박지성 성인 취임식|박지성 옥상으로 따라와 1|Rooftop Fight

(After the fight, they came downstairs) (Having serious conversation?) From what I know... What kind of business is your dad doing?... We're going to start (Skit)(Nonsense) JISUNG's inauguration soon (Not paying attention) Listen up Wait, I'd like to talk a little more Now listen to me Hold on (sassy) (HAECHAN) Let's eat first So everyone (Sweet voice) Please take your seats - We've been sitting (since before) - We are sitting (already) (Gave up) I know you're not curious, but - We're here to celebrate that JISUNG'S become 20 - (lol) He said we're not curious - I'm an MC, JENO - Ah, really? - Wow, cool - JISUNG is already an adult? A round of applause (clap clap clap) (No one) knows why they're clapping When is JISUNG coming in then? You have to introduce him (Waiting outside) Ah... JISUNG was a sort of pet of JENO, let's go Yeah, finally, NCT's... JENO's fave - JENO's love - The teenager is gone JENO's doll JENO's fave little bro .. (MC is suffering..) (hahaha) (Gave up) Come on in, JISUNG.. Whoaaa He admitted (Quiet) Come on in (Peekaboo) Aren't you running? (A long wait was a little hard) Come quickly - Hurry up - I finally came in (Welcome) Hurry on in Hi Can I sit down? Take a seat Oh, you're finally an adult One of the events I've prepared for today is 'Introducing JISUNG's life' Who came up with this? (shy) JISUNG was born in 2002 He's been building his career for about 10 years (Oh~) He's a senior Senior (Research data) Here, hold this (In charge of research) It could be boring so I'll tell you quickly Thank you In 2010, When he turned 10 in 2011... (silent) - Hey - (hurry up~!) Pls rush through this (Really fast) The drama 'A Tree With Deep Root' when he was 10 (Amazed~) In 2012, he played Shim Won in the movie 'Broken Arrow' (Beatboxing) Show 'Immortal Songs' in 2013? (So hard...) In 2015, when he was 14, U-KNOW YUNHO's champagne music video (Impressed...) And in the 'Club Mickey Mouse' with us He's been consistently working hard And August 25, 2016 (Explosion of harmony) He debuted as the member of NCT DREAM He's played the role of a cute teenager in NCT DREAM (Out of breath) Our beloved youngest, JISUNG (Human string instrument) At midnight on January 1, 2021 to celebrate becoming an adult (Exhausted) so I arranged this (Impressive) (Great) (Request again) I didn't hear what you said, pls explain it again (Suggest VOD) Next time I'm getting flashbacks When you met CHENLE in December in 2012 (Joke) Let's stop chatting No, I love this story, go ahead (Really?) JISUNG, tell them CHENLE and JISUNG are meant to be Because everyone knows (Plz introduce briefly) Please tell us, what year was it? Hugh (The day they first met in 2012) Image video Whoa.. Wow, foreal? (Act) They were so young That's awesome (Every time) I think it's amazing Chen Seo Jin !(?) (All of a sudden?) What is that? The person who's laughing now is watching the drama 'Penthouse' (What're you doing?) JAEMIN (JAEMIN (a big fan of Penthouse)) Oh Yoon Hee - (Another fan) Ju Dan Tae - (Immersed) Ya Why're you so into this? (Embarrassed hamster) JAEMIN, we're moving on (Ha..) To celebrate this historic moment there'll be a tape cutting ceremony So everyone come up front Cutting..where is it? - It's next to you - Where's the tape? Let's take this scissors to our apt (Fumbling) It's company's (Meaningless rap) (JISUNG) You're always unpredictable Don't chat Hurry up and come - Stand at the center, JISUNG - I only wore one glove (He can't find the room) (Custom gloves) One more time Pull it one more time (Statue) It's fingerprint recognition (Whisper) No, just cut the middle (Anger) You said stop talking I'll take care of this.. (Thud) (You kidding?) You have to bring your scissor - ..got it, I do well on my own - Ok, we'll start right away (Hehehe) (Ragged..) MARK, you laugh too much today (A bit of a setback) You're warned (Can't hold in his laughter) I'm honestly happy today (Solemn) Don't laugh for the next 10 minutes (Preparing for cutting 10 mins) - Say something - Ok, ok I'll make a toast (What're you talking about?) ...Cheers? For what? Guys, it's the year of ox To celebrate JISUNG (smooth) let's go with a three-line poem - Why do you do that? - 1, 2, 3 Shin Shin chuk nyeon (the year of ox) 2, 3 chuk to celebrate 1, 2, 3 nyeon I'll treat you at the end of the year (Now January) It's too far away We have 11 months left (until then) (Right now) Do it now (Tired of waiting) Wasn't it good though? We'll cut it quickly 1, 2, 3 To our health (Failed) I couldn't do it with my left hand (To our health) (Candidate st) (Hahaha)(Huh...?) (You're laughing) I'm happy.. (Laugh evangelist, MARK) We've never done something like this I don't even know what this is -(Like a baby cheetah that toodles) - This is our first time (Remains of custom gloves) (Sudden loss of laughter) No.. what's this? (A bouquet) (What's this?) Four fingers? Now to celebrate becoming an adult - (JENO's breast pocket) There's water in there - I'd like to have a toast Let's have a toast Can you open the champagne, JISUNG? Yes Open it Back in the day, for TVXQ I starred in U-KNOW YUNHO's Champagne MV - (Takes back what he said) First time seeing this - JAEMIN, shake it once All you have to do is open the lid to where no one is - (Be careful) JUSING, like this - No no, he didn't shake Shake it? (No) No, don't shake We'd be in big trouble We'll get in big trouble (Teacher1)(Teacher 2) Just do it, you can do it (out of breath while receiving training) - Ya, if you do it like that - Ya ya, why? (Going crazy) Put your hands up - I'll open it - JISUNG.. (Dangerous) You'd get hurt, hold that one (Spaced out) No, don't push, hold on to the lid Hold on to the lid Turn it Pop! Gently - No, I mean.. - If you do it like this.. (They're so frustrated) No, leave him alone They have a difference of opinion -(Scared) - Why are you feeling frustrated? (Understand?) I'm more frustrated No (JENO is here)- Just do it - Be quiet, I'll open it (Watching) Mom. dad..(Scaed) (A good son) Sorry, I wasn't being nice to you Do it quickly (Roar) (Hahaha) OMG (It's not the time to laugh) JISUNG, the youngest forever, Congrats on becoming an adult (Nervous) I'm shaking (Pop) Ohhh Uh...? (Drip drip..) Congrats (Hurray) Congratulations - A very beloved guy - our unbeloved JISUNG Happy birthday Congrats on becoming an adult Now pour them, JISUNG Then I'll pour you a glass (What's that) Tilt it a little bit.. There is only bubble - (For real?) That's just bubble - I thought it was milk (Bubble maker?) Wait a minute (JISUNG)...Is that a coke? (New-concept Champagne bath bomb) (bubbling~) (Liquid 1: bubble 9) Golden ratio (Manner hands)(Serious..) (Right angle) I never saw someone getting drink like that - (NO bubble) Gently.. - Right (Raining) Ow, it's running down Okay, that's enough (Perfect) Right You shouldn't drink too much I am ground, this is the start (Sudden game) (Sudden start) 3 JENO (Pouring~) JENO JENO JENO 4 JAEMIN (Hyped up) JAEMIN JAEMIN JAEMIN JAEMIN 1 MARK MARK 4 HAECHAN HAECHAN HAECHAN HAECHAN HAECHAN 4 JISUNG JISUNG JISUNG JISUNG JISUNG 4 CHENLE CHENLE CHENLE CHENLE CHENLE 4 HAECHAN HAECHAN HAECHAN HAECHAN HAECHAN 3 JISUNG JISUNG JISONG JISONG...? (The end) Then together, we should.. You really didn't pour a glass for JENO? (A little) He poured me Are you kidding? (A sip ) I actually poured there JISUNG's first drink in his life Now that we're together at this special moment... (Unbelievable) Drinking it for real? Cool! My arm hurts.. It's the Great Gatsby style, so.. If I say cheers (Cheers) Do this to the camera and drink Ok, ok You guys know that awkward smile, right? Before we drink (Someone is speechless..) Why don't JISUNG ... - say something - Uh... JISUNG (Reaching his limit) I'm anxious and my arm hurts.. (Pls) Hurry up He's gotten funnier I don't like it I'm warning you (Shaking) Don't make me laugh (When?) You say Yo DREAM Then let's say fighting like this (It's taking forever) When will you start? (Please...) Can't feel my hand (I'll do it now) Look at the front Be cool Let's go Shhh.. Yo..DREAM.. Let's be dope, fighting! Cut, cut, cut Why does your voice have no strength? (His arm hurts so bad) - It has no energy - (Defending JISUNG) That's how he talks (Excellent pronunciation) Yo DREAM, this kinda vibe OK.. Yo REAM... (Hahaha) Ah, he laughs too much I'm so sorry I didn't hear the 'D' Ah, please (Save me) Yo REAM is not good (What's the matter?) Yo REAM - I won't laugh - Not fighting, it's fighring (Serious) Here we go Yo REAM Let's be dope, fighring! Hey, what is this? A Mirim? (Gosh...) Is it an MSG? Ah, I spilled.. (My type of sense of humor) Sit down (Curious) How is your first drink? It doesn't taste good... (End of his thoughts) Ok then, next up is, at the meaningful moment he always says a good quote JAEMIN Oh, sexy He'll deliver a congratulatory speech (Stand up) I ask for your congratulatory speech JENO (Revenge) Good job Everybody clap your hands... (Clap clap clap)(Anticipating) (Prepared it beforehand) I wrote this myself - Ah, really? - ..Did you? - I wrote this - Did you write in formal font? (Hahaha) As expected, he's serious - (Unfair) See! No-one trusts me! - He's always expressionless Congratulatory speech Our so cute -(Moved...) - Our bubbly and cute JISUNG with chubby cheeks - OMG... - Chubby cheeks? (Smirk) I thought JISUNG would (Serious) listen well to big bros (Relatable) I thought so too - I thought so too - Yeah, so did I I'd never thought he would do -(Silent...) - He hit different from the start (Tears...) and he really didn't listen to us He was the shortest - (Babble) But he got taller and his head got bigger - When did you grow this much? - You're the tallest - His head got bigger (can't hear anything) We're super talkative.. His hands and feet were big though Listen (Pissed off) (Touched) Let's give him applause - We're giving him feedback so much - Let's be quiet JISUNG is indispensable to us Congrats on becoming an adult Sexy (It's so touching...) (On the verge of tears...) I'm tearing up (OMG) JISUNG is crying (This time) We're going to change the mood HAECHAN will do a special performance (So anticipating) What? Oh, you prepared? Take off your ties Ah, really (HAECHAN going to the stage right away) (Dancing) (MARK disappeared) (pro HAECHAN) (Showing off his shoulders) (Give a mic to HAECHAN) (lol) I didn't know that (On his way to pick up the mic) (Okcheon Hub) (Catch) (Delivered) (A guest singer who likes the new mic) Wow.. it's been ages (Sexy)(Speechless) (Promoted to head manager) You're the best, boss (Thanks) Put your hands up Ah, he works so hard (Today's menu) Sashimi Done..That was dope (His amazing stage presence) (MC fairy) HAECHAN worked hard Thank you so much and now let's do a three-line poem for PARK JISUNG as a homage to PARK JISUNG (#1 challenger) I'll go first - No, no - I'll try as a base No (Firm) You're always the last You do it at the end (Huh huh huh...) (1st) RENJUN - RENJUN - RENJUN is always the first one - RENJUN - Why do I always go first.. 1, 2, 3 PARK (Head) to the floor (LoL) - That's what I thought - Head? Head to the floor - (Happy) - How can I do that? Just do this (Hugh...) (Out of the angle) Ok, 1, 2, 3, JI JISUNG 1, 2, 3 SUNG You've become an adult.. (The end) You failed Ah, there's an adult (Next up~) MARK, try it 1, 2, 3 PARK PARK JI SUNG, to me JI really.. since he's my little bro (Whisper...) Don't lie.. (Thinking) SUNG SUNG..I'll do impressions 1, 2, 3 - (Anticipating) - If he's not good at it, it's gonna go bad Resonate... Sit down (Sat) - Not bad? Resonate - The fans don't know this That part is.. Put your hands in the sky when we - Resonate.. - Resonate.. (What's that) What's with the beat - You both are weird - Anyway, it was JISUNG Put your hands in the sky when we (raise it) (My part) Ok, let's go, HAECHAN 1, 2, 3, PARK PARK JISUNG! What you're dreaming of JI the dream of conquering the universe beyond the Earth (Not bad?) 1, 2, 3 SUNG You succeeded (Wow) (Wow...great...) If you go like this (Gaze) Cheers You did good just now (Next) Ok, CHENLE, let's go PARK PARK JISUNG JI really... SUNG you're insincere (Caught off-guard by his poem) (Like it?) CHENLE It was nice, it was unusual Now, JAEMIN 1, 2 ,3 PARK ...PARK (Somehow serious..) 1, 2, 3 JI ...JI (Refreshing) (So happy)(These two are absurd) I look forward to the last one.. 1, 2, 3, SUNG ..S...SUNG (Impressed by three letters..) (So touching...) Perfect.. Now, it's JENO's turn Nothing's coming to my mind (Anticipating) Fighting like mad 1, 2,3 JI JISUNG 1, 2,3 SUNG You'll be successful Yes (Happy) He's back to where he was Ladies and gentlemen (Our JENO) JENO's back - Welcome back -JENO is back (JENO, good job) (Time for evaluation) Then what's your score? First off (Ha...) (Too into the skit) He's acting (What's wrong with him?) Tell us the score (Dizzy) (Acting star wannabe, RENJUN) RENJUN Out of five 3 points The reason is (Huh?) Better than expected The reason is He embarrassed me (RENJUN was charming) He's attractive I feel the same way I couldn't agree more (Agreed himself?) So do I MARK Out of five? 1.1 points Right What was it again? (The reason of 1.1) I don't remember it (I don't remember his 3-line poem..) - And HAECHAN - (Relaxed) -(Real happiness) -(Sad...) - That's like the temperature outside? - I had no choice CHENLE Out of five (High score) 4.9 points That's it (Pass) Isn't it too personal? Isn't it biased judgment? That's not true This isn't fair It's unfair JAEMIN, out of 5... 10 points Ah, I agree (Big smile) I agree -(I'm on cloud nine) -(Agreed) He really put his heart into it... (Finally) JENO Out of 5, 4 points (Satisfied) Better than expected..? Because he's back to where he was (1st place prize) A nice big round of applause (Congrats) (Whoo!) (Thank you) - Ah, really - It's so funny This is our last round NCT DREAM's youngest one Let's hear how SM's youngest JISUNG feel - (Sentimental) JISUNG... - (Putting the mic) (You hear me?) JISUNG Be quiet, pls - (Don't know where to look) - (lol) Yeah, as you can see... I'm an adult now.. - Don't cry - With you guys.. (Serious) I've spent more time with you than my family - I hope our friendship never ends - I hope his parents watch this video - I wanna work with you for a long time - (Obsessed with acting) What're you doing after this? Thank you... -(Our youngest) -(Never ending skit) (Shy) (Clap clap clap...) (JISUNG) I listened to you With MARK's idea in V App - we could make this video - Ah right, ok I'll go out Was it 3 years ago? I said this -(Concentration↓) - What I want to say is (Yawns) Ju Dan tae (Clink) What? Is it broken? - (Flustered) It's broken - Wow, it's broken.. JISUNG, this is a totally good sign - Really? - Yes You guys are watching a hot mess.. (Back to the speech) Anyway, congrats on becoming an adult We've been together since teenagers - (Sanitary is important) - and now we're all adults - (Too much) (Embarrassed) - From now on.. (lol) - Please look forward to it - It's a hot mess Yeah, with MARK's congratulatory speech Wait (Awkward) (Acting master) It's too bad to end it like this Rather than a conventional inauguration (Disagree) It was an unconventional inauguration As usual.. I want to have fun with you You're being ridiculous... (Back to skit) (Acting skills) What are you doing? (Emotional) Do I have to do it? (Acting coach) There's coupons over here You draw attention with them Do I have to do it? Here... Where're you going? (Impressive) How can he go over there and find it? (Angry acting masterl) I really (Get blank coupon) The guy who win the match against me I'll make your wish come true I'll give you this coupon For me, Daegal's food (Hahaha) Seriously? Daegal's food? (Why) I'm out of his food - What you wanted from me... - I want respect from you (Nonsense parade) (Stop it) Ah, I'm tired I want his etiquette - (Watching) - (Hand on a chest) I wanna be treated as a big brother (Explanation is not finished yet) If you win, you'll get it If I win, you gotta grant me a wish Ah, okay Got it? - OK - First off Initial consonant game There is six of us raise your hand MARK What's that? Is it this one? No way MARK You've never done it before Your name is PARK JI SUNG I know! What is it? Take a guess Andy? Andy? Andy? (PARK JISUNG! Follow me to the rooftop)