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Alright, take your time chatting. I'll go arrange it. His Highness is so generous. But you still have to be aware, no matter how generous a man is, he won't like his wife is constantly thinking of another man. I see. I'll learn it harder. Learn to forget Zhang Zhen. Your Majesty. Where is Zhang Zhen who entangled Hong Ling and destroyed our dragon gate? My king, he had already resigned. Now he should be on the way back to his hometown. It should take him two days to go back to PuTuo fishing village. The debt he owes should be settled now. There's no end in revenging. But if we don't teach him a lesson, he would continue to haunt us. What are you suggesting? Stick to the old rules and fix a date, and drown that fishing village. Killing innocent people and making every being suffer, that is violating the laws of heaven. My king, were it not for the villagers protecting Zhang Zhen, it would be impossible for him to destroy our dragon gate. We had made vows with human beings not to invade each other, but they offended us first. We can't put up with it anymore. There is no way for us to obey the human rules. So be it, teach them a lesson. Let them know that this is not to be repeated. On it. Wait. Do not let anyone else know this. Especially the prince. Noted. Hong Ling. Your Highness, what happened? Do you know that... What is it? Something's wrong, right? Is it about Zhang Zhen? Zhang Zhen is fine. Is that true? Why would I lie to you? Hong Ling, is there only Zhang Zhen that you care about? Your Highness, are you tired? Yeah, I'm probably tired. Hong Ling, take a walk with me. Why? You don't like this? Not that. Let's go. Mother, we are finally home. Father, mother, you are reunited at last. Father, the hostess of your Peach Garden is back. From now on there's someone to be with you, to have a nice drink or just chat, or take a walk. Don't worry about me. There's truly no need to worry. Ruolan Wenxiang Father, mother, it's all over now. Rest in peace. Hong Ling, you are always making wishes for others, why don't you make a wish for yourself? Have you ever made a wish for yourself? Is it not pleasant to learn with a constant perseverance and application? Is it not pleasant to learn with a constant perseverance and application? Is it not delightful to have friends coming from distant quarters? Is it not delightful to have friends coming from distant quarters? Is he not a man of complete virtue, who feels no discomposure though men may take no note of him? Is he not a man of complete virtue, who feels no discomposure though men may take no note of him? Reviewing what you have learned and learning anew, you are a fit to be a teacher. Reviewing what you have learned and learning anew, you are a fit to be a teacher. Their good qualities are to be followed. Their good qualities are to be followed. - And their shortcomings are to be avoided. - Let's go. And their shortcomings are to be avoided. Hong Ling. Hong Ling! Hong Ling! Hong Ling!! Hong Ling. Hong Ling, why did you swim to that place? I just want to have a look at him. Just one look. We have to go back quickly before His Highness finds out. Hong Ling, we are acting under my king's order that you and the Dragon Prince, the newlyweds, go to the south sea and invite Goddess of Mercy to your wedding. At this point, you should just settle down and behave as a decent Dragon Princess. Hong Ling, stop listening to it. Come on, let's go. Hong Ling, hurry up. Come on, hurry. What takes you so long? Hong Ling, why are you here this late? We didn't go to any places, it was because she had a sudden stomach ache, and Hong Ling accompanied her for a while. And then we rushed here. Yeah, right. Are you feeling better now? Have a rest. No, it's fine. I can set out right now. Yes. Alright. Let's go. Hong Ling. My king. We have taken care of drowning the Putuo fishing village. The Dragon prince, Hong Ling and their friends have already been arranged to go to the south sea. I blessed them with nice climate and safety, and allowed them to live on fishing. But they had no gratitude and even turned against me. They destroyed our dragon gate and stained the holy place of the east sea. There's no reason to keep such a village. Yes, my king. Hong Ling, goodbye. Something's wrong. Come on, run! The sea is abnormal! It's tsunami! Hurry up! Run! A tsunami's coming! Run up to the hill! Go as high as you can! Hurry up! A tsunami's coming! Run! Uncle Tang, auntie Tang, come on! See, a tsunami is coming! Grab your things, grab them! Go up to the hill, hurry! Why bother, just go! A tsunami's coming! Hurry off! Speed up! Come on, go! Hurry, go up to the hill! Come on, go, hurry! Go to higher places! Hurry! I didn't grab the money. Keep up! Run to high places! Hurry up! Run! Run! Hurry! Keep up! Come on, go! Kids! Run, hurry! There's a tsunami! Run up to the hill, go! - Hurry! - Wait for me! Wait! Hurry up, go, hurry! - Go! - Keep up! Hurry! Tsunami's coming! Come on! Hurry up! Run! Hurry! Go, go tell everybody! - Run! - Come out! Come! Go! Hurry! Come out! Shimei, the water level is a bit strange. Can it be... No way! What's the matter, Hong Ling? Isn't this the omen of tsunami? The water level has receded so much, it must be a severe tsunami. The shore will be completely drown! That's true. Stop saying that. Follow me. Let's go save the people onshore first. Shut up. Just follow me. It won't take long for us to first save those people. I forbid you! Why? Hong Ling, you still can't forget Zhang Zhen till now, right? All lies. You sneaked out to see Zhang Zhen, am I right? Yes. Hong Ling, we are going to get married. Why are you still keeping another man in your heart? Am I a stone to you? Don't I have feelings? I have my own dignity! It's not like that. I just feel that you are considerate and that's worth respecting. No. I don't want to be considerate. And I don't need your respect. I want your heart to be just mine. Hong Ling, even though you can't do that, at least I should be the most important people to you! Your Highness, please forgive my selfishness for one last time. It's life and death, let's just go save the people first. I promise you, I'll put you before anything else from now on. No one can save him this time. What do you mean? It's my father's order. Nobody can stop it. Zhang Zhen must die this time. And he got the whole village into trouble. If you interfere again this time, it would be just to sacrifice your own life. I don't believe it. You can't leave! Let go! Let go of me! Let go! Your Highness! - Follow me. - Let go of me! Let go! Come on! Hurry up! Keep up, keep up! Go uphill! Mind your step! Watch out! My home! My husband is still down there! Auntie Tang! You can't go down there! Save your own life! He went back for his money! He's going to lose his life - why did he care about the money? - Calm down. I'll go find him! I'll go! Stay here! - I'll go find him! - Thank you! Thank you! Do bring him back! Uncle Tang! Are you okay? Thank god you are okay. Hurry, let's go uphill and hide for a while. No no, where's my money? Where's my money? Come on, your life is more important! My money! Uncle Tang! It takes me a lot to save these money! Uncle Tang, let it go! I don't want to live anymore! Save your life! Follow me to the hill! Where's my money? Money! Forget it! Auntie Tang is waiting for you uphill! Uncle Tang, listen to me, hurry go uphill with me! Let go of me! I need to find my money! Uncle Tang! Uncle Tang! Money would be meaningless if you die! You can make money in the future, but if you die, there would be nothing left! Why should I care about my life if I don't have any money? Look, the tsunami's coming again! Come on, let's go! Folks, go uphill! Get up, hurry, go uphill! Hurry up! Run, everybody, run! You old bastard, don't you care about your life?! Don't you care about it?! - Is money more important than your life? - My... I can't live without you! I can't! Hong Ling, Hong Ling. - The Dragon King. - The Dragon King. You have violated the laws of our clan and challenged my authority, you'll be sentenced to death! Have mercy, my king! We... Shimei, hold on! I got them into this, I'm willing to die to pay for my crime. Please have mercy and spare them! - Hong Ling! - Hong Ling! All right, I'll now make your will come true! My king! Dragon Prince! Qian! Qian! Father, please spare Hong Ling. Qian, why bother? She doesn't like you at all. She had you waited for so many years, is she worth it?! Father, as far as I'm concerned, there are things that you can't measure by their costs, and there are things I have to do. I think you are bewitched by that demon! You are my son, I can't do anything to you, but Hong Ling and her accomplice must die today! Father, father! Goddess of Mercy. Dragon King, you attacked brutally and made enemies. Is it necessary to make every being suffer so that you can relieve your hatred? Goddess of Mercy. Our aqua clan had never been entangled with humans until this evil carp disobeyed rules from both sides and broke into the human world, made such misdeeds. But my son Qian cannot live without this demon. I have no choice but to give her another chance for my son, but again she regretted it and renounced the marriage, and even injured my son. And that Zhang Zhen, he has no respect for our aqua clan. He deceived the villagers to destroy our holy place of east sea. We had made oath with the humans to keep away from each other, but they were the first to violate the oath. Today, I will definitely treat them the way they did to us! Dragon King, are you aware that the reason why these series of disasters happened was just because you separated Hong Ling and Zhang Zhen? And those innocent villagers were just helping out because they hoped those two can make up and be together. You have such unlimited power, it would be a piece of cake for you to overturn a fishing village. They had known that they would suffer from such a catastrophe, yet they still chose to fight against you. Have you ever wondered why? Why? It's because they are over-confident. They are not over-confident, let alone intentionally challenge your authority. Then why? Because they can distinguish between good and evil, moreover, they know what's right and what's wrong. They would rather die to defend what they considered to be right. I never did anything bad to them, but they destroyed my dragon gate, so are you telling me I'm the one to blame? According to the laws, you didn't do anything wrong. But considering sentiment and emotions, you did wrong. Not everything in the world can be judged whether it's right or wrong by laws. The meaning of social sentiment is way more important than life. Please, my king, show some mercy. Let go of these innocent lives. Listen carefully, I'll spare you this time because goddess of Mercy pleaded me to do so. But this demon must be managed by myself! I have to be responsible for our aqua clan. Fine. Hong Ling. Since it was your choice, you have to take the consequences on your own. Go with the Dragon King. To finish everything and retreat so that everyone can be safe. I'm willing to go with my king. And take whatever punishment he gives. Thank you very much. Though Hong Ling and Zhang Zhen don't belong to the same clan, they can still experience the bitterness and sweetness of love, it's truly karma. In fact, you can learn a lot from everything. Where you can forgive people, forgive them. Please, dragon king, think twice. Old turtle, bring the prince and the demon back to the palace with me! Yes, my king. Hong Ling, let's go. Zhang Zhen. Hong Ling, let's go! Come on. Hong Ling. Hong Ling! Hong Ling! Hong Ling! Hong Ling, I tolerated you despite what you did because you had been a member of our aqua clan. But you kept on opposing me just for a mortal man, and showed no respect to our rules and laws. You also acted on your own wills and renounced the marriage, made Qian suffer from his heartbreak. Due to your reckless behaviours, I cannot tolerate you anymore. Today, I will sentence you to extreme penalty! My king, please show mercy! Silence, all of you! I'll punish you all later. Hong Ling, do you have any words to say? I have no regrets and no hatred, but I have one more request. Please stop it here and don't hurt those mortals anymore! I hope everything can be cleared after I leave here today. Don't let the innocent humans or the aqua clan suffer anymore! If you know this would happen, you shouldn't have done those in the beginning. My king, what happened today will surely lead to controversies among human beings. If we make enemies with the mortal, we'll be asking for trouble. Now that Hong Ling has been convicted, please be generous and set that mortal man free. Execute! Father, do not kill Hong Ling! Father, if you have to kill her, then kill both of us! To live, I can't be together with her. But to die, I'm willing to follow Hong Ling. Bastard, how can you ignore the dignity of our aqua clan for this woman? Don't forget your position. Now back off! Father, save your words, I've made up my mind. Alright, I won't kill her. Father, for real? It would cost her nothing to kill her. I'm going to break apart her spirit and freeze it under the deep sea to warn others! Anyone who opposes me again will end up the same with Hong Ling! Father! Hong Ling! Hong Ling! - Hong Ling! - Hong Ling! Hong Ling! Hong Ling! Hong Ling! I'll only lock them up for a hundred years. It's merciful enough. What about Hong Ling? Shut up. I'm definitely not going to comply with you today. Father, please! Spare Hong Ling! Why do you bother? There are lots of women out there, more than a mere Hong Ling. I'll give order now to bring some girls for you to choose! Father, I don't want any girls, I just want Hong Ling! I can't understand this, what's good about that Hong Ling? She doesn't even care about you! Why are you so stubborn?! Father, if I had a choice, would I be like this? There's no choice in love. No matter what Hong Ling is like, my mind is made up. Father, I regret it now. I shouldn't have forced Hong Ling to marry me. All I want now is for you to release her, I beg you. Please, father, spare her! I think you are totally messed up! Father. If you spare Hong Ling, I promise you, from now on, I'll do whatever you ask me to do. I'll never make you angry again! Qian. Even though I want to do it now, I don't have such power. Why? Hong Ling's spirit had already been broken apart. I have no power to summon the scattered spirits back. You'd better give up. Father. You are killing Hong Ling! Why don't you break my spirit, too?! Even though I'll become a wild ghost, if I can float around with Hong Ling's spirit, then it's better than living a lonely life!