“Urijah Faber should stay retired” TJ Dillashaw


Chael Sonnen


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riah favors back which is kind of cool frankly he never should have let I mean he really was not at a point where he was ever uncompetitive I could always tell you when he retired it wasn't gonna be the last fight look great it's like right come on man so what this guy got over on you it was a close match that's gonna happen sometimes so he's got the baby I think that changed him we'll let you know all about that changed him a little bit possibly a payday in fairness possibly there's some of that but he's been grappling he's been staying competitive he's gonna fight with my teammate as a matter of fact oh I'm a little bit involved in this fight Ricky Simone a young buck now I imagine when you riot came back he didn't think they'd deal him from the bottom of a different up-and-comer but that's the way it goes yeah of course what do you think excited to see you back think he should have stayed retired or do you understand I mean to be honest like on a technical level probably maybe sure stayed retired um especially with young and hungry guys coming up but I'm hoping he's not hurting for money you know even though we've had our beefs and whatever you never want to wish that kind of like bad you know on someone and personally I think you should pricier stayed retired but we'll see let's see how what comes out if he isn't around when you come back I make up that fight works my cells that fight strong horse is there something with the bad blood is is it that bad of blood well it is it is okay you guys you would fight you would fight him oh yeah absolutely yeah yeah I always wondered that and I thought you know I bet the answer's no no they have their lines but there's no Matt's relog you know he's the one that created the whole forcing me out of the gym okay it was after my second bra fight and I feel so defeated soda or defending against brow I was fighting Dominick Cruz and doing it only moved back to Colorado and that's my main coach and so I was doing the back and forth I'd go training Colorado come coach at alpha male and trained there back and forth back and forth and I told your eyes like look man I need to do a full camp in Colorado going back and forth hasn't been good for me I don't think that's gonna be what I'm gonna do this next camp and he gave me the old tomato me I gotta choose I mean they were Dwayne I'm with alpha male and if once the one site and happened I knew he didn't have my best interests at heart it was more about me paying him because I was him I paid team often when I trained there and then so he gave me the ultimatum and when I left I was the bad guy you got you say I mean I actually got I mean even though I pissed me off I do need to thank him a little bit because I didn't bring a lot of attention to the weight class in my fights and the whole Kody stuff I mean that obviously skyrocketed what we had going on in a weight class but I think it was a dick move you know and so and then obviously then piling on just all the shit talk and the Ultimate Fighter and you know cuz we were close friends at one time and then just for a quick change of me following a head coach and making me out to be that much of a bad guy you know so well you have done a masterful job whether it is uh planned more if it's an unintentional genius move by you but you've been public enemy number for being such a nice guy for me a handsome guy for being a family man all the things that when you have been public and I mean your fight with Dom was personally your fight with Kody was perfect for the reasons you just say if you want your riots going to be personal all these personal fights and you kind of sit back and go why would you want anybody not like TV deals where exactly does that come from yeah yeah what is that why do you have start with Dom what is the heat with Dom in many ways when when people including Dom said he stolen my footwork so yeah let's just say he did what a compliment you know what a compliment if you're even if you're an up-and-comer makes it all the way to a world championship with the biggest ups eight to one you remind you yeah to world championship and he stole your style you're mad at him for it what am I missing here what where did that come from I think although it was almost like jealousy cuz he had just it was his belt he got out because of injury he never lost it I had the belt he also comes in I think he wants that animosity bill to fight somebody's trying to play mental warfare as well too so I think most of his was that first kind of like trying to get under my skin and then obviously I led from back and forth you know and so I think he's trying to beat me up mentor which to be honest it worked it was my first fight where I had to fight angry and that's something I had to learn throughout my career not to do some people fight better angry some people fight better happy and having fun and I'm one of those guys if I go out there looking to show off and have fun that's better for me and so even when I fought Cody I just had I learned from fighting dominant crews how to handle myself you know cuz even in the practice room no matter what I'm ultra competitive I get I'm very aggressive you know I mean every train important I tell you will say it and I don't mean to be a dick but when we do train I do get that in me you know and same thing with in my fights and and Dom got at me I tried knocking him out you know I still believe I won that fight but those first three rounds those first couple rounds I was out there to try to knock his block off and knock him out and I was chasing him and that's what he wanted the fourth and fifth Roddick to go back and watch it I finally like settled down and I started piecing him up and almost finished the fight so I really do believe that it worked you know and I didn't realize what he was doing until after the fight until we're back home watched it and that was a big stepping stone for me in my career because I had to learn that how I fight and what's better for me and what is gonna happen with DOM uh I mean he's been out with injury he's been plagued but he wants to fight he's got the eye of the tiger yeah you got any scoop I mean he ran anybody that knows not me I know he had shoulder surgery I just had shoulder surgery as well too so I know and I had it also back in 2004 so I know what that layoff is it's a it's a very rough one I mean it's ten months of you doing recovering now you got to get in fights ape so I'd imagine it easy to still be out for a little bit probably wait around until the right fight comes up so I don't really have a scoop on it yeah yeah I don't know either I actually ran into him speaking of that press conference where I saw you and knew you were in town I ran into him but it was real quick and I said hey dumb I can't help but notice this is a hooter fight that you didn't see so who took all three people out by name all of your Dom Cody uriah okay Dom four in that order yeah and I said he dumped couldn't help but notice you got called out and he's not the kind of guy to get called out and not respond and he didn't really respond he said man I'm gonna fix my shoulder I'm gonna fight that guy so that's all I know