrying it or Juna be plans ba-da-da though i was kept by deciding a key by a cow on Evelyn archaic personal view a in plan increases coupon we see a plan increase Q where was Kelly manic video benaiah where a gr pay yaha pay Apple Inc Millie I love but would I could date Legion cook you Singapore's other losses away the loss cover connect Li you look pasaba miscellany dr. rapke video h alligator business cool like create video channel egga to dislike curry other a BB of cocoa doubt a plans related to niche a comment cannibal cool a bullet or buy a street taco subscribed nahi kiya does in the gimmick a Kia so I hope you like this video thank you