【ENG SUB】《班长“殿下” “Your Highness” Class Monitor》EP27——主演:牛骏峰、邢菲、刘宇航

[Your Highness, Class Monitor] [Episode 27] Why didn't you bring me along since you know him well? I didn't even know where should I go. How should I take care of you? After you left, he's even worse. He didn't care about me besides giving me money. I'm just like an orphan. I used to think when I was home alone. Where's my mom? How's she doing? Did she miss me? Why didn't she come back to me if she misses me? I'm sorry. I really regret it. So I wanted to take you along after running business with friend. But your dad stopped me from seeing you. I know I really owe you a lot. Of course he stops you. Can you accept me in this way? He cut my hair after you just left. Doesn't he just like a son? I'll do ask he wished. Many people still don't know I'm a girl so far. I've been asking for your news. After I know you're studying in QYU, I come and find you. I just hope you give me a chance to make it up to you. I know there's nothing I can do. But at least we can accept each other. Just let me see you anytime I'm okay. Alright? Did you get married and have a child over the years? I married again, but with no child. I insisted not to have a child, so we finally divorced. After that, I didn't think about it. I couldn't believe it when you suddenly appeared in front of me that day. I felt like dreaming. No, I didn't expect you to show up suddenly. I don't know how should I face you. To be honest, I'm meeting you as I need your favour. What's up? I need 80,000 yuan. Why do you need so much money? Do you have any problem? Yes. Otherwise I won't look for you. I'm afraid you'll be cheated. Don't worry. Not a bad thing. I'm trying to help my friend. Can you lend me? I'll give you. Where did you go for a whole day? I just met my mom. We had a meal together. What's going on? Nothing. Didn't you ask me to face the fact because escape can't solve problems? We had a good chat today. Over the years, it should be the first time we've talked so much. Good. We're so happy for you. I'm happy too. I'm waiting for you downstairs. Come down. I'll go out. What's up? Why did you pay off my debt? You paid it off? Who's so kind? Don't pretend. Where did you get the money? Don't care about it. It was paid off and solved anyway. That's it. Let's go and get it back tomorrow morning. How to get it back? Even if I agree, the boss won't agree. I went there with cash today. He was shocked when I put the money on the table And I got the receipt. So, everything is solved. You didn't even ask for my opinion! You showed me up! I dare not telling you. Look! You scold me badly now. And you won't agree if I asked you. I've never owed a woman anyway. So I'm a woman in your heart, huh? I thought you take me as a buddy. We shouldn't count like that. Of course I'm counting it. You have to pay it back. That means I'm owing a woman. Are you a block? What a blockhead! It's better you owe me than owing him. I won't push you every day. I just helped you out. What do you mean? I'll write you an IOU. Okay. But I didn't bring anything. Write it later. I bring it. You prepared it, huh? I always bring it along. Only 80,000 yuan, huh? Didn't you give him 80,000 yuan? Yes. But, all the loans incurred interest now. As well as the bank. 80,000 yuan is not a small amount. The interest is at least a few thousand. Okay, how much then? I'll waive the interest with one condition. What condition? Join the research and follow the class. Write it. Or I'll charge the interest. It's a few thousand. Okay. ♫ Holding together while waiting for the dawn. ♫ That's it. Congratulation! You got a girlfriend. Cut the crap. We can't be buddies anymore if Chu Xia hears it. Why don't you understand? Yin Chu Xia likes you. She bought over your life with 80,000 yuan. Nonsense! Cut the crap. She just lent me 80,000 yuan and I wrote the IOU with interest. Interest? Will she fish in troubled water? She's just kind. The interest is not money. She just wants us to put aside our thing and go back to the research. And I can pay it back when I have money. You should speak properly. It scares me. So we don't need to help you on this. Take it easy. You might no need to pay it one day. Cut it out! Go to bed. We have class tomorrow morning. He looks like Zhao Ming Yuan. Yuan! It's been a long time! Your hair's grown, I'll shave for you. Here you are. It's so rare. Gosh! He's smiling at me. Yeah. Monitor. We now formally apply to join the research. Please accept us. Please accept us. Don't look at me. You are the monitor. Okay. I'll reluctantly accept it. Welcome to join us. Don't try to fool us. We're not born yesterday. What smell is that? I smell it too. Here! What do you mean? Say it clearly. Alright. Since you guys figured it out and came back, we will welcome you to our group. Come on! Come on! And me! Come on! 1, 2, 3! Good luck! Is it solved? Yeah. Chu Xia borrowed 80,000 yuan from her mom to pay off the debt. I thought it's 100,000 yuan. I don't know. The boss gave me 20,000 off anyway. I didn't think Yin Chu Xia's so kind. She didn't even tell me. You must treat her well. In fact, she didn't tell you because of me. I always afraid to be losing face. Actually, I know your kindness. But I broke you guys heart just because of my silly self-esteem. I regret it now. I won't make you down anymore. Don't blame yourself. But I found the advantages of everyone through this matter. Every student in our class are awesome. Yeah. And Mr. Jiang has told me about the scholarship. He even arranged jobs for my parents. Thank you for everything. Don't mention it. In fact, Mr. Jiang cares about you. He's worried when I told him about you. He's figuring it out to help you solve it. I'm wondering why I was so stupid before this. It's not too late now. You're so talented. Don't make us down. Don't worry, Your Highness. I'll keep my promise. Since I'm in the group, I'll give it my all. Good luck! You can do it. Good luck! Let's go. Let's go. I have an idea about the Wisdom Pouch. Tell me. Now, the Wisdom Pouch is only serving for students I am wondering if we can expand its service to help more people. I know that you'll have a different idea. Continue it. Well, I've been working in a garage before. I found a lot of traffic accidents caused by fatigue and drunk driving. So I'm thinking is that possible to help the drivers who are going on out with the Wisdom Pouch. Can you give more detail? I haven't got a detailed idea. But it's something like sound warning from the Wisdom Pouch when the driver is tired of driving. Or when the driver gets drunk, it can measure the alcohol by volume and make a police report. This is my initial idea. I don't have a complete one. You're awesome. I knew that I won't misread you. My dad is a driver too. I think your Wisdom Pouch is more practical and valuable. And it helps our competition. I knew that. You have a lot of ideas. Well, give me a report in 5000 words That's it. Go for it! You can do it. Loner Knight, alright. Let's meet. The Cupid comes to me. That's great. Little Gold Fish, when shall we meet? Where? What about this afternoon? At the bridge near the school. Let's bring a rose, okay? Okay, be there or be square. Okay, see you this afternoon. That's great. Mr. Jiang. Dr. Jin. You dressed so nice. Going for a date? Your suit is nice too. Got a blind date? I don't need a date or blind date. I'll see the students at the research room. Okay, see you. Okay. Monitor, I have a suggestion. Look. We have to get a louder speaker for the Wisdom Pouch. But the feature must same as my girlfriend... Okay. Your previous idea is good. Just forget your girlfriend. The most important thing of the design's its practical use. Study it again. So, I'll amend it. Okay. Mr. Jiang, you smell good today. Is it? Not only fragrant. but special wearing too. Any good thing happens? Nothing is special. I usually look handsome. You're dressy. You have a date? No. I'm a graceful man who full of political wisdom. People dates me anytime. Yeah. Mr. Jiang, anything I can help? I'm here to see you guys. Very good. Nian Nian. Well done. You guys are working so hard. I'm very happy. I expect the good outcome from you guys. Good luck! Good luck! Good luck! Good luck! Good luck! Hello, dad. Nian Nian, are you busy recently? You didn't go home for so long. I miss you. I'm near your school now. Let me pick you up and go home. I'm busy on the project. Don't worry about me. You go home first. I'll go back with a cab in the evening. I'll cook nice food for you then. Bye. Ms. Jin. Ms. Jin. Mr. Jiang. Why are you here? I have a date nearby. And I seemed to see you from there. So I come here to say hi. You should be in the research room. Yes. I've had too much for breakfast. So I want to walk there from here. Okay. You are... I picked it up and didn't see a dump to throw it. Okay, continue to enjoy the nature. I won't bother you. Okay. Looks like your friend. Little Gold Fish? Such an impolite girl. Little Gold Fish, have you arrived? It's really him. Luckily I ran away, or it will be a shame. Master. Ming Yuan. Let me do it, go rest. Where's the boss? He's talking with your friend in the office. You're so lucky. Many people help you. You're righteous. You easily gave me a 20,000 yuan fee to help the poor guy. I promised you to pay it off in a year and complete a 100,000 yuan sales. We signed a contract. So, I'll do it no matter in terms of fulfilling a contract or sentiment. And I hope you take it easy. Give more time to Zhao Ming Yuan and me. I'm not pushing, but short of money 2 days ago. I'm calling you here because Zhao Ming Yuan has paid me the balance of 80,000 yuan. Plus the car wash membership of 20,000 yuan, it's exactly 100,000 yuan. So, let's just void the contract. He paid the money back? Yeah. Zhao Ming Yuan. Honey, thank you. This is so beautiful and nice. I love it. That's good. It's worthy then. It looks nice and fits you. Really? Jiang Mu. Jiang Mu. Na Na. What is this? To confess your love? You want to beg me to be with you again? How much the flower? I'll buy it all from you. Honey, I'll buy it for you if you like it. This is mine. It's priceless in my heart. Not for sell. Na Na, I always want to tell you. You can't buy everything with money in this world. Understand? Jiang Mu, you nerd! Are you jealous of my happiness? Give me a price. At any cost! Na Na, looks like you've found someone fits you. Wish you a happy life. Hey. Thank you. Get it yourself. Don't go. Stupid! Get it yourself! You shouldn't ask him! Because I love you and I want to buy it for you. Don't be angry. Ming Yuan, don't say that. I didn't do anything. But, Yin Chu Xia did it so much for you. You guys helped me a lot. You are all my savior. I used to fight with you before. Unexpectedly, the people who helped me were my enemies before. I was like a kid compared with you. You're mature now. Ming Yuan. You just told me to pour everything to you. Yes. I really have a word for you. Don't you understand Yin Chu Xia's feeling? To be honest, of course I can read it. I used to think of it before. But now, she's my creditor. I shouldn't think of it. I don't understand your logic. Since she's so active, it's not appropriate for you to pretend it. Don't talk about me. What about you? What's up with you and the monitor? There's another girl shows up suddenly. What's wrong? Drink it. How's your life lately? I've been busy with the competition. Zi Chen didn't show up at our house that day. Is he okay? Just fine. He had a family matter. Why don't you date him again? I haven't thanked him yet. Stop it. Okay, I'll tell him. Any joyful things happened in the school? Dad. You know Yin Chu Xia? She was abandoned by her mom when she was 6. But she went to school to find her recently. Chu Xia wasn't use to it. But they still get along as mother and daughter after all. I guess Yin Chu Xia's mom must have a hard time before. All the parents love their child. Right? I dared not ask you about mom before. And then I got used to it. But when I saw Yin Chu Xia's mom, I feel envy. It's great that my mom ran away from home. You're sensible since childhood. In fact, I've been thinking for so many years to give you the mother's love. But I know, motherhood can never be replaced. No replacement. What's wrong? I feel enough to have you. You raised me up. I'm happy. Thank you, dad. Silly girl. Dig in. You're back. Don't practise. Or you can't sleep later. Did you drink again? A little. With Zhao Ming Yuan. Zhao Ming Yuan? You both drink together? What's wrong? We're not in love. I just feel weird. Get caught by camera? You know who paid the debt for Zhao Ming Yuan? Who? Yin Chu Xia. Yin Chu Xia. She's so kind. Yeah. Hello. Zi Chen, what are you doing? I miss you. I'm ready to sleep. Anything? I'm going to see aunt tomorrow. Do you have time? Let's go together. Tomorrow? I can't make it. I have something to do. Go on your own. See you. You two are going so fast. She goes to your house, huh? Her relationship with my mom is always closer than me. Good. You'll be happy after marrying her. A poor in-law relationship will make the son suffered. Talk about it later. Ms. He Mei, please come in. Aunty. Here you are. This is for you. Thank you. So beautiful. Mdm Zhang, arrange it. Okay. Have a seat. Have a seat. I'm here to see you for Zi Chen. How are you? You are sensible and sweet. Thank you. I heard uncle was on a business trip. Is he back? Should be tomorrow. How are you doing? Get used to the school? How's it going with Zi Chen? We're good. Sometimes, he accompanies me as he's afraid that I'll be alone in QYU. He'll understand sooner or later. Only you two are the most suitable. Try to bond with him as soon as possible. I wanted to spend my time with him. But Su Nian Nian has never given up on Zi Chen. She took Zi Chen away using the competition and always cursed me. We were friends before. I can't say anything. I didn't expect she's so scheming. You know? She's the class monitor. All the boys love her very much. So I can't say anything about her. I'm so sorry to hear that. I tell you what. No matter what, they can't be together. Why are you so sure? Su Nian Nian is trying hard to get Zi Chen back and Zi Chen is a caring man. I'm really scared if she budges Zi Chen again. No, they won't be together. Why? Why are you so sure? Because... Because they are sibling. Sibling? How could it be? Although I don't have any evidence now, but I've already told Chen about this. They are broken up. As I know, he'll go to his dad and ask about it. And his dad is on a business trip for so long. I bet both are related. Are you sure? How could uncle be Su Nian Nian's dad? It's a long story. But, I told you about it just to comfort you to get along with Zi Chen. You must keep it a secret. This is not a glorious thing. It's not good for everybody. Moreover, I don't want Su Nian Nian to know it and come to our house. Aunty. How could you stand it? The thing between Zi Chen and I is no longer important now. The important thing is not to let her enter your house. Think about it. Once she knew about it, half of Gu's business will go to her. The empire which was built by uncle and you will be given to an illegitimate child. Does it make sense? You remind me. I didn't treat you like an outsider. You must help me with this. I'll help you get rid of Su Nian Nian. Don't worry. I'll help you with this. Little Gold Fish, I was holding a rose and standing there like an idiot. You didn't show up. You fooled me on purpose? Why are you so quiet? Life... Life is like a mess. There's something that can't be solved. Can't be solved... Little Gold Fish! Why? Can't be solved. Su Nian Nian. Hi, Aunty. Looking for Gu Zi Chen? I'm looking for you. Me? I'm here today to tell you. I won't let you bond with Zi Chen. You're just classmates. Just give up. Don't learn from your mother to cause the irretrievable breakdown. Aunty, I don't understand. Does it concern my mother? I've made it very clear. Remember what I said. If you want to know more, you should ask your father. Aunty. I won't give up on Gu Zi Chen if you don't make it clear. Okay. Don't give up on my son. Don't give up on your real brother. Aunty, don't be angry. It's not worthy. Let's go. Cool down. Okay. Little Gold Fish. I can't figure it out anyway. Why is it? Dr. Jin. Why are you here? It creeps me out. Do you have any sovereign remedy? Sovereign remedy? For what? For sadness. My heart is broken. This is an infirmary, not psychological clinic. Dr. Jin. To be honest, I went to see my couple online yesterday. At last, I waited 3 hours on the bridge. 3 hours! I can feel her coming. She must have come and seen me. In fact, I'm serious every time when I'm in love. I'm serious. Like Na Na whom you know. I don't know why I'm the one who gets hurt every time. Mr. Jiang, don't think too much. A man must be strong inside. How can you give up easily? Dr. Jin. You don't know. In fact, I've really worked hard. But I still fail every time. I'm afraid to love again. What's wrong? Sit down. You knew that? How did you know? My family is close to Gu's family and Aunty Mei Lin. Of course she'll tell me everything. But I was kind and didn't want to hurt you. Unexpectedly, you tried to steal Zi Chen. If you doubt it, go home and ask your dad then. Can you tell me everything you know? Of course. Your parents and Uncle Gu were classmates in the university. Your mother and Uncle Gu were a lovely couple at that time. But Uncle Gu got married with Aunty Mei Lin because of family background. This was a big news in QYU at that time. You can ask your father if you doubt it. Of course I won't believe it. We can't be sibling. Since they're married, it is not related to my mom. Gu Zi Chen is older than me. It doesn't make sense. This is why Aunty Mei Lin gets angry. They were married. But your mother still met Uncle Gu secretly. She's a home wrecker. I told you. No matter it's true or fake, you are nobody to comment on my family matter. Only your father knows it. But you can go home and check it out. Maybe you can get an evidence from the past. I'm off first. Su Nian Nian. Actually, I still care about you. So, our relationship is closer now. Why is Nian Nian absent today? That's right. Where's Nian Nian? I didn't see her. What's the time? I don't know. I don't know. Class. Sit down, let's start. Mr. Jiang, Nian Nian is absent today. She is on leave. On leave? What's wrong? She just looks fine. I don't know. How many days? She just called me. She's sick and would like to off for 2 days. By the way, my condition is not that good recently. You guys must behave yourselves to help the monitor and me. Okay? Okay. Arrange the work first. Then, tell everyone to go to the meeting room after 30 minutes. Okay, Mr. Gu. Honey, I just arrived the company. I have something to do. and might go home late. Call Zi Chen to go home to have dinner together. Hello, Nian Nian. Mr. Jiang said you're sick. How are you? I'm okay. Just not feeling well. Don't worry. I'll leave the class to you. Getting better? Did you go to the hospital? You've applied leave for 2 days. Are you really okay? Don't always force yourself. Tell me if you want to find someone to talk. I'll always be there. I'm really fine. Thank you. Bye. I won't let you bone with Zi Chen. You're just classmates. Just give up. I won't give up on Gu Zi Chen Don't give up on my son. Don't give up on your real brother.