【ENG SUB】《恶魔少爷别吻我第二季 Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me S2》EP17——主演:李宏毅、邢菲、张炯敏




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i heard last night... You believe it too? i just want to get the inside scoop What is wrong with him now? Who knows being all mysterious... I'll be responsible for you! i will be responsible for you? And you said nothing happened then do you want him to take responsibility? Why are you also gossiping? Chu Xia i heard you didn't go home last night Qi Lu and i were really worried Where did you go? i went to a friend's house oh that's good then i didn't sleep well because of this It's almost time for the competition again i hope you prepare well! You can ask me if there's anything you don't know ask me anytime! Yeah then I'm going bye so fake Han Yu Yeah Why aren't you abroad giving me such a huge surprise You want me to fall in love with you? You're thinking too much I'm just scared you'll go bankrupt And then you'll come and borrow money from me so you came back with 100 million so rich Young Master Ling Don't misunderstand prerequisite this 100 million is not yours for certain yet Ling Han enterprise is just part of our larger company there's a lot of stockholders who are rich if you want them to invest You need to demonstrate your worth to them LeXi (the proposal) is a test unless it is passed, the 100 million wont be yours understood but no matter what happens Han Yu i still have to thank you How are you going to thank me? will you give Chu Xia to me? Look at your petty expression just kidding but currently your rival isn't me then who is it? You'll know soon yesterday, i had this fried chicken... it was so good Chu Xia Why are you still here? Chu Xia didn't leave yet How can i leave come here i want to show you something sure Look Chu Xia listen even though i blacked out yesterday but i will take responsibility for you from now on An Chu Xia is my woman shut up Let me tell you Jiang Chen Chuan we just got drunk and slept on the school grounds Nothing happened Chu Xia, Don't reassure me I'll be responsible for you I don't need it i will be responsible for you It's OK Don't be shy Really don't be shy Chu Xia Let go of her Chu Xia Why are you back? did you miss me? i missed you a lot! Ling Han Yu Why are you back? if i don't come back, you'll take her of course i have to come back too late, Chu Xia is already my person! What do you mean your person? She is my maid, my person so... Are you 3 going public in fighting for Chu Xia? None of your business! You guys talk I'm going to leave Chu Xia tonight I'm having a party i came to get you to go my grandpas not at home today, went on a vacation Xiao Nan, you come too i invited other classmates too I'm asking with sincerity fine Let's go i want to go too did anyone invite you? You're so petty Let's go Let's go petty Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me S2 Episode 17 drink cheers Hurry up Meng Xiao Nan Yeah stop eating so much You are getting fat being chubby is the best understood? but you are already chubby Look at your face and your talking about me? You are pretty chubby but You still need to eat to have the energy to be my maid To work Who wants to be your maid? You! You.. Xiao Nan What type of girls do you think guys like? this... different people have different styles here Look at those four this one He is not right in the head he doesn't care about skinny or fat this one he looks like he likes skinny healthy as for this one... he probably likes something in between And someone sexy stop looking You're in between but the one who is sexy is her Let's go over there too 100 million? yep that's what he said as long as i let him have Chu Xia. He'll give me that much to help us through this hard time An Chu Xia isn't yours What right do you have to give her away? Chu Xia is his maid he has some rights How about you also give me 100 million? What 100 million? Han Qi Lu said that if he gives you to Han Yu, Han Yu will give him 100 million You are worth 100 million? No we're just joking around I'm not joking What right do you have to sell me? exactly i don't have the right since you and Young Master Jiang match so well right we do match well so what? Qi Lu Man Kui. Here you are It's kinda stuffy here, Let's go somewhere else it is kinda noisy Chu Xia Let's go to my room Let's go I'll show you around Go room? wait no, i have to go to I'm coming too Xin Wei What is the situation right now there's something entertaining to watch tonight something entertaining? drink do you want to get drunk? is it because of An Chu Xia? 4 6 Pass 9 i wanted to talk to Chu Xia in private originally since I'm here, You'll have no chance will you guys die if you guys don't talk do you guys want it? And i have 3 more 2s You win again What's going on? Let's stop playing Why? You already won half of my money Let me go I'll pay for Chu Xia's part as well as mine It's not just you who has money I'll cover for both of them deal! from now on, You'll pay for one of my meals everyday until one month has passed You'll get fat Whats going on? What happened? Why is everything dark? What is going on the electricity went out Let's go down and see Let's go It's so dark be careful Chu Xia Why is it so dark What happened? Young Master the electricity just had a weird glitch it hasn't been so stable lately scared me to death i thought this place was haunted Let's go How come everyone left Where is Qi Lu? Where did he go all the guests seemed to have left Wang Jian Ren do you know where Qi Lu went? Qi Lu? Qi Lu drank too much And i think Xiang Man Kui took him and left I gotta go Maybe Man Kai took him home Chu Xia I'll take you home No need, You take Xiao Nan I'll take Chu Xia Hey your lunch right right right Young Master Ling, please take me home for that 1 month of paying for me lunch OK Let's go bye Chu Xia, Let's go Let's go Where are you going? I'm scared I'll regret this Chu Xia Where is Han Qi Lu? Chu Xia Chu Xia Han Qi Lu wake up Han Qi Lu Chu Xia... He is drunk at this time and you guys came to pick him up? he can stay here you don't have to make things difficult he has a home Chu Xia, Let's go Chu Xia Chu Xia i know you like him but that's OK I'll still look over you No matter what i hope you're never unhappy take good care of him Jiang Chen Chuan Thanks good night water water give me some water flower? flower is that you? so.. it was you... the fried eggs are bad, eat bread instead I'll eat the eggs I'll do it Are you OK? I'm fine eat You staring at me like this How can i eat? tell me did you poison the milk? or do something to the bread? Why are you thinking of me in such a bad way? Hurry up and eat And then we can go to school An Chu Xia Don't think that by having a good attitude now that that will make me forget you didn't come home the other night from now one, as long as you're not within my line of sight You have to let me know exactly where you are And there are 3 rules one You can drink with other guys but you cant get drunk two You can talk to other guys but not any deep conversations three you can spend the night with other guys but don't go overboard got it? i got it everything you say is right No fever... You don't understand I'm full I'm going to school there's something going on... An Chu Xia did i do something or say something yesterday? No even though i blacked out yesterday but i still remember what i did during the day i remember we got into a fight You were mad at me And told me not to touch you right? No touch here here stop touching me What are you reading that's so funny? An Chu Xia What is wrong with you You're laughing holding an English book I... i found out a secret What? Han Qi Lu is that secret person? You couldn't tell right? i always was surprised actually he likes to act cool on the outside but he is a softy on the inside softy? Han Qi Lu? even if he is that mysterious person that doesn't mean he doesn't have Xiang Man Kui in his heart so how was it? i played my part well yesterday right? Xin Wei where are you going bathroom What is going on? i finally have thought things through i don't have any chance with Han Qi Lu You and An Chu Xia, one old relationship one new relationship there's no room for me my only goal now is to get rid of an Chu Xia And to get first place in the competition i got it What is wrong? You and Qi Lu yesterday... Nothing You should prepare for the competition Your competitor isn't just only an Chu Xia if there's nothing else I'll get going Let's see how long you can put up this act