『ウルトラマンZ』第4話「二号ロボ起動計画」公式配信 ULTRAMAN Z Episode 4 Official




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Whoa! So this is the second robot, Windom. SAA-2 WINDOM He's lighter than Sevenger and closer to human form. Jet propulsion ports all over his body allow him to fly like Ultraman Z. Plus he houses new batteries allowing for five minutes of active time. Great! Now we can fight monsters longer! Hmm. So what's the situation? Hebi. A Kilimanjaro Special. It'll take another four days to charge. -Four days for five minutes? -Yeah. Can't you do something? It was faster in my original designs. It's because the brass used different manufacturers for each part. I get it. That's why it won't connect properly, causing a transmission loss! I get it already. But it still won't be useful when we need it. Can't you do something, Bako? Hmm. I'll figure something out. I ask that you chant my name Ultraman Z! ULTRAMAN Z What is the most important thing to you? I will defend it with my life! Who do you possess this power for? I'm seeking the meaning of true kindness Bored aliens that run rampant Giant monsters that are resurrected for excitement I won't let anyone disturb the peace Hurry up! Call out my name! Z! I want to protect this planet I want to see your smile I don't care if I'm wounded and fall Strong, kind Ultraman Z! THE SECOND ROBOT ACTIVATION PLAN THE SECOND ROBOT WINDOM IS COMPLETE! SOMETHING IS HAPPENING TO TELESDON, TOO?! 80 HOURS TO FULL CHARGE Oh man. They altered here, too. No wonder it takes so long to charge. Bako said he'd figure something out. He's already worked hard to decrease the weight. I have to help, too. A monster has appeared in District 2, Kumaoka City, Saitama! And this is...? Telesdon, the Subterranean Monster. Why is a subterranean, nocturnal monster appearing above ground? Telesdon is headed north-northwest. Huh? What's in that direction? The geofront they just started construction on. The geofront? The government-sponsored underground city. Read a newspaper. -'Kay. -Yoko, head out in Sevenger. Roger. -Haruki, take the STEGG. -'Kay! I want to go, too! GEOFRONT DEVELOPMENT 」TO A NEW HOME UNDERGROUND」 TELESDON, THE SUBTERRANEAN MONSTER Sevenger is landing. Please be careful. This Telesdon is faster than previous data! Yoko, I'll draw it out of the city! What?! You?! Great! Yuka, let's go! Whoa! Good monster! Follow me! The geofront construction site was destroyed and Telesdon escaped... The director'll love this. Yep... I'm sorry. If I'd only held onto it. Hmm. Well, Sevenger is obviously lacking in power. Check this out! Yay! I got some Telesdon skin from Sevenger's hands! What?! An addition to your collection? Don't put that next to my pudding! I should eat that since it's in my fridge. You can't! Looks yummy! So did you get the analysis on Telesdon? Ah, about that... Of course I did. Oof. Telesdon's body contains a flame sack that's 2,000 degrees Celsius. A flame sack? It's like a monster's engine. It's what powers Telesdon and allows it to be active during the day. So, what is it after? Hmm. I speculate it was awakened by the sound of the construction. Underground development is accelerating. The city's underground is full of noise. Now that it's awake, it'll be back. But Captain... judging from today, Sevenger won't be enough. Oh man. If only Windom was ready. 20% charge... Come on. Windom. What'll it take to fill you up? Hey... somebody feed me! Bako, get some rest! Ah, Yuka. Try taking your own advice! I'm trying to figure out Windom's power problem. Me too. But I got a little hungry! Me too! Yummy! Right? Bako... Hm? Maybe if we put him on a diet... I mean... Why don't we reduce his functions to halve power consumption? Don't give up your ideals so easily. Anyone can do that. Look, Yuka. Here. Recognize this? Huh? Oh! This is Sevenger's duct cover! An old one. At times, unexpected things can prove useful. You use whatever you can to realize your ideals. That's what we do. 」Unexpected things...」 But first, let's eat up. Okay! Huh? My pudding... became a baked pudding! Huh? That's weird. What is this? This isn't a microwave. -You had it right here? -Yeah Huh? Neronga's... Baked pudding? Sevenger's duct cover! At times, unexpected things can prove useful. Monster movement detected! Telesdon is headed northwest at 100 kmph, 300 meters beneath Kitabashi Ward, Tokyo! Is Windom ready yet? He needs more time. Hold on a minute... I might just have the solution! Haruki, head out in Sevenger. 'Kay! NERONGA'S HORN FOR SAFEKEEPING Sevenger is landing. Please be careful. Uh... Burn in Scarlet Flames, the Power of Courage! Brother Ultraman! Brother Ace! Brother Taro! 'Kay! I ask that you chant my name! Ultraman Z! Ultraman Z! Ultraman Z. Beta Smash. Ultra-yow! This organ amplifies Neronga's electricity. Can you hook it up to Windom? I'll figure it out. Here we go! Ready... Go! Lord Z! Let me fight with you! Windom! Using Neronga's cells was a stroke of genius. At times, unexpected things can prove useful, right? Yeah. That's right. Hooray! Amazing, my Windom! Good going, my second son! I like the second robot. Koshi karekareta... YES. GOOD. Telesdon. That's... How did Jirahs' frills...?! ERIMAKI-TELESDON, THE ENHANCED SUBTERRANEAN MONSTER Damage level 60! Windom, powering down! Haruki, we need some speed! Ultra Fusion! 'Kay! Space Martial Arts, the Inherited Fighting Technique! Master Zero! Master Seven! Master Leo! 'Kay! I ask that you chant my name! Ultraman Z! Ultraman Z! Ultraman Z. Alpha Edge. Yoko, are you okay?! I said I'd fight with him! Zestium Beam! What's this? Was this made in the Land of Light, too? No, it wasn't. This medal embodies not the power of an Ultraman, but a monster. So it's a Monster Medal. Huh? Someone made it using Ultra Medal technology. In the wrong hands this could be catastrophic! But who...? If he can overcome the power issue, he'll be pretty reliable. I plan to analyze Neronga's organ to recreate it artificially. That way we can power him up any time. That's great. Okay. Time to fix up my second son. Yours? You mean ours. Ours? -Right? -By ours she means... Are you blushing, Bako? -About what? -You're blushing! Come on, leave me alone! I've got maintenance to do! Let's just say he's a new family member for all of us. I guess so. Good to meet you, Windom! Man... I need a new toy to play with. To the future I impart I'll connect a ray of light What is right? The back-to-back mirrors hide its true form With those I protect in my arms now I shall fight without letting them fall What burdens I bear as I stride forward and weep The choices we make are fleeting The same heartbeats that live in this flow of time Burn bright when they overlap Haruki's Ultra Navi! 'Kay! Today we're showing this! Taro. Ultraman Taro is the head instructor of the Inter Galactic Defense Force! Basically, he's an Ultra-important teacher! His best attack is the Strium Beam! Next up is... Jirahs. This monster is Jirahs! Its big frill is its distinguishing feature! Someone used its power to enhance Telesdon. Tune in next time! A mysterious stone tool is found in Alaska. Peguila, the Freezing Monster, appears too! Windom is frozen solid! Could the stone tool contain some secret? Wait... Who the heck are you?! Next on Ultraman Z, First Juggling I'm Ultra-freezing! A MONSTER THAT FREEZES ANYTHING, PEGUILA, THE FREEZING MONSTER! FACE IT WITH A NEW ITEM, Z!