(RELAY CAM) (5-6AM WINWIN) (WINWIN RELAY CAM START) Hello guys This is WINWIN I'll get out of the room first OH MY GOD.. It's.. 5:02am Hello This is WINWIN I want to show you my bed but LUCAS is sleeping so I'll hold it for now So first... Wash I should wash my face first I look terrible at the moment This is XIAOJUN's It's so cute Oh I can see my stubbles (It's shaving TIME) (Hi) I need this a lot in winter (Lip balm) This one I really need this everyone Not just winter Continuously (Super focused on applying lip balm) (Mmm) (Pop) Since it's so dry in winter I'll get out of the bathroom everyone Yes (In the kitchen) A few days, LUCAS, HENDERY and I were on our way to grab something If you go down inside the subway station There's a lot of stores there I bought this necklace And I wear it everyday these days (Puts necklace in the shirt) What should I do? Hehe (What should I do guys) Or... Should I drink milk? Milk What do you think (guys)? Milk Should I drink milk? Let's drink milk Oh we have strawberries? We have strawberries I think our housekeeper prepared this pineapple for us Oh and we have snacks too We also sheet masks Oh there's a variety of things in here I can eat strawberries later Should I eat a strawberry? Strawberry (Ready to start a mukbang) Guys you have to check the expiration date before you drink milk This is fresh till February 9th So it's okay to drink (Pours milk) (Adds cereal) I'm done It's just a simple... Night snack...? YES (Cereal ASMR) (Yum) Mmm (Positive nodding) It's good It's easier for your stomach to process if you just eat light food like this (Slurp) (Slurp) (Yum yum) Aren't I almost the last one of the day? 5 to 6 Next up is YANGYANG YANGYANG will suffer more than me From 6am to 7am I just checked him and he was already in bed (Slurp) (CLEAR) I always swallow fast when I eat something (Haha) What should I do now? What time is it? 5:20am 5:20am I'll see if there's anything fun to do in our dorm (Comes back with a pile of Lego) (Peekaboo) (Hehe) Guys do you know what this is? This is... One two three four five six seven... All seven of these are... HENDERY They're all HENDERY's But we didn't finish yet We didn't have the time Should I start with the smallest one? This one... What do you think? I'll make this one A few days ago I completed one piece It's on my bed at the moment (Let's see) How do you open this? Oh it's here (Let's see) It's too difficult (than I thought) (Hahaha...) (Too complex...) Okay...? Hmm It'll take more time (than I thought) So... Let's try this later... Why don't we try this another time This is too... too difficult I'll never be able to complete this within 30 minutes What shall we do? I can't go out now... It's 5.. (in the morning) Shall we watch a movie? I'll go search what kind of movies are there This is my fashion in the dorm I'll bring my glasses first NetXlix (Shall I check my condition) (What time is it?) 5:29 in the morning Let's watch it for exactly 20 minutes It's zombies, zombies Zombie... (Watching SwXXthome) There's zombies... (A bit scared) Is this scary? This..se..serial? People love this You guys recommended this serial for me (End of episode 1) Huh...? (Nod nod) (Somehow) it seems fun I usually like zombies and stuff The.. train to Busan Train to Busan starring Gong Yoo I watched it about two or three times And there was season 2 Train to Busan 2 I went to the movies to watch it (Yum yum) (Strawberry) (One more) Oh wow... Wow... Ha..ahahaha I brought the wrong strawberries How can you eat strawberries in this kind of situation? (But eats another one right away) (Cleared in one bite) (Focused...with strawberry) Wow the scenes look beautiful (Strawberry looks tasty, huh?) (Slurp) (Yum yum yum) (Serious...) (Blurry view for scary scenes) (Shiver...) That's too scary... If you watch this at night you can't fall asleep later (Scary...) (Lol...what should I do?) This is too scary to watch alone... Does this guy turn into a zombie later? I think something scary is going to come out soon (Blurry view for scary scenes) (Watching with blurry view) Ooooh (So scary) (Self mosaic) I shouldn't... watch this at night... I want to be able to sleep later... (What should I do...) This is a scary scene, isn't it? This scene... I'll stop for a second (since it's scary)... I'll watch this alone later I'll stop here for today I'll watch it alone later I think it'd be really fun (Let's go since I'm scared) Okay (Running off) I will watch it alone later This is something to watch in the morning In the morning I won't be able to go to bed if I watch it at night For the last session I'm into this song lately The song (I like) is called (Cody ChesnuTT's) Parting Ways It has that 5am vibe The movie is also very fun The movie is called 'SOUL' SOUL (So good) (A bite of strawberry) (Oh oh) (Perfect) (I should put on the glasses) This song is also very good It's another theme music from the same movie (Jon Batisted's) It's All Right It's too loud (humming) Oh wait (I should be quiet) it's 5am I shouldn't sing (Bounce bounce) (Focused) Isn't it emotional? 5 in the morning 5:52am Alone In the living room Listening to music I think I'm almost up But... now It's 5:53am The two songs we heard are very good I hope you guys try listening to it if you have some time It's 5:55am now Okay then now I should go to bed (Goodbye) Good night everyone GOOD NIGHT (Bye) (RELAY CAM) (NEXT 6-7AM YANGYANG)