시즈니가 이런 거 또 좋아하지 127 Ep4

Hi. Haechan's radio show with a high ratings of 37,5%. "NCTzens Love This Kind of Things" a.k.a. I am Main DJ Peter! When I was a third-grader, one of my english cram school tutors gave this name to me. - Peter? - Yes, Peter. I don't know whether she remembers me. Our NCT127 members and NCTzens, how have you been? Yes! Last week has been really busy with lots of stuff. Let me introduce your stories here, with a great deal of sensitivity. Really? Okay, let's get it. Hello again says... You speak English. [English nickname lover] - No. That's not me. - That's English. I don't always do that. "Doyoung gave me some clothes on my birthday". "Doyoung was worried whether I would like the present". "I said to him". "(that I love all the gifts from our members)". I was with him. I was so touched by his remarks. - Cool. - "I thought then that I am so cool". [Cool] I love you so much. "Doyoung, thank you for the gift. That fits me. Thank you". "Johnny, Doyoung and Taeil gave me a gift". "The rest of six, I am waiting for your present". [Ha ha ha] - Can I give you cotton swabs? - Yes. Really? I will give something to you next year. He is waiting for the rest to give a present to him. Then, what did you receive then? Doyoung gave me... - A bomber jacket. - He looked unsure. "I don't know whether it looks on you". I tried it, and I really loved it. So, "I love all the gifts from our members". What if it were small? Well, I will give it to Mark. "Mark, I brought this for you". Then, Huihihui? "I want to have Starbucks Holiday Milk Chocolate". - Doyoung. - "In Baskin Robbins 31," "I tried Mango Tango and Dalgona zzonddeok for the first time". "Well, my favorite is Almond Boongboong". [Correction] - Bongbong. - "Almond Bongbong". [Oh...] "Almond Bongbong". Can you tell us in detail? I was thinking about what to write for TMI. We've had Baskin Robbins 31 ordered so often. Who joined me? - Me. - Jungwoo looks like a mascot of the brand. Me? Hi, I am a frilled lizard. I got here and I found that Yuta bought me my favorite beverage. It's for real. No one believes me. I lie too often. Let me tell you in detail. He promised to buy something when our collective card doesn't cover the whole amount. He provided us with his own card. It cost us 86,000 won. Mark's cookies cost us 28,000 won. He had a gift card worth 20,000 won. I said, "Do you want anything to drink?" He wanted some cookies. White chocolate cookie. That was 28,000 won! [Surprise] Starbucks sells such expensive cookies? - That was a lie. - Kidding. In Marado Island, black bean noodle. He writes in much detail. "It was a rainy day. It was pouring". "After practicing, I came to the dorm and I was starving". "I had Malatang ordered for myself". "I wanted to add more meat toppings". "I added beef and lamb". "Some grease in the soup fascinated me". - "This will remain my favorite for some time". - Jungwoo. Yes. That was my first time to have it. I was hungry. I pondered on what to eat. That food occurred to me. I had it ordered. It was really yummy. As you start to love Maratang, you will love all the foods with the name of "Mara". - Maratang, Malaxianguo, and Mararongsha. Let me tell you about Mararongsha. I've got a story from a philosopher. What is a human being? Where did it come from? "To tease Mark, I lied down on a small bed". "His body felt warm and hot". [???] - What? - What is he talking about? - No way. "I asked to him". "He answered like this". Sexy! "I am so hot". Oh, my god. "I was wondering whether he changed or I discovered another aspect of him". "We had kimchi jjim (braised kimchi) yesterday with Doyoung, Mark, and the manager". "I had Doyoung's fried rice". He said, "Hey, I've got some source to give TMI". "I am sure," he said. "I am so hot". No, that was not. "Why are you so hot?" "I am so hot". - No. - No. Hey, no! I lied beside him, "Hey, why are you so hot?" "I am so hot". No, no. I was in the next room. - "I am so hot". - No. I was upstairs. "I am so hot". You judge. I really wanted to have kimchi jjim. Doyoung cooked for me yesterday. He was worried whether it worked or not. That is what you always say? - Before giving someone food, "I hope it's good". - I was somewhat unsure of the results. Yesterday we talked about what to eat. "Let's get something ordered," others said. However, I strongly said that I would cook. Well, I found that the ingredients were somewhat different from what I know. Usually, it takes a head of kimchi and a strip of meat. Yesterday, the meat was chopped up. - But, it tasted so good. - It did. - I want it too. - After that, Doyoung suggested having fried rice. Mark said then. [Mark] "I think kimchi jjim and egg go well". - Then, putting egg in the soup? - Isn't it good? Doyoung said okay. It looked really unique. Let me share the photo. [Doyoung_made_fried rice_egg_added.jpg] Next, cutie. "I cleaned up my room. There is more to be organized". - Taeil. - Taeil. "With a repackage album, we are on". - Cutie. - Cutie. - Cutie. - Hello, I am a cutie. We had lots of stuff in the room. Yes, really. - Well... - It was a bunch of it. Winter coats, etc. I had half organized. - There's still more to be done. - Liar. I don't know whether it is released. Well, we are preparing. [Thumbs up] - Would you talk over a cup of coffee? - Johnny. I can tell it. He is really good at creating a nickname. Would you talk over a cup of coffee? Well, I am thinking about a name. I can't tell what it is. With Jaehyun, I've had Maratang. - Oh, the day when Jungwoo had it. - I think so. 3. I thought Taeil was moving out. 1. We are thinking about how to name something. Well, it is a secret. - Oh! - Aha! Well, that is all I can tell. I came into the room and I saw lots of stuff mounted from the floor. I thought he was moving out. Hitting a soccer ball with the forehead. So good. - Mark? - While eating cereal, I remembered Jaehyun putting bananas in. I tried it too. I also enjoy bananas. I think it is a good recipe. I am wondering about your nickname. - That is so good. - I thought about Lee Mark. "Lee Mark with a wide forehead". It was not funny, so I just came up with it. - It is so good. - I had cereal. It was of banana cereal. I had bananas too. I saw Jaehyun putting a banana previously. I thought it was a good idea. I wanted to try new things. Cereal challenge! He looks like a little monkey when he has a banana after taking a shower. No, I have it before taking a shower. Pepperoni on the foot. I killed three mosquitoes last night. I went to Paju. I walked along the road with the fallen leaves. I am into doing cute things. Maybe, I am cute. Hmm... Well, hey? Where are you? Pepperoni? - Not me. - Not you? Hello. He made that sound to my ear. I am innocent! Well, let me ask. Why do you think you are cute? Well, some of my scenes were edited out in "Happy Together". A tristich? Doing cute things with a tristich. - I practiced it before the shooting and showed it to the members. - Yes. To Taeil, Haechan, etc. I did it on the shooting. Hey, do it here. I had a tristich with the name of Yoo Jae Seok. 1, 2, 3. Yoo. Yoo Jae Seok, my uncle. Jae. I am so sorry but... Seok. I am so sad. - Oh! - Yeah! Well, this one... had more to the end. If it were edited out here again, it would be so fun. Ha ha ha ha ha! Haechan's 37,5% ratings... I will raise it more. - You said you went to Paju. - Yes. What brought you there? I went there with Jaehyun and Jungwoo yesterday. It was so fun. Jangpa elementary school was located there. I met many cute children there. So, that's all. Well, let me ask about mosquitoes. Wow, it is insane. - Well, I suffer from mosquitoes. - Yes, we do too. I think mosquito repellent incense attracts them. Well, we have to block the way they come in. I was watching TV yesterday. I did...like this. Oh, it was itchy. [Pressing it] Did you kill it? Was it there on your hand? Yes, well, I killed it by accident. Oh, poor. Well, when Johnny and I am in the room, mosquitoes always come to me even though I am on the second-floor bed. When I am with Johnny, I always get bitten. Mosquitoes don't like him. Taeil uses an electronic fly swatter. - With it in his hand. - Yes, yes. While in bed... [All of a sudden] Why do you have a nickname like this? I went out at 2 a.m. We are going to have an idol gaming concert soon. I practiced last night at a PC room. I was not able to take a taxi. I ran from Rodeo street to the dorm. You know, pepperoni? Pepperoni...Johnny knows what it is. Well, we get blisters when we dance so long. - Oh, blisters? - Blisters. - If it bursts, it makes a circle. - Oh, yes, I know. - Skin peels off. - Next, Infinite Challenge. This week, I had Mararongsha for the first time. Removing the head of crawfish, I peeled it. The flesh was just so small. I was surprised. Winwin said that summer crawfish are bigger. When it gets warmer, I would love to have it once more. We had it then. Malaxianguo, Mararongsha, and... Maratang...that was our original plan. I had two of them ordered. It was my first time to have Mararongsha. Crawfish was really big. Winwin taught me how to tear it off. The flesh was this much. I peeled it off. Then, the flesh was this much. - I had it anyway. - He said that we have to eat it in summer. - In summer, it gets bigger. - Oh, really? Jaehyun was suspicious, doubting over the cutting of the head. Well, I will try it in summer again. Last but not least. It was so unbelievable. I met Yoo Jae Seok. I hold his hand. I was so happy. I met Lee Soogeun on Halloween. I am so thrilled. He was so nice to us. When I was young, more specifically, when I was in school, I was a big fan of "Running Man". When I saw him then, I was so excited. I got his phone number. On Halloween, Lee Soogeun... He showed support for us. - Then, I really thanked him. - Don't be nervous, Winwin. I have been more into you. Thank you. Cutie! You've enjoyed NCT's TMI. All of you have spent a fun week. Haechan's radio show with a high ratings of 37,5%. It's over here. We have to choose the next MC. I will choose who's the next. - Good. - Well, have you ever seen it? - Like this? - You turn it, and it stops. - Someone is picked. - Like this. You do it on your own. - Like this... - Stop! [Next week DJ: Lee Mark] Following Haechan's radio show with a high ratings of 37,5%, I will make it fun. Wow! Please enjoy Mark's radio show. You've been listening to Peter. - Yuta! - What? - Please cut it. Like this? Hi, cut! - Thank you. - Well done.