【ENG SUB】《班长“殿下” “Your Highness” Class Monitor》EP11——主演:牛骏峰、邢菲、刘宇航




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[Your Highness, Class Monitor] [Episode 11] Alright! As long as it's not a grade repetition. I ride the donkey while looking for a horse. Donkey has to pay it. I'll pay for you. Ride the donkey? You think I'm a donkey? You're a little donkey then. Laughing, huh? No matter what, I'm happy if you go back to QYU. Dad. I'm doing it for you. Who is that? Young man, you're... Hello, uncle. I'm Su Nian Nian's classmate, Ye Xing Yu. I see, come in. Nian Nian. You again? Why are you so rude? You should serve him. Have a seat. Dad. You don't know what happened between us. Nian Nian. I just forgot to tell you something. Mr. Jiang... Just say it. Dad, I'm hungry. Please cook. It's still early. Are you eating here? Take your time, I'll cook for you. Young man, relax. Say it. Nian Nian fell in love? It's understandable. She's excellent. It's normal for guys to run after her. No way, I'm still worried. I'm here because of the incident in the equipment room. I see. I haven't thanked you yet. If it wasn't for you, I'd be in a trouble. I was afraid that my leaving was too obvious and you... I'm supposed to do that. But I'm not talking about it. Do you think that was an accident? It's over. It doesn't matter anyway. Sorry. I'm apologizing on behalf of Zhao Ming Yuan, Zhu Cheng and Chen Yuan, they are unwilling to be named. Are you saying they did it purposely? You know all about it? I saw Zhu Cheng mopping the floor when I entered the equipment room. Why didn't you tell the teacher? I chickened out. I wanted to be dropped out. So I grabbed the chance to run away. Moreover, it doesn't mean I have a proof even I saw them. They realized their fault and they want me to apologize to you for them. Why don't they make an apology themselves? What a timid! You know Zhao Ming Yuan always tries hard to save face. He has admitted his fault, but just tight-lipped. And they're afraid you won't forgive them. Do you forgive them? What do you think? I hope you forgive them. But I still respect your opinion. Okay, I'll forgive them. I knew you wouldn't angry with them. Xing Yu. I'm going back to school. Tell them, I won't be bullied by them. I'm sure you'll be a good monitor. Or I won't convince you. No. I had a habit since I was small. Either leave it or do the best What a strong woman! I'll be waiting for you in QYU. Son, why are you back now? Where's dad? Anything happened between two of you? Where's dad? In the study room. Talk in proper, don't argue. You're getting unmannered now. Can't you knock? Did you do it? I don't know what do you mean. Is the scientific research disbanded by you? I let Secretary Liu do it. Why? You always busy with the useless things. How old are you? Still playing around? Do you understand me? You know what I want to do? I don't need to understand you. But you need to be clear that you are the heir to Hao Cheng Enterprise. You need to do the thing I've arranged for you. You always like this. Never thought about my feeling. You just want to control me. You are my son! I have a right to control you. You refused to take shortcut, but breaking your head. I'm your son. but I'm still a thoughtful person. I'd rather break my head than to be controlled by you. What an ingrate! I'm doing it for your future! I'm talking about now, not future! You just muddle through! You're selfish! No use you're doing that! I won't let you do it! Unreasonable! Mania! What's wrong with you? Why are you arguing again? Can't you guys talk? Where are you going? Back to school! What's wrong with you? Son! Ingrate! Son! Son! Ingrate! Su Nian Nian If you show up in front of me right now, I'll run after you. ♫ The wind blows through your hair. ♫ Anyone can tell me if my decision is right? ♫ I'm into you every second of every minute. ♫ ♫ I want to let you know ♫ ♫ how wonderful the feelings of sweet and sour. ♫ ♫ Bring a little romance to love. A little heartwarming. ♫ ♫ Holding your little hand I see you blush. ♫ ♫ Together we watch the starry sky. ♫ Is it all destined? ♫ Bring a little romance to love. A little impulse. ♫ ♫ Leaning to your forehead and gently nod. ♫ Didn't you go home? We fought again. Why? He disbanded the scientific research. Still sick of your dad's dictatorship over the years. We shouldn't adapt it, but to resist it. I want him to respect me. You're not a kid. Try to have a good chat with him. I can't talk to him. We're not in the same world. What about you? I went to Su Nian Nian's house. She agreed to go back to QYU. What a good talker. Not my credit. It's Mr. Jiang's. She doesn't really want to leave. Or it's not that easy to persuade her. Xing Yu. Why are you here? We've been looking for you for a long day. What's wrong? Did You Su Nian Nian accept our apology? She'll go back to QYU. I hope you guys apologize to her in person when she gets back. That's good. 3 strong guys locked a girl in a room. Shame on you. It has nothing to do with you! You're right. I'm not ashamed. You! Alright. That's all for now. She agreed to forgive you anyway. Now she agreed to come back. You should know what to do. Okay. Will she mess with us when she come back? You should think the right way. Xing Yu, let them go. I haven't finished. Anything else I can help? I ask you. Are we brothers? Yeah. Alright then. We'll have a fight with our enemies outside the school tonight. Fight? You saw it. We're short of hands. You only need to go there, stand beside Yuan and run when he runs. They can't hurt you. After this, we're The 4 Remarkable of QYU. Count me in? We'll be The 5 Remarkable of QYU. You? You can go, but you can't join our group. Shame on you. How old are you? Still fighting, huh? Don't tease if you don't help! Ming Yuan. That's what I wanted to say. Although I wasn't on the scene at the school gate. But then I heard they're all gangsters. We are students. If you really fight, don't you still want to study? I don't want to bother them. But they have set the location and time. It's ashamed if we absent from it. Which one is more important? Face or graduate? Of course is... Graduate. Graduate. But we're poor at studies. And Su Nian Nian deducted so many credits from us before. The 3 Idiots of QYU You're idiot. The credit can even make you nervous. Of course you're idiot. You may change the credit anytime. What do you mean? How to change it? The school system. Take some time to hack it. Zi Chen, cut it out. It's ridiculous. They're your friends. Do you want to see them dropping out due to fighting? Or save their life with a little wisdom? Save our life. Listen. I'm willing to help you because you're Xing Yu's friends. No next time. Promise me not to involve Xing Yu. He's our buddy, we won't harm him. Don't target Su Nian Nian when she's back. We dare not. Good. Let's go. Wait. What do you mean? To change it? Didn't you listen to Xing Yu? You think the teacher will believe it even if I change it now? Let the teachers see you turn over a new leaf. Then I'll change it for you. You fooled me! It's a strategy. What strategy? What strategy is it? Think so. They know we're cheating if we change it now. Is it a strategy? Thank you. Welcome. Su Nian Nian, you decide to come back. So you have to be mentally prepared. It's a prolonged battle. You can do it! Good luck! Hi, would you like to see the cute puppy? Take a look. It's cute and friendly. There are mice and hamsters. There are two. Su Nian Nian is back today. I can give her the cute mice. How much? Hi, Mr. Jiang. Su Nian Nian is back Where's she? Look! Really. Let's pick her up. Let's go. Anyone wants to go with me? It's embarrassed. Nian Nian is back. Su Nian Nian is back. Nian Nian! You're finally back. We're not used to it while you were gone. Right? Give me a hug. No one eats with me when you're not here. What about me? Alright. I'm now back here. How did you know that? Take a look. The intel is so advanced. Because you caught too much attention. It's only for you. Let's go to the classroom. Everyone looked like ill when you're not here. Although they didn't say it, but they must feel bored. The three monsters don't even bother us. They just feel bored as no targets for bullying. 觉得没劲吧 You know what? It's enjoyable to fight. They want to fight with you, but dare not show their fists. And they don't have wisdom either. Nian Nian... Zhu Cheng, I like the mice very much. They are cute like you. As long as you like it. Don't mention it. What's wrong? It creeps me out. Nothing. You come back as you miss us? Yes. Is it? Su Nian Nian. Hi. Hi. Welcome back. Good luck! Thank you. Did you see his eyes? I bet he likes you. Are you jealous? Su Nian Nian, good luck! We're just classmates. What's wrong he welcomes me? I'm not likeable, huh? Yeah. It's normal to welcome you. But the way he looks at you is abnormal. Only normal when he sees you, huh? Your eyes are glowing. Let's get in. Hi, class. Mr. Jiang. Good. Alright. Let's clap to welcome Su Nian Nian back. Let's clap Su Nian Nian comes back with an important mission. As the class monitor, she has a mission to lead you all to study hard and get improved. So, Su Nian Nian and I have developved a complete set of system. Su Nian Nian wishes to create a good learning atmosphere and strengthen your learning so that Mechanical Class II can become a role model of QYU. Su Nian Nian, are you confident? Gu Zi Chen, why are you late? Overslept. You're still bold and forceful. I like it. Very good. Don't do it again. Sit down. Monitor, come to the stage and tell them about your plan. Class, I have several plans to strengthen the learning atmosphere. First, open the library. Study three times a week in the library. Attendance will be recorded. Credit will be deducted for violators. Second, at least 4 times night-study in a week. I'll be waiting for you in the classroom. Everyone of you has to stay for 3 classes. Credit will be deducted for violators. Practice every day in the equipment room for not less than one hour. Credit will be deducted for violators. These are my plans for strengthening learning. In the future, I'll make adjustments based on everyone's progress. I hope you work with me. Good! Alright. Quiet. Calm down. Su Nian Nian's plan is good. I hope you guys follow her plan closely. You're all students. You're here to study. Let me announce. Su Nian Nian's plan will be officialy launched today. Congratulation! Go back to your seat. Now I want to remind the mischievous students. I'm warning you. If you dare to against the system or school rules, you'll be like the chalk. Chalk? Be serious. Like the chalk. Understand? Understood. Good. Su Nian Nian, you're bearing a big task. Good luck to you. Alright. I'll supervise their studis. I tell you. I'll give you a discount. Brother. Did she do it purposely? Impossible. It's impossible that she punishes all the students. It's not easy. What do you mean? She's threatening us. You see. The punishment of all the plans is credit deduction. I'm sure we can't make it. Right. So her ultimate goal is to stop our graduation. I see. Play it by ear. She's wicked. What are you doing? Waiting for credit deduction? No. We're talking about the way to support our monitor. Mice! You brought it? No! Whose? It's mine. Zhu Cheng. I don't know you're afraid of mouse I just wanted to welcome you back. If you're afraid, I'll take it away. No! It's cute. Why don't we keep it in the dorm? Chu Xia. Can we keep it in the dorm? It's cute. Let's name it. Mr. Wonderful No. 1 or No. 2? What do you think? I didn't know she's scared of mouse. I just wanted to buy her a present and apologize to her. Unexpectedly,... The mice are cute. I have many mice in my house. you don't have to apologize to her. We have a business. Really? Yeah. Let's work! Let's go. So dirty. What's wrong? Not nice? Impossible. I'm going to feed my mice. I'm eating, don't mention it! Gross! Didn't you notice Chu Xia's not here? What if their relationship is better? Bye. Luckily, it's two mice. You two will fight if there're two handsome guys. Mice. Why are you back? This isn't your territory. Why should I tell you? None of your business. I'm curious why you're back here. I have my reason. Not your concern. You're forgetful. Don't worry. I have a good memory. But you didn't even remember the things happened before. Gu Zi Chen. If you're here to hit me, you'd better give up. Since I came back, I must be full of battle power. I'll fight with Mechanical Class II to death. Let's see. In fact, I'm happy for your return. What are you going to snap? I just confused. Are you guys in love or haven't got together? What do you think? Look at us... Let me feed you. Hands off. Open your mouth. Nice? One more bite. Sweet? Bite it here. You came so early. You too. Today is the first day of self-study. I need to get ready in advance. Don't give yourself too much pressure. Tell me if there's any difficulty. I'll try to help you. I know it's tough to fight them. I'll go for it. Class. Today is the first day of self-study. I hope you study seriously and keep quiet. Don't walk around. If you want to go to the bathroom, do let me know. If you have problems, you can ask me. I'll answer it for you. I'll start the roll call. Gao Da Ge. Yes. He Xiao. Do you want to sign up a card? No, sit down. Lv Meng Nan. Yes. Zhao Ming Yuan. Yes. Yes. Yes. I didn't call your name. We are 3 in 1. Wu Tian Bing. Yes. Song Yu Xi. Yes. Yin Chu Xia. Ye Xing Yu. Yes. Gu Zi Chen. Gu Zi Chen. Xing Yu, did you see him? He's in the dorm when I went out. Shall I look for him? No need, carry on you self-study. You may leave it. But please send back all my informations. What? Why? Are you a slave to them? Hello, dad. You're heartless. But remember, I'm not going to lose. You'd better listen to me. Follow my plan and don't be impulsive. Thank you. Impossible. Will I lose? No. That's right. "Software Secondary Development" Monitor, she's playing games. He Xiao. Don't talk. What's wrong? You go! Me? No! That's too much. It's time for your trial. You're the pride of The Three Remarkable QY. You can do it. Monitor, Zhu Cheng needs your help. What's wrong? I don't understand the question. Show me. Okay. This one. Thank you. Please wait. Sorry to disturb you. Here's my card. I usually wait for guests around here. It's my name and number. Call me if you need a car. I'll give you a discount. Okay. Thank you. Rotating gear with rotation mechanism. Understand? Zhu Cheng. Understood. I got it now. Study hard then. Thank you. Go back to your place. There're many people and I felt ashamed. But it's clearly written on the list. Show up in public. What are you doing? Do you still want to be The Three Remarkable of QY? It's all my fault. Yuan. I... Forget it, I'll do it myself. Monitor. I want to report. What happened? He Xiao cut people's hair in the class. He broke the discipline and spoilt the image of someone else. He Xiao, I told you... Nian Nian. Are you okay? Are you okay? Did you get hurt? Let me see. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. Ming Yuan, did you forget your promise? I didn't mean it. Really. Xing Yu, no need to argue with him. Childish. What's wrong with your hand? Let's go to the infirmary. You make me down. You broke the record of infirmary. Dr. Jin, just get some iodine for me. No need to... No way. You need to change the medicine. Or it's going to infect. Okay, thank you. Alright. You'd better watch out 3 of them. Ye Xing Yu. We're just classmates. Why are you so nice to me? I've known you for a long time. You can go back after resting. I have a meeting, see you. See you. Bye. What are you doing? You're sneaking around. Are you a teacher? You make Su Nian Nian hurt? Of course not. Today is the first day of self-study planned by Su Nian Nian. I'm here to observe them and see if they're messing around. I'm from Dong Zhou too. Impossible. You're good at studies. It's impossible that I don't know you. Maybe I was low profile, so you can't remember me. I've seen you many times during the contests. You like to wear glasses and hold a book wherever you go. You're cute and serious. ♫ It's charming. ♫ ♫ I'm into you every second of every minute. ♫ Maybe I was too nervous in the exam. So I didn't notice you, sorry. Don't say sorry. Now we know each other. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too. How nice if Gu Zi Chen is thoughtful like you. Then I wouldn't be unlucky like now. You mean the accident? You know it? Yeah. How's Su Nian Nian's hand? It's fine. But how could she break her hand in the self-study? You should know it. Of course I knew. But we should let them solve it themselves. It's complicated when the teacher gets involved. You don't understand. No excuse. You're afraid to offend the boys. What's on your mind? I'm their teacher cum the form teacher. It's impossible I... What an irresponsible man! He even told you about the hit-and-run. You got him wrong. He didn't hit you. Moreover, he sent you to the hospital. You believe him? But he warned The Three Remarkable of QY not to bully you again. Because he owes me. You have a bias against him. Alright, stop it. I'm just getting better. Can you change a topic? Okay. A teacher won't be afraid of students. You're a narrow-minded. You're a cynical! It's hard to deal with rascals. See you. Hi, please wait. Here's my card and this is my car. I usually wait for guests around here. Call me if you need a car. Okay. I'll give you a discount. Remember my number. It's my name and number. Remember? Thank you. Thanks. Hi, please wait. Take my name card. Please keep the card. It's my number and this is my car. Call me if you need a car. I'll give you a discount. Remember my number. Hey, you! You shouldn't throw it away. So rude. You can be compared to Nian Nian. If it wasn't for my daughter, I won't give you the card and talk to you. It's dirty. Boss, we got a message. Who's that? The man who wants to bully Su Nian Nian. Ask him who he is and where he is now. He won't tell. Su Nian Nian got hurt and got into the infirmary. Brother, you're too harsh. I didn't think too much. I didn't expect she'll fall down and break her hand. I feel guilty too. I had another plan at that time. What's your plan? I want to find out the man who wants to bully her. Did you see anyone looked particularly happy or strange just now? I didn't aware. He's either our classmate or the student who got credit deduction before. You should say it earlier, so I'll act seriously. You always advise in hindsight. But why do you want to find out what that guy? I want to beat him up. But, it's good that the task comes to us. Else, we don't know what will he do to Su Nian Nian. Brother, I have an idea. Say it. Don't ever do this again. You finally make the point.