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His majesty is here. Your majesty. Arise. Thank you, your majesty. Bao Zheng. I asked you and Zhang Zhen to come. Because there is one thing I want you to know. Your majesty, please tell us. Prime minister Jin has controlled many officials. If you punish him at present. I'm afraid it will have bad affection. Your majesty, we have enough evidence. Do you plan to absolve Jin Chong? Your majesty. It will hit the court prestige. Set a bad precedent for others. Ambitious schemers will do what they want. Of course I know it. But I don't know one thing. You never saw Qin Tao and Gu Xiaoyan. How could you believe them? This is because. Your majesty. We just found Gu Xiaoyan had died in jail. What? Justice Bao. It's obvious that she has poisoned herself. Your honor, please have a look. Qin Tao and I were in danger. Zhang Zhen helped us at that time. We didn't expect that he was a sinister man. He asked us to repay him for his kindness. We became his confederates. And we set prime minister up. Qin Tao has died because of that. I have no reason to live. So I decide to die. But I have to tell the truth before I die. I'm afraid of implicating prime minister. I also want Qin Tao's soul to rest in peace. Zhang Zhen. Is the words on the blood letter true? Your majesty. I am wrongly accused. Now. How can I believe you? Your majesty. Zhang Zhen. You'd better admit your guilt. Your majesty might let you live. Even I'm going to die. I have to kill you before I die. Zhang Zhen. Be calm. You'll fail if you just touch him. Don't prevent me. I must die together with him today! Zhang Zhen! Zhang Zhen! You have lost your mind. How can you solve the problem? Anybody? Catch him! Go! Go! Your majesty! Justice Bao. In this palace. Zhang Zhen dares to hurt me. What's he charged with? Jin Chong. Zhang Zhen didn't touch you. How can you say he hurt you. Father. I beg you to release Zhang Zhen. Put Zhang Zhen in prison! Prime minister is innocent. Release him now! Your majesty, you're wise. Your majesty, thank you. Mudan. Dad. Mudan. I'm disappointed about you. I'm sorry. Today. In front of the emperor and officials. You pretended to be comatose. But you didn't want to say anything for me. You made me lose all my face. You broke my heart. Dad. I want to be crown prince's wife. That's also what you want. You have told me one thing since I was young. When a man gets to the top, all his fellows get there with him. If I become crown prince's wife. I'll be the empress in the future. You'll also benefit from me. I'm the prime minister of Song dynasty. Do I need my daughter's help to strengthen my status and power? What I do is just for you. For us? Dad, do you think I know nothing? Dad, you just did everything for your power. You did many things to cover your crimes. To cover my crimes? If I didn't do that. How could you have a good life like this? I planed everything for you. But you're an ingrate and treat me like this. I am ingrate? Dad, even if I'm an ingrate. I learn that from you! I've to tell you what I'm thinking! These words have been in my mind for a long time. Have you ever cared about me since I was a kid? Other fathers truly love their daughters. But do you truly love me? When you need me. You'll make use of me. I have to listen to you. When you don't need me, I'll become your burden. You pay no attention to me. Is it useful that you give me a luxurious life? Let me tell you. I don't care about that. Are you really my daughter? How dare you say these words to me coldly? I fed you by myself until you're 7 years old. No matter how busy I was, I must go to your bedroom every night. I tucked you up and drove mosquitoes away for you. Don't you remember that? I remember. I just think you have changed. You aren't what you used to be! I haven't changed. But you think I'm old. Do you think I can't realize something? I even can't see through you. Don't force me! Let go! Let go! Let go! Jin Chong! I warn you! If I'm in jail. No one can live happily! Mudan, are you fine? Are you fine? That's all right. That's all right. Duan, are you fine? It's okay, just little cut. Father. I come here today because I have some questions. What do you plan to punish Zhang Zhen? I know. The thing happened yesterday is unfair to him. But what can I do? Jin Chong and his partners are so arrogant. Father, do you still plan to connive them? Of course not. But it isn't the right time. This is the right time. My son. Our country is suffering internal and external problems. We can't act rashly and blindly. But because of that. We must seize the chance to solve the internal problems. Then we can solve the external problems. Are the evidences of Zhang Zhen true? Who can make sure of that? How can we explain the blood letter of Gu Xiaoyan? Three days. Father, please give me three days. I'll make you know the truth. All right. Zhang Zhen! Zhang Zhen! Hong Ling! Zhang Zhen, you have suffered so much. It doesn't matter. You must take care of yourself. And take care of my mother. We don't dare to tell aunt Lan. I just tell her you stay with Justice Bao. You are crown prince. Do something. Your friend is going to die. Do something, okay? I have told my father, in fact. If we can find out the evidence of Jin Chong. We may regain the initiative. Zhao Duan, I'm so sorry to you. I have to trouble you again. Friends should help each other. Now what we should do is to find some evidence good for you. To help you. There are two important witnesses in the case. Qin Tao and Gu Xiaoyan have died. So there are only one witness. Who is that? Jin Mudan. Yes. Aunt Lan has told me. Jin Mudan told her the truth. She said she killed Qin Tao. Really? Did she say that? I remember. When his majesty asked her the truth. No wonder she fainted suddenly. Of course. She pretended to faint. How could a daughter report her own father? Conspiring with enemies against the country is treason. The whole family will be killed because of that. She won't tell that. How abominable! Let's do something! Qin Tao's corpse! You mean... If we find out Qin Tao's corpse. We will have evidences. Dead person doesn't tell a lie. If Jin Mudan did kill Qin Tao. Some clues must be left on his corpse. If we find out Qin Tao's corpse. And find out clues to prove Jin Mudan is guilty. Jin Mudan will have no choice but to tell the truth in court. But where can we find out his corpse? According to the relationship between Miss Gu and Qin Tao. She must bury Qin Tao first. Then she confessed her crimes. The city is so large. Where was the corpse buried? After Qin Tao died. Miss Gu soon went confess her crimes. I guess. She didn't bury him in a far place. I remember. Miss Gu said she is from Sichaun. People from there believe a story. They will go to heaven if they're buried in high place. They will be ghosts if they're buried in the earth. So they'd like to be buried on the cliffs. Because they think it's high. So the place is close to here and it's a cliff. Where is it? - Go there! - Yes! Yes! - Here is on you! - Yes! - Any findings? - No. I find nothing here. Search carefully! - Do you find something there? - No. Search carefully! - You should go there! - Yes! - I find nothing here. - I find nothing here. Tang Xin! Come here quickly! Is it there? Look! On that place! - Gimme autopsy bag. - Yes. Your highness. This is his mortal wound. It's caused by a sharp thing piercing his heart. It's Suoyang Pearl! How do you know? When I was in academy. I saw one on Yu Zhuozheng's hand. Bigger than this one. He said it was a gift for Jin Mudan at Mid-autumn Festival. Yu Zhuozheng. Tell me what is this? Your honor, this is a Suoyang Pearl. How can you get it? It's found in the wound of corpse. I heard it is yours. No. No. No. Your honor, I did nothing! You're lying! You did hold it. On the Mid-autumn Festival! You said you would send it to Jin Mudan. Yes. My father has sent it to prime minister. Did you say the truth? Yes. What's your father's name? My father is Yu Guilin. Summon Yu Guilin. I'm Yu Guilin. Bow in respect before your honor. - Yu Guilin. - Yes. Do you know that pearl? This pearl is related to a homicide case. You'd better tell who you sent it to. Then it won't be our business. Yes. Tell the truth. Your honor. Zhuozheng is my son. He loves Prime minister's daughter, Jin Mudan. In order to make Jin Mudan love him. My son asked for my help. He wanted me to sent the pearl to Jin Chong. When did that happen? The Mid-autumn Festival this year. Do you mean you have two pearls? At that time. Prime minister was so happy to get them. His wife told me. One of them will be inlaid in Jin Mudan's phoenix coronet. The other will be inlaid in a hairpin. Crown prince! It's so late. Crown prince dares to intrude into my room. Isn't it polite? I come here to talk to you. Miss Mudan. I'm Hong Ling. I beg you to be Zhang Zhen's witness. Zhang Zhen is innocent. I won't be a witness for Zhang Zhen. I bring a gift for you tonight. You must like it. Do you know the pearl? Now we have enough evidences. You can't deny your guilt anymore. Aunt has told me. She said she would help me. No one can help you now. Only you can help yourself. Tomorrow, on the court. Tell others your father's crime. I can't. Miss Mudan, I beg you. Please tell the truth. Zhang Zhen is innocent. Tell the truth? Tell my father's crime? If you were me. Could you do it? Then Zhang Zhen will be wrongly accused. You don't save him. But persons like your father can do everything. Don't force me again! I can't do it! It seems that she can't do it really. You want to be a filial daughter. All right. I'll help you. Where are you going? I'll show Justice Bao the evidences. And tell him you killed Qin Tao. I didn't kill Qin Tao. He kidnapped me. I didn't want to kill him. I didn't want to kill him. Why did he kidnap you? If you didn't tell me the truth. I have to tell Justice Bao. You planned to kill Qin Tao. No! I didn't want to kill him! Jin Mudan. Even if you sacrifice yourself to be a filial daughter. Your Jin family will not be punished. At present. Your father is prime minister. So Jin family can act wildly. But you have to remember. I'm crown prince. Will the emperor believe you? Or believe me? If what you did is known in the court. You will commit a crime of deceit. Your whole family will be beheaded. Zhao Duan. Don't threaten her again. I'm serious. Don't say again. I'm confused now. Let me think about it. You'd better let her think about it. He is her father. Well. Tomorrow morning. You must tell the truth in the court. Otherwise. You'll die. Don't try to escape. I've surrounded here. What else can I do? This time, Jins will be destroyed. If I tell everything. Dad, including the whole Jin family, will die. But I'll be respected due to that. Maybe I could live. If I don't tell the truth. I'll die. Your majesty arrives. Long live your majesty. Arise. Zhang Zhen. Did you force Qin Tao and Gu Xiaoyan to set up prime minister Jin Chong? Your majesty, I'm wrongly accused. Do you have any evidences to show you are innocent? Your majesty. Gu Xiaoyan told the truth at the cost of her life. How could she told lies. Zhang Zhen, you are so cruel and merciless. Even if you hate me. How dare you set me up? You dare to plan to kill me! I didn't do that. I always feel regretful. Because I can't bring you to justice. Your majesty, please clear my name. Bao Zheng. Yes. According to the law of Song dynasty. If a man sets officials up. What punishment does he deserve? Your majesty, he will be killed. But. Zhang Zhen, what else do you want to say? Your majesty, I didn't set Jin Chong up. Please judge that clearly. Your majesty, Zhang Zhen is so bad. He dares to frame the prime minister. He is so audacious and unbridled. Please punish him strictly. And give prime minister justice! Please give prime minister justice! Please give prime minister justice! Detain Zhang Zhen in jail. I'll punish him few days later. Your majesty, please don't punish him. Stop! - Father. - What are you doing? Today I bring the most important witness in the case. Jin Mudan. Father, she said she has something important to tell you. Bow in respect before your majesty. Jin Mudan, arise. Thank you, your majesty. Your majesty, I can prove. Zhang Zhen is innocent. Jin Mudan. How could you prove Zhang Zhen is innocent? When Qin Tao kidnapped me. Qin Tao told me something. My father, Jin Chong has told him to Putuo village. To kill Zhang Zhen and his father. He wanted to get evidences that can prove he colluded with Pang from Zhang Wenxiang. Your majesty, I can prove. What Zhang Zhen said is all true. Mudan, don't tell jokes. Your majesty, please don't believe my daughter. Your majesty, Gu Xiaoyan wrote the letter by herself. It can prove that Zhang Zhen set me up. I'm innocent. Jin Chong, I've found out. Gu Xiaoyan is illiterate. That letter was wrote by another person. In fact. Li Yuqiao asked someone to kill Gu Xiaoyan. And Li Yuqiao is your subordinate. Crown prince! Your majesty! I knew nothing about that. I just obeyed the order of prime minister. Your majesty, please forgive me! - Anybody? - Yes. Take off his hat and uniform. - Put him in prison and wait for the punishment. - Yes. Your majesty, please forgive me! Your majesty! Please forgive me! Your majesty! Jin Chong, what else do you want to say? Mudan, tell his majesty. Tell him what you said is not true. Father, I can't obey your order. Mudan, look at me clearly. I'm your father. I'm your father! Father, please don't complain me. What you did is wrong. I do this. Because I want to atone for your crime. Dad. We Jins owe others a lot. Jin Chong, stand aside. Jin Mudan. Why didn't you say this before? Your majesty. Because I have to testify against my father. I was bitter during this period. But I figure it out now. Even if I become a filial daughter. I gotta tell the truth. I don't wanna fail people died because of him. I don't want Zhangs disappointed. I don't want your majesty disappointed, either. Your majesty, I want to apology for my father. My father is wrong. Please forgive him. Zhang Zhen, I apology for my father. I know we Jins didn't treat you well. I also know you can't forgive me. I just want to let you get paid by justice. And we are responsible for your father's death. So I can feel better. Miss Mudan, thank you very much. Jin Chong, do you admit your crimes? Your majesty, you can't pardon Jin Chong's crimes. We didn't know the truth. So we were deceived by his words. Your majesty, please forgive us. Your majesty, please forgive us. Rubbishes! You're all rubbishes! It's wasteful that I fed you so many years! You all want to kill me. But you can't! Let's die together! - Anybody? - Yes. Take off his hat and official clothes. - Put him in prison and wait for punishment. - Yes. Zhang Zhen is innocent. Release him now. Your majesty, thank you. - Arise. - Your majesty, thank you. Where are you going? Shuanger! Don't leave me! Don't go! Don't go! Don't go! Honger! You have been with me for a long time. Don't go! Don't go! I beg you! Where are you going? Tell me! Don't go! Don't go! Stand there! No one can leave! Don't move! Catch them all! - Don't let anyone leave! - Yes. How dare you! I'm prime minister's wife. Let me go! Shut up! Go! Bow in respect before your majesty. Arise. Your majesty, thank you. Bao Zheng. Yes. I let you come here. Because I have a question. May I ask whether it is related to Jin Chong's case? According to Song dynasty's law. If a man conspires with enemies against the state and killed many people. What punishment does he deserve? Your majesty, according to Song dynasty. He must be killed. His family must be killed, either. But, your majesty. Stop talking. Everyone should obey the country laws and family rules. I ask you to judge Jin Chong's case. You should obey the Song dynasty's laws. Yes. Mudan, why did you do this? How dare you treat your father like this? How dare you treat me like this? Release me! Release me! Release me! Sister-in-law, don't cry. This is my good daughter. Is this my good daughter? Look at me. Why did you do this? Mom! - Aunt Lan! - Mom! Hong Ling. How could you come here? Go back now. Zhang Zhen, please save us out. Please help us to go outside! Mrs. Jin, be calm. Don't be like this. Mom, stop pestering Mr. Zhang. Mom, don't worry. I must do something to help you. My kid. We should obey the laws. It's a pity that I'm not so lucky. I can't see your wedding with Hong Ling. - Mom! - Aunt Lan! Help us! Please help us! Zhang Zhen. Don't be depressed. I believe you. You can help aunt to go outside. Yes. You must have ideas. You can help us, can't you? I don't want to die. I don't want to die. Zhang Zhen. I know Jin family treated you bad. We did many bad things. We must be punished. But aunt is innocent. Although her family name is Jin. She isn't related to our family. You can pay no attention to us. But you have to take care of her. Zhang Zhen. Jin Mudan has told the truth. She proved her father was guilty. You'd better do something to help them. Thanks for your kindness. I'm bad. I did so many bad things. I know it's a retribution of Jin family But it's our fault. I don't want to get aunt into trouble. Zhang Zhen, whatever. Please save aunt. Mudan, I'm sorry. I got you wrong. I should say sorry to you. I hurt you so many times. I'm Jin family's daughter. I have my dad and mom. Why not try to find crown prince? Ask him for help. Maybe he can save aunt. Yes. Let's find Zhao Duan Well. Whatever. You three guys are innocent. I must try my best to save you. Don't worry. Well, thank you. Thank you, Zhang Zhen. I want to beg you a thing. Your majesty, please allow me. Arise. Arise. What do you want? Your majesty. Please don't kill others in Jin family. Jin Chong conspired a rebellion with Justice Pang. You killed Zhang Wenxiang and others. Jin Chong should be killed. Claim that all over the country. About other people in the case. Thanks to his majesty's kindness. Jins members don't need to die. Thank you, your majesty. Thank you, your majesty. - Mom! - Thank you, your majesty. Close the Jin mansion now. Confiscate all the poverty. Deprive the titles of other Jins. - Aunt Lan! - Mom! That's good! You are fine finally! Thank you, your majesty! Mom! Thank you, your majesty! Thank you, your majesty! - Mom. - Aunt Lan. Let's go home. Let's go home. - Thank you, your majesty! - Thank you, your majesty! Mom! Thank you, your majesty! Thank you, your majesty! Wait for a moment. What are we waiting for? Madam. Miss. Goodbye. We have to go. Go. Go. My lady, take care. - Just go. - Miss, goodbye. Go. Mom, let's go. Go home? Do we go home? Mudan, where is our palanquin? Where is our palanquin? We won't sit t in a palanquin. Anybody? Anybody? Where is our palanquin? Let's walk home. Let's go. I'm prime minister's wife. How can I have no palanquin? Where is our palanquin? Mom, listen to me. Be calm. Zhang Zhen, what they should do? Well, mom. I have arranged everything for them. But I don't know. Mrs. Jin will like them or not. Take them to our home. Be good. Do you agree with me? Yes. It's good! Mudan, go to our home. Hong Ling and Tang Xin have prepared room for you. The room is not really good. You can still live in. Think about the future later. You are an unlucky man! You dare to come here to act wildly! You dare to marry my daughter! My daughter will become crown prince's wife. Don't you know? Stop saying that! Stop! - Don't angry with me! Don't angry. - I'm not angry. I told your father to let you marry crown prince. Don't be angry. I'm not angry, mom. Mudan, you'd better come with us. - My daughter. - No. Thanks for your kindness. Mudan. No. If you want to help us. Please let our Jins go out with some dignity. Mom, let's go home. Look! The palanquin is there! Let's walk to there! I have to sit in the palanquin. Mom, let's walk to our palanquin. I have to sit in the palanquin. - Mom. - I can't walk too much. We can go to our palanquin soon. - Mom, let's go home. - Let's go. - Let's talk at home. - Okay. Dad. I have brought the murderer to justice. I hope you can rest in peace. I will remember your words. From now on, I must be a good man. I'll take care of mom and our family. And I'll work hard for country. A person from my hometown told me. Lots of people know this thing. Do you remember Chen Ronggui? Yes. Of course I remember him. Well, how is he? After the case of Uncle Wenxiang is clear. He doesn't need to be punished due to murder. But because he always did many bad things. He must serve in military for 3 years in frontier juncture. I hope he can mend his ways. Don't tyrannize others again. All right. I will feel better. If you are happy and safe. Let's cook. Okay. Okay I'm hungry. Let's go! Mom, eat before it becomes cold. Zhen, what date is today? Today is the 10th May in the lunar calendar. Tomorrow will be 11st May. Yes. Jin Chong will be beheaded tomorrow. I know you must feel sad. Today I ordered these meals. All uncle Jin's likes. Let's send to him. Zhen, he killed your father. But he is also your brother. Should I... Until now. You are his sister. It's the last chance for you to see him. Mom, let's pack them up. I'll go see him with you. He doesn't want to see you. My mom cooked these dishes. Please take them to him. Don't worry, mom. He will know your kindness. Let's go home.