(RELAY CAM) (2-3AM HAECHAN) (Hi) Wow Everyone, it's 2 o'clock 'Your phone is set to complete the process of charging by 7 am' What? I didn't set anything What's wrong with you, Apple? (Hmm) I'm taking care of the relay cam from 2 to 3 am I'll make a call to RENJUN, who took the relay cam previously (Calling) (Worried) My hair is damaged a lot (Shaking) (He doesn't answer) Well, this is not like him Why isn't he answering my call? Well, in this case... All right You're watching HAECHAN cam, which has 37.5% viewer ratings Now I thought a lot about my relay cam 'What should I do today?' First, I want to show you my room that has changed a bit When you enter the room, you can see me standing right here This bag was empty before, do you remember? I played soccer during the last summer But I haven't been out since then and it's gathering dust now Here, you can see the item I'm using very often nowadays A cell phone stand Yes, a cell phone stand And my scarf is hanging right here My bag and a bottle of water are on the floor You can see my bed And here is... A scale And a humidifier, which is very important I didn't turn it on because I want to charge it before I go to bed These are the presents that I got from Nature Republic (Hey) I'll use you soon, just wait there Just wait there (Ringing) Oh? Is it 'Gwiyomi'? Hey, RENJUN Did you start your relay cam? Yes, how was yours? I just finished my relay cam Right You know, I'm taking care of the relay cam from 2-3 am I see But I don't know what to do I know what you're talking about In my case, I just showed what I do everyday For example? I showed the painting I did with the members I was half asleep, actually Oh, were you? I filmed between sleep and wake I don't know how it'll turn out What would you recommend me to do? Well There's nothing much you can do from 2-3 am, you know If I had to recommend, (Hmm) have you heard a computer game called 'Overwatch'? Oh When did I play it? I played that game in the last season Oh, I see RENJUN Yes? Don't worry, I'll take care of it Sorry, I can't be more helpful Do whatever you like Thank you for your help Sweet dreams All right, I'm going to bed now HAECHAN, keep up the good work This is HAECHAN of HAECHAN CAM which has 37.5% viewer ratings - Thank you - Bye, NCTzen Well That was RENJUN Now, let me continue to show around my room The difference between before and now is probably this air purifier (Hello, I'm an air purifier) I turned it on to purify the air in the room as I'm allergic to dust But the sound is too loud I'll turn it down Now I know why the air quality index kept rising The window is open I didn't know that All right, I just closed the window As you see, there's no big difference So, what should I do today? Because I had no idea, I asked NCTzen through Bubble How sensible I am! (Bubble) 'I'm bored, tell me what I should do' (NCTzen) 'Aren't you sleeping?' (NCTzen) 'Why don't you play a computer game?' (NCTzen) 'Watch 'Sweet Home' on Netflix, it's fun' I started watching it, but I haven't finished it They say a lot about V LIVE (Hmm) I played a computer game and had late night snacks in the last season I went to a restaurant with TAEIL and played bowling, too I also went to the booth and sang a song, you remember? I thought a lot about what I should do The easiest option is to spend time with a member But it's too late to ask So I've decided to talk about myself My stories that you'd want to know about Ba-bam Here comes the first story Hmm I've already told you how I got to do the SM audition But I haven't told you about what I actually did at the audition It was 2013 I went to the open audition held on Saturdays There was a long queue 10 applicants auditioned at a time The judges asked each applicant to sing My turn finally came and I started singing I was not at all nervous Because (Shrugs) I thought, 'Even if I fail,' 'I have nothing to lose' The judges let other applicants go except me I started being nervous I felt my heart pounding They asked me to do something that I didn't expect that I'd do The song I sang was Huh Gak's I sang it low key without instrumental accompaniment The judges asked me to sing a song in high-pitched tones One of the applicants sang by Song Seung Yeon and it came to my mind So I sang that song in very high-pitched tones I did it well Because my voice hadn't changed yet And then, the judges asked me, 'Can you show us some dance moves?' I don't know what I was thinking, but I confidently said 'Of course I can' And they played music I just danced randomly It's embarrassing to say, but it was not even 'free style' dance Then I went home I told my mom what I did at the audition My mom was surprised A few days later, I got a call from SM They said, 'We'd like to see more of your potential' My mom was excited about the news and got me pretty clothes and helped me do my hair She even applied sunscreen on my face So I went to the SM building There was a camera filming me They asked me to introduce myself, sing a song and dance in front of the camera They took some pictures of me after that Everything went smoothly I think I did a good job As you know, I sang by Justin Bieber and won the audition That's how HAECHAN of SM was born Looking back, it's unbelievable My mom and I still find it amazing Well, it didn't take that long to finish this story (Hmm) (Scratching his head) Now, I'd like to talk about my favourite songs listening to music It feels like I'm hosting a radio show I'm HAECHAN of HAECHAN RADIO Today, I'd like to introduce some songs that are precious and meaningful to me The first song is... I often listen to this song when I go to bed It's actually sounds of rain There's a rain sounds video that goes for 10 hours Playing that video helps me sleep deeply And the second song is you know, by Crush It's meaningful to me because it was the first song that I practiced with my vocal trainer I got a compliment after singing this song I practiced this song very hard It was fun to sing this song I've already introduced this song before, haven't I? Another favourite song is SHINee's It's meaningful because it was in the very first album that I got from my mom SHINee's I played the CD over and over again I listened to a lot 'As soon as I open my eyes, I remember' 'Yesterday's memories come back to me' 'What should I do, what should I do, oh my' (Feeling the rhythm) 'Because of this stupid thing called pride' 'I break down everyday' It's the song I sang a lot and listened a lot Back then, I had a big CD player I put the CD into the player and listened to it everyday I looked at the album jacket over and over again and kept playing the song And my another favourite song is (Pushes his cheeks) by Yoo Jae-Ha I got to know that song through my mom I was deeply impressed by that song Because I always liked songs with bright, energetic rhythm, I was not really into that kind of song But at some point, I fell in love with it Well Hmm How can I say... I fell in love with the music that I can listen looking up the starry sky I love it The lyrics are just great I love all the lyrics of the whole album They're just so good 'I want to perch on a flower resembling you' Let me show you something Wait a minute It'll be a little risky if I reveal this Because this is my first time playing this cover song Oh, I haven't seen this angle for a while (The speaker is off) I knew it I've wanted to play this song for you (HAECHAN's undisclosed cover song) ( (When there's not much time left to the day) (When we used to make wishes and laugh) (Everything reminds me of you) (The wind is as cold as the edge of your heart) (When I open the window, you blow in) (When this time passes) (Will this breakup be over?) (Will I forget you?) (Everything finds its place and leaves) (You took all of me and left) (But like the two hands of the clock) (I keep lingering in the same place) That was my cover song of The next song is Oh Where are all the music files? Sorry, everyone, I wanted to play more (But I can't find the files) 2020 has passed and 2021 has come I hope I have more chances to see you in person You've been always very important to me, and I realize how much I missed you Because I haven't seen you for a long time, I've been feeling empty quite often I miss your cheering I think I just found out what to do I'll try Bubble (Help me, NCTzen) I'm bored I'm bored I like using Bubble because I can see how you react in real time (NCTzen) Let's have fun together But how? I want to have fun with you, but... (NCTzen) Are you out of your mind? It's too late (Hehe) (NCTzen) Why are you still up? I was filming my relay cam (NCTzen) Show me your selfie (NCTzen) Let's do Voice V-app (Nope) I have to finish the relay cam (NCTzen) Aren't you sleeping? I'm filming my relay cam How can I entertain my fans in this late night? I'll make a video for you I'll do my best to look nice 'I'm bored' 'I'm bored' Great You'll never know what I did Hahaha It's a secret It's a secret I won't tell you (Arranges his hair) I should look nice (Thinking) What should I do? (Cheese) (Satisfied) Now I'll post this under the title of 'Cute HAECHAN' 'Cute HAECHAN' Hmm Many fans say I look cute You know what? I know I'm cute JENO is going to take the relay cam after me Shall I call him? I'm sure he's sleeping now Oh (No, no) That can't be right I'm sure he's playing a computer game (Calling) Will he answer my call? (He picks up) Hello Hi, JENO, how are you? I'm fine What are you up to? I won't buy it (Flustered) Oh...okay But it's only 3,000 won! No You're mean I said, you're mean What are you doing? I'm filming the relay cam Oh How about you? I'm waiting for my turn What are you going to do? I don't know Have you decided? You should make a plan before you start Well I was going to do it, you know Like what? (No spoilers) Oh, come on Why don't you try cooking? Cooking? But that's what JISUNG did Did he cook? He cooked Ramen Is your place okay? (Hahaha) Are you all right? (Hahaha) I'm okay I'm relieved Okay You shouldn't let him cook, you know You'll be in trouble I didn't, he cooked himself You should've stopped him All right, have fun with the relay cam I will Why did you call me? Because I'm bored Okay But don't call me when you're bored I won't answer (Cool) I won't All right Okay That was JENO Whoa, my babies Now It's time to say good bye The time is 2:57 am Because I don't have many things to do in the morning, I'll just sleep in Bubble V-app Contents Awards Etc. We have plenty of events to have fun with Don't miss out on all the fun All right, bye (Thank you for watching) This is it for today, I'm HAECHAN of HAECHAN CAM with 37.5% viewer ratings (Looking around) Okay, the end (RELAY CAM) (3-4AM JENO)