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I thought you had no interest in chess. I am willing to play chess with you as you want. Is she so important to you? The maid. I share the same idea with you. I want to throw her into Taiye pond. But ministry of justice has her fingerprint and confession. She has many fire wounds. In accordance with national law, the confession with the torture is invalid. I thought you were here to apologize to me today. I want to ask you for someone. She is in your hands, right? Where is maid Sun of Denghua palace? Sector Geng. She is just a pawn. She is useless for me. Have you checked my memorial? Do you think you will be the winner? I am not goot at chess. But if I win today, can you grant my request? If the chessboard is the world, playing chess is reigning the world. Playing politics and strategies are important. Observation and maintaining of the overall situation are more important. For the overall situation, sometimes we need to know... Your Majesty Earlier on, I made a memorial. I want to invite the imperial concubine to Zongzheng Temple So she could help Dazongzheng find out the crown princess' death. Please, I need your approval, your Majesty. She is your stepmother. She is the imperial concubine or the suspect. No need. You have lost the game. In terms of your speech and behavior in recent days, I want to forgive you. But for the parenthood and institutions, Here is the imperial decree for crown prince Xiao Dingquan. Maid Gu of Baoben palace murdered the princess and her son. And she has made her confession. She should be sentenced to death. The commander should arrest her now and punish her accordingly. Crown prince Dingquan covered her up. It's complicity. But I know he is deceived. And now he is repentant. So he will go for introspection in Zongzheng Temple. That's all. Your Royal Highness Please take it. Crown prince, take it. I won't accept this. That's not all. As a regent, I can't agree with you. Also, I reject it. I don't need your forgiveness and understanding. The one who should be forgived is not me. Great... I thought you had some better ideas. I didn't expect you would depend on what I gave you. Your Majesty All of them went there. You are... We are from ministry of justice. We are from censorate. We are from Dali Temple. Three interdependent judicial departments. What are you doing here? We are here to take maid Sun who is suspected of murdering the crown princess. We need to thoroughly investigate the crown princess' death. You have imperial decree? Or the crown prince's order? Attendant Wang. It's the crown prince's order. You colluded with three interdependent judicial departments. No collusion. We just act in accordance with national law. No. How can Zhang Luzheng... Zhang Shaoyun filed the lawsuit. He is the son of minister of justice. Minister Zhang should avoid arousing suspicion throughout the case. So the deputy adjudicators will replace him. You even find Du Heng. What about censorate and Dali Temple? Royal minister He. Minister Zhang Did you use the censorate's seal? What happened? Wrong, it's not me. It's right. Assistant minister Du told me, for this matter, you should avoid arousing suspicion. Why did you seal it? Minister Zhang What are you talking about? Your department made the paper to file the case. Our departments are of the same level. We need to accept and hear the case once you give it to us. It's our protocol. You can reject it after acceptance. Why should I? I don't want to. He. You. He. Lieutenant Kong. For the crown princess' case, you... It's not what I want. Ministry of justice takes charge of the litigation. Censorate takes charge of inspection. My department takes charge of review. You agree on the case. My department has to get involved in it. This is national law. Your Grace. Now you should go to tell your son to cancel the case in Fang palace of Donggong palace. It's over. Zhanshi department? Zhanshi department serves the crown prince and princess. Zhao Shaoyun, princess' brother told me to submit it to Zuochun palace. Zuochun palace takes charge of Donggong palace's paperwork. They submit the paper to ministry of justice. This is the official work among yamens. As long as ministry of justice files the case, Assistant minister Du I need to ask you a favor. I am flattered. All the rest will be reasonable and legal. Well, you did the regency so well. This is the first time to hear your compliment after my regency. Crown prince. For a woman, you want to defy against me and our family? You told me. Institutions and parenthood are different. You have objections. We can talk about them another time. But... Your Majesty As long as I seal it, it will be a national case. I see. So you want to be the second... I am asking what I should do. I got it. Chongkui. You need to send the imperial concubine to Zongzheng Temple. Your Majesty Your Majesty Your Majesty Imperial concubine. I will be waiting outside. Not me. You should tell this to Dazongzheng. Dazongzheng He is the late emperor's brother. Your granduncle. Also, Wu Dehou's uncle. In front of him, can I clarify myself? You still have the chance. What if my mother, younger sister, wife and son could have the chance to clarify themselves like you. You don't want to make it a national case right? She is my father's concubine, also my brother's mother. I don't want to hurt... Zongzheng Temple is... Gloat. Also, I will send you and the maid of Denghua palace there. It sounds more terrible than ministry of justice. Yes. It's spooky and dark. I have seen more of the world than you. I should jump from here again. Go ahead. This time, I will stand on the bridge and enjoy your sinking. Your Royal Highness Dazongzheng. He is an upright man. He will not be partial. Not to mention I will go there. Your Grace... Colonel Yang. Prefectural governor Li. Why are you here in person? My men have been here a lot. But their words didn't work. So I need to take the risk. They have built the chariots to capture the fortress. Why are these reinforcements still here? They besiege our city. But we have enough provisions. You just need to stay here. Why do you want to go out? Besiege? Go to check it. They are attacking. If this is what Wu Dehou means... It's my judgment. You? You are just a colonel, you think you can afford the responsibility alone? Here, I am the commander in chief. So my words are useless. But tonight I come here with the imperial decree of supervising the battle. Yang Sheng You are going to rebel against it? Prefectural governor Li. I am a soldier. I just know the war situation. I don't know the imperial decree. Yang Sheng, how dare you! Uncle. Uncle, calm down. Feng'en. It's your father's militray order? No, it's his order. Who let him in? Take him out, and have him beaten for 40 times. Yang Sheng, how dare you! Wait. I see. You don't have to act a role in front of me. You will fight against them. Only when Tianchang camp meets the end. Uncle. Why do you say like this? Uncle. You can't tell these to the emperor. I am guarding the country's fortress for the emperor. We are in the army. I am not your uncle. Uncle. If you want to get attached, take this from me. Even if you don't think about the country. At least you should think about the crown prince. Bye. Uncle. As long as I seal it, it will be a national case. I am asking you what I should do. Do we have any news from Changzhou? Your Majesty Not yet. Make the decree. Yes So, do you think it won't work unless I give the crown prince a decree? Your Majesty I am not sure. Your Grace. It's dangerous here. Go. Your Grace. Your Grace. Here is my order. All the soldiers should guard the gate at all costs. No step back. Whoever violates my orders will die. Yes. Now you are grown up. So you won't need any advice. I don't need your advice even if I am not an adult. How will you put an end to this? I won't intervene. I just wait for granduncle's conclusion. I will be nobody but a listener. No. I am asking... You and the emperor. He Daoran is waiting for me. I have lectures. You have no lectures before your mourning is not over. You are so lame about lies, even if you are an adult. I can still hear you. I... A bit louder. Did you return it back? Yes I sent it back personally. Does he know? I don't know, because the emperor just left after the levee. Your Royal Highness Your Royal Highness, you need to go to Zongzheng Temple. Granduncle. So early, something wrong? He just said it's urgent. Dazongzheng is waiting for you. Your Royal Highness Why are you here? Dazongzheng wants to see me. What did he say? Eldest brother. Eldest brother, why are you back? You should safeguard the frontier. Why... Is mother doing ok? I don't know. I am asking you. Why do you come back without permission? The emperor is here. Commander. Where is Dazongzheng? Your Royal Highness Come in. Close the door. Son. Mother. Do you know where we are? Prince Qi. Zongzheng Temple. The place for all penalties. Great. The death of the crown princess is our family's serious matter. You are my sons. I think you should hear this. Bring them up. Bring them up. Your Majesty, it's... Maid Sun. I interrogate you in person, you need to answer me the truth. Yes You made the confession yesterday. Who instructed you to poison the princess? Imperial concubine. Your Majesty She is lying. I am innocent. I will confirm again. It's the imperial concubine or someone else? I won't torture you. And you don't deserve the torture here. But if you tell me lies, I will exterminate your clan. So tell me the truth. Yes Maid Gu. I didn't poison the princess. She coerced me to say so. You. So you just resign to her coercion? I saw it that night. The princess kneeled at her and begged her, crying. I saw it. Maid Su who told the princess to attend the banquet also saw it. Princess. You... She is unwell. You should help her. Your Royal Highness The crown princess kneeled at a maid. What is your relationship with her? How dare you! How dare you! Who are you talking to? Your Majesty She is so ridiculous. So your bahavior is not? You are the crown prince. Now you come here to intervene in person. I'm afraid she will commit suicide out of fear. You don't punish her severely after you have the confession, evidence and testimony. But you went to ministry of justice. I went there because... Why was she coerced to scapegoat others? Your Majesty For the decency, I don't think we need to make it so clear. My crown prince. I didn't coerce her. And the crown prince instigated no one. Please find out the truth. Truth. Behave. It's the taboo. You show no respect to the emperor. The inferiors imitate the superiors. No wonder. Guards. Your Majesty Execute her. Yes Your Majesty Dazongzheng should interrogate this in person. How can you meddle in? Lord. What happened? Why is the door closed? Commander The emperor is inside. Who else? Crown prince. You can't go in. I am Dazongzheng. It's the past. Your Majesty You remove him from office. We can wait for the new one. According to family law, who will fill the vacancy? You don't hesitate to do this just to protect them. Your men. You go. You intend to bring all the charges to her and settle the case? Not intend. It's the truth. How about me? You can justify yourself. She made the self-assertion with your authority. You just need to show your attitude and position. So you can settle everyone by killing an innocent? You invite the suspicion because of your poor cultivation. Why don't you discard them? Why do you... Crown prince. I am not a butcher. I won't do such things. I won't agree on your conclusion. Come with me. Your Royal Highness. Let him go. Since he disagrees, he should reject the decree and prove it. I will. He is so eager to be the second Li Baizhou. Ok, I can help him. As the chancellor, I need to reject the imperial decree. You do this. Because I... Go. Take your adherents here. I have no adherents. I never thought... And your uncle. Call your cousins back. I have returned Jinbao in the early morning. Who else? All come here. I want to see your long arm. Your Majesty If you are misunderstood, I can explain it to you. Don't go? Then I will go back now. I will wait for you. I will wait for you. I will ask for your punishment for my defy. But... It's not her, not me. Actually you believe me. Your Royal Highness Commander The emperor just wants to see your attitude and position. Your Royal Highness.