【ENG SUB】《恶魔少爷别吻我第二季 Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me S2》Final EP23——主演:李宏毅、邢菲、张炯敏

Madam there is a guest Uncle Auntie I invited Kui to come Kui, have a seat here Let me tell you It was Kui who helped Chu Xia in the competition Here Kui This glass of wine is my thank you to you I have been narrow-minded before Please bear with me Here Thank you, auntie Kui is your wrist getting well Actually my wrist isn't that bad I can draw again in a period of time So, don't worry about me Kui you have to remember The door of Han's house is always open for you We are family Thank you, uncle Here Cheers Let's enjoy tonight Thank you You've said this for a hundred times today Still I wanna say it If it wasn't for you I'd have been deemed as a plagiarist and wouldn't get justice for the rest of my life Actually you could've told them I was unable to draw again because of my wrist Then the problem would've been solved. But, I promised you that I'd never tell anyone That's why I helped you Chu Xia actually you helped yourself Oh right Enough of this Let's talk about you What's to talk about me? You'll go to Pinkston next week What's your plan with Qi Lu? I don't know If I was allowed to choose again I think, I'd still choose France Pinston is so alluring to me That's the palace for every fashion designer It's just... My only regret was that... At first I thought I didn't have to explain to Qi Lu He could understood me I was too confident I thought, no matter how deeply I hurt him He would wait for me Don't get me wrong I'm telling you this not because I want to drive you away so that I can start over with Qi Lu I already gave up I know Chu Xia I just hope you can grasp the most important thing Don't be like me Go talk to Qi Lu he'll understand you I will Xiang Man Kui tell you a secret In fact I'm your loyal fan You're kidding I have collected every piece of your artwork I take it that you didn't confess to QiLu is because you secretly had a crush on me? What are you thinking? Actually it's the same for me What Chu Xia I also admire you your talent your insistence I believe someday we'll be rivals again but as fashion designers I will not go soft on you then I will not, either Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me S2 Chu Xia I wanna talk with you Why are you here? I've waited for you so long Are you alone? There are things that should be talked over between you and me Let's talk There's nothing to talk about What if it's related to Han Qi Lu? What do you mean? Here Let's make a deal I can do the Hans a favor and help them out of hardship Isn't that what you want You investigated me Sorry I had to Did anyone tell you the legal representative of the company working with the Hans is me How come? There are many branch companies under the Jiang family distributed to different shareholders It's normal that you don't know Chu Xia I'm very sincere Tell me about it your conditions I don't suppose you'll use such a big project to bribe me to call you "Dad" Otherwise, I'll be really flattered Chu Xia, you think too much I only need you to promise me no matter you win or lose in competition you'll go to France What do you really want? You only need to say yes or no Alright I promise The competition has been tiring go home and sleep early I will go to France Pardon I'll definitely go to France It's also my dream But, before that... I want to finish one thing OK Do you need my help? Just let me know I'll help you No need This thing can only be done by myself. Thank you Xiao Nan I need your help What's going on? Don't ask Just come I'll be right there Come sit down To confess what you need the most is a beautiful dress and beautiful makeup OK Perfect I'm a genius Look This is the real An Chu Xia show yourself and get Han Qi Lu Come on Qi Lu You proposed to meet, and then you are late... Do I look nice? It's okay Will you die if you say something nice? I mean you look nice Han Qi Lu I have something to tell you Right I also have something to tell you Meng Xiao Nan where are you taking me? Meng Xiao Nan Let's begin Feng Shao Hey Come on Let's rock together What's wrong? The string is broken Why don't you check it beforehand? Xiao Nan this is what you want me to see? Well... Hold on a minute Hold on Feng Shao What happened? I want a band Not this I know But time is tight These are brothers from Cat Ear Alley We can do haircuts but not this This is the best I can do OK, OK Whatever Whatever Come on... Let's continue... Alright... Rock together Alright then You say first When are you going to France? I do Is this what you want to tell me? And also... Is your Visa ready? Sis Yuan seemed to have got it for you long time ago What about school entrance procedures? Have you called Pinkston? And how is weather in France? Enough... Do you really want me to leave? Isn't going to Pinkston your dream? How about you? What do you think? Me? Does it matter? It matters to me Han Qi Lu Are you thinking that I'll be like Kui who left you when she got to France? I will not do that I like design But I like you too Han Qi Lu I like you I do Do you get it? Sorry I will not start a relationship lately. What? I've just changed my major There's so much to learn I won't be able to catch up if I don't work hard Han Qi Lu I, An Chu Xia am confessing to you Don't you want to know what I think? Then I'll tell you My family has just suffered huge financial loss Brother Liu just recovered Sis Yuan couldn't deal with the Board The Han Qi Lu now doesn't have time for whom I like whom I don't like...minor things like this I just want to solve the problems quietly Ok? Minor things Right In that case I'll not trouble you anymore Wish you success soon Young master Han Hold on a second Your guitar hasn't been tuned And you... it's the other way around What's that for? To form a band With Er Hu (instrument) Chinese and Western style mixed leading forward Traditional Chinese Cultures Let's go Wait a minute Oh right I have a guest waiting for me in the store You wait a minute We can leave when they're satisfied hello, boss I'm not skipping work I didn't I'll be back soon Very soon Someone hit Big Bro? Wait there You two can't do that No problem I'm still here Good enough as three Hello My little angle Tell me I'm free Movies? Sure Sure Feng Shao Let them go Sorry It's all my fault It's nothing to do with you What are you crying for, Xiao Nan? Fool Thanks for doing this for me You're welcome Had I known it I wouldn't have let you have Chu Xia Why did you tell lies to Chu Xia? I didn't You don't have to hide it from me I just think that Chu Xia has suffered enough loss I can't let her miss the chance anymore Love and dream are not in conflict But, what I said is the fact as well I can't go study in France with her I can't block her step She can go to study in Pinkston and I I wonder if you are still the Han Qi Lu I've known I'm not that Han Qi Lu I'm not that selfish Right But still the same self-righteous You didn't ask how Chu Xia felt at all Also didn't ask for her opinion Maybe this matter isn't as complicated as you thought? Maybe Bro you sowed the seeds of this you'll have to reap it yourself You can still regret now Think properly Sis Yuan Thank you for taking care of me all this time When I'm not there, take care of yourself OK Chu Xia When you arrive if you don't like the food there or the place you live whatever you need just tell me I'll send to you Brother Liu is not feeling well so he didn't come He asked me to tell you that you must take care of yourself I will, Sis Yuan Don't worry For Chu Xia's life, I already have it well prepared There're people to look after her Chu Xia I don't want you to leave Alright Come on It's not like I'm not coming back You must come back And come back often Be good Chu Xia Take care of yourself Thank you Qi Lu went out in the early morning I don't know where he is No problem Maybe, he just didn't want to come Right The time is running out We got to leave See you If you wanna cry, just cry Don't hide Come out Who are you talking to? Thanks for not exposing me You've been here actually Do you know Chu Xia have been looking for you? I knew you were here from beginning Thanks for not exposing me Han Qi Lu I never thought that you are a coward Whatever you say I'm leaving Hold on Do you know how much Chu Xia sacrificed for you? What? I say someone like you do not deserve to get love Not that What do you mean by sacrifice? Right I tell you Do you think the design of your company could pass so easily? Because of your willpower? Or hard work? Han Qi Lu, wake up You can't even fool yourself with those reasons Have you ever doubted why it went so smoothly? Does it have something to do with Chu Xia? Listen carefully She and my uncle made a deal No matter she won or lost she would let go of everything and go to France She hated my uncle so much but for your family for you Han Qi Lu She agreed without hesitation How did you know? My surname is Jiang How can I not know I tell you If you don't chase after her now I guarantee you'll regret it your whole life Go! You... Why did you help him? I helped my cousin I hope she's happy [An Chu Xia, I like you] What are you doing? You didn't leave The weather in France is bad Flight was canceled But I saw... Don't "but" Anyway I'll stay for a few more days before I go to France You came here Is there something you wanna tell me? Yes Chu Xia Actually, I'm the one who has been talking with you on the wall Is that it? I knew it long ago Since there's nothing else you wanna say then I'll leave Come back! Why should I? Because I said so Because you said so? I like you