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If Zhen needs a demon to get things done, I'd rather he is a loser. Aunt Lan, I promise. I will not ever use any mana from now on. Tell me then. If you marry Zhen, what will the children be that you give birth to? Tell me! Hong Ling, I beg you. Zhen is the last offspring left of Zhangs. If he marries you, how should I face the Zhangs' ancestors! Just go. Go far away. Our relationship is over. - Aunt Lan. - Go. - Aunt Lan, don't do this. - Mother. Mother. Mother. Aunt Lan! Hong Ling. I remember when we were in the fishing village. Near the river. In the college. Every night, you send me home with a lantern lightning. Don't worry. Every night since now on, I will still light the lamp for you. But aunt Lan... Anyway, I, Zhang Zhen, have already fixed on you. No one can tear us apart. Aren't you afraid of aunt Lan being angry? She may not be able to accept this for a while, But my mother is a sensible person. It may take a while, for her to change the mind. I know. I will certainly try my best. Let aunt Lan forgive me. Accept me again. Who will be angry with you? Give me your hand. Miss Hong Ling. My lady said you were not allowed in. Just let me in, okay? Just tell aunt Lan I want to beg her pardon. But I... Let me in please. What's wrong? Hong Ling. What are you doing here? Mudan, is aunt Lan still angry? Aunt is still angry. Last night my brother knelt at the door all night. My aunt ignored him. How about going back first? She won't cool down in a short time. Can you give the flowers to aunt Lan for me? Sure. Rest assured. Go back and get some rest. Don't worry. I will help you. Aunt. Aunt! What's wrong with you? Don't you feel well? Mudan, what's this? This is flowers for you. From Hong Ling. It's beautiful and fragment. That child. Aunt, I see you are so reluctant to treat Hong Ling bad. Why not just agree? I can tell. She loves brother with all her heart. Besides, you said that. She is kind to you too. Right. As long as she treats you well. That's enough. I have no idea what to do. In fact, this whole thing. I've been thinking about it for a long time too. You don't have to worry about their child. Although Hong Ling is a demon. Even if she gives birth to a half-human demon. But as long as you can teach step by step. This child will never harm anyone. What did you just say? I said this kid wouldn't hurt anyone. Half-human demon. Aunt, are you all right? Are you okay, aunt? I'm fine. Go find a doctor for me. Be sure to take care of yourself! I'm sorry to trouble you this time. It doesn't matter. It's my job. Thank you. You're welcome. Doctor, you said aunt's illness was caused by anxiety. I want to buy some tonic for her. But what to buy? Asarum. It will be effective in treatment. Asarum? I've never heard of this. Mudan, is aunt Lan ill? What is Asarum? The Asarum is also called cigarette bag pot flower. The leaf shape is very small like the heart shape. It is difficult to identify. Usually grows in a cool place. Often seen at the bottom of mountain trenches. Or in the dense shrubs. It's hard to find. There aren't any in this drugstore? The plague broke out before. All Asarum used. You have to collect it in the mountain. See you. What about aunt? This illness. I'll go find it. Right now. Don't go there. It's too dangerous. It should be on me. Aunt Lan must be ill because of me. I'll find the medicine. Just take care of her. Now, you finally have a chance to repay me. Kitty will never forget your great kindness. My benefactor, just give me your orders. I want you to give me a lot of energy. Can you do that? I'll send you the internal force from my body. But it only lasts for four hours. I'm ready. Hong Ling. Mudan, why are you here? Hong Ling. Are you here to help me find Asarum? Yes. It's so nice of you. It took me a long time but I still couldn't find it. Yeah, it's hard to find. See there! Is that Asarum? Yes! I'll get it. That's too dangerous. I'll go. No, no! I'll go. Hold me! Hold me! Try harder! Hong Ling. Grab my hands. Hong Ling. There's a vine behind you. Try to seize it. One. Two. Three. Mudan! Mudan! Hang on, Hong Ling. Grasping the vine. Climbing up . Be careful, Mudan. Don't worry about me. Mudan, Mudan. Are you all right? Mudan, are you all right? Are you hurt? Asarum. Your hand! It's just some minor injuries. It's okay. Aunt's illness is the most important thing. It's all my fault. I got you in trouble. Sorry. Don't blame yourself. Let's get out of here. What's wrong? I accidentally twisted my ankle. What can I do? Come on. Let me help you. I'd better walk on my own. Do you still treat me as a sister? If you take me as an outsider. I'm be angry. Let's go. Watch your step. Be careful. Miss Mudan. Madam said we can't let Hong Ling in. Cut it out. Aunt is ill. Now, Hong Ling has got Asarum for her. Can't you just keep it from her? Ignore him, Hong Ling. Let's go. Wait, Mudan. I... Or I might as well not go in there. In case I put you on the spot. Don't say that. Brother wants to see you too. Don't worry about this. Sister Tang Xin. What happened to you, Hong Ling? Nothing. Just accidentally injured. Luckily, Mudan sent me back. Do you feel better? Yes, I'm fine now. Aunt Lan is ill. You have been called demon and got kicked out. Now you are injured. There's been a lot of troubles in this family. Could it be some wicked people lives in this house? Mudan, right? Sis Tang Xin. You're just saying that to me. Why beat around the bush. Mudan, Tang Xin is not talking about you. I'm talking about her. I just don't like her. I don't think she's in that kind. Tang Xin. But for Mudan's help, I wouldn't have got the herb. - I'm fine. - Look, she got hurt on her hands because of me. Is that true? Tang Xin. Mudan. Don't take her words so seriously. It's okay, Hong Ling. I can understand Sis Tang Xin's feeling. It's the same with me. Hong Ling can't see through you. But I'm not stupid. Tang Xin. Take your time. I'm going to decoct tonic for aunt first. Thank you so much. It's okay. Tang Xin, why are you so aggressive with Mudan. Be careful. Jin Mudan is much more scheming than you think. I don't care. I don't care what she was. But she's better now. We can't always assume the worst side of people. That is left over by history. Isn't that the same for me? You're not like her. How different. I used to keep my secret from you. You can forgive me. Why can't you forgive Mudan? Tang Xin, the feeling of not being forgiven, is really hard. I really hope that, you can be the same as before. Treating her like how you treat me and aunt Lan. I don't allow you to compare yourself with Jin Mudan. You know what. I will always treat you as a good sister. With her? Never. Mudan, this medicine... You send to aunt Lan, okay? Why? You made efforts to get the herb for her. She'll be happy if you send it to her. But it's you who picked this herb. Besides, aunt Lan will be angry when she sees me. Will she? Okay, I'll send it for you. I got this. Mother. Drink medicine. Zhen. Just take this medicine and have a good rest. Is this medicine got by Hong Ling? She went there with Mudan. Relax. This is just a common medicine. Hong Ling is just an ordinary person. Zhen. Do you also think. I'm kinda unreasonable. I understand you. I've been thinking about it for these days. There are all good memories that Hong Ling left in my mind. But I just can't accept her now. I just can't open my mind. Mother, don't worry. I believe one day. You'll accept her again. All the mother in the world. They only care for the happiness of their children. And take things selfishly. Don't think too much. Just drink the medicine and have a good rest. Tell her for me. Give me some more time. Let me slowly accept her. Sure. Really? Aunt Lan really said that? Exactly. I told you so. My mother is reasonable. She did it earlier. That's human nature. Yeah, on second thought. You're weird. You are not afraid of me at all. You accepted me right away. Yeah. I also wanna know. Maybe I'm a weirdo. Go. Let's go. Tang Xin, during this plague. That's enough to tell you really love Duan. You have this sense of sacrifice. As his father, I feel ashamed. I don't understand sentiment. But I know if he's dead, then I will die with him. Tang Xin. I did have a prejudice against you at first. But now I won't object. You can be with him. To tell you the truth, I'm full of joy. Come here and let me have a look. All right. Now you've got dressed up. You are as good as those elegant ladies. Grandma. Last time you introduced me to a concubine. She's no comparison with Tang Xin. No matter what, you can't see any other girls. Tang Xin. Duan is crown prince. It is common for him to have lots of concubines. Anyway, if you're with someone else. I'll never talk to you again. - I... - How could you do like that. Grandma, she didn't say anything. You must have misheard. Rest assured. I will school her well. Enough. Look at you two. Tang xin, I really appreciate your love for Duan. And accept you to live in the palace. But Duan is not an ordinary person. After you marry him. You have to follow the rules of the palace. Since you're so sincere about Duan. You could even sacrifice your life for him. I don't think a little request will trouble you. Mammy Su. I send you to serve Tang Xin personally from now on. And teach her all the rites in the palace. Yes, your highness. Grandma. Father. I'll take her away and teach her right now. No, I don't want to. Mammy Su, thank you for coming. To teach Tang Xin. It's very condescending of you to come our small place. That's my job. You're welcome, Mrs. Zhang. Mammy Su comes here herself this time. To teach sis Tang Xin etiquette. I guess that sis Tang Xin is sure to be the crown princess. If I remember correctly. You father was prime minister. What should you ask. What should not be asked. You should know all about it. I'm sorry. Mammy Su, your room is ready. Let me take you there. Come with me. Don't forget this, Tang Xin. Carrying bags is something that servants do. Never do it again. Okay, I get it. You see? How proud Tang Xin, that rude girl, looks. She really thinks she will become the crown princess. Even if you ruin Tang Xin, Zhao Duan won't change his mind and marry you. I can't think about that right now. Nothing is more important than revenge for my parents. When will the retribution ends. Be lenient wherever it is possible. Killing people, you are bringing yourself troubles. Why should you do that? What's wrong with you today? What are you thinking? Bullshitting here. Do you forget who saved your life? Shouldn't you repay me? Who says good and evil are rewarded. You're bent on revenge. But you can see. The crown princess will be Tang Xin. There's nothing you can do. And the most important thing is. The culprit in your heart. Is happy now. Hong Ling and Zhang Zhen have broke up. Jin Ruolan's objection. Will just make their relation stronger. I think they should be thankful to you. If you hadn't gotten in the way. How could they firmly love each other? People's fate are destined. I don't believe in fate. I only believe in myself. The only thing I know is, how bad they did to my family. I won't let them have a good time. But you have to be careful. You may pay for your behavior. Cut it out! How about this. You kill them all for me. Then you own me nothing. Seven hundred years of cultivation. Finally, I can change into a human figure. Because I never kill people. Benefactor, you are resentful. I think you should wait until you can calm down. You don't want to help me. There will be someone who'd like to help me. What's the matter? I want to see Justice Bao. I have a grievance to appeal. Silence. Who is that? I'm Jiang Jiaxing, living in the north of the city. What brought you here? Justice Bao, please uphold justice for me. Telling me the details. My family deals in grain and oil. Four generations. Not very rich. But we are content with the life. Then there was a sudden plague. My grandparents and parents, my wife and children all died. Quite a tragedy. I also feel deeply lamenting about this. But this plague is a natural disaster, not made by human. It's not reasonable for you to come here to appeal. Justice Bao, plague is an act of god. I understand. But my family all died in this plague. It was because of a man-made disaster. I will sue the official who is in charge of salt and iron, Weng Yiwen. And the official Shi Haoran. They conspire together and skimp on medicines. What they did finally killed my family. So bold of you! How dare you vilify, the two respected celestial officials. This is lawlessness. Your honor, I'm wronged! I've evidence! Guards, put him into prison. - What? - Wait for interrogation. Wait... You damn Bao. Neglect integrity and uprightness! Your officials shield each other. Let me go. You damn Bao! Listen up, everyone. If anyone dare to slander the imperial court officials. There is zero tolerance. Dismiss. Silence! Jiang Jiaxin. I'm Zhang Zhen. I'm censor-in-chief. Whatever the punishment, do it. You got me wrong. Do you know that the things Justice Bao did to you. Not to punish but to protect you. What? He protects me? If Justice Bao really thinks you have committed a crime. I'm afraid there's no escaping of lashing. If so. That means Justice Bao agrees with my appeal. Then why did he slander me? Does he pretend to protect Wen and Shi? In effect, an undercover investigation has been launched. You're right. Jiang Jiaxing. Do you know this? They are all powerful imperial officials. Don't say me, even his majesty... So they will still get away with murder? If even his majesty can do nothing. I will try to kill the officials by myself. Die with them. It's hard to get things done on impulse. What am I afraid of? My whole family is dead. I wish I could end my life soon. Then I can be with my family. No, you are the only offspring of the Jiang family. How could you give up your life so easily? Is there any hope of my living? Yes. He is an example. Zhang Zhen? Is that his father who was vilified by Jin Chong back then? So long as you have the hope of survival. Keep doing the right things. You won't be disappointed. Your honor. Anything I can do to help, I will not hesitate to do! Justice Bao, please forgive me. Ignorance can be forgiven. If I can't bring Weng Yiwen and Shi Haoran to justice. I will fail all those who trust me. Yes, I'll also help you. I found Nanyang, Puyang and Xinyang. They're some cloaks. The real place skimping on medicinal materials is Luoyang. Luoyang? why do you think so? Drugs that can control the epidemic. They all grow in dry area. Mainly in the northwest. If you want to transport into Capital. They have to go through Luoyang. But I don't know why these herbs. Were ot directly transported from Luoyang to capital. But through Nanyang, Puyang and Xinyang. These three places. And according to their report, there was a storm during the journey, and they met bandits. So the loss of medicinal materials is huge. Going by my investigation. I found that these days were always sunny. No rainstorm in record. And the report of bandits were all fake. That is to say. They deliberately took the herbs to their territory from Luoyang. Then they started skimping and hoarding. Yes, but if they want to do like this. The cooperation and permission of Luoyang must be obtained. In my opinion, Minister Wen and Minister Shi. They dare not do things like that. Who can control them two... He must be very powerful. Do you know that, who is in charge of Luoyang? Imperial Secretary Ding. Justice Bao, Censor Zhang. His majesty summoned you two to the palace now. Justice Bao. You know that. The men you accused, are two of my three divisions. Mainstay of the imperial court. Your majesty, please be prepared. There is a more important official involved. Who? Imperial Secretary Ding. Imperial Secretary Ding? Not surprising. Father, I told you before. If Jin Chong must die. This imperial secretary Ding should not live. - Justice Bao - Yes, your majesty. What do you think? It is too early to say anything. We are here to judge three officers without conclusive evidence. It is unfair. After we get all evidence. Then it's the time to make a final decision. Okay. Bao and Zhang. Yes, your majesty. I want you two to look into this case. If malfeasance is found. No matter how influential they are. They will be severely punished. Yes, your majesty. No time left. We have to go to Luoyang to get evidence immediately. This is highly confidential. I'm afraid it's not convenient for you to show up in person. Better leave the case to me. But. Justice Bao, Zhang Zhen is right. You will catch people's attention. That will arouse their alarm. And this time our opponent is Imperial Secretary Ding. If you go, it's sure to attract attention in the imperial court. But the case is complicated. Acting alone is not wise. Justice Bao is right. So this time I can't let Zhang Zhen go alone. Your Highness. Is there a suitable candidate? Yes. Zhan Feng. I'll go with Zhang Zhen this time. Your Highness. How can this be! I can't allow that. How can you do that. I can protect Zhang Zhen with this. Your Highness. Please rest assured about this. I will send Guard Zhan to escort him. Zhan Zhao? If I can choose, of course I will choose the genuine one, four-rank guard, Zhan. You fake one don't have to go with me. Your Highness. You just stay in the palace. Be yourself. Who else will go with you? Justice Bao. Justice Bao. Your Highness. Jiang Jiaxing wants to report an important matter. I beg your permission, Justice Bao. Let me accompany Judge Zhang to Luoyang for evidence collection. It was a very dangerous trip. How can I let you go? I want to revenge in person. Justice Bao. Please allow me. Justice Bao. Please accede to his request. I was determined to redress my father's grievances. The circumstance is similar to Jiang Jiaxing's. I had no official position at that time. Thanks to the understanding and help from Justice Bao. So I can truly understand all his feelings. Please make an exception and let him investigate the case with me. You two must promise me. Be sure to come back safely. Yes, Justice Bao. Justice Bao, thank you so much. Hong Ling. I'm going to Luoyang tomorrow. Do some business. Are you going to check out the medicine case? This was supposed to be confidential. But I don't want to hide it from you. Besides. This thing. Never tell anyone. Especially my mom. Zhang Zhen. Is this trip very dangerous? Don't worry. Zhan Zhao will escort and protect me. It should be safe. I'll go with you. No. Why? Didn't you just say it wasn't dangerous? That's not what I meant. But you'd better stay. There are more important things to do. Mother, you rest assured. I just leave for a short while. Guard Zhan is also with me. Don't worry. Be careful. Hong Ling, take care of my mother for me. Take care. Take care of yourself. - Brother, be careful on the road. - Okay. Careful, Zhen. Aunt, let's go back. You don't want to stay here, do you? Yes, but please don't misunderstand me. I know you're worried about Zhen. Tell me the truth, Hong Ling. His trip this time. Is there an important task? And extra dangerous? Tell me! Aunt Lan. Zhang Zhen is going to investigate the case of skimming medicinal materials. Many important officials got involved. If this trip is revealed. Zhang Zhen will be in danger. Aunt Lan, you already knew that he is hiding from you. I've brought him up. Can I not understand what he thinks? Aunt Lan. I want to go to Luoyang with Zhang Zhen. Hong Ling, I know I can't stop you. But I have a request. You and Zhen must come back safe. Find out for me. Who plot to skimp on medicine. Don't worry. I'll check again. He is a man of high rank. Who? In front of this man's mansion. There are huge stone lions. With guards guarding. Imperial Secretary Ding. Here's my chance. Miss Jin, please step aside. Otherwise, don't blame our rudeness. Don't talk to me like that. Do you know why I'm here? Your lady and I are the intimate friends. Oh, it's you here. Zili. Guards. Who asked you to let these people in? What if something bad happens? This isn't a tile market, you know. This is the Minister's mansion. People with no rights have important things to report. What's up? What can she do? She's a goner. What's the good news? Really not a good thing. Disaster will befall on some people. And they don't know. Baoqin. I feel so sorry for you. Although I am an outsider. But soon there will be one. She'll follow my footsteps. Maybe you are the only one left. But your dad isn't too greedy. Fair enough. Unlike some people. Think yourself as one of great power. In a few months. I don't know what this family will be. What are you talking about? Who's going down? Mudan, I... Asked the cook to do these special cakes for you. Have a taste. Thank you, uncle Ding. Never thought that uncle Ding still remember my likes. Of course. You are the intimate friend of my daughter. I've watched you grow up. Tell me what your brother likes? I will get that. How about you give some words for uncle Ding? What words? One more friend is better than one more enemy. Too late. What do you mean? They have set out for Luoyang. Where exactly is Zhang Zhen now? Is he all right now? Shibo, Shixiong and Shimei. Come on. I need your help. Even they won't help me? Shifu. Greetings, Shifu. Stop. I'm no longer your Shifu. Save it. Shifu. I'm here to warn you. Don't ask your Shibo for help. You forget? It was you who gave up everything to go with Zhang Zhen. Dragon king has given the order. You can't connect with aqua clan again. Shifu, I have no other choice. So asked Shibos for help. First you asked for two tricks. Then asked the shrimp to cast a spell for you. But you know what? You've got them into trouble. Really? I don't know. Shifu, I'm begging you. Could you please help me one more time? As long as Zhang Zhen is safe, I'm willing to go back to be punished. Remember. It's over between us. I won't help you ever again.