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(NCT DREAM's mini game) (NCT DREAM's mini game) (START) (Infinite applause) (Ho-ho) (Clap clap clap clap) Okay, we'll say hello first - Hello - Hello Hey hey, we should say 'to the world' (Let's do this way) To the world One two three To the world, this is NCT hello, this is NCT DREAM It's been a long time since we greeted the viewers Ah yes, it's been really long time since we greeted them as NCT DREAM, right? Last time, the 'shout in silence' Really made a legend - After the Kingdom of Animal - Kingdom of Animal Okay, we're looking forward to which legend we'll make today CHENLE, what's your determination today? Just doing it in a fun way? I'm just gonna play the game in fun and joyful ways.. Okay, before we start the game today We'll divide two teams to proceed the game The team dividing game is (The game for increasing one syllable for each given word) Everyone, do you know the absolute pitch game? We know - The absolute pitch game, for example - Please shows us a demonstration For example, if we have a word 'NA JAEMIN', then 'NA' JAEMIN NA 'JAE' MIN NA JAE 'MIN' You say the word like that, everyone understood? Okay, we'll have a draw here And each of us will challenge the word you chose yourself Okay then, who would like to challenge first You should - You should - As expected, our original no.1 - RENJUN - Ahhh, don't do this The original no.1 never does it (Lol) No.1 always did worst I mean, NCTzen want it, but you're not gonna do it? Where is NCTzen here now... NCTzen must be watching you through the camera now With their cellphones now Camera..? Ah, over there..? (The original no.1 RENJUN challenges first) (I want him to get a hard one) Please 6, 6 (RENJUN challenge / Yeongwol arrowroot noodles) (RENJUN challenge / Yeongwol arrowroot noodles) Ah what is it, it's only lv.2 difficulty Arrowroot noodles? It's hard, huh? Ready Start Yeongwol arrowroot noodles (Perfectly succeeded?) Yeongwol arrowroot noodles I heard 'eternal' for this, to be honest I also heard it as eternal An enternal... arrowroot noodles You could just do it again quickly Yeongwol arrowroot noodles Okay okay (clean) 17 seconds It's not bad - Okay then, our JISUNG - I'll try it once (JAEMIN) Pick one for me You want me to pick one? (Slide) (Hard one) Please I'm really confident that I can do well I wish that I have the one with 5 stars - What is it, what is it, what is it - It's my first time hearing it Pyeongyang cold buckwheat noodles in pheasant broth Okay okay, ready ready There is no practice, ready Start Pyeongyang cold buckwheat noodles in pheasant broth Pyeongyang cold buckwheat noodles in pheasant broth (?) That was wrong, again (Poking through the paper) Pyeongyang cold buckwheat noodles in pheasant broth Pyeongyang cold buckwheat noodles in pheasant broth (?) Pyeongyang cold buckwheat noodles in pheasant broth (?) (The members go easy on maknae) Pyeongyang cold buckwheat noodles in pheasant broth! (Maknae is polite) Pyeongyang cold buckwheat noodles in pheasant broth! (JISUNG made a record of 33 seconds) He slowly goes into the ground - Ah but.. this is difficult - And next is JENO (Grabbing) JENO picked CHENLE's word (Hehe...) Ah geez, for real Kim-satgat satgat The legendary Kim-satgat Okay ready Start (Working hard) Kim-satgat satgat (Referee) Kim-satgat satgat Kim-satgat satgat (CHENLE made a record of 8 seconds) Didn't you say it 4 times? (CHENLE made a record of 8 seconds) He said it 5 times What a shame 8 seconds? (So satisfied) 8 seconds But still, RENJUN is in 2nd place now (3rd place) 2nd place.. ah Wow, I feel good Okay then, our JENO ...I mean, JAEMIN beside him Should I pick one for you? Ah, you were tricked for that Ayy Anheung red bean buns - Wow, this one is difficult - Anheung red bean buns (Difficult) Anheung.. red bean buns It's funny Okay ready Start Argh... (Frozen) He set the pitch too high - It's started - Ahh.. Anheung.. Does he have trouble hitting high note? Anheung... is it correct? - Right right - Anheung red bean buns Anheung red bean buns Anheung.. bun I hit roughly It's not a bun you hit roughly, again (His tone) What's wrong with it (Shoulders up) Anheung red bean buns Right (Faster than JISUNG / JAEMIN made a record of 13 seconds) 31 seconds Wow, that's good, huh? (Hi-ing..) He did it fast (Hi-ing..) He did it fast though And then, I'll try this time I'm the last challenger Right, it's only about deciding the teams though How come JENO didn't show up today? (Thank you) Ho-hou 'Thank you' isn't fair - Please start - I feel really thankful Start (Smooth) Thank you (Is his skill for real?) Wow.. He said thank you'b', huh? He said 'cunning' (gansa) Am I disqualified? - (The time) is keep running now - You're disqualified We're the referees Ah wait a second, wait a second, really Yes, it's keep going Are you joking me, ah really, wait a second Ah this is really not good, we should do it fairly Since you're goot at talking, choose a difficult one Ho-hou Steamed kimchi saury Okay, here we go Start Steamed kimchi saury Steamed kimchi spit Uh, you said spit, spit, spit (Getting up hurriedly) Spit steamed kimchi saury... Steamed kimchi saury Steamed kimchi.. Argh.. Again again (Lol) (Focused) Steamed kimchi saury (Make a mistake) Steamed kimchi saury (Slower than the first chance / HAECHAN made a record of 22 seconds) Okay So, we tried dividing the teams with the absolute pitch Is there anyone who didn't try it? No No, huh? For an extra game, I'd like to see JENO's once JENO, would that be okay? (He's sullen) No, move on Ah, really? Then, we'll move on (Lastly, it's JENO's turn) I'll go easy on you once Oriental medicine mugwort noodles Aigo... We'll see how our Rapper JENO's diction sounds like Start Oriental medicine mugwort noodles Oriental medicine mugwort noodles Oriental medicine mugwort noodles - He said 'kkuk' - He kept saying 'ssu'.. hanbangssu.. Kkuk-kkuk-kkuk-kkuk (Breathing hard) Oriental medicine mugwort noodles (JENO made a record of 27 seconds) (JENO made a record of 27 seconds) He spent less time than me (CHENLE in 1st place, RENJUN in 2nd place) (me?) What's up with these guys Go learn some Korean, guys Okay, the teammates will be chosen from the 1st place Okay, who are you planning to choose? I'll choose HAECHAN first - We won, congratulations - He knows how to win CHENLE Please let me sit beside HAECHAN - RENJUN - Then, I'd choose among these three.. I'll just do it on my own Okay then, he'd just do it on his own (No no) (Making a boundary) Since we're a team which reflects Every members' opinion No matter which team I'm in, I don't wanna be chosen lastly Then go to (RENJUN team) - JISUNG, come - Okay, good - And then - Goodbye CHENLE, who would you pick between JENO and JAEMIN? JENO Congratulations, we won No.. what's wrong with you..? What's wrong with you, what's wrong with you Then, I'll go to RENJUN team naturally Sit down here, argh Okay, we'll have time to announce the teams' names (Chili paste, chili paste) Since these days are hot You should really be careful when eating raw foods So our team's name is Sashimi in season - Then let ours be chili red pepper paste - No, chili paste Are you gonna go with chili red pepper paste? Or chili paste? - Chili paste - Okay The name of our team is chili paste Today's sashimi in season vs chili paste Chili paste vs sashimi in season We're looking forward to who's gonna win We'll start with the first game Let's go The game we'll play this time Is called 'Irrelevant answer' The rule is simple, JISUNG? (Game explanation) It will be shown (Game explanation) Ah yes, can you guys see it? (Here here) (Irrelevant answer game) (the players say irrelevant answers to given questions within a limited time) (Irrelevant answer game) (if anyone can't answer right away or the answer makes sense, he's out) This is really Okay then, we're about to start the first game Since this game will be proceeded as one on one Each one can choose his opponent As he wishes by pointing him Uh.. our.. JENO should choose his opponent You just need to say 'you come out' (JAEMIN) You come out Ohhh JAEMIN, JAEMIN's not good at saying things - Let's go one by one - Okay okay Hey, you should ask all (the questions) Okay then, we'll start it Ready Start What's your favorite NCT DREAM song? Sexy Where is your hometown? Sexy (Lol) What color do you like? Sexy How about you? NCT He answered late, he answered late Which aspect of CHENLE do you want to have? - Sexy - Oh, it makes sense Ah, it makes sense - The one you want to achieve - Continue, continue, continue When do you feel that CHENLE is cool mostly? NCT - Doesn't it make sense? - It makes sense though? When he's in NCT When do you feel that JISUNG is cutest? Gray What's your first impression of RENJUN? Lighting What are you gonna eat tomorrow? Camera What did you eat for lunch yesterday? Air conditioning system? What's your hobby these days? Carpet (Lol) What are you gonna eat for dinner today? Shoes? How do you feel right now? Socks (It's so funny) (It's so funny) Which question should we ask you next? Pants - (The answer) makes sense - It makes sense, it makes sense Which question should we ask you next? They could ask you a question about pants, right (Admitted) They could ask you a question about pants, right What's your hobby? Argh.. What song do you like? I'm sweating - Search the song, search the song - The song 'I'm Sweating' might be there Search for 'I'm Sweating' If we search for it and it's there, you're out What's your charms? Ha.. He just answered like this (Lol) Ah, a deep breath? But deep breath also makes sense What's your motto? It makes sense for his motto What color is your airpod case? I don't know I guess he really doesn't know it I don't know, I got it Say a word to yourself in future Automobile What are you gonna do after finishing the show? (JAEMIN's game is over) - How many did (JAEMIN) do? - It's so difficult now 17? (JAEMIN got 21 answers) (JAEMIN got 21 answers) It's accumulated (JAEMIN got 21 answers) Wow.. awesome.. (Questions) I'll give you the questions from now (Questions) You're asking JENO, right? Wow.. this is so hard, huh? Start What are we doing right now? Wow.. What is it Uh? - No - Wrong wrong What's the background image of your cellphone? Ocean It makes sense What's your motto? Photo What's your charms? Air Which song is memorable to you? Japanese Which movie is memorable to you? Chair Do you like mom or dad? Chair Which birthday gift is most memorable? - Wow - WOW makes sense.. What do you cover yourself with when you're sleeping? Bus Which color of socks are you wearing today? Camera Should I buy you beef? Dust Which soda do you want to drink? Carbon dioxide What's one plus one? - You should say cutie - You should say cutie Which game do you enjoy playing these days? Argentina - There's a game with that name - There's none Which song do you like? Brazil, I guess there's a game named this way - There's none - Is it gonna rain tomorrow? (Embarrassed) Which weather condition is your favorite? NCT We have that kind of weather What are you gonna do on Christmas? Plastic bag Who's the funniest member among us? Garbage can Would you eat some chips? Potable water Do you want to do something now? White What's your favorite night snack menu? Red Say a word to yourself in future Blue What's the color you like? Wrong You also know that you're handsome, right? English Which subject is your favorite? (Embarrassed) Wow geez.. Wow geez makes sense, wow geez Where is the place of remembrance for you? - Shoestring - That could be it - No it couldn't - What shoes are you wearing now? - Disqualified - Wrong What did you eat for lunch yesterday? Teeth You ate teeth? He could eat teeth - We could eat teeth? This one? - We could eat it When do you feel that JISUNG is cutest? - Belt - I look cute when having my belt on When do you feel that RENJUN is coolest? Buttons You look cool indeed when you're bottoning up (JENO's game is over) The end, the end How many was it? 27 You really did it well PARK JISUNG come out (So confident) (So confident) Come on, come on How are you feeling right now? Please come over here What do you want to have? Wash your hair Anything you want to say to me? CHENLE What have you been mostly into these days? I guess my clothes are a bit dirty What are you gonna do after the show is over? Ah, I'm hungry What is your charms? (HAECHAN)'s hair looks strange What was the funniest thing in your life? Blue What did you ride on the way here today? It's tickling How are you feeling right now? The lines of my palms are little.. What time are you going home? NCT What do you want to do? NCT DREAM Oh Which team is your favotie? Oreo Oreo Would you like to have some chips? What's 5X5? What's your hobby? (Difficult part) Ah, water Which number do you like? CHENLE What do you want to do right now? You said CHENLE a while ago (JISUNG's game is over) It's so difficult (JISUNG got 16) - He's good / - This.. this.. is like You should just say random things, really (HAECHAN starts) Which chips are you gonna eat? None It makes sense How does it make sense There's no chip you like - No - It doesn't makes sense Just do it quickly, the time is runing What's your favorite nickname? Automobiles That could be it You have the nickname of automobiles from now There's a person with a nickname of bumper car - Right right - Do it fast Is that so? When do you do when you're bored? Eyebrows What do you do when you play? Shoes Which song do you like? - Socks - There must be a song called 'Socks' What time did you sleep yesterday? RENJUN, your feet smells Put some shoes on How are you feeling right now? RENJUN, wash your hair already Is it a diss battle? How about me? I love you - Ahh - This one, this one Is it gonna rain tomorrow? Get up from your chair What should we do I love you Ah, this one Which soda are you gonna drink? Sit down on your chair (HAECHAN's game is over) (HAECHAN's game is over) How many was it? 10, this is hard This is really difficult I just need to give random answers, right? (RENJUN is ready) Ready Start What are you gonna eat tomorrow? Rokkugo What are you gonna eat for dinner today? Carbon dioxide - Ah, it makes sense - It makes sense Do you want to eat anything? Ah, it's tiring What do you drink when you go to a cafe? What should I.. do now? What do you wanna say the most now? Ah, I should eat some meal now Oh, this makes sense this makes sense Would you like to eat some chips? I don't know, what should I do? Who's the funniest member among us? This is (more difficult) than I thought.. Is it gonna rain tomorrow? (Tired) Right When is your birthday? JENO, when is your birthday? (It makes sense) How old are you? HAECHAN, what do you like? What's your motto? I should eat some meal now What did you do yesterday? - His motto can be 'I should eat some meal now', huh? - Right right, that could be it What's your favorite NCT DREAM song? CHENLE (RENJUN's game is over) (RENJUN's game is over) Wow, the answers come out.. (RENJUN got 8) Really differently (RENJUN got 8) From my own consciousness For this kind of thing where we should say nonsense stuff You should not say something about questions But you just need to say something that doesn't make sense CHENLE, show us Okay I'll do it right away Start What can you see right now? JISUNG, your feet smells What do you like? Wash your hair What do you want to eat for night snack? - (Pass) Okay okay - You said you could do it.. How about me? Ah.. camera Which country do you want to go? Shoes Which color do you like? It's hard What is your favorite thing? I'm eating right now Which one among the meals is your favorite? JISUNG, your hair smells - Uh.. it's overlapped - He said a while ago - He said a while ago - Hair.. wash your hair - Your hair smells - Ah, it's different What's cute about HAECHAN? JISUNG, open your eyes What's your favorite NCT DREAM song? JISUNG, your eyes... are too big (Lol..) (Lol..) All of a sudden? Thank you What kind of clothes is your favorite? Camera Which color do you like? Chair - What time did you get up today? - Water (CHENLE's game is over) 14 Then, adding up, this is.. Okay so, our team has won (Sashimi in season 51:45 chili paste) It's okay guys Certainly, you can't just eat the chili paste Certainly, sashimi in season is the main menu And since the chili paste is a side sauce You know that, right? In entertainment, they give you 3 points in the end Ah, we know, we know So in fact, although we don't have to work hard right now But we won because we didn't work hard (His deep realization) We'll keep going just like how we've been so far - It's easy - Okay, we'll move onto the next game Let's go Ah, this is HAECHAN, huh? Bear, bear Cchik No No, is there no Korean word except beach? Hey hey hey (NCT DREAM's mini game)