‘Dia Del Payaso’ Celebrates Legendary Clown in Peru

[Music] in Peru it's a by Gasol party hundreds of kinds of clowns professional and amateur alike march down the streets of central lima to celebrate the Adelphi tassel which translates today of the clown [Music] versions of Stephen King's it were there and so was this creepy looking pretty death all this levity to celebrate Jose Alvarez Ellis who was popularly known as Tony for the hill or the clown of the poor in the 70s and 80s he'd set up shop underneath the colourful tent in the shanty towns of Lima all in order to spark joy in the residents young and old he reportedly donated what little money he made to charity and although he spent so much time spreading smiles he died alone in a hospital on May 25th 1987 [Music] perhaps fellows would be glad to see that every year since 2006 Suzie is still turn out to honor the man who spread so many smiles all around the streets of Beirut for Inside Edition com I'm Stephanie officer