からくり剣豪伝ムサシロード 第38回 「出たあ ナゾの六道魔王だス」

NOTICE This is an incomplete subtitle. Please do not redistribute. - The Sengoku era, a turbulent age. Jipang Country, where the Karakuri people live, is a place of constant conflict. Karakuri Martial Artists take part in these battles, dreaming of victory and honor. And now, a wild hero has arrived, who wants to be the number one Karakuri Martial Artist! Musashi enters-dasu! Musashi Road (The Story of Karakuri Martial Artist: Road of Musashi) Karakuri Kengouden ♪ A man always dreams of the day ♩ ♪ when he'll become the world's ♩ ♪ AH! AH! strongest ♩ ♪ Raise your spirit's sword high to the wide sky ♩ ♪ Raise the curtain to the road of adventure ♩ ♪ A skilled Martial Artist wanders Jipang Country ♩ ♪ His name is Musashi, a Karakuri man ♩ ♪ An intense clash of swords ♩ ♪ makes life dazzling ♩ ♪ Yesterday's battles makes you stronger today ♩ ♪ Martial Art! Dual Blade Musashi ♩ ♪ Tomorrow will be glorious ♩ ♪ An intense clash of swords ♩ ♪ makes life dazzling ♩ ♪ Fight your hardest with tranquility ♩ ♪ Martial Art! Dual Blade Musashi ♩ ♪ Shining brow! Musashi! ♩ Musashi and Kojiro fought over something so absurd. And surprisingly, Musashi won. Otsuru and people of Miyamoto village suddenly appeared. Musashi spent a fun night, but he was simply fooled by some raccoons. He Appeared! Mysterious Rikudomaoh Is everything over? Hm? Take him in right now. Mr. Hanzo. Welcome to our Megaton Castle. Who's there? I am Dokuganryu. Dokuganryu. What are you going to do with me? Dokuganryu Dokuganryu Lord Rikudomaoh is waiting. Dokuganryu Rikudomaoh? Who's that?! You'll figure it out soon. We'll take care of your wounds first. Meanwhile, Musashi was taking an extraordinary rest at a hot spring. Eating hot spring dumplings in an open air bath is best-dasu! Thank you for the meal-dasu! Musashi, hurry up! Hey, what are you doing-dasu?! A martial arts competition at Edotopia-dasu! I'm holding the annual Jipang Martial Arts Competition. All the martial artists in this country, don't miss out this opportunity. I also prepared numerous prizes. This makes me burn-dasu! I'll shine with the glory of the number one of Jipang-dasu! Don't take too much time there; we have to go the port! A ship is waiting for us! Y- you could have told me that earlier-dasu! Now leaving port! Wait for me! Oh, Jiraiyan! Let him in, too-dasu! Understood! That was cool! You're good-dasu, Jiraiyan! That made me sweat! Are you joining the martial arts competition too-dasu? Yes. If people forgive me, then I'd like to have a fair and square match as a Karakuri martial artist. Great, Jiraiyan! Do your best-dasu! A thing like this in the deep sea? Maybe the power of that Rikudomaoh would be enough to turn over Jipang country. It worths to observe for now. What's wrong?! A monster! Look! It's big-dasu! Is it a whale-dasu? It's different from whales. Huh? It's a recent rumored monster of Seto Inland Sea. A monster? Its identitiy is unknown, but it is sometimes told to swallow up a huge ship. I want to catch one and see what it is. She's a shrew as always... Jiraiyan! Oh, excuse me. When it shows up again, I'll catch it and... Hey! Get this off me right now! That's horrible! Senhime! It's just a rope. Sen-chan's guts isn't something great-dasu! Musashi! Forgive me-dasu! Stop right there, Musashi! No way-dasu! I'll throw you away! No way-dasu! You must be Mr. Hanzo. Right. And you people? I am Shingen. I am Shingen. Shingen Shingen I am Kenshin. Kenshin Kenshin What made you call me to a place like this? We rate your power high, Mr. Hanzo, for fighting against Jipang country for a long time. These people aren't ordinary people. Let me test your moves... No need to worry. Great, Mr. Hanzo. You are bright. You must be Hanzo. I am Rikudomaoh. Rikudomaoh. Wouldn't you like to join me, to take Tokugawa down and build Jipang country that I want, where commoners can find happiness in peace? You must be Rikudomaoh. You want me to become your subordinate? How grateful! Whoever you are, I, Hanzo, do not obediently follow orders. Now excuse me. Hanzo. Let me ask you again. Wouldn't you like to join me? I- I understand! I'll join! When you disobey me, that ring will take your life. But when you do obey me, that will become an invulnerable armor. This armor! (sousou: Japanese pronunciation of Chinese chancellor Cao Cao) Sousou Armor. With that, you will be invulnerable. Invulnerable armor? Rikudomaoh. What can this guy do? It's been a while since I've been in Edotopia-dasu! This liveliness is great! It was my pleasure to be able to protect Senhime without mishap. Jipang Martial Arts Competition is tomorrow at last! Jube was the champion last time; will someone else win this time?! We have expectations and explanations! Come and get your copy! Gimme one-dasu! Thank you! This year's champion will be Musashi from Miyamoto village-dasu. What a futuristic guy. Can you find your name on it, Musashi? Hey, there you are! The number one of popularity is Kojiro of Tsubamegaeshi. You did it, Kojiro! (bu"gei": Martial Arts, "gei"noujin: people with art capabilities; performer; celebrity) Of course! Performers are supposed to be popular. The number one of abilities is Jube, of curse. I knew it! The number one of splendor is Ushiwaka. I can agree with that. Hey, is my name not on there-dasu? Hm? Let me see. Powered no.1 is Benkei. Dark Horse is Jiraiyan. Here you are! Musashi from Miyamoto village is number one at-! Huh? Where, where-dasu? Look! The number one stupid comedian is Musashi! Comedian (Tile block print: kawaraban; newsflash newspaper made of roofing tiles in Edo period) Having your name written on the tile block print itself is something great, Musashi. Why am I the 1st of comedian-dasu?! I don't care, but at least get your application done properly. Do not forget last year's idiot. You don't have to remind me that-dasu! I'm participating-dasu! Oh, you're with some spirit! Good. Write where you're from, your school, and your name on here. Got it-dasu! I'm from Miyamoto village. My school is Nitenichiryu. My name is Musashi. This is your number. Thank you-dasu. This is awesome-dasu! Look at this, Sen-chan! Musashi, the first! I'm the first! Meaning that I win-dasu! Take a look again, Musashi. This is how you read it: Musashi, the first in reverse. That doesn't matter! Your ability is what's important here! Go for it, Musashi! Then, I'm going to where my grandpa is! See you tomorrow! Let me take you to the door. It's making me sad-dasu. Dangos-dasu! You still like dangos very much, Mr. Musashi! H- huh? This voice! Mr. Musashi? Otsuru! You were at Edotopia, too-dasu! Right. I knew you were going to come to Jipang Martial Arts Competition, so I waited here and worked meanwhile that! My courage is now 100 times as I met Otsuru-dasu! I know that it's actually because of dangos! No, it isn't-dasu! Really? No comment! Otsuru, where are you living at now-dasu? I'm now at... Stuff your stomach here! This is a pre-celebration for your championship, Mr. Musashi! Boss Zenigatan and Ms. Akane, I'm happy-dasu! I never had a feast like this-dasu! Ms. Akane made this boiled carp. Eat! Ah- Let me taste! Oh, that's delicious-dasu! That Mr. Musashi really is stuffing! Meanwhile Musashi's at ecstasy and gorging... A humongous monster appeared at Seto Inland Sea. Wait for the stormy meal! Karakuri Kengouden: Musashi Road by Subdivers To everyone on Megaton Castle. We're now attacking Miyako Palace. Everyone, stick to nearest hatches! Hanzo. Gather a serious group of troop, make a raid upon the imperial palace, and take the Three Sacred Treasures, the certificates of the king. The Three Sacred Treasures? (Usually it's mirror, not shield) Sacred sword, shield, and round jewel are the certificates of king. Then the desire of Rikudomaoh must be taking the seat of the king and become the king of Jipang country. You do not have to know that much. What?! Do not forget that when you don't follow that order, the ring on your arm will explode and you will be... ripped into pieces. N- no way! Shotoku, what is it? Your Highness, please take immediate refuge! Hurry up more! Your Highness! I, Hanzo, will take that Three Sacred Treasures. How impolite of you! Directing your sword towards the Highness is unforgivable! You will be punished! Did it work? Is he immortal?! Making the king into a dead person and taking the Three Sacred Treasures is just like killing two birds with one stone. Damn! Where did they disappear to?! Shotoku. The palace... Very regretful, your Highness! You let the king run away, and took only two treasures. I'm ashamed. Well, that already happened. If he successfully ran away, then he must be heading to Edotopia. General Ieyasu. There's a way for everything. Destroying Edotopia too will be like killing two birds with one stone. Nonetheless, the competition that will find out the number one martial artist has begun. Mr. Musashi of Nitenichiryu versus Mr. Gansekisai of Gankoryu! Start! Using dual blade? How impertinent. Front Straight Down Cut! Nitenichiryu: Crab Interpose! You're mine-dasu! What?! I lost! Yay! I did it-dasu! Secret Sword Tsubamegaeshi! Mr. Kojiro! Nitenichiryu: Lightening Cut! Musashi was keeping to win and went to the 2nd and 3rd matches. But his rivals, including Kojiro and Jube, weren't losing, too. Mr. Musashi! Your last journey surely has made you heavily different! Did I become fat-dasu? No, it means that you become strong and gallant! That's what it meant-dasu! Eat a lot, and become the number one of Jipang for surely this time! I'll do it-dasu! I'll be the champion for sure-dasu! You're always so frivolous! Right! Hurry! We have to enter Edotopia as soon as possible! You missed one of the Three Sacred Treasures, the sacred sword? I am deeply ashamed by this. But I have an estimation of the destination of the king. Ieyasu of Edotopia. Edotopia is in a festive mood by a martial arts competition. This is the best chance to attack with fire. I do not like to see bloods, but for our objective, Dokuganryu and Hanzo, you will take care of this. But you must not harass the commoners. Yessir! We will take Ieyasu down and claim the sacred sword before coming back. New tile block prints are now available! All the secrets of handsome Kojiro's Tsubamegaeshi and Musashi's dual blades are here! And most of all, we have Musashi vs. Jiraiyan first! This will be spectacular! Mr. Musashi. With Jiraiyan... Jiraiyan. I never thought I'm going to face you here-dasu. I stood up again as a honest Karakuri martial artist, thanks to you, Musashi. Now let's fight with all we got! Just as I wanted-dasu! Start! Mr. Musashi! Go for it! Right, Otsuru! I'll show my best-dasu! Chink in the armor! Nitenichiryu: Crab Interpose! I can't move! I lost, Musashi! Mr. Musashi wins! Advancing to semi-semi-finals! Jiraiyan. Musashi. I'm feeling happy even after being lost, Musashi. Huh? Are you happy because you lost-dasu? Yes. I was in an evil world when I was under Hanzo, but now I could stand on the honorable grounds of martial arts contest. I'm happy too, since we fought fair and square-dasu! Thank you, Musashi. Jiraiyan. Musashi! Be the champion! I'm praying for you! I'll do my best-dasu! I'm becoming the number one martial artist of Jipang this time-dasu! Yes, you will! And after that, I... Yes? No, no... Even meanwhile he's doing this, a dread is approaching peaceful Edotopia. Musashi, it's not a time for you to have a date! Brace both your body and spirit, and go! Fight! The climax of our man Musashi is near. (shounenba: the most important scene where the actor must not make mistake in acts like kabuki; do-or-die situation) (shounenba: the most important scene where the actor must not make mistake in acts like kabuki; do-or-die situation) ♪ Sometimes the moon jumps over ♩ ♪ the pocket of empty sky ♩ ♪ Laugh loudly and ♩ ♪ morning will come tomorrow ♩ ♪ Don't worry too much about losing ♩ ♪ Keep going! Go for it! ♩ ♪ A bare hand is strong ♩ ♪ That's how it is! Let's go lightly ♩ ♪ That's how life is! Look, a chance ♩ ♪ follows us wagging its tail! ♩ ♪ That's how it is! Let's go lightly ♩ ♪ That's how the future is, too! Look, tomorrow ♩ ♪ is opening its hands and smiling at us! ♩ Semi-finals of Martial Arts Competition! It's finally the time to settle up with Kojiro-dasu. I won't lose-dasu! But chasing the Highness, Megaton Castle appeared at Edotopia. How can I possibly fight with something that huge-dasu?! Next story! Monster! Megaton Castle It's the stormy Fusion Castle-dasu! It's the stormy Fusion Castle-dasu! A Monster! Megaton Castle We hope you enjoy! Next Story A Monster! Megaton Castle We hope you enjoy! Next Story