Master, Miss Bai went there all alone with the sword. If, in any case, things go wrong... No way. Even though Dark Evil comes off as a weirdo, he's been especially clear between kindness and hatred. I happen to know that he received a great favor from the owner of the sword. So, if he sees the sword, he won't go hard with Miss Bai and her friend. There are people giving up immortal world to come to human life. There are people long gone with a handful of snow. Three thousand pages are not enough to express how I miss you. The look in your eyes and your hand in my hand are worth my life. I'm confused with you in the world, always in dreams, not worrying about being right or wrong. I'm lonesome without in the world, waking up in mists, not knowing where I'm going. I'm destined with you in the world, putting everything aside, not worrying about how far I have to go. I'm nothing without you in the world, coming out of my dream to be with you all this life. Soulmate Adventure I never expected that you not only healed the wound I left you, but also stepped all the way into the realm of Great Master. Did you consume the Red Yang Blood Essence, by any chance? Do you recognize the sword? What do you mean? Since you recognize it, release Ling right now. Hahaha. You got this crappy sword from somewhere and now you are trying to get her out with it. I guess the Red Yang Blood Essence has probably freaked you out. You came just in time. I was worrying how I would get the kid back. If I get you, she will come back herself. For a junior just entering the realm of Great Master, battling with Dark Evil in such a way, she's truly a monster. But still, she must be very careful. Unlike Withered Flower and Black Leaf, Dark Evil is a top martial artist in the middle level of Great Master. My Thunder Fire Marbles blew up right on her face, and now the old hag is still able to move. You wanted to kill me with this piece of shit? Humph. I knew I couldn't do it by myself. But with my Thunder Fire Marbles, it's hard to tell. But at the moment of the explosion, who suddenly popped up like a shadow? She was the one who took the little thief away. The motions of the wooden dummies may seem dumb, but can learn the unique stunt of Flying Swallow Darts, swallow soaring back to the ninth heaven. By unbinding the ties of your meridians to your internal force, it'll give you strength in an instant several times more than your own. Practice hard while I'm away. You're leaving? Come up. Take me with you this time. What is it? Something that matters a lot. Take good care of it, and give it to me when I come back. When will you come back? I've no idea. Maybe soon, or maybe ages. Humph, not again. You are always away for months without a single message. It is like you forget you leave your little disciple in the desert. I'm just...going to visit a friend. A friend? Um. Maybe later in the future, you will come across such a person. I'll bring back tasty snacks for you. Feeling better? It took me great effort to find you. Senior, did you save my life? I only did what I was entrusted to. You are safe now. I hold down the venom inside you for the moment. You may rest for a while. There will be someone to force the venom out of your system. I've done my part. I've got to go now. Senior, may I have your name please? So that I can bear this favor in my mind. You don't have to. Do you have a white-haired friend? I caught a glimpse of her when I was looking for you inside. What? Senior, please wait a moment. I'll be back soon. Flying Swallow Darts. It appears I have had the upper hand, but in fact I can't do him the slightest harm, and there is no chance to absorb his martial accomplishments by Formless. If things go on like this, I'm definitely going to lose. I have to find a way. Humph. Getting distracted when fighting with me. Do you take me as second-rate like Black Leaf and Withered Flower? That would be an overestimate. That voice was Ling's. Yuxiu. Ling. Are you all right? Um, I'm fine. Let's get rid of him first. Then I'll tell you the whole story. Hahaha. You wouldn't be so naive as to think that the two of you combined could take me out, would you? I didn't fight with all my strength because I was waiting for you to show up. Dark Evil, don't you want to know the relationship between Chen Feiyan and me? Now watch closely. Swallow soaring back to the ninth heaven. You can't get away this time. You're asking for it. Formless. You hurt my heart with Genuine Qi. Now it's time to return the favor. Yuxiu. Yuxiu, that move of yours won't hurt your body, will it? It's all right. I feel good now. But I saw you... He's still able to move. Unbelievable. I never saw it coming. There are very few in the world of Jianghu who can truly hurt me. Given a few more years, you'll probably make a name for yourself. It's a shame that you won't get a chance for that. Since you stumbled on my secret, neither of you will leave Sunset Cliff alive. He has two faces all the time. Maybe he's not Dark Evil at all. Why? Aren't you coming up together? Ling, I need another chance. All right. Formless. Yuxiu. I'm fine. No wonder. To work that trick of yours, you must wait for your rival to exert all his internal force. The last chance. Tell me. Where is Chen Feiyan now? What is it? You are desperate, aren't you? You want to drag me down with you? Ridiculous. You will be smashed into meat paste at the bottom of the cliff. Xiao Shi. Lu You. Master, I have dismissed all the servants as you told. Um. The day has come. Isn't there any room for peace talks with them? No, they've gone nuts. Besides, they are not the only ones who try to pry into the secret. Master, you mean... Those who made hypocritical agreements with us, the so-called righteous friends. Stepping into the realm of Great Master at such a young age, just like her. Elder martial brother, you... Ling, when I was unconscious just now, did the senior save my life? Yes, but she seems to have been sitting here for quite a while. Hush. In order to heal us, she must've used much of her Genuine Qi. Let's wait. I'm starving. Senior, we do appreciate your saving our lives. Senior? Do I look so old? Ah, that's not what I mean. Not at all. I've never seen a gorgeous young lady like you, sister. You did well when you created the chance for me to make the move. Thank you for your compliments. Ding Xiaosan is here to greet you, Master of Pavilion. What brings you here? He's not the only one. Within fifty steps when you walked out of the Raindrop Mansion, I have completed a portrait for you, Master of Pavilion. As the saying goes, among the blossoms colorful and bright, the light make-up is always a sight for sore eyes. Speaking of licking boots, you're second to none, Hua Buyu. Nan Sheng, come on, give it back. It's for Master of Pavilion. Anyone else? Come out of there. Oh, there you go, Master of Pavilion. You always know everything. We heard you were going to take on Sunset Cliff all by yourself. It matters a lot, so we've all rushed over to back you up. Nan Sheng made all the arrangements. Keep your mouth shut. It's only a sub-branch of the Blue Dragon Gang. Do you think they can eat me? You took your liberty again, Nan Sheng. I was thinking to return your favor, Master of Pavilion, but I had no idea you were so amazing that you put them down with just a few strokes. If you're so eager to return my favor, I'll give you a chance. This younger sister of mine has Golden Cicada Parasite Venom in her system. Work something out to cure her. Younger sister? Ah, um... Ah, well... What is it? Didn't you call me sister just now? Don't try to take it back. Oh dear. It's uncommon that Liu Ruyan, Master of Tianyahai Pavilion, should regard someone as her sister. You are so lucky, little girl. We are all green with envy. Feng Ling is here to greet Lord Sister. Lord. Sister. Hahaha, Lord Sister. You are a funny girl. Hahaha. From now on, you'll be one of our own. If anyone bullies you in the future, just tell Lao Xie, and I'll break his neck. Hahaha... No one in this world has the nerve to bully me. Oh, I don't know about your skills, but you're talking big. What are you capable of? Show me. Hahaha. Come on, let me introduce. This is Bai Yuxiu. You have no idea what she is capable of. Hahaha. A lone slim boat on a wide river, in a whipping wind and smoky shower. A peach blossom, locked away, leaves falling. Under the moonlight, a lonely shadow, facing a cup a wine, Always missing the right path, moaning. Sailing across the vast ocean, among others. Braiding up the hair at night, melodies coming out of the strings. Feeling lost in the mist, but gaining a bamboo rope. A lamp shining on the eyes, in tears. Look, varieties of the world. Alas, complexities of destiny. Picking up the brush, painting, for years. Love this world, I want to, but I cannot. Blesses to those in live, till the end of time. Look, varieties of the world. Alas, complexities of destiny. Waving my sleeves, dancing, for years. Love this world, I want to, with you inside. Embracing the world with you, sharing every morning and every night. Enjoying all the prosperities, with your smiling face by my side. Traveling to all corners of the land, making home anywhere. Riding on bamboo canes and straw sandals, sheltering in coir raincoats. Burning incenses and making teas, in the tunes of enchanted songs.