(RELAY CAM) (6-7AM YANGYANG) Hi guys (Saying hi while half awake) I'm YANGYANG (zZZ) Right now it's 6 o'clock sharp I'm so sleepy.. guys.. Anyway I'm awake So hungry Super hungry Sleepy and hungry Hold on, guys (Quick transformation) Okay, I just got changed in my room Anyway, I'm so sleepy right now This is how I felt at school (in the morning) Today I'll try to make breakfast Let's get it What should I make (for breakfast) Whenever I tried to make breakfast but there's nothing (in the fridge) (Shocked by the empty fridge) Wait, wait Or should I order food? Can you order food at this hour? Food delivery, food delivery Late night snack..? Honestly though it's not late night but morning Does anyone order fried chicken at this hour? (YANGYANG wants chicken) Hehe I'll go to the convenience store and buy something Let's go, guys (Must wear a face mask) OK, good Guys Right now, it's (Shocked) Oh my goodness negative five (Cold, cold) Sigh... Okay then I should wear more layers But where did my shoes go? Oh here they are Follow Me, Let's Go I'll quickly run over to the convenience store It's my first time doing this (RELAY CAM) It feels a bit weird (awkward) It's dark out It feels a bit strange walking alone with a camera like this It's super cold, guys Also I feel scared I need to get back soon and make some yummy food but actually as you all know I'm such a bad cook So for today I'll make what I make the best and that is ramyeon But it's no fun if you eat just ramyeon so I'll make many different kinds of ramyeon Guys Let's Get it (At the convenience store) (Thinking) What should I get? This is the main item Today's main item And then (Got to have kimchi with ramyeon) You need this This looks good I've never filmed by myself at a convenience store before It felt awkward I just bought everything I wanted to eat I'll now go and get ready See you later (At the dorm) Okay, guys I'm now at the dorm I just bought these things I'll make them different and good Honestly, I came up with something myself Let me try making it now But I think I'll need to watch a video I'll use milk But since it's my first time trying it, let us just do it together How....? (Pop) This and milk One egg Do I need more water? (Be careful of the sound) I needed more water, guys Don't worry I can handle this myself (Confident) (Hahaha) Now, I'm just waiting Waiting Also, I have this and this (YANG is excited) Next person, good luck If I do the V app, how many people do you think will watch it? What do you think? I think about 100 people? No x3, it's school time right now Actually, it isn't It's too early for school, I think people will be on the bus So I think all of them could watch it, right? (Finished boiling) It's done (Victory) (Ramyeon) Honestly, right now I really want to play music but everyone's asleep so I can't Once it boils, turn the heat off Then, now Let's get it, milk (Great) OK It looks yummy Okay then, milk I'll wait for it to boil Should I set the table now? Guys, don't worry I do not eat ramyeon everyday Mom, are you watching this? I've been eating well except today Today is a special day Oops wait It looks really good right now (No) Ohhh I think I put too much milk And then, final step Egg OK Let's get it, my meal Let's Go It looks super yummy Oh yes First, before I eat this Guys There's a series that I highly recommend It's super fun It's about chess You know it, right? It's about that (Thank you for food) (Mukbang began) Yum (It's good) Yum (Opened the sausage bar) (So hot) Wow Guys I'm too busy (eating) I can't talk Okay then (He's back) On a regular day, what time do you get up? For us, when we aren't busy with work, we play games and wake up around 11 or 12 o'clock in the morning So when it's so early Let's say Except for filming music videos or work-related events, we are usually asleep So I'm not used to this right now But actually, doesn't it feel more fun if you do something at this time? You don't even know what you are doing You just do what you want to do Yum so good Wow this is a huge success Guys, cheers (Refreshing) (Happy soda dance) I'm done eating Actually, what I had in mind was I wanted to watch the sunrise together Give it (camera) to the next person then sleep Just hand the camera over then sleep But the sun isn't up yet So let's just talk This season honestly was so fun I made so many friends Honestly, I learned so much in 2020 I wish that we can all work together again They are all so nice.. All of us coming together feels so new Also, our music can become more dynamic Actually, when I'm not busy with work, I keep eating I can't stop (Sigh) Sigh I don't want to clean up I don't want to clean up, guys Help me I had such a great meal What now? (What to do?) By the way, one hour is much shorter than I thought I kept thinking by myself wouldn't doing this for an hour alone feel awkward? But an hour isn't enough to do too many things Guys, now I need to hand the camera over to the next person I feel sad to say bye but see you next time If we get to do something like this again, please it should be in the afternoon or morning I even could play games then Okay, guys This will be over soon Right now it's 6:59 So let me give the camera to the next person Thank you to the next person (Saying it in advance) Okay, guys See you next time Byeeeeee~ (RELAY CAM ) (NEXT 7-8AM TAEIL)