(RELAY CAM) (7-8AM TAEIL) Hi I'm TAEIL Right now, it's... 7:01 (TAEIL RELAY CAM starts!) 7 o'clock.. It's not 7PM.. Currently, it's 7AM (Whisper) So right now at 7AM I'm awake I was wondering what I should do at 7 in the morning Actually, I was going to... sleep in my room But my room was so messy so I just turned the camera on in the living room Normally, at 7AM, I'm.. asleep.. guys But today I stayed awake (until now) It wasn't the best time to sleep I've been sleeping very late these days I was dozing off while thinking whether I should go to bed I think I fell asleep for about 10 minutes I slept for about 10 minutes (Came to a decision) and thought I'd feel too sleepy if I sleep more so I stayed awake So what I did instead was take a shower at about 5AM and was just... lying around Watched some YouXbe.. (For RELAY CAM) Then, I turned the camera on at 7AM My lips got too dry.. (for. dry lips) Let me put some lip balm on (Looking for the lip balm..) (MOON is back) JUNGWOO happened to wake up at 6AM (Putting some lip balm on...) Mr. KIM JUNGWOO is drying his hair next to me right now It's dawn... It's not dawn Right now it's 7 o'clock It's morning Some people may be on their way to work at this hour Others may still be sleeping Since I'm awake and JUNGWOO woke up too, I'll play Pro Evolution Soccer with JUNGWOO to show him who's the winner JUNGWOO's fans will feel sad if they see (Kidding) JUNGWOO losing but today is special.. (JUNGWOO's losing...^^) You'll get to see it Are we going to play? (Of course^^) Let's do it But before that, I should... talk a bit more but what else should I say? Right now, it's 7AM... Also, the new year of 2021 has come Guys, happy new year I hope your 2021 is filled with happiness and good health There were so many recreational activities that I wanted to do in 2020 but I didn't get to do them because of the bad situation Of the things I wanted to do, in the summertime, I wanted to go surfing I've never gone surfing before So I wanted to try that Also.. in the winter, snowboarding I really wanted to go snowboarding I've gone snowboarding once but this winter I've been planning on getting better at it (Sad) but that couldn't happen Camping... I also wanted to go camping a lot.. (2020 has been disappointing) Such a bad timing.. We need to meet up with NCTzen soon too This year, I hope... (Seeing NCTzen) It will happen, right? Right now, it's around 7AM JUNGWOO got up so early like at 6AM.. Early in the morning.. I went to his room to check on him... and he was sleeping Usually, he doesn't sleep that early He pretends he's asleep a lot so I opened his eyes with my fingers like this I did that but he really was asleep.. His eyes looked so red You know when you are fast asleep, you roll your eyes.. (Rolling...) unconsciously They were rolling in all directions So I left, thinking he really was asleep He slept earlier than usual and he got up early too, right on time I'll get to show who's the boss.. I wonder how much he'll cry I'll show him who the boss is Okay, come on, come on (Getting ready to defeat him...) (Full of confidence) I'll let you lose, let's do this I'll.. beat you I had such a good sleep I saw a spicy chicken stew mukbang earlier It looked super good.. wow.. (Mr. MOON) Make it for me (Thinking..) (Quickly moving on~) Whatever - For the first time in a while.. - Wait, back up a little Okay, I will.. Why does it feel so awkward, guys? I shouldn't feel awkward.. with this much experience.. (Awkward in front of the camera...) It feels awkward (Nothing staged) It's because it's real It's too early in the morning, my vision is blurry It's just so blurry (What I just said...) Was it an excuse? (That's not fair~) He's making excuses already... Guys, JUNGWOO already started making excuses (Very confident) I'll show who's the winner soon I won't expect big things Okay Today, at this moment he and I will officially decide who's better at Pro Evolution Soccer (Deciding the rank) This will become the official record, guys The official record After this, everything will be settled There won't be any debate I won't make it complicated, I'll just keep it basic I'm not using any fancy strategy Okay, I got it Actually, today, in my room, I was going to show you my room I wasn't going to do much but just sleep But I just happened to be awake (Very focused...) Let's do it, let's do it Ah (Haha...) (Embarrassed MOON..) Oh wait Guys, let me show you how I play this game (Improved) I'm on a roll right now, I got better What a sharp pass, there (Focused) That's no good (Due to a morning game...) My vision is blurry That wasn't good That was too too obvious The current score is 0:0 It's been 10 minutes past first half of the game It got through right there - (Confused) - Messi, ball to Cavani Goal (Scratching...) In my defence, it's my timeslot I feel a bit self-conscious in front of the camera right now Once I get too into the game.. NCTzen may think.. it's not that fun so I just.. (Let's focus on the game for now..) (He was listening) That just sounded like an excuse (Focused on the game...) Shoot, shoot (0:2) Goal Let's stop playing.. (You can't do that) What? I can't do this.. After this, after I'm done filming (I'll win...) let's do another official round... Right now, it's 7:30AM I played the game with JUNGWOO for about 15 minutes I'm actually better than how I just played~^^ Please keep in mind I really will set... an official record.. I wish that didn't become our official record though... (Haha) Anyway (To defeat JUNGWOO) I'll work harder What now.. I want to do something meaningful for the rest of 30 minutes I kind of want to keep playing the video game but I don't want to spend the whole time playing games The sun is up now (The sun is up in the morning) I think it's bright outside now When I turned the camera on at 7.. it was dark.. It's bright now (Fully awake) Anyway, honestly, I wanted to beat JUNGWOO but he defeated me instead.. What's worse is at the end he had the final goal easily I was kind of distracted so it ended up with 2:0.. I suddenly feel better I felt awkward and didn't know what to do before but now.. I'm totally fine (Energy ↗ ↗) All of a sudden, I want to have fun outside But as you know, it's hard to go outside these days So I just.. sleep I used to never watch TV but now that I spend more time at home, I get to watch TV a lot As you all know, It's hard for me to finish a movie I end up falling asleep But I've watched some movies (Other than movies) I've watched some variety shows.. What else.. Dramas... I've been watching a few Oh, there is a drama I've been watching It's 'The Uncanny Counter' and is really good So I've been watching 'The Uncanny Counter' Recently, I watched a movie called 'Intruder' It's kind of dark It was on when I turned the TV on (Suspense 👍) and I couldn't stop watching it so I ended up finishing it It was fun (What else should I say~) You guys like TMI NCTzen likes it So to tell you more, I've been watching TV lately At home, mostly play Pro Evolution Soccer When the members around, we spend most of time playng it Or I'd just watch TV or sleep I'm sure it's similar for most of you.. (For me) it's pretty same as you guys I have no idea what happened in 2020 All I remember is (Recalling...) working on RESONANCE I'll remember 2020 as the season for RESONANCE (The year of 2020) What I feel sad about is.. (Didn't get to meet NCTzen in person) that we didn't get to have concerts Also, there were many other things we planned on doing but they didn't happen, which is sad As I mentioned before, recreational activities I'm sad I couldn't do them either But there's still time for that in the future so I'll just have to make it more awesome (Turned the TV off) It got awkward again with this silence.. (It's so quiet here..) I should make it not so silent.. (This calm... noise...) It''s called white noise.. This feels fine..? Anyway, something else I want to do is.. camping Fishing while camping I want to try fishing while camping I want to catch a fish and cook it right there Also, lately, there were things I wanted to do something related to music After being super busy and finishig everything until the end of the year, I felt... a bit empty so lately, unlike I was before, I've been watching TV a lot Movies as well.. I sleep.. I've been just getting good rest I didn't have work for about 2 to 3 days So I've been getting a lot of rest Oh, there was something else I also wanted to try Yacht, yacht Was it 'K-Ocean Pathfinders'? It's a variety show which made me think it would be so fun to hang out and visit places like that I even thought about getting a boat driving license (Realistic) But I can't buy a yacht or anything.. I looked up how to rent it, thinking I could get a license and go sailing with close friends or members But it's impossible to rent it for 1 or 2 days I was actually serious about it but ended up giving that (the yacht idea) up (For renting a yacht) About 3 or 4 hours is max... for renting... A driver needs to get on the boat with you I'm sure that's necessary for safey But they need to rest so you can't rent it for a long time (With no regrets!) So I gave up on it (Offline) I wish we could do concerts.. Meet NCTzen... Make a comeback as NCT 127 soon (Wishes...) I hope it will happen.. During those two days I was on a break, I didn't talk much so my voice is almost gone It sounds like I'm wheezing Later on, I'll clean up my room and show you the room I share with YUTA My bed (All of it!) I'll show them all My blanket for my bed is special The way I sleep is kind of unique So this blanket is very important Same goes for the sheets I need to use.. (Stream of consciousness...) a special blanket.. (Type of blanket he likes) A soft one (Very fine blankets) The bed sheet needs to be furry.. And the blanket.. (Strong taste for blankets) There's a fabric type I like, so I use that (Suddenly starts calling him) JUNGWOO, JUNGWOO JUNG Just one round of Pro Evolution Soccer (The reason he lost before 1) I really couldn't concentrate before (The reason he lost before 2) because the camera.. I felt too much responsibility for my timeslot from 7 to 8 I was too conscious of the camera so I couldn't do my best but now, honestly, I won't feel too conscious of it (Confident MOON) I'll show you what I got, guys I'll make sure you know who is the winner here (JUNGWOO has returned) I'll show you who's better (Very ambitious) I'll beat this game I really will concentrate this time (Focused) Wow.. (Haha) Wow... (Your skills..) It got better (Calm) Of course I went in the wrong direction (Super concentrated) (1 goal in finally) (Goal) I scored one goal and it's over now (I need to wrap up) Wait, wait, it's 8 o'clock Right now, it's exactly 8 o'clock.. see that? (Can't see it...) It's 8 o'clock Anyway, guys, 2021, happy new year I love you (7AM - 8AM TAEIL's RELAY CAM, the end!) Bye bye, I'll play the game and go to sleep Say bye, JUNGWOO Bye bye, guys 2021, we got this Keep it up (Later for sure...!) We'll make sure to rank ourselves and tell you later I'll beat him.. (RELAY CAM) (NEXT 8-9AM DOYOUNG)