(RELAY CAM) (1-2AM RENJUN) Hi everyone! Yes, it's exactly 1am So I have a cap on I've bleached my hair so many times So now no matter how much I wash it, if I don't use the hair-dryer to style it it looks something like a helmet? Like a block So I have to wear a cap That's why I have one on, even it's 1am So just to show you around my room First of all is this, what JISUNG showed you And there's this too It was on my selfie too What shall I call this, a Christmas lamp? It's just so pretty, how it shines And this...is my desk But JISUNG's occupying it I have a computer used a lot for gaming This is my phone for listening to music I actually draw often Though I haven't done much recently This is something like the nature and the devil So there it is Yes And this is my bed My glasses, charger, and speakers here JISUNG doesn't really like scented candles So I don't really light these much these days Since I can't light these two I bought this one You can light this one but it's unscented And here are my vitamins Then there's a cactus I used to grow And here's what you were curious about JENO's candies Here they are (Tada) So there These are mint candies and orange-flavored ones I bought Here we have a variety of teas I drink often We'll have one later This is a scented candle too But because JISUNG doesn't like scented ones I don't use it much, just this one often simply to light it And this is honey and as you can see here, citrus tea (This is...) This is probably the book TEN gave me when he had to move to a different place I made a drawing in it And I also drew one on my ipad I'll show you later Ever since I was a kid, I've loved animals So I used to think a lot about animals How they live, how they eat, what they eat Their habits, how they sleep and breed And I was so curious about the animals of my imagination They're unrealistic but when I drew them, I found them simply interesting I don't have a lot, maybe two? But actually, just to draw one was a lot harder than I thought It involved a lot of thinking Let me show you Does this seem like a normal bird? It's a mysterious bird of blue and purple So tiny like this But it has an amazing power The name is Dreamer It's very... cheesy, yes Just like its name, this bird feeds on dreams Super cheesy, right? Yeah, so Let's say this bird fed on my dream Then I won't get to remember that dream forever, no matter what But as soon as this bird feeds on my dream it will know the dream I had Let's say I had a nightmare Then this bird will change into a red? or a black color Something like that So there it is I have another one on my ipad Let me show you (Tada) As you can see here, there's a huge ball here, right? (The little thing here) This is that creature here It has wings Usually, when something has wings, it can fly But this one must always fly downward The ball here must always fly up, so this guy must fly the other way I find it fun to imagine things like this and to draw them on paper So to make the green tea I think it'd be better to have it cold, not hot Let's go guys Out to the living room and then to the kitchen (Hehehehe) A large jar, like this When you want cold tea, you first need lots of ice in it Right here Then place the tea on top Melting the tea into it will make it taste good I'll give it try It's my first time too, so it might not work I'll first put in some ice in here (Hi!) Fill it up to the top Okay You see the tea here? Open it up, and there's the tea bag Cut it at the tip (Cutting) and then pour it on top I actually learned this on the internet I think this will work as long as I give it enough time So I'm going to give it a try There, I've made the tea and it's time to wait While we're waiting we're going to try something different Back to my room Making sure it doesn't feel dry (Lips) My lip balm (Putting it on nicely) Mmm... (Back with his glasses on) I put on my glasses What I use to make my paintings Paint and paper Let me get them There And This board to get the color right I'm not sure what it's called, but it's this board right here So there Today, instead of a brush I'm going to use my hands I'll simply be painting what I feel, as it is I find this a good way to relieve some of my stress I simply paint the way I feel So guys I've just had a nice idea I was planning to draw alone But now that I think of it... We have JISUNG Let's have JISUNG join us for painting with our hands JISUNG Yeah? Oh, you have to dry your hair They're wet now Then dry them first Turn the lights off, and we'll paint together While JISUNG's drying his hair I'm going to try these snacks here (Yummy) This is a must (A rather pious ritual) Okay With something like this you get a nice atmosphere JISUNG usually takes a while when he's drying his hair So I called on both JISUNG and JENO JENO's actually good painter too And JISUNG... is pretty much the worst among all of us... So I wanted to see the comparison Come in guys (Door squeaking) Okay Wow, I've been waiting longer than 30 minutes (JENO's laugh) Please come in I asked him to stand by You there~! So, since you can't see the camera well Hey, you got some money there? Hi What, why'd you call me? Whose snacks are those? (Feeling no guilt) They're yours JENO's stealing all of JISUNG's snacks right now (He's getting played in his face) (All mine now) Okay, come over here Hello Hi I'll be your host in an hour and a half So I was saying The paints look really dry...? (Quiet now) With NCTzens... So we're going to try painting now Okay Have some snacks if you want Just paint the way you feel What color do you like? - Please draw a tiger - A butterfly (Hahaha...) The tiger inside me! You're interrupting my show.. Why? I really want to see you draw a tiger No, don't look (Fun to watch) I want to use just this finger Oh... Just draw anything you want, it doesn't matter what it is Oh, I have to do this too? Yup, with me (Hahaha) See that guys? He tries to act all cute when we're home Ahhhhh What should I do about him? What should we do? Then we're going to try it with the NCTzen colors I'll go with the waterless blue What about you JISUNG? I'll go with pink Okay, just one finger Oh, no brush? (I told you) We're going to use our hands (Fast to agree) Oh~ The thumb... Oh, I mean the index finger Okay Just with this Thumbs, thumbs up! (Please look at me) (Ignoring him) Then We'll close our eyes, and paint as we feel it I'll be the first one to go then with my eyes closed Here I go with my eyes closed Oh Not bad?! Does this come off easily? Not really What? What? It comes of easily - It's okay - I think I chose the wrong room... Okay, there Next is JENO then First squeeze some out No, you need a lot of it He wants to save his finger How'd you know? Close you eyes and now paint Not bad Not great either (A painting of rage) More, more Yes, more more more... (What is this?) Haha... (A robot repeating the words) Not bad? My next target is JISUNG Did you say...target? Not target JISUNG chose pink Pink, pink Right on your index finger (Oh, right) Index finger Yes, on your index finger Like the Thumbelina.. - Hah - On your index finger Like the Thumbelina, right? You need to squeeze more He's got this much This is paint, right? JISUNG, close your eyes Okay, woah Some of it fell off Right now, the egos here are clashing (Cute) Clash....? Is it a six-car crash? Okay, that will do...all right It'd be weird if you keep going So, this is what we got everyone What do you think? Actually, it's not about how good it is but the feelings we have for it Um... JISUNG... Something like this? Time for bed now Oh, really...? When you say that, it means it's your bedtime No wonder, I was feeling tired (Hahaha...) Just kidding I think it'll be fun to paint something like this with music on The way I see it, this color here was created by the collision of three, resulting in a new combination JENO's thoughts next No more yawning now (Embarrassed) So the paint is a lot stickier than I thought (Crunching) Since it's... so sticky... (Doing his best to explain it... Has no idea what's happening) So I started... with green.. No one can ever make the same painting as this one Right Right - That's what makes it interesting - Can't you copy it on the computer? (You need a time-out?) Jeez... You're a genius Sorry Am I going to talk or what? Should I stop now? (JISUNG) I liked it You want me to stop talking? (Bitter) So there, this is JENO Yes RENJUN and JISUNG's painting everyone Let's go see if the tea is done - Let's go - Only four minutes left Let's go Will my tea be... Not ready guys What should I do... The tea's still on the top What to do? (Trying to sort it out...) (I brought water) The color now looks like tea, a little Since I'm running out of time I'll have to pour some out with this What do you call this? A mesh? Mesh You're right A filter? Exactly Strainer...? Let me show you guys It might look like regular water but it's somewhat a tea I'll try it JENO, try it Just the half Taste it (Bottoms up) Khhh~ Anyway, I think it was somewhat a success everyone So from 1am to 2am you were with RENJUN 2am as I showed you how I spend my time daily This was RENJUN from 1am to 2am at our group home Next time, I'll show you lots more Bye now! RENJUN broke the camera (RELAY CAM) (NEXT 2-3AM HAECHAN)