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The Waiting Room Full of Hi~ It's been 6 months since we visited . Today's song is . BGM, please~ Q. How do you feel about performing the song you wrote? It's my honor. There are many good songs but I'm so happy to sing my . Since UNIVERSE loves it, I'll sing as best as I can. Look forward to , plz~ Pop Quiz, Guess PENTAGON songs in emoticons, and you'll get some chocolates! Give me some chocolates~! What shape is it? A ship? Ship & Smile? Ah, 'Fill the ship with happiness!' It was a tough question for a foreigner. Anyway, I've got it right. Q. How do you feel about making a comeback after so long? Since I've been hectic, I don't feel it's after a long time. I just feel we came back because it's about time to come back. But, I've come back as a different guy. To Guess It Right, Singing the Whole Song I have no idea. Love Screaming Get sick and cured Love, fall, hurt, and crazy! We adore and fight, love and hatred, go crazy and so on... This is a really scary thing. If you eat 3 of this chocolate, it'll give you higher calories than a bowl of rice. I'll eat 3 of it and pass the rice. Sodium, carbohydrate, sugar, fat... Hello, guys~ Hi, hi, hi, hi~ The pre-recording was over at 10 a.m. Q. How was the comeback performance? I feel lack all the time. In the stage costume, we can't dance as much as we practiced. Looking at the members, I prayed like this. I rooted for them, 'Do it powerfully, please!' Love? We adore and fight, love and hatred, go crazy and so on... Wooseok Also Gets the Chocolates On Valentine's Day, how were you, Yuto? I've received a lot of chocolates. Okay, if you say so~ Tentastic, hi! We're PENTAGON! Q. has a behind story? What happened is... I wrote the lyrics for in Korean first. And while discussing the song with the Japanese company, they wanted to change the song with the feeling and theme. That's how it was completed. In this regular album, we opened the original version of . Since it has the same theme, we named it 'HAPPINESS KR Ver.' But, the lyrics are totally different. Heal me, Doctor~ We adore and fight, love and hatred, go crazy and so on... Kino Got the Quiz Easily Next, for , Changed the Costumes Whenever we come back, I, Shinwon's greed for snack explodes. When I get stuck in something, I fall for it and get tired soon. This snack has come back after a year. Look at that. Jinho is a snack lover. My favorite, 'Corn Soup' flavor. I'll review it. I should stop eating it... Reviewing with His Face Surprise Visiting Seonho Came to Root for PENTAGON Did you skip school? The school is on vacation! Right, you still have a vacation... Hi, PENTORY~ I'm Hamtory. Whenever we see the ads for this chocolate, special chefs appear. They say 'With 99% cocoa...', they're doing it. Gold dust is coming down~ Our chocolate is made by special [email protected]#[email protected] If you have someone you truly love, give it to him or her. No~ He has eaten me up. Argh~ Q. You haven't met UNIVERSE after coming back. Right, we haven't met them yet. I look forward to meeting them soon. When we meet, we need to pay attention to safety and health. I hope we can meet under a safe situation. Q. Then, give us a 2-line poem using 'gun-gang(health).' Gun - A healthy guy... >>3.2 Times Speed Meaning 183 residents are living in a nice village. >> 3.2 Times Speed Gang - In the river... >> 3.2 Times Speed They'll FF for this part so I'll say it to the end. So, PENTAGON & UNIVERSE lived happily ever after! I know they'll edit this part. Just before 'PENTAGON & UNIVERSE lived happily ever after!', they'll fast forward this tape. Lived happily ever after... Yeah. That's the 2-line poem for 'gun-gang' I wrote! Next day in the Waiting Room for They prepared it for us. Thank you so much. (Bowing) Deeply to the waist. (Bowing) I'm wearing a microphone and an in-ear earphone. To give a different feeling, we didn't put on colorful makeup. To be looked like a real wreck. I exercised last night. I began workout when our working period began. So foolish... To maintain my fitness... Look, without exercising, he has bags around his eyes. I'm sleepy. After the Pre-recording Dr. BeBe, the Members are Taking a Rest Q. Hongseok, why do you set the alram though you can't hear it? I've been living with him for 4 years and I still don't know the reason. It's because when I set the alarm, the guys around me wake me up. That's my strategy. Wake me up~ I'm here, wake me up~ Now... I'm going to do MC work. I'm proud of you. The pride of PENTAGON! Pride of PENTAGON! Shall I go to the practice room? Good! Q. How did '#TalkChallenge' begin? When we did yesterday, we had to sing a verse. Hongseok followed the song in the waiting room. I was sitting there mindlessly, but he suddenly decided to challenge. Many of our fans sang so well. They're great. Someone even copied Hongseok who copied me. They're doing it so well!! (Amazed at UNIVERSE's Singing Talent) A Little Challenge Hongseok Set Off To Hongseok Who Began #TalkChallenge I don't know why you started it. But as long as you have fun, I'm happy. I should upload the videos quickly. Craze among the Members I'll upload them later. It's my turn today. Full of Passion Suddenly Rap Battle Begins Confident Hui Challenges! Kino's confession! He challenged rap to me~ (Stealing the attention) I wanted to be a cool bro to Wooseok! Q. Show us the rap from guide version. I wrote it. Everybody greets me this way now. They do that. Don't lie~ Today's Special MC Hongseok Hongseok Also Wrapped up the Special MC Successfully Next Day, PENTAGON is Preparing for the Pre-recording from the Early Morning Wooseok's hair is fixed today? You can't do this gesture today? Your endless dram like the universe~ Q. Do you know Wooseok's new greeting? Yes, so I greeted Wooseok that way. Wooseok, good morning? When I call Wooseok in a hurry... Instead of doing it... Wooseok~ When I'm hungry, Wooseok, I'm hungry~ Hongseok knows all about my gestures. That's my last gesture. Q. Today's makeup is unique? I had this makeup for the MV. I spread it on the eyebrows, but it didn't show in the MV at all. Look closely, and you'll see I'm wearing grey lenses. Next is Yuto Today's Makeup Point The Eyeshadow Matching the Hair Color I matched it to the hair color. Uh? Wait! So pretty, huh? Kino's Costume Concept Today? With the laces and jewelry, you look like a prince today. Me? Step aside. Today, you look like 'Camellia'. Suddenly Beginning to Sing Cute Seongsoo-dong Choir After the Pre-Recording, Waiting for the Real Show It's snowing. Will spring snow fall~ Looking at the Snow, Full of Emotions is Gradually Becoming Anyway, I'm happy to see the snow! Hui is Going to Interview for I'll do a mission for you. Plan & Direct / Hui His Solo Mission I'll pull Wooseok's ears both. I'll definitely do it. Hui's Challenge Yuto is Monitoring the Members I don't know why they say 'Uh Huh'. Focusing He did it. After the Interview, the Members Came Back Wooseok moved right away, he shook off my fingers. Anyway, Mission Completed Finally, our first week for the show is over. Thanks to UNIVERSE, we could do it successfully. Q. How many times did you fall this week? I fall 4 or 5 times per one show on average, so I've fallen 20 times or so this week. I mustn't get hurt until show is over, I'll be careful all the time. And, next week, we'll do better for the more fantastic PENTAGON show. Q. How do you feel about the premiere of ? So many dancers worked hard to make our performance grander. We did the show rooting for each other. Once again, I really appreciate the dancers and I think with the energy from their help, we could show a better performance to UNIVERSE. I kept thinking I had to follow the dance moves harder. I only thought I should do my best on the stage though I was tired. And it didn't make me exhausted. It's not over yet because it's our first week. Anyway, I'm happy that every performance turned out to be great. You did well in the first week, PENTAGON. Bye~ Trivial but Curious Questions PENTAGON Asks PENTAGON! Ask Yeoone Q. Drama or Movie? Drama! Q. Any role you want to play? A fun guy in a melodrama. Q. The funniest member to you? Yeoone. Q. Tips to sleep anywhere well? You have to be born with it. Q. Tips on dieting before coming back? Having three meals a day, exercising and sleeping well, I lose weight naturally. Ask Hongseok Q. The hardest exercise? The wakeboard was hard. It requires know-how. Kino Asks Hongseok Q. Will you swap your body with mine? Since Kino is a great dancer... If I change the body, Kino will have to dance for me. Wooseok Asks Hongseok Q. Will you swap the body with Wooseok or not? I won't because I don't want to be tall like 190cm. Ask Yuto Q. Why do you like green color? Since I didn't have green hair before, so I tried it this time. Q. The place you want to visit most? Hawaii. Q. With whom would you like to sing a duet? With Wooseok. Q. In your dream, which language do you speak? In Korean. Q. Any color other than black costumes you want to try? Blue. Q. Why you don't eat with me? Kino's question, right? Kino Asks Yuto We just have the wrong timing and that's all. We ate together earlier today. If you're not an idol, what would you like to do? It's Yuto's question. It could be Yuto's idea. I'd like to work in a sports agency. Q. Which side do you sleep? I hardly turn when sleeping. I sleep lying on my back. If you could become me, what would like to do most? Whose question is it? Wooseok? Kino's Question Studying in college? Ask Wooseok Q. When did you have a stormy growth? I didn't have a stormy growth. I grew up gradually and stood at the backline all the time. Q. How do you feel about the older brothers' nagging? I've never thought it as nagging. Q. What do you think watching members' performances? Shinwon Asks Wooseok 'I have to get the timing right.' If I fail, they can't do it again because of me. Q. The favorite part in ? Hongseok's Question I love the chorus part most. Q. Can you make a sweet video letter for me? Kino Asks Wooseok Hyung-gu... When I saw the question, I knew it was you. I hope our friendship continues until the end of our lives. We'll be good friends forever, right? Thank you. I said sweetly on purpose. Ask Shinwon Q. Any member you want to take after? Yeoone's ability to sleep well anywhere. Q. Buying one luxury good or many cheap ones? Buying one luxury good works for me. Q. The closest member in PENTAGON and why? Since Wooseok hardly sweats on the stage, I love his dry and soft state. Q. The scariest thing in your life? A Human is the scariest in the world. Q. If you have to eat one kind of food for a week, chicken or pork feet? Chicken! Q. Do you regard yourself as the leader of the youngest? Yes! Q. Any member you want to write a song? Jinho. I promised I would write a solo song for him. Q. Which one do you prefer, 'Kang Hyung-gu' or 'Kino'? Kino... Nope, Kang Hyung-gu, sorry. Q. How do you feel when Yuto doesn't eat with you? I'm so sad... Q. Frankly, are you proud to start the challenge? Actually, I don't feel anything. Q. Most favorite food? I think I love lamb. Q. Mukbang partner among the members? Definitely Hongseok. Q. Why are your muscles so soft? I don't think I have muscles... Hui Asks Jinho Nope, it's different from not having muscles. I think my fat gets into the muscles beautifully. Softly and tenderly... Bonus Clip, Hui 10G 'Way to Work for the First Show' It's now... 12:51 a.m. Today... Is it the right way that I talk alone like this? (Good at monologue) Protecting Hui (Fully adapted) I'll get my hair down permed and dyed. At 1 o'clock a.m. Hairdresser: Will you upload it? No, they'll cut it out later. (Nope...) Hairdresser: As the naked face? They'll airbrush it for me. (Trusting the editor strongly) But, I want to show the real image of me. Real 100% It's my first time to film it, right? I think it's fun. An Automatic Chair Whizzing~ I don't think they can use this image. (Nope, you look great) Shinwon: Every morning, I drink orange juice. LOL Rice noodles! I have to eat fast. (Conscious of the camera, having a bite) (Hard-boiled egg ASMR) (He doesn't lose the camera angle) (Fully conscious of the camera again) This is the room for makeup. I'm going up to get my hair done. (Why didn't I film my makeup?) I forgot... While playing... (An Idol's Normal Way to Work) (Suddenly) 4 a.m., we've finished the pre-recording. Now, we're going to get some sleep. Hongseok? Hi~ Oh, we look quite small on the camera. I should've filmed when we went down to the stage... I just forgot to do it. Wait for me, Wooseok! What was that... I've got on the van like this.