《如果岁月可回头》第9集|靳东 蒋欣 李宗翰 李乃文 左小青 赵子琪 傅晶 陈冰 If Time Flows Back EP9【捷成华视偶像剧场】


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[ If Time Flows Back ] EP09 # Google translate version for your reference # If years can go back Your ex-wife is fine People look beautiful Quiet Speaks kindly, too You want to say Such a good person Why did you leave? That you did not see When she cools down It's snowing in the summer Also a possibility Really There is a kind of person To close friends To close people and to friends and colleagues Completely two attitudes Tolerant to outsiders Bitter to family Dual personality Live as two Of course I'm not talking about your ex-wife You are right You are talking about my ex-wife I still think you and your ex-wife Where are you getting married Inexplicably confused Is your ex-wife What a secret Anyway, I think Grow into a woman like that Very easy to have secrets You always say I'm married Leave unknown And always hints at me Because of one Let Jingya force me to divorce Let's talk about it It's a bit confusing Did I really go around? No way I need to check this out Brother-in-law Don't call it so kind Ex brother-in-law Ex brother-in-law You hair what's up I distressed after divorcing my sister I'm so worried that I'm pale Simply dyed Pretend to be cool very good Is not Former brother-in-law, do you have anything to do with me Qingzi The former brother-in-law treated you well That is Look at me two years ago I eat you and eat you I buy this car Don't you sponsor me 20,000? Sometimes I think You are better to me than my parents Less poverty I'm looking for you I want to talk to you Your cousin Teacher Lan Looking for you What's wrong, director? What's up Please advise Other teachers in the department go online Three middle-aged men found Fancy dress Of those three people One of them is you right You never wear a hat Under your hat Is colored hair right blue what I mean Under this hat Hair color is blue Blue sky you can not do that You are a people teacher after all There is a question of influence here Students have done this Talking director What color of my hair This is not under the control of the leaders This is my personal freedom Moreover Am I wearing a hat? How to say What does it mean not to be in the leadership? Be a teacher Should have character Teaching should lead by example Lan Yu, let me tell you You have always been free I never found a chance to say you Director director Can we not go online As you say I'm almost a suspect You just beat me up You come with me less Rogue style on rivers and lakes Tell you Dye my hair back Turned you back I won't dye it You can't control This is my own freedom it is good Blue sky If you don't dye I will stop your work You personally do n’t have this right Then hold the department council I don't believe it Can't cure you What a cow are you Why Lian Jingya Can accept our fancy clothes Full head color To you Just not tolerant I want to be honest it is good I just tell the truth Don't be disgusting with loyalty You have to stand up Good You say I closed my ears and listened Do you think your appearance now Very modern very young But I think you guys Like the old society with gold teeth All over the street, fangs when you see people Twenty years ago Wearing a thick big gold chain Braised cabbage Ten years ago Shish kebab in fake mink coat Five years ago carrying a fake designer bag It makes no difference to people who crowd the bus Xiaomei We Just want to start Change one's appearance To affect one's heart There is a saying called years like face Noodle noodles Sun and moon like a pot We are like noodles In the pot of years Over and over and over for so many years If you do n’t change a little bit, We're almost cooking Change appearance now Just like Fish out the noodles Ever cold water Through external stimuli To make rotten noodles more glutinous There should be nothing wrong with this Young and modern are not simply Stupidly Pursuit of external form But should really Experience with your heart From the bottom of my heart Change one's perception Will make you really young Will make you really comfortable Soothing what happened to you What happened Why not refute Man is in the soul free I'll talk to our dean Noisy I may be suspended Xiaojing What are you calling? Startle me Come back to pick things up its not right Haven't everything been taken? Find a reason to meet me Have no feelings for me What do you take Dumplings Bought it for me I know I love this bite sensible What expression Something Bai Zhiyong I didn't come to see you I've been busy for a day A bit dizzy On the way back Keep thinking about things while walking Involuntarily That's it This way back and forth Walked for almost ten years Has become a habit Say 21 days Can develop or change a habit I move out of this home Seventy-two days It seems I am stupid enough Sorry Bother you drink less eat on time Since I saw this Jingya Keep her and Bai Zhiyong Think together You say the two of them Why did you get divorced? Really a pity Between this man and woman Is there really no eternity? I mean This Bai Zhiyong and Jing Ya Really husband and wife Super fit Maybe both of them The demands on each other are too high With contradiction Because of their character Give up and so To outsiders Divorced couple Not surprising at all Xiaomei Are you saying they are a good match? You think of yourself Don't say me Old yellow Look at that girl Pink hair This hair definitely Cost more time than we do good looking What's so good A few of us It's okay to toss into this A big girl made it like this Don't worry about my parents Otherwise, no father or mother coming Xiaoou Who is that girl I do not know Beautiful hair Go talk to her Let her join Our subversive trio Change to Caito Four So impatient I want to talk to a beautiful woman Do not pull down Let's go, Huang Let's go girl Sitting here alone How boring Brothers chat with you I didn't expect it Xiaomei made such a big sacrifice Just to show up With good intentions Right Your eyes are blind now I have to let you open your eyes Take a good look at my mirror Do you think I look so good If you guys look good I will never object to you anymore good looking Too beautiful How much Not looking good Not looking good Anyway, at least Inconsistent Two to one a little bit a little bit But I'm so touched I made a decision It's because of Xiaomi's good intentions I will dye my hair back to black Huang Jiuheng You yellow chef Jiang Xiaomei is so a little bit Little trick Just took you down What is your principle What is your principle Really shameful Old yellow Don't be so touched Actually I didn't sacrifice anything It cost 150 yuan Just bought a wig Xiaomei We dye our hair I want to use this Deliberate external form To activate my heart You really think you guys With these whispering heads Awkward? Not awkward How handsome Your answer doesn't count Because your characteristic is hard mouth When i was young Have an actor dream After a few days of acting There is a master of performance theory Stanislavsky His point is Experienced inside External performance is right Is advanced Is natural External manifestation Mostly false Are awkward We are not awkward Our change Is supported by the vast majority of people Encourage Let's talk about most of them first Your wife supports you Because you changed She dare not oppose Xiaoou supports you She is kind Don't want to destroy you Want to change one's desires Old blue Your wife is not against Because of her heart There is more serious shame for you This is what you say most people Right Correct Very right To fart Where are you from Where are you Yes Yes Yes Review Deep review Anyway, I have betrayed many times Finished Finished what happened I sent it out and I found out I made a typo what's up I'm not talking to our dean Are they noisy I want to ask him for a meal Declined by him I will just say this text Ok I didn't expect it to be mother's. You quickly withdraw I cannot withdraw I sent a text message SMS sent from this phone Can be withdrawn within five seconds Really Time has passed Parents' meeting tomorrow afternoon Who are you I go I'm on holiday tomorrow afternoon what happened Your mother is going to work tomorrow Row Half past two In our classroom I know your eyes Why weird Go to the parents' meeting tomorrow afternoon I definitely wear a hat Put on serious clothes Wouldn't go so fancy Write homework Less salt My daughter started Also supports my new look Those words of encouragement That's nice I'm quite touched But when I said I was going to a parent meeting, That look you two haven't seen It's the kind I'm afraid to go to her Shameful look Helplessness and dodge in the eyes Really can't stand Go to your daughter's school Of course you have to dress smartly Old white You said to change into serious clothes That means Do you still think Our dress is not so good Know you are a university teacher Teaching chinese Just stop me talking By the next generation Staring at you So uncomfortable For my daughter Stare at me Fancy dress And weird looks I decided to give up Really give up You two Don't stop anyone I can't stand it No way Can't keep it up Change is our dream Bai Zhiyong I have a particularly simple idea I thought about it for two days People can have dreams But not because of your personal dreams To disturb others Affect family affect relatives I think I do this now Makes my daughter uncomfortable So i have to change back Old blue Hurry to persuade this Stubborn traitor Me this time Really have to stand Lao Huang's stand Finished Finished Finished You are also threatened Xiaomei's opposition that day I really listened Master Huang has used Wrap the word I feel very accurate Let's wear this suit Dye your hair Somewhat wrong Instead, they are not confident Exposed Surface change Like a shit Plus several layers of exquisite packaging But shit or shit Can't turn into a cake Yes I was in front of the mirror yesterday Look at me Look at my head I suddenly remembered A word about the circus clown Inner and outer may not be the same You two are so excited To change back Going back what about me Do i still insist Anyway I want to vote for Huang Old white sorry Two to one, right Minority obeys majority Go on Change Change back tomorrow But you remember Historical proof Majority opinion Often fallacy Hair is finally back Still so good Look comfortable All let this Bai Zhiyong For flicker I'm comfortable looking I want to talk to you Qin Feng Is that coach I know I know the name of that third party Qin Feng I will never forget Can't talk about him today I just smoothed my mood I want to talk What if i and him It has passed you Can you forgive me Can't What do you mean Regret Just when you go on vacation Traveled Then come home What should i do Nothing happened Want to go back Eat turn grass Want to follow me Shangguanhui Are you dreaming Or am I dreaming We after all A couple of years Something like this happened I feel tangled and uncomfortable So i am Want to talk to you See what the solution is Can't you always be a pair Fierce look Our son Just seven years old I found above my head There is a colored hat Less than four months This humiliation and pain I can feel it all the time Shangguanhui You don't want to live another Another life I respect you But want me to forgive you difficult Then you do not agree to divorce me And refused to forgive me You want to torture me like this, right? Actually, I don't mean to torture you Just my eyes Not as big as I expected Do you feel your depression More than me So you have to continue this torture Until you feel my pain Same as you Even bigger than you You can balance in your heart right Perhaps I think Let me talk to you Father I've been choking for a long time You don't have to be nervous You used to want to tell me I do not want to hear Now i want to listen Xiao Lei's biological father is Chang Zhe I know he is in canada now Wife is also Canadian White people Have three children Opened a Chinese supermarket over there others I don't know too much You still don't plan Let this person named Chang Zhe Know he is in china Have a daughter No matter what we do in the future I have no intention of letting him know Because if let him know With his character Won't give up What is his character Than you More selfish than you A tough guy Yes Than me I'm afraid there are few in this world Old yellow What are you thinking about? What can i think daughter Unfortunately it's someone else's Your daughter's biological father Don't know yet He has such a daughter Your wife really wants to hide him forever This is what Lin Xiang told me She said that even if I want to divorce her Even if I don't recognize this daughter in the future She won't tell Xiaolei's biological father If i am not your good friend Not stand by you But from one Think from the perspective of an onlooker Do this Isn't it to Xiao Lei's biological father? Too unfair A bit unkind I thought so too May be my wife Don't have this courage I do n’t have the courage anyway This is a world upset Once this is revealed Then you must blow up the nest. Two couples Two families Both parents How many families does this involve This is definitely a bomb Blockbuster Where is the blunt knife? Bleed Man cannot die right away Is my current feeling I can hear it in my body now That desperate voice Crackling Ring into one Before it happened I have always believed I treat my wife Gratitude and affection with daughter Will last a lifetime I even thought I will die before them in the future I can not endure After they Away from me My requirements for living Very simple Very ordinary Just eat and sleep Family safety These eight words Don't look at my usual gritting Stand up Shouting chic But i found It's really hard These eight words come true Really hard chef Cooking is for others I never thought about it I love to eat My hobby is cooking And cooking is for the love of others In other words I No hobbies My love is my wife and daughter my love Love and family Love and family Make my life interesting Strong Spirited Have merry And now all this All gone Relatives gone Lost spirit Old white Xiaoou You know me these days Have you been thinking I really hope I am not me now I am another person I'm not Huang Jiuheng I'm not Huang Xiaolei's father either Really I really wish myself Is another person Leg raise Pay attention to the front and rear swing arms Rest for ten minutes what happened dad One hundred and twenty-five days what You and mom are in conflict It's been more than four months You are still uneasy rest assured Dad will work hard What's wrong with your coach Not emotional same as you Uneasy, more than four months Fushui District Procuratorate what happened Who are you, Lin Xiang? I am her lover You are Lin Xiang Correct How can you catch someone when you come up? Can children avoid it first? Xiaolei, go back to the room Xiao Lei What's going on Otherwise don't try to take people away This gentleman Please do not interfere with law enforcement Lin Xiang You are involved in economic crime Need to go to the procuratorate to cooperate with the investigation And search your home. what may be because The company's money Lin Xiang You can't say anything now Why can't you say I am her lover You came up and searched and brought people Can i ask clearly This is the rule Afraid of your confession Please cooperate Lin Xiang Jiuheng Take care of Xiao Lei Take care of our daughter Sorry We start searching now I can only tell you four words Economic Crime let's start you You don't answer the phone WeChat does not return I can only come here to find you Our two things In the end how to do I treat you Is serious Didn't I say that Passed Turned over Passed Do you feel ok Want to live Can pass Sorry I am going to work What happened to mom What happened This should be a misunderstanding You have to believe Your mother is a good person Must have been wronged father Should i go to school Old yellow what happened What happened Economic crime Economic Crime Lin Xiang in my original company The administrative department Economic Crime What does it have to do with her? She now manages the finances in the company Stop talking This kind of thing Can't say clearly In front of children Not suitable for such things and also Xiao Lei is not suitable either Stay in this environment Let's change places it is good Okay. thank you The situation is basically understood The company has a vice president Last week People and eight million are gone Lin Xiang is financial Suspected of complicity Huang Xiaolei Eavesdropping on adults is not allowed Do your homework well My dad is also financial Something like this happened Lin Xiang is unavoidable Don't panic first Let's quickly think about it What to do next Think about it Now the procuratorate is involved Definitely have to go through an investigation process And the inquiry process It ’s going to take a while such I know Boss Zhu I went to him Learn more about the situation Then say Hurry up father Then I still have to go to school this afternoon Don't go to class yet Give the child a vacation Old yellow Wait a minute What reason do you want to use Did you take leave for your child? To be honest be honest Future children go to school How to face the teacher Even if this kind of thing has a good result If the teacher asks How do you let a child explain I have to make a reason. She said the child was ill Cold and fever Ask for three days off Plus saturday sunday Five days Five days later understand Xiao Lei When you are hungry What do you want to eat Auntie takes you to eat, OK? Thanks aunt I don't want to eat anything now Can't stop eating Because if you do n’t eat Your father will be worried He will be sad So you do n’t want to eat Understand This matter I always doubt That's what Laoge did. But who can guarantee Lin Xiang must be fine Who can be sure she has no responsibility The proof of me The output of the material Cooperate with the investigation of the Procuratorate How's it fun? Enough fart Subordinates got wronged This is what your boss should do Enough fun What are you anxious with me How do you know that Lin Xiang must be Was wronged? Eight million I lost eight million I'm anxious here If you see his lover That poor kind If you see his daughter's eyes You are also anxious This has something to do with you. are you Am I too busy? I tell you Yes If you do n’t deal with it, I'm going to toss you every three to five I make you sore Don't be happy Hurry up