【ENG SUB】《班长“殿下” “Your Highness” Class Monitor》EP28——主演:牛骏峰、邢菲、刘宇航

[Your Highness, Class Monitor] [Episode 28] Nian Nian is not alright. She sounds weak. Anything goes wrong? You know her house. Go and check it out. It's not good for me to go there suddenly. Hello. Are you Ye Xing Yu? Yes, I am. You took part in our contest before but withdrew because of your personal reason, right? Yes, it's my personal reason. Well. We found that your original song's nice when we checked your information. So our company has decided to buy the copyright to your song and make it as our theme song. And we want you to sing it. Would you consider it? Really? Sure. Thank you. I'll get ready. What's so happy? My song was selected. They're going to buy the copyright and let me sing. Really? That's good. We have to celebrate. How? What do you want to eat? Hello, mom. I've been busy for the competition. Just put it aside first. Your dad asked about you as he's back . Come home first. Let's three of us reunion. I'm not going back. I'm afraid that he can't control the mood. Just do it for me. Let's just stop it here. If you don't come back, your dad will send someone to get you back. Say something. Zi Chen. Okay, I'll go back right now. I'm going home. We celebrate later. Go ahead. I can't easily let you go when you come back later. Practise it. Why are you back? Aren't you at school? Dad. What's wrong? Who bullied you? Nothing. I just felt envy to see Yin Chu Xia makes up with her mom. You're big enough. but still making puppy face Get up. Tell me what's going on. Why did you keep mentioning mom? Can you tell me about the personality of mom? Looks like you really miss mom. You may ask. Such as your love story. Your mom was very beautiful when she was in the university. We were classmates. I worked so hard to get your mom. How did she treat me? I don't remember it. Of course you don't, because you're small. She loved you so much. She liked to dress you up nicely, sewed clothes and tied a pigtail for you. How did she die? When you were small, she had an emergency and suddenly passed away. Dad. Thanks for working so hard to raise me up. Don't say that. I'm not hard. A father should raise his child up. Moreover, you are my soul. I just feel happy. -Thank you, dad. -Don't mention it. Dad. Let's make a deal. What's that? Be my father in my next life. Silly girl, what's wrong with you today? Promise me. Zi Chen, how's your study recently? Not bad. Is the competition still going on? I think you're improving. At least, you stay at school for a while and hold such a meaningful competition. I feel happy. It's all because of help from your classmates. Well, find a date and invite Xing Yu and Su Nian Nian the monitor to our house. I want to treat them a meal for my gratitude. Su Nian Nian is very nice. She is hard-working and aggressive. Much better than you. You have to learn from her. Why do you always mention Su Nian Nian? You only met once, didn't you? Zi Chen. Be polite to your dad. What do you mean? You were unhappy when I didn't remember your classmates. And now you're still unhappy when I care about you and remember your friends. Anything you're unhappy about me? I dare not. I should be grateful. Straight to the point. Don't give me that kind of strange tone. Strange tone? You are sanctimonious. Damn! How dare you talk to me like that? Zi Chen, don't make your dad angry. Honey, he might not in the mood. Can't you understand him? Not in the mood? I raise him up and pay for his tuition fees. You're just sitting at home. You are the one who spoilt him! Who are you to talk to her like that? Who are you to talk to me like that? I'm nobody. Dad. Gu family should be bright and open, honest and no lying. Of course, this is our family's lesson. Let me ask you. Who's Tang Xiao Ru? Is Su Nian Nian your illegitimate child? Outrageous! Are you crazy? What the crap? How could she be my daughter? Alright. What did you tell him when I was not at home? Dad, are you sure Su Nian Nian is not your daughter? Cut the crap! Or I'll kill you! I... You've been a grumpy for more than 20 years. This is my happiest moment. I believe you, thank you. Sorry, dad. Gu Zi Chen, stop it! What's wrong with him? Are you crazy? Thank you, dad! I'm here today to tell you. I won't let you bond with Zi Chen. Don't give up on my son. Don't give up on your brother. Hey... It's so campy. How could it happen on me? How did you know about Tang Xiao Ru? And you even told Zi Chen. It was 10 years ago. Why did you dig it out? Am I not trustworthy? Moreover, she's gone. Can't we just keep her rest in peace? I'm your wife, but there's another woman in your heart. Over the 20 years, I've never doubted my marriage. But you did give me a slap Honey, I put everything down when I decided to marry you. Really? Did you really forget her? We're old enough. Don't have to fight for it. I won't dig it out if Zi Chen didn't get mad. It's been so many years. We can't do anything even if it comes to an end. Since you understood it, why did you tell our son? Because they're in love. If she's your... Impossible. Can you investigate it before saying? Although we have made it clear. But I won't let Zi Chen marry Su Nian Nian. You have to stand on my side. So tired. Tired even not working. It's not easy to join a competition. Although tired, but don't you think it's more alive? Yes, it's pretty good. I didn't know until I join it. It's interesting. It's meaningful, right? What's the sound? ♫ Accelerating of heartbeat and a blush. ♫ ♫ I'm crazy about you every second of every minute. ♫ ♫ Watching you makes me fallen. ♫ ♫ The feelings of sweet and sour. ♫ ♫ Bring a little romance to love. ♫ ♫ A little heartwarming. ♫ It's been so long we've never heard it. Looks like our singer is back. Hear it? Yeah. It's Xing Yu. Must be Xing Yu. Must be Xing Yu. Must be Xing Yu. ♫ Surround the Earth with you. ♫ ♫ Bring a little romance to love. ♫ ♫ A little heartwarming. ♫ ♫ Watching you with blush. ♫ ♫ Making a promise in front of the meteor. ♫ ♫ I want to share it with you. ♫ ♫ Surround the Earth with you. ♫ Is your hand healed? Yeah. Awesome! See it? I can play the guitar. Get up. Xing Yu. That's great. I'm really happy. I didn't think I still can play it. The God is blessing me. Not only this, but your own efforts too. Trust me, you're going to be better. Nian Nian told me the same. I'm happy to be in QYU. I'm glad to have so many friends including you, I'll surely treasure it. Xing Yu, I have a good news to share with you. What news? Come on. Just say it. I want to apologize to Nian Nian and get her back. What are you doing? What do you think of He Mei and Su Nian Nian? Are you a playboy or a liar? What are you talking about? Of course not! Don't you know me? To be honest, He Mei and I were acting. To let Nian Nian keeps me away. Acting? What? I don't understand. I'll tell you, but don't laugh. My mother said Nian Nian is my father's illegitimate child. She found out a lot of evidence. Have you heard the story of Stealing An Axe? The more I listen to her, the more I think it's true. That's why you asked me to take care of Nian Nian. I should have tried hard to get Nian Nian to make you regret for a life. Brother. This is what I owe you. I'm not doing it for you. Although she's good, but only one person in her heart. If I'm the person, I'll not give her to you. But she only loves you. I can only keep distance from her. I don't want it to affect our friendship or make her difficult. Thank you. She has a boyfriend. Really? Her boyfriend came straightly. It's embarrassing. Let's see any beauty here. How? Pretty? What's her name? I have no idea. So beautiful. Nice temperament. First time I see her. Class. Welcome to QYU (Machinery & Electrical). We'll have roll call. Gu Wei Ye. Yes. Zhou Zhi Wei. So we'll know her name. Listen carefully. Su Da Zhi. Yes. Tang Xiao Ru. Yes. What? Tang Xiao Ru. Tang Xiao Ru. Gu Wei Ye. Did you sprain your neck? Look at the blackboard. Da Zhi. Why did you ignore me? What are you doing? Doing homework. Homework? What's this? Nothing. What's wrong? I have a good news. Don't be surprised. I have a girlfriend. Really? Who? Tang Xiao Ru said yes to me. I've never thought she liked me too. Let's go! I'll buy you a treat tonight! Let's go. I go to dump first. Dump? What time is it? Su Da Zhi. Da Zhi. So sorry. I really don't know you liked Xiao Ru I thought... No rights and wrongs. You and Xiao Ru love each other. She needs you more. You two are my good friends I wish you all the best. Xiao Ru is a good girl. I'll not spare you if you make her down. Nian Nian, get ready. I want to go out now. Let me send you to the school. It's alright. I'm too tired at school. So I took 2 days off to rest. Alright then, have a good rest. I'm off. Dad. Yes? Nothing, see you. Silly girl. Zi Chen, why are you here? I knew you'd come to see me. Don't get me wrong. I'm here to thank you for acting with me. We don't need it again. What do you mean? Acting with you? The misunderstanding was solved. It was just a joke. We can be together again. That's impossible. What joke? Aunty told me, Su Nian Nian is your younger sister. My mother told you? Did you tell Nian Nian? Gu Zi Chen. Can you respect how I feel? You came to me when Su Nian Nian is your younger sister. Now you leave me behind when she is not your sister, huh? I'm so sorry. But I've made it very clear before that. You only worked with me. I didn't lie to you. But I still thank you. I don't care. I'm your girlfriend anyway. Everyone in the school knows that I'm your girlfriend. What should I do now? Even though everyone in the school knows you're my girlfriend, I'll explain to them one by one. Thank you for helping me so much. No matter Nian Nian and I are sibling or not, both of us are not suitable. Zi Chen. Can you care how I feel? I'm so sorry. You can't force someone to love. Gu Zi Chen, nobody can take what I want! Mr. Jiang. Wait a moment. Mr. Jiang, that's... Okay, you go back first. Be careful. Sir, can I ride your car? Okay. Get in! Wei Ye. Da Zhi. It's impossible Su Nian Nian and Gu Zi Chen are not sibling. No matter how hard I try, I still can't beat her. What's so good of her? I can't believe that we'll meet here. I was surprised when I saw you. Uncle Gu and Su Nian Nian's father. What are they doing here? Da Zhi. We're both getting old. Of course. It's been more than 20 years. I remember the first day of school. You're pulling a big luggage from outside and asked me where the bedroom was. Just like yesterday. You were so enthusiastic. When you knew we're in the same dorm, you helped me carry the luggage I was looking at you and thinking, we will be good friends. We had a bowl of rice together, shared a mug. and used a blanket together Even had a crush on the same girl at the same time. Yes. Xiao Ru is a good girl. It's lucky to meet her. It's happy to love her. Your daughter's good. She looks like Xiao Ru. Have you seen Nian Nian? Zi Chen is studying in QYU too. They are classmates. Zi Chen is your son, huh? No wonder he looked familiar when the first time I saw him. I see, he's your son. They were holding a technology competition. They look for me for sponsorship. When I saw Nian Nian, I felt she looked like Xiao Ru. So I asked about her family. And I knew she's your daughter. When did you come to Dong Zhou? When did Xiao Ru pass away? Did you go to see her in her hometown? I was on a business trip to her hometown. I just wanted to visit you guys. But, you're working overtime in the factory. So I had a talk with Xiao Ru. She told me she's happy to live with you. And tell me to forget the past and live a good life. I wanted to wait you. But I got an emergency call from the company So, I had to go. That's the last time I saw Xiao Ru. That's the day Xiao Ru passed away. What? She was fine when she sent me away. She had a car accident after she sent you out. I got a call and rushed to the hospital. But I was still late. She has gone after not so long. Nian Nian was also hurt in the accident. What a poor child! It's my fault. If I didn't go to see her and she didn't send me out, she won't meet the accident. This is her destiny. I think Xiao Ru will rest in peace fter seeing you for the last time. How did you come to Dong Zhou? Nian Nian was frightened. She can't talk and ommunicate for a long time. I took a lot of leave for her treatments. Then I was laid off. Then, I brought Nian Nian to Dong Zhou. I found a job as a taxi driver. That's how we relied each other in living. The death of Su Nian Nian's mother is related to Uncle Gu. Even both of you are not sibling, but you two cant's get together. That's destiny. Su Da Zhi. What's Gu Wei Ye doing? He's sad in the dorm because you rejected him for a movie. Why don't you go with him? Aren't you two buddies? I'm reading. Are you sure? I'm studying the drawing. Sit properly. I like you, Tang Xiao Ru. I like you. Su Da Zhi, you should get a girlfriend. It's more fun. Yeah. Let's go. Let's go. What? You want to marry someone else? What about Tang Xiao Ru? My family's going bankrupt. I have to marry someone else to save the business. I'm sorry to Xiao Ru. How can you leave Xiao Ru for money? Bastard! Once we bankrupt, my parents will lose their financial resources. Everyone will lose jobs. I knew you like Xiao Ru too from early. This is good. Take care of her for me. What? What do you think of Xiao Ru? What do you think of me? We're not brothers from now on! Xiao Ru. Wait for me. Da Zhi, where are you going? I'll go wherever you go. I... Xiao Ru, I like you. I like you since the first day I saw you. I used to think Wei Ye was more suitable for you with his family background. So I retreated. Now only I understand. When you like someone, you should protect her yourself and don't let her get hurt. This is what a man should do. Xiao Ru, give me a chance. Let's start in a new place. Nian Nian, I'm back. It's all your favourite food. Hungry? I'll cook for you. Why are you so quiet? What's wrong? Dad. Are you and mom each other's sunshine? Silly girl. Of course. Otherwise, we won't have you. How did mom pass away? Nian Nian. It's my saddest thing. Don't mention it again. Do you know Gu Zi Chen's father? Zi Chen's father? Gu Wei Ye, the boss of Hao Cheng Enterprise. Let bygones be bygones. Don't let Nian Nian know about our past. Gu Wei Ye? I heard it before. But he's a big boss and I'm a driver. How could I know him? You're lying. How could you touch my things? Someone said I'm not your biological daughter. I don't believe it. So I come back and check it out. I found this in your room. Tell me who's my father. Who's making crap? How can you believe it? Nian Nian, you are my daughter. My biological daughter. But you know Gu Wei Ye. Yes, I admit. I lied to you. I know Gu Wei Ye and we were friends. We had some misunderstandings, so I didn't tell you. I just don't want our past affect you guys. And I really don't know Wei Ye is Zi Chen's father. Was the bitterness between you guys related to mom? No. Nian Nian, I told you. Don't mention it any more I just want to tell you. Mom and Dad really love each other. And we love you. Why did you stop me from repetition? You know it's because of an accident and I can get a better university after a year. Why did you push me to QYU? I have my own hardship. You'll understand me later. Sending you to QYU was just a coincidence. I just want you to stay with me. I got it. Your hardship is because I'm not your biological child. Thank you. Thank you for not leaving me over the years. No matter who my father is, you're my beloved father. Xiao Ru, I don't want to tell our daughter about our past. Can you understand me? I know you want to go for repetition to get a better university. But you know our situation. We saved money to pay your tuition fees. But it was spent for the hospitalization. Here we are, Qun Ying (Machinery & Electrical) University. Let me bring you walk around. But, the people here are too low. Don't judge a book by its cover. Just take care of yourself. Mom, I miss you. Quickly. Alright. The misunderstandings between you two are solved. Why didn't you get Nian Nian back? Trust my instinct. She'll be back. I believe you But I remind you. Don't ever make her sad again. You must think about He Mei's emotion. Nian Nian is out of her league. I know. Think about it. You were so close to He Mei before. We thought you two are a couple. Now you're back to Nian Nian. As a girl, of course she'll feel ashamed. Yeah. Don't worry. I'll not let Nian Nian down and hurt He Mei. Alright. Let's go. Let's go. Nian Nian. Looks like your confidence is right. It depends on your performance now. I'll pass. I'm leaving. -Why are you back? -That's right. You had 2 days off. Why did you come back in a day? You're worried about the progress, huh? It's okay, we'll take care of it. Are you alright? You are right. Don't tell me you guys working for the project in the dorm. Of course, look. We're now moving so hard under your influence. You're sick because too tired. It's not appropriate if we still don't moving. Yeah, you know what? People called us Energy II. We're influenced by you. Energy II? Are they teasing us? What do you think? Now, our class is enthusiastic to learn. -Feel the sense of accomplishment? -Yeah. But the return of Zhao Ming Yuan gives credit to you. No, it's all because of his self-awareness. Zhao Ming Yuan was so lucky. I took leave for personal reasons. But I feel happy to see you guys working so hard. Personal reasons? Aren't you sick? What's wrong? Tell the truth. You have a personal matter, huh? No wonder the two handsome guys didn't give any response. No wonder. Ye Xing Yu even told me not to disturb you. What's going on? Any news story? Tell us! Stop guessing. I'm not a pick-up artist. No, are you having a new update with Gu Zi Chen? No man ever steps into the same river twice. But this is a nice river. You must step into it again. Or you'll miss a nice river. Yes. Gu Zi Chen asked me about you today. So, you two made up secretly, huh? Song Yu Xi ,Yin Chu Xia. We can't be together forever. Don't be so sure. Nothing is impossible. When you two make up, it will be a slap in the face. No miracle even if the Sun rises in the west. Never. Su Nian Nian! Su Nian Nian! Su Nian Nian! Come down! The Sun still rises in the east. But the miracle is there. What did you just say? It's a slap in the face. Nothing is impossible. Is he crazy? Rose, huh? Vulgar! But romantic. Come down! He wants to make up to you. He's sick. Yes, you'll heal him though. Go down. Hurry! She's going down.