【ENG SUB】《班长“殿下” “Your Highness” Class Monitor》EP29——主演:牛骏峰、邢菲、刘宇航

[Your Highness, Class Monitor] [Episode 29] Alright, Gu Zi Chen. Since you are so heartless, don't blame me for not playing fair. Su Nian Nian, I will not let you win. Gu Zi Chen, you didn't take your pills again. Nian Nian, a little conflict in a relationship is normal. Young Master Gu, we are not in a relationship. We are siblings. Pretty girl. What's happening? See for yourself. I know you heard about this. But I've already proven that we aren't siblings. Because of a few wrong decisions of mine I hurt you and made you sad. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. What's going on? Your love quadrangle? Stop with the bullshit. Quick, take photos. Gu Zi Chen, the issue between us can't be solved simply through forgiveness. Besides, the issue of us being siblings or not can't be proven by your words only. I know. Of course it takes more than what I say. But I've really proven it. I asked my father myself. Nian Nian, we really aren't siblings. Besides, Nian Nian. Think about it, if we were siblings how could my father not try to stop us? Why do I feel like they're talking about you? Let's get a bit closer. Are you out of your mind? Did you forget how Gu Zi Chen broke your cellphone last time? If they see you, I'm telling you, we will both be finished. Students. What are you doing? It's fine. Th-They are leaving. Quick. Quick, follow them. Follow them my ass. Come with me. I'll give you some more news. OK. Nian Nian, it was all my fault. I'm sorry. I feel like my dad hid a lot from me. And the way your dad acted when he met me was strange. I don't know who to believe. We just need to believe in the truth. Nian Nian. Actually, when I think back to it this matter was full of loopholes. How could we possibly be siblings? Don't you find it ridiculous? Is it ridiculous? What if it is true? How could it possibly be true? Nian Nian. I love you. I know you love me too. Let's be together again, OK? Gu Zi Chen. I'm really grateful that you got to the bottom of this. But I don't want to be in a relationship right now. I just want to stay with my dad. Also, you are He Mei's boyfriend. Can you please respect He Mei and me? Nian Nian, I know I was wrong in that. But I only partnered up with He Mei because of this issue. There's no love between us. Gu Zi Chen. He Mei loves you so much. She transferred here for you. You think it's nothing? Aren't you too selfish? Nian Nian, I know I was wrong. But you can't give away love like it's gratitude. I swear to you, there's nothing between He Mei and me. It was only a partnership. OK, even if she loves me, you can't push me toward her just because she loves me, can you? You... Nian Nian. Let's talk someplace else, OK? Xiao Ru. This is the first time I'm drinking after you left. Xiao Ru. I miss you. Our daughter misses you, too. Lately, she often asks about you. Our daughter is all grown up now. She's just as pretty as you. She's very mature. She never caused me any trouble. I was thinking, we should just spend a lifetime peacefully like this. After she grows up and marries, she'll live a good life. But who could have known that she'd meet Wei Ye's son? Wei Ye's son, you know? Xiao Ru, if you are here, tell me what to do. I don't know. Zi Chen, you know? My dad kept lying to me. This isn't lying. Do you want him to tell you that your mom was in a relationship with my dad? I'm not talking about that. You know, I always wanted to go to Peiching University. But my dad always tried to dissuade me with different reasons. I can't understand why. I can explain this to you. But before that, I need to ask you a question. Do you want to repeat the year? Repeat the year? I haven't thought about it for a long time. The Mechanical Class II and the technology contest are the only things on my mind right now. After being in QYU for so long, I've grown used to this place. And I started to like this place. If I had to leave now I wouldn't want to. Actually, I felt that already. You don't want to leave us. Nian Nian. Your father told me that you sometimes suffer from headaches. I haven't in a long time. After coming to QYU I run around all day, I don't feel much pressure. So I haven't had a headache. OK, I can answer your question now. You remember the last time you fainted, right? At the hospital, the doctor told your dad that it's because of stress of intensive studying. So you needed to rest. Intense studying? Rest? The doctor said that you suffered brain injury when you were little. You lost a part of your memory. Later, the great stress from studying caused excessive fatigue to your brain. That's why you fainted. No wonder my dad always wanted me to take a year off. Your dad knows how ambitious you are. He was afraid that you can't accept the devastating blow. He happened to receive a late recruitment notice from QYU, so he encouraged you to go to QYU. So there is a reason for my headaches. No wonder he didn't tell me. He didn't tell you because he loves you. When did you find out? Last time I brought you home your dad told me. He told me I had to keep it from you. Why didn't you tell me if you knew? He told me not to say. Nian Nian, there are many things that are not the way we see them. Right? Not the way we see them. So what about the photo of you and He Mei? Why bring up He Mei again? What could there be? There's nothing going on. Photo? A photo is just a photo. There's no such thing. That day, you... you drank too much. I got drunk. I went to a bar. And after I got drunk she came... came take photos. Chief editor Huang. Were you satisfied with the news I revealed to you last time? I was, I was. Su Nian Nian is a home-wrecker You doing that is just exposing her true face. You are doing it for everyone's benefit. Yes, yes. Miss He. What news have you brought me this time? Why do I smell a hot story? My instinct tells me that you are preparing your big move. Come closer. Miss He. Is that true? Absolutely. How can there be such a thing? It's unheard of. Except for me and Su Nian Nian's father, Mr. Jiang Mu knows too. If you don't believe me, you can ask around. Miss He. Once I've made it big I'll treat you to dinner. So, I'll be leaving then. Go. Su Nian Nian, you want to fight me? You're still wet behind the ears. Let's see how you can survive this one. Hello? Zi Chen. I'll go see you now. See you in a bit. Mr. President. Are you alright? Ever since your chat with your friend you've been looking pale. There must be something wrong. As your secretary I should... OK, OK, OK. I'm fine. You can go home and rest. Mr. President. Mr. President. Mr. President. I really think you aren't fine. Why don't I wait on you in the car? Wait on me? Are you cursing me? You may as well call the ambulance to wait on me. Mr. President. Are you hurt anywhere? I'll call the ambulance immediately. Enough. You can't even tell if it's sarcasm? Go home quickly. Sir. You're back. The madam has been worried about you. Wei Ye. You're back. Zhang Ma, prepare the dinner. Yes, madam. No need. I already ate. This early? Why did you eat already? Let me pour you a cup of tea. No need. I'm tired. I'll go lie down upstairs. Did you and your brother finish your talk? What? You can't stop clinging to your brother? You don't want to leave? He Mei, we have been friends. I have never done you any wrong. Why do you keep targeting me? Su Nian Nian, are you kidding me? You've gotten even better at playing dumb. It was you who stole Zi Chen from me. How dare you act all innocent with me. He Mei. Love is a matter between two people. You should know what kind of a relationship you and Zi Chen have. Besides, he's a grown man. How can I simply steal him? You think shamelessness is a reason now? You are saying I don't have the capability to make Zi Chen stay? I'm not as attractive as you? It's not like you haven't been to the Gu family. Do you think that it's a place that can tolerate someone like you? Don't twist my words. I'm not as capable as you make me sound. You should stop playing dumb and lying to the male students. Do you think I wouldn't know? You flirt with Zi Chen openly. You flirt with Ye Xing Yu covertly. You listen to me. You can never be together with Zi Chen. Even if you aren't siblings I still warn you, stay away from him. OK. I won't fight with you. Let's talk about future things in the future, OK? Wait. Don't be like you mother and ruin two men's lives. Wei Ye. It's all in the past. Thank you for all the beautiful memories you've brought me during our time in university. Da Zhi and I are very happy here. It's very peaceful. We all hope that you've found your own happiness in Dong Zhou. Seeing you and Da Zhi so happy, I feel at ease. You must take good care of yourselves. Actually, during these few years I've always thought of myself as a sinner. I think that I owe you too much. Please don't think like that. Actually, being able to meet the two of you is my biggest happiness. We only need to live our lives. No one owes anyone anything. Can you please tell Da Zhi for me that I really miss him? I still have some work to do at my company. Please explain it to Da Zhi, don't let him misunderstand. Actually, after all these years Da Zhi still sees you as his brother. He understands you. If you and Da Zhi come to Dong Zhou you have to visit me, got it? Alright. Call me uncle. Uncle. Such a good girl. Nian Nian. I have a son, he's a year older. Raising children is actually really exhausting. You must be more considerate of your wife. It's almost time. I have to go. Take care. Wei Ye. Let's leave everything in our memories. OK, goodbye. OK. Xiao Ru. Who would have thought? That goodbye was our last goodbye. If I knew it would be like this, I wouldn't have gone to meet you. Wei Ye. Have some tea. Mei Lin. Mei Lin. It's not like you think. It's not like you think. What is it like then? I saw it with my own eyes, can it be fake? How can I still believe you? I was just thinking about her passing away so young. I felt a little sad. You feel sad for her. Do you ever feel sad for me? You shed tears for another woman right in front of me. Do you still see me as your wife? Do you still see me as your wife? Mei Lin. Calm down. Don't say that. OK. Live your life watching over your photograph. I'll leave. - Mei Lin. - Let go! Mei Lin. Can't you be understanding? Understanding? I'm not understanding? For so many years, what else do I have except for you, except for my son, except for this family? Even if you were a piece of rock, shouldn't you have warmed up by now? Yes, for so many years I see all the things you've done for this family. But the truth is that you misunderstood this. Misunderstood it? I don't want to misunderstand. It's been so many years, you have that woman's photograph hidden in my home. I'm surprised, you can be quite infatuated. Mei Lin. Is there nothing you regret in your life? I regret. I regret that I only found out about this now. I only know now that I'm a replacement. If I knew sooner that there was such a person, I wouldn't have married you. It's been over twenty years. I finally understand why you weren't happy on the day of our wedding. Why after getting married, you kept saying you are busy and don't want to come home. I admit. I wasn't in a good mood back then. But after we got married our relationship grew better and better. Our days got better and better. Our love isn't that weak, is it? It won't break because of a little thing in the past. You are my wife. My child's mother. For me, you will always be... Will always come second to Tang Xiao Ru? Your love for her is an unforgettable love. But with me... Your marriage with me is just a deal you've made! I won't allow you to say that! OK, I won't. I'm unnecessary in this family, aren't I? OK, I'll leave. I'll leave. Mei Lin! Sister, your clothes are dry. You always make me get them for you. If you do that again, you buy me dinner. You're back. What were you talking about for so long? What did you talk about? About getting together. Listen to me, I can't stand that girl He Mei. She is such a bitch, always stirring up trouble. If you get back together with Gu Zi Chen, it'll help vent our anger, too. He Mei really loves Gu Zi Chen. Besides, I don't want love problems to drive a wedge between me and my friend. Your friend? You see her as a friend. But does she? Besides, this matter depends on Gu Zi Chen's feelings, too. I know what Gu Zi Chen thinks about He Mei. But I also know how painful it is seeing the one you love being with someone else. Sister, you are far too tolerant. If your best friend gets together with your boyfriend, you should cut the acquaintance with her. Like this there will be endless trouble. Yes. You can't go soft in this issue. You sound so clear and logical when you discuss other people's matter. But when you talk about yourselves... What about ourselves? There's nothing. That's right. I'm a lonely single lady and she's a hermaphrodite. Only thing left is to admire you. You're playing dumb with me. Chu Xia. You helped Zhao Ming Yuan so much. Even if he isn't so moved that he marries you, at least he should be worshiping your 'skirt' now. Skirt? Where's the skirt? Skirt. And you, Song Yu Xi. You keep flirting with Zhu Cheng. Do you think I'm blind? Yes, what's up with that? Do you think we are blind? That's not right. Song Yu Xi. Zhu Cheng isn't your type. Be it his looks or his body height he isn't on the mark. What's going on? Guys grow slower. He must still be growing. Right. They all say that people have a growth spurt at 25. But he can grow taller, can his looks grow, too? He looks like an evil spirit, don't you get scared? Cut the bullshit. We are only friends. Zhao Ming Yuan and I are only friends, too. It's not like you think. Really. I didn't do it to help him. I did it to help you. Be grateful. If I showed my gratitude, you would have done it for nothing. Alright, from now on, as long as you don't joke about my business, I will turn a blind eye on your business. How about that? A day goes by if you turn a blind eye. If you close your eyes forever your whole life will pass. What did you say? Is this for me? It's so pretty. I knew you wouldn't want to leave me. Don't take this the wrong way. Thank you for everything these past few days. I didn't know what to give you. So I picked a watch for you. I hope you like it. Zi Chen. You didn't need to do this. When I see you everyday I... Don't take this the wrong way. Love isn't something you can force. He Mei, I hope you won't blame this matter on Nian Nian. It's got nothing to do with her. I've thought it through. I was being too obsessive. I shouldn't have kept pestering you. Loving you means to give you freedom, right? Yes, yes, yes. There's actually something I need your help with. I was afraid you wouldn't say yes. What is it? Tell me. About the photograph of you and me. Could you please help me explain it to Nian Nian? Also, our fake relationship. Nian Nian doesn't want to be with me because of it. Nian Nian always puts others before herself. But don't worry, Zi Chen. I will explain it to her. Really? You are really honorable today. Trust me. You will find a boyfriend who's only a tad bit worse than me. Really? Really. Let's go talk to Nian Nian. There's no hurry. I need to go home in a bit. How about I explain it to her tomorrow before class? Alright. Well, let me take you home. OK. Madam. Madam, it's late. What are you doing, madam? I want to move out. I can't stay in this home anymore. Madam, why are you doing this? There's nothing a married couple can't get over. In all these years, I have never seen you so angry. What is it that you can't talk out? Zhang Ma. Please take care of this home. You know about a lot of the things. Speak no more. Why do this, madam? Mei Lin. Sir. Where are you going this late at night? Can't you calm down? I want to calm down, that's why I'm moving out. How old are you? You are still running away from home? Can't we just sit down and talk it out? What's there for us to talk about? It's so late. Where can a woman like you go? If someone is leaving, it would be me. Do you think there's no place for me out there if I leave this home? Gu Wei Ye. Don't be so arrogant. Mei Lin. Mei Lin. Let go! Sir, try to persuade madam. I'm sure she doesn't really want to leave. Enough. She's too angry right now. Give her some space. She must be going to the hotel she often stays at. Zhang Ma, listen, I need to ask you to go visit my wife often. OK, sir. Su Nian Nian's dad. Oh my god. You scared me, student. Do you need a taxi? Here, get in my car, student. Are you Su Nian Nian's parent? I am, how can I help you? I'm not a student. I'm the director of studies at QYU. I came here to speak to you. The director of studies? No, I think I've seen your director. Doesn't he wear glasses? I think... I wasn't finished yet. Director of studies' assistant. I'm the assistant. You said you were here to talk to me? Did something happen to Nian Nian? No. Su Nian Nian has always been working hard to fulfill the contractual agreement. Not only did she improve the student's academic performance, she also improved the school's atmosphere. Right now there's harmony all around QYU. Everyone is studying hard. They all say that this is to Su Nian Nian's credit. That's so great. I knew that our Nian Nian is the right one. This is awesome. Sorry, sorry. I'm too happy. It's all just Nian Nian's job. Er, director assistant. Oh right, there's another matter. Please tell me. Su Nian Nian's employment contract is about to expire soon. See, the university is very satisfied with Su Nian Nian. So they want to extend the contract. What do you think? I don't have a say in that. You need to ask Nian Nian. Isn't there still some time till the contract expires? Ignore what I said. Ignore everything I said. Er, you should ask Nian Nian. Ask Nian Nian. OK, I understand. Thank you, uncle. Su Nian Nian is truly lucky to have such an excellent father. You flatter me. Look, you've become the director's assistant at such a young age. You are very talented. You have a great future ahead of you. Thank you. I'll be leaving then. Goodbye. My WeChat is gonna be so popular. Huang, you are gonna be famous. Someone like that can become a director's assistant? Thank god he's an assistant. Doctor Jin. Why didn't you knock? I have a cold. I don't know what medicine I should take. Why are you so depressed? Is it that obvious? You're standing there, like an abandoned man. Can't you show some will to fight? Doctor Jin, are you free right now? Can I have a chat with you? OK. Please sit. I want to ask you something. Please answer me truthfully. Do I really look so miserable? It's not that bad I guess. You don't need to console me. I finally found out why she didn't come to the bridge that day. She must be thinking that I look miserable. She got scared and ran away. Looks like I will never find a wife. What nonsense are you talking about? Maybe it wasn't because of your looks. Then why? Say, are all women so capricious? First she treats you so tenderly. Then later she abandons you. What's she thinking? A woman's heart is unpredictable. I don't think so. When I chatted with her on the internet I thought that I really understood her. It's like I could predict what she was going to say or do next. I thought that she was really authentic. But you never met. How do you know we never met? Didn't you say you scared her away? Actually, after being in love on the internet for over a month now, I really get the feeling that we seem very familiar. As if we've known each other for years. I feel like I know her very well. She really understands me. I really think that we are a match made in heaven. But when I think my happiness is right around the corner, it still ends the same. When cyber romance meets the light, it dies, don't you know? Can you truly get to know someone through a virtual network? Look, she stood you up. Don't you hate her? I don't. I really don't hate her. Because I love her. I've thought it through. I will wait for her no matter what. I'll wait till the day she's willing to accept me. Do you think that'll work? Your cold medicine. Fighting. Thank you for the encouragement. I'm gonna go. Why is my heart beating so fast? Jiang Mu, what are you thinking? You're acting like a two-timer. You just said that you'll wait for Little Goldfish. No. Control yourself. Control yourself. Big brother. Look at what I did. He... Yes.... Yours is wrong. Listen to me. I'm listening. I think you can't do this like that. Haven't seen our classmates like this, have you? Are you shocked? Especially The Three Remarkable of QYU. They are so studious. I never noticed it, Chen Yuan is a master programmer. He has talent. I knew it long ago. How did you know? Did you secretly investigate each of us? Where would I find the time? Enough. Get busy. Aren't you doing this? Did Zi Chen come to you? He came to me yesterday. But I don't want to talk about our relationship with him right now. I should concentrate on the things at hand. I think so too. You two should calm down right now. When I saw Zi Chen in the dormitory, he was really happy. I thought you had said yes to him. We just cleared up the misunderstanding between us. And it seems like He Mei's misconception about me runs really deep. So I think that the way to handle the issue between us three is to have no contact with each other. You can't think like that. I have an advice. Do you want to hear? Look. I think that everyone is working blindly. So why don't we work out the model of this Knowledge Pouch first? Let everyone have a basic idea. It will make future operation much easier. I like your idea. Right? I didn't sleep a wink last night. I think I was wrong in this matter. I jumped to conclusions about Nian Nian. Don't worry. I will explain our matter to Nian Nian. I'm so happy you think like that. I also hope that you and Nian Nian can become friends again. If Nian Nian doesn't resent me of course we'll still be friends. Thank you. Don't be so polite with me. Oh right, Zi Chen, I talked to my dad about the investment. He said that he won't pull back the investment because of us. So don't worry. You think the elders too naive. They know better than us that love can't be forced. I must have been over thinking things. Zi Chen. We should hurry up. OK. Big brother, you are so cool. You are full of tricks. Shocking news. The beautiful class monitor was actually hired. Mechanical Class II became a tool for profit. That's impossible. It's obviously fake. He sure can fabricate stories. Yes. Don't believe it. Nian Nian enrolled with the other late enrolled students. How could she have been hired? Seems like your good look is all you got. There's an audio recording. Aren't you gonna listen to it? You said you were here to talk to me? Did something happen to Nian Nian? No. Su Nian Nian has always been working hard to fulfill the contractual agreement. Not only did she improve the student's academic performance, she also improved the school's atmosphere. That's so great. I knew that our Nian Nian is the right one. Su Nian Nian's employment contract is about to expire soon. See, the university is very satisfied with Su Nian Nian. So they want to extend the contract. What do you think? Isn't there still some time till the contract expires? Ignore what I said. Ignore everything I said. Nian Nian, why don't you go back to the dorms for now? I can't leave. This can't be true, can it? What's going on? Tell us. Yes, Nian Nian. This is surely fake, right? Class monitor. Shouldn't you give us an explanation? Or else our Mechanical Class II will become the greatest laughingstock of QYU! That's right! Yes! Class monitor. You... You didn't really lie to us, did you? Why even ask? Didn't you hear the recording? Her dad already said it. If you ask me, Su Nian Nian, you're a liar. I shouldn't have treated you as my friend. That's right. Enough! Hear her out! If anyone falsely accuses her we three will be the first ones to step in! I'm sorry, everyone. This matter is true. Did you hear? My god. Do you have a conscience? Even though it is true but please believe me. I wouldn't use you for anything. Did we miss out on some good drama? Miss He Mei. Our class monitor got hired by the university. She lied to our whole class. Our Mechanical Class II has become a big joke. Liar! Yes. That's right. Be quiet, everyone! Perhaps our class monitor did sign a contract with the university. But there is something you can't deny. Nian Nian's sincerity towards all of us. I want to say that the one who leaked the information must have ulterior motives.