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EP05 Lord Jiuyun. You are making fun of us. What's the difference between you and ma'am Qingqing. I need to make an announcement. Go, pack your things. Come and be my housemaid. Housemaid? You heard me right. No. I want to ask you something. Say it. Why do you choose me as your housemaid? Because you are unique. Unique? What a bloody reason. You are unique. So in the future, she can't give you that look. And I can keep your secret. I have no secret. The spy of dragon king of white river came to our mountain. You are such a jinx. I can't promise you won't be implicated. No. Let's say, you will be punished by no mistake. Wrong. The hippocampus died. I am innocent. Give up a rook to save the king, you don't know this? Please don't tell me the secret in the mountain. I don't want to know anything. You have heard it. Stop pretending. I tell you because better safe than sorry. Be careful, I'm watching over you. Go back and pack things up. Just come. Cuiya. Ok, don't cry, ok? What should I do? Sister Chuan in jail. I'm so worried about her. It's useless. We are just maids. We can't even protect ourselves. Here is the mountain of immortals. If the immortals want your life, what can you do? If the immortals want your life, what can you do? What about sister Chuan? Sister Chuan. Let me tell you. The immortals have clairaudience. If your cry annoys them, they will execute your head with sword. Lord Jiuyun. It's late night. I just do it according the rules. I need to go through the process, right? Sister Chuan. Sister Chuan, you're fine now. I am fine. I need to pack up my things. You are driven down the mountain? Ok, I go now. Later send her to me. Lord Jiuyun leaves the message. Maid Qin Chuan is lively, sweet and cute. So she needs to come to serve me tonight. What did Chuan do to get the privilege? Envy now? No. As I know, he is a demon. He tortured his teacher to death. God bless Chuan. Lord Jiuyun is not like this. I think you are jealous. See. Sister Chuan is lord Jiuyun's personal maid. Everyone knows there is a rule in Xiangqu mountain. People who serve the Four disciples will have the chance to be the disciple of Xiangqu mountain. Then the mortals can be the immortals. What are you talking about here? Out of my way. Qin Chuan. What are you waiting for? Go pack your things. But I don’t know where lord Fu Jiuyun lives. She is so lucky. She has a sedan chair. Lord Jiuyun. Your personal maid Qin Chuan is here. Ok, you can go now. Yes. Thank you. Lord Jiuyun. Chuan. From now on, you are mine. It's late now. Go make some night snack for me. And stay around me for a night. Stay around you? Try your best to stay around me. No, lord Jiuyun. Don't come near. Don't come. What are you thinking about? I don't know what you want for the night snack. Go see it in the kitchen yourself. Where is the kitchen? Find it yourself. Ok. Sit, drink with me. No. I am a maid. It's just the first day, I can't assign the work to you? I told you to sit down. That's the spirit. The toast to you for coming here as my personal maid. Everyone is happy. No... Lord, I am a non-drinker. What are you afraid of? I won't like you. Well. You can drink a lot. Great. I will drink one cup. I'm so sleepy now. Help me sleep now. No, my lord. It's not very late. I think we can drink more. You want to inebriate me and run away, right? Impossible. Lord, do you need to wash your face? No need. Make the bed for me. Yes. Chuan. You can't go anywhere. Lord Jiuyun. I have made the bed for you. If there is nothing else, I will... You go up there. No, my lord. It's not funny. I have brother Doudou in my heart. Brother Doudou in Li, right? Who is Doudou? I can't be compared to him? Why is he better than me? Why? Of course, he is nothing compared with you. Yes. He has such bad eyes that he likes you, the bloody liar. No. I'm a maid. But I also have dignity. Talk about dignity with me now? Cheesy. But you can't get my heart whatsoever. Why do I have your heart for? Why do I have your heart for? I just need you. Then I give you my heart, ok? Really? From now on, you need to be wholehearted and loyal to me. You won't have others in your eyes. What about brother Doudou? Except him. Women are so fickle. One minute ago, you promised me with loyalty. But now you still remember your solemn pledge of love with him. I saw your brother Doudou, really different. You are so daring. You don't listen to my orders. Ah? What? You can't help me warm the quilt? You are so grumpy. Forget it, I will do it myself. No. Lord Jiuyun, I just need to warm the quilt for you? What else are you thinking about? When it comes to brother Doudou, what are you thinking about? Something that you are too shy to say? No. I'll warm it for you. Forget it. I'll do it myself. If you still want to stay here, I will have mercy on you. Tonight you sleep on the couch under my bed. Tonight you sleep on the couch under my bed. Chuan. I like loyal women. You broke my heart. So you can't eat tomorrow as punishment. Stay 1 ft away from me. What a bloody double standard. Silly girl. I just want to be around mother and father. No one will protect me after I get married. I will be bullied. Parents will get old and die. Who will protect you then? What if someone bullies you? Then... I'll grow old and die with you. Brother Doudou. Brother Doudou. Don't go. Little liar. Who are you? You are the new maid? Come here. Come. Why lord Jiuyun chooses you? So smelly. He barks up the wrong tree. Here is Xiangqu mountain. It's a blessing place for immortals. We need to preserve the grave and dignified bearing. You think here is your village? I think I am well dressed. Lord. Don't call me lord. Call me young master Bai. Come here. Give you some clothes. And put it on. I don't want to vomit at lunch. Great. Headache. Headache. Lord, are you okay? Who are you? Why are you in my room? I... What are you wearing? Such a poor taste. Here is Xiangqu mountain. It's a blessing place for immortals. We need to preserve the grave and dignified bearing. You think here is your village? Headache. Lord... Lord, you... You don't know who I am? You think I have a poor taste, right? Here is Xiangqu mountain. It's a blessing place for immortals. We need to preserve the grave and dignified bearing. You think it's your village? I remember. You are oldie's maid. Go back to your work. Go. Chuan. Lord Jiuyun and I need to go to party. You should work at home. You should work at home. I get it. Wash these clothes. By the way. -So much. I am a neat freak. Remember to wash carefully. Wash it clean. Did you hear me? Yes. It's my honor to wash clothes for you. Bai, go. Do the laundry, right? Fu Jiuyun, you will see. Wash clean. Well, she washed clothes for a day. I think, she is so tired now. Well, now I think she is so pitiful now. My clothes. All my clothes. My pants. All my pants. Lord Jiuyun, you are back. You. I am wrong... I... Lord Jiuyun told me to wash clothes. I have no nerve to slight him. I wash them hard... Lord Jiuyun, your clothes are so precious. They are broken when I washed them. They are broken when I washed them. I'm so clumsy. I don't know what to do. I went to move the vases. I didn't expect I broke the vases, too. I can't stay here. Fu Jiuyun. You are the man of principle. How can you take her in? Go... You the jinx. Ok. Go. -Ok. You have worked hard all day long, right? You don't blame me? You are the newcomer. I won't mind your clumsiness. But after my training, you will become obedient and docile. We have much time. You are so generous and open-minded. I... I don't know what to do. I will kowtow to you. You broke my clothes after all. Also smashed my vases. You need to compensate me right? Yes, compensation. I just have two ounces of silver. No money? No money. Then continue to do coolies. Yes. I'll be at your service all my life. But I am really clumsy. But I am really clumsy. I really don't know what to do. No need at my service all your life. You can make the bath water for Bai, right? Ok. Why do you choose her? I am happy to. Sister Chuan. You are here. What's happened? You are so happy. Which immortal do you fall in love? You still make fun of me? How's it? Lord Jiuyun is so amazing and you are so obsessed with him? Bloody girl. Where do you learn this from? I really envy you. I know lord Jiuyun is not like this. He never looks down on us servants. Hunger is the best sauce. Don't say like that. Why am I talking to you? Wait for me. Give it to me... We are not qualified to marry lords like him. But we need to realize the dream while we are young. What are you thinking about? What are you thinking about the disciples? Well, he can take people as he wants with the sedan chair. The suzerain doesn't look into this matter. You are so old school. What time is it now? The suzerain won't forbid these. Don't go. Tell me what did you do with Lord Jiuyun last night? He was so overbearing last night. He told me to work, I was almost exhausted. Work? What do you mean? Lord Jiuyun is so talented. Amazing. Talented. What talent? What are you saying? Nothing. I am thinking you immortals are too powerful to conjure up so many things. Took you long enough. What happened? Nothing. Nothing? Why do I know it's so lively outside today? They are gossiping and talk about me and my little maid? Wait, lord Jiuyun. If nothing else, I need to work now. Come back. Bai is very precious. The bath water can't be too cold. Can't it be too hot, either, you know? Yes. Go. I come in now. Why is there a broken mirror here? Where is he? So strange. Lord, you are in the room. Yes. Because you don't know what's the use of whitemoon nebula. Headache. Bai is precious. Why is there a broken mirror here? Yes. Wait. How's your headache? I am ok. What's wrong? The silly boy is whitemoon nebula mirror? Maid. Wash my clothes. Finish the work. I will teach you a lesson after you finish washing. Lord Jiuyun will give you a good training. He will give you some money send you home when you are aged. So you can live your earthy life. Don't hang around the place for immortals. Mortals have much fun as well. Chuan, come to my room and serve the tea. Lord Jiuyun, I... Miss Qin Chuan. What are you waiting for? Serve the tea. Chuan is so charming. If I guess right, young master Zuo is here to see you. Am I right, young master Zuo? You are right. I am sorry for the unexpected visit. Actually we don't have so many rules in the world of immortality. This time I come here to see lord Jiuyun and Qin Chuan. Because I need to ask you a favor. I think miss Qin Chuan is very congenial to me. So I need her to work for me. You are so polite. You are the most talented young master in the world. Let alone the man's world, our immortals' world can't resist your talent. I so admire you. I have run out of my wit. I am flattered. As I know, all the mediocre works like articles, or music scores will be different after your modification. I admire you so, let alone the little maid. I won't hesistate to give you anything you want in the room. But Chuan has a say in this. Maybe you should ask her yourself. Miss Qin Chuan, are you willing... No. We only met for once. We are not familiar. I only want to work for lord Jiuyun. I won't serve anyone else. Chuan. I am not your only option. If you go work for young master Zuo, I can find another to replace you. Young master Zuo comes sincerely after all. You should think about it. Lord Jiuyun, don't underestimate me. I am a servant. But I am not the toy that you can manipulate. Young master, you come here, I don't think I am cherished. Instead I think I am humiliated. Miss Qin Chuan. I really didn't mean that. I won't force you. It's ok. Qin Chuan, mind your language. Qin Chuan is spoiled by me. Usually she is so self-willed in front of me. I didn't expect she was so rude in front of you today. Well. You always say young master Zuo is as gentle as a jade, right? You should think about it. It's your decision to make. After all, no one can force you. Lord Jiuyun is right. She can think about it. We need to go back now. We are looking forward to her answer. Ok. Ok, that's all for today. Chuan, see them out. Let's go. Zichen. What? You should have told me that you need a maid in advance. Are you blaming me? No. But we are here to visit Fu Jiuyun. But actually we are asking the maid from him. Let alone him, I am caught off guard too. Fu Jiuyun is an unruly immortal. But we can't be so rude. You still blame me. So I need to tell you everywhere I go? Don't be angry. I am just telling you the reason. Reason? It's been blind with my eyes. You. Come... You are Jiuyun's little maid? You want to see lord Jiuyun? He went out. Imper... You... What's your name? Qin Chuan. Qin Chuan. The name sounds so him. Who? If my brother were still alive, his disciple would be as old as you. It will be so great to have brother's disciple around. I want to drink wine with your lord today. Go to warm the wine. Warm it in the boiling water. Remember to use the white jade jug. Go. Yes. Wait a minute, Qin Chuan. I'm afraid you can't do it well. I can. I warm all the wines for lord Jiuyun. Jiuyun is so deep in love. He only loves this wine for thousands of years. But the wine is great, but so strong. It would tear his heart apart. I will remind him to drink less. You don't understand. The wine is intensely hot in the bones. It would be meek and stay in the wine pot steadily. But it chokes people. It doesn't care about Jiuyun's feeling. Maybe one day Jiuyun will die for it. Go. Lord. If wine is wine, how can my lord die for it? You know wine... The brew will go bad if you go on talking. Chuan, my guest is here. Go to warm the wine. Yes. What happened? Jiuyun. You are not angry, right? Ermeng. Chuan. Chuan. What are you holding? This? Guess. Let me see. You really want to see? Chamber pot Correct. Lend it to me. Lend? Are you sure? Chuan. I'll give you whatever you want. Qin Chuan warms the wine so well. No wonder she is my brother's disciple. She wins my favor. You talked nonsense to bluff her just now I care about you, ok? Every time you get drunk in my place. I can't stand up for you? Stand up? You scared me. Stupid. Jiuyun. What is this? The dragon king will cause the storm. Eat this Guiyuan Huxin pill. Your spiritual power will be unharmed no matter how deeply you are injured. No. You underestimate me. You underestimate that inside your body. What smell? I place the pill in the earth above the top mountain. It absorbs the essence of sun and moonlight. Drink. What a strange smell in the wine? The wine fragrance. Wine. I have said. Chuan will seek revenge for the smallest grievance.