《将夜》Ever Night第38集 猫腻同名作改编 古装玄幻剧(陈飞宇、宋伊人、郑少秋、胡军、黎明、孟子义、袁冰妍、秦亦铭、孙祖君、童瑶等主演)

[Ever Night] [Episode 38] Yuan 13 Arrows is deadly. Prince Long Qing is Hierarch's beloved student. He's Xiling's favoured youngster. I'm worried your arrow shot has unimaginable consequences. At that point, that arrow had to be shot. If someone asks, what's the reason you shot the arrow? Maybe he shouldn't have pushed to use Sang Sang in a bet. I can't lose her. There are few things that can threaten me. In the capital, Princess thought she'd grasped my weakness- thinking Sang Sang was my Life Symbol. But she was wrong. Sang Sang isn't my Life Symbol. She's my life. Heavenly Luminance is the root of nascent Qi in the world. It can purify everything into nothingness. Divine Skill is mighty. But with great power comes great responsibility. Anyone who wants this Skill must have matching morality. Pure hearted, transparent, no darkness. ~Falling leaves are waiting~ ~the setting sun chases me~ Teacher, look. ~pick a peach blossom~ ~drink wine to its lees~ ~travel leisurely~ Sang Sang. Tonight's sour spicy soup will be delicious. Master, rest. I'll add more scallions for you. ~Fate is hard to explain~ ~Don't ruin it with words~ ~Who can tell when you'll fall into dust?~ From now on, avoid Dao Maniac. You're saying I can't beat her. Dao Maniac achieved Dao nature. Even as Demon Sect Saintess and the Elders' Heir, you can't beat her. I know. They came for Heaven Book. Bro, is Heaven Book in Mountain Gate? When Chief left, he didn't tell me. We've waited 20 years. How much longer do we wait. Chief will come back. Favoured student of Ink Pool's Sage Wang, one of 3 Maniacs, Mo Shanshan, attacked me for an ordinary Academy student. You know I represent Xiling? Master 13 broke the Realm first. Long Qing aimed to kill first. Please spare him. Ning Que. Your arrow can't hurt me. After one Talisman arrow shot, you can barely hold your bow. And you hide behind a woman. You embarrass the Academy. Don't speak too soon. I've wanted to kill a student from Academy Second Floor. And now you ruined Long Qing, it's a perfect excuse. - Miss Dao Maniac. - Lady Mo, it's not your business. I warn you. Leave Great River State out of this. I admit I'm too weak to match you now. But it doesn't mean I'll be weak in future. Lady Mo, leave now. I can't involve you. Being a hero now? Know your limits. You can't kill me. I'm Fu Zi's Disciple. As Fu Zi's Disciple, your death at my hands will mean more. Aren't you worried it will start a Xiling-Academy war? Perhaps Tang will wipe out Xiling. To fight a strong Academy 2nd Floor Disciple is my deepest wish since starting Daoism. Especially 2nd Brother, Jun Mo. You mean you'll kill me anyway. This is a beautiful place for a grave. - Master 13. - Let's split. I... Run for it! Did he really defeat Long Qing? This Second Floor Disciple? I had the same doubt. Teacher said, 'can't win, run'. Lady Mo didn't run too? Truly a maniac. Lady Mo. She's smarter. She knows once she runs into me, there's nowhere to run. Heaven Qi Talisman? Grandmaster Yan Se's Binding Talisman? Quickly, shoot the Flying Fish. It's Ye Hongyu's lifeline. Still alive. So lucky. You're so beautiful. Why stake everything? Aren't you staking it all? I fight to survive. Is that wrong? Good. You earned a bit of my respect. So, you must die. Great Bright Lake. Bro, what's happening? The Gate has opened. They broke the Seal Chief cast in the past. How's it possible? Right, how's it possible? He's Master 13 who just entered the Academy. He's Fu Zi's weakest Disciple. He broke the Seal to enter Mountain Gate. Fu Zi is that powerful? Fu Zi has 12 other Disciples. Bro, can you beat them? I can't. I want to meet them. Tang Xiaotang. Don't be impulsive. Since they broke the Seal, you can't fight them alone. Big brother. Think Fu Zi knows of this? Since he's Fu Zi, he'd know. Uh? Fu Zi is that great? Then, of Fu Zi and Chief, who's more powerful? Huh? I think, maybe Fu Zi is more powerful. We don't know where Chief is now. We don't know if Chief is aware of this trip to the South. As our Chief, he'd know where us Huangren go. Bro, I want to be Fu Zi's student. Do you think Fu Zi will accept me? If I was Fu Zi, I'd accept you. Demon Gate's appearance is unbelievable. Don't move! Or else die. Try it. This is Demon Sect Gate. Fighting won't overcome its traps. Ye Hongyu, if we die, you mightn't get in. Shanshan is right. Instead of fighting, let's co-operate. Ye Hongyu! This mountain is odd. It's Stone Tactics Formation. 'Stone Tactics'. This is the legendary Formation of World Gates. How am I okay? Whoever set the Seal didn't expect one of your level to be able to reach here. Impossible. How can someone set a Seal that way? Master 13, to set and control this Seal needs a high level Cultivator. Seems breaking this Formation needs a Lower See-through guy. Haoran Sword Intent. The stones are moving. Stone Formation is starting. Lady Mo, run! Ning Que! Little Bro, this is a chess board Fifth Bro and I drew for you. When you're in a dead end, calm down and play chess. Ning Que, when I get out, I'll kill you! Lady Mo, this chess board seems useful. It isn't a normal board. A Formation is beneath. 5th and 8th Bros gave it to me. Teach me to use it! Place black at Sky point, white at Star point. Demon Sect Mountain Gate? Entering Wildland, put it on. Exiting Wildland, take it off at once. It can help you shoot arrows and save you in danger. Do as I say to stay alive. I heard Rear Mountain connects Heaven and the mundane world. And Demon Sect Mountain is outside the secular world. I think so too. Such a pity. It's a wasteland now. Watch out! You're not so evil. Don't be confused. I think killing you is more fun than seeing you die under rocks. Black-Robe Deacons and Cavalry Guards. Why were they here? The Academy's Ke Haoran came to kill Demons. Who's Ke Haoran? Ke Haoran is my Junior Uncle. I can sense it- his Haoran Sword Intent. This world had great fighters. Pity we weren't born in the same era. Or else I'd duel with you. Let's go. Why'd Junior Uncle kill Demonists? I've never heard the Academy and Demon Sect were foes. Everything has a reason. - Need a reason.. - Who?! - to kill demons? Who? Ke Haoran killed many people here, including me. Who are you? Who am I? I bound myself here back when when I gravely erred, bringing a lifetime of regrets. I chained myself and swore to give my life to these ghosts to atone for my sins. What sins? When I was 20, I entered Godsend Realm. I thought I was compassionate. I didn't expect all these deaths were my doing. I want to atone for killing. Who are you? A lotus in the West fell lightly into this world. It grew 32 petals. Each petal differs; each holds a universe. Priest Lian Sheng...is it you? You're previous Grand Priest of Justice, Lian Sheng-32. I didn't expect someone would still remember me. Lian Sheng was born in east Xiling. Back then, a lotus blossomed overnight in a noble family's yard. At the same time, a boy was born and named Lian Sheng. Master Lian Sheng eschewed a career and marriage for mountain travels. At Mount Wa, Lian Sheng sheltered from rain at Lanke Temple and met Master Qishan. With Qishan's guidance, he grasped Godsend level and gained fame. His background is similar to Long Qing. How's Long Qing compare with Lian Sheng? Lian Sheng Cultivated at Xiling. The previous Hierarch let him read six Heaven Books. He became Justice Grand Priest. He's known as Lian Sheng-32. Whenever his jade lotus petal blooms, he has great power. Little Miss, how do you know all about my past? I'm Ye Hongyu, Justice Hall Chief. Greetings, Master Lian Sheng. It's been twenty years. I thought I'd die slowly, never seeing the sky nor see any person. These two... Who are they? Ink Pool Park student, Mo Shanshan. Academy Disciple, Ning Que. How's there such a weak Academy Disciple? As Xiling Justice Grand Priest, why are you in Demon Sect Temple? My Junior Uncle trapped you here. You realized after all. Your bonfs have Junior Uncle's Haoran power. Junior Uncle chained you here. Ke Haoran was my friend. We travelled together for years. He didn't care what others thought. He married a dancer from Red Sleeves Club. We grew apart. He entered Tang Academy and got stronger. Then he drew closer and closer to darkness. Ke Haoran became possessed. I had to stop him. So I sacrificed myself in a deadly fight. You lie! Junior Uncle had Haoran integrity. He'd never practise Demonism. How'd he be possessed? Evil is from the heart. When he used the Sword, he became a Demon. Once Ke Haoran entered the Academy, he betrayed God's light. Impossible. I practise Haoran Sword. I read books about Haoran Sword. It's unrelated to Demonism. His marriage must've made you jealous. Shut up. Ke Haoran died as a Demon. Nonsense! Go and ask Fu Zi how Ke Haoran died. Why's Ke Haoran's death taboo? He's Master Lian Sheng of Justice Hall. He won't lie. Who cares who he is. Demon Sect was founded by a Xiling Priest. Though Demon Sect split off, its root is Heaven Bright Book. Xiling created Demonism. How'd he be demon-possessed? Under Heaven, the difference between Taoism and Demonism isn't origin. It's human intentions. How are black and white, light and dark, the same? Demons are demons, black is black, evil is evil. So why's he trapped, not dead? Is he...demon-possessed too? She's right. I am possessed. Daoism and Demonism connect. Become god-like. One of you near me can be my successor, even practising long-lost Lian Sheng techniques. Master, you're still alive. Should I go closer to receive his powers so I can beat Xia Hou. Should I go closer to receive his powers? Lian Sheng technique? Beware! Ye Hongyu! - What was that? - Taotie. It's in a Xiling book. Some Cultivators can summon the ancient Taotie beast. They feed on Cultivators' flesh and blood to revive their power. You are right. Taotie Skill was despised by Demon Sect as evil. Imagine how it slowly devours your flesh, blood and breath. Your blood has tempting brightness. So pure. If I suck your blood, I'll revive and throw off my shackles. However hard you fight, you can't fight fate. God sent you to free me. Don't fear. He's been chained for 20 years, and lost vitality. And he has chains through his torso. Use Talismans. This cage has a fence of stones and a grid of sword cuts. Ke Haoran created it. I've waited years to break this Cage Formation and revive. So Junior Uncle created this Cage. Back then... I posed as a Demonist. I killed Ke Haoran's wife, so he'd fight Demon Sect. I brought Cavalry Guards and Black-Robe Deacons to await him. I never thought Ke Haoran would discover the truth. I tried using Cage Formation to trap him in this Mountain. But he figured out the Cage and chained me. Indeed, you're not atoning. Junior Uncle bound you. What knows me, what punishes me, is only time. Not you, others, or Ke Haoran, can judge me. Who are you? Buddha, Daoist, Demon. Divine Tiger. Street cur. I played too many roles in life. In the end, even I forgot who I am. Am I Xiling Grand Priest, Mountain Gate protector for Demon Sect. I can't tell. I am Lian Sheng-32; every petal is different. I don't know why people judge by one petal. If I want to be god, I am god. If I want to be the devil, I am the devil. Let her go! Take my blood instead. Run away! You can't fight him! Ye Hongyu, to prove you're stronger than me, hold on. Old freak, you spent years with bones. You must be bored. I'm curious. You're the weakest of three Cultivators here. How'd you wake up first from my attack? Maybe your tempting lure wasn't good enough. So my power means nothing to you? I've three sects' skills fusing Dao and evil as holy. That's years of learning. Pity. You didn't learn enough. I don't want it even if you pay me. To learn, I'll learn from Junior Uncle. Crazy Ke turned sword energy into Dao Symbols. He used my favorite Cage Formation to seal all nascent Qi. As if I was a monster, he trapped me in this dark place. I had to endure loneliness and hopelessness. I don't want this. [Ever Night] ~Hey, I can only say sorry~ ~You, who've forgotten time, look a bit lost~ ~You seem faraway, in front of me~ ~Time blinks by~ ~Take it easy~ ~Life is still the same~ ~Hey, let me change the ending~ ~Yet I can cover it up only a short while~ ~Don't obsess or say sorry~ ~Loser just treats winner~ ~Better not meet rather than cry on parting~ ~Night is long and dark~ ~Don't leave regrets~ ~I've seen right, wrong, gratitude, grudges, words, acts~ ~I risk danger, desperate for you~ ~Umbrella in old Chang'an~ ~Night nears, talismans burn~ ~Fight till all is gone in chaos and darkness~ ~See us blaze through darkness, changing Heaven and Earth~ ~Spur the horses forward~ ~Geese fly south before snow~ ~Get drunk at a warm coast~ ~Under slashes of the sword, we love each other still~ ~Under slashes of the sword, we love each other still~