《三國機密之潛龍在淵》第40集(馬天宇 韓東君 萬茜 董潔 王陽明)

[Secret of the Three Kingdoms] [Episode 40] The Xianbei Tribe has so many soldiers. There must be thousands of them. When will they attack the city? It's a matter of days. More of them are gathering here. Look! Their tents are pitched all over the hill. Will they be using that trebuchet to take down our walls? Although their trebuchet is powerful, it can't defeat us in one feat. Moreover, we have the advantage of being high up on the walls. It's still possible for us to destroy their machines. Young Master Liu. Are you also a military strategist? Where is Libationer Guo? Why didn't he go on a patrol? Exactly. Libationer Guo is down with a slight cold. He's recuperating. I'll be relaying his orders. Young Master Liu, it's best to ask Libationer Guo to visit us on the wall. We all hope that Libationer Guo's amazing strategies can fend the enemies off. Yesterday, someone said that Libationer Guo passed away. I gave him a sound scolding. I told him that's impossible. Libationer Guo wouldn't abandon us. Young Master Liu, am I right? Exactly! It's good to just have Libationer Guo walk around. Exactly! All right. I'll relay your messages to him. Are we really going to die here? When I left, my wife was already five months pregnant. I want to see my son. If I can't make it back home, my old mother will starve to death! Empress? What are you doing here? I knew that you went to patrol, so I came to get you. How is the army's morale? They are already suspecting that Guo Jia might be dead. We won't be able to keep that from them for long. Besides, Cao Zhi alone might not be able to boost their morale. Although the soldiers are now gripped with fear they also understand that should they back down the Central Plain will be invaded. They won't try to run away. Moreover, the Xianbei Tribe is soon launching war upon us. We'll have two tough battles to fight. Lulong still has a chance as long as we can hold out until the reinforcements arrive from the capital. These two battles will be tough. I never got around to asking why you knew so well about the Xianbei Tribe's military situation. Before... when the late emperor was grounded in the capital he was concerned about the nation. He told me a lot about the invasions at the frontier. I never thought that such knowledge would come in handy one day. The gods must have sent you to help me. I have the courage, and you have the knowledge. Why should we fear a few soldiers from the Xianbei Tribe? Come. We'll take a look at General Cao and see how his army morale is. I'm worried about another matter. What is it? Xun Yu doesn't have the tiger tally. He wouldn't. Cao Cao is the king of suspicion. Anyone with authority would know this. "Fish should be left in deep waters." "The sharp weapons of the state should be left where no one can see them." If Xun Yu knows Cao Cao well enough, I'm afraid... he will all the more be scared to deploy Cao Cao's army. But there are thousands of lives here in this city. The burden of such a responsibility can change the minds of many people. For instance, General Pan Yang and I reconciled to be friends. We could fight alongside the son of Cao Cao. Xun Yu couldn't forsake this city just to ensure his own safety. Besides, there are those in the capital whom I trust. Sima Yi? He's just a commoner. He won't be able to do anything. Do you remember back then when we were in Ye City? I was also just a commoner then. Didn't we also manage to accomplish quite a lot? Sometimes, a person's influence doesn't lie in his position or authority. Even at this moment, thousands of miles away Your Majesty will still show off Sima Yi whenever you can? My empress actually gets jealous so easily? Your Majesty is behaving more and more disrespectfully. How am I jealous? But I remember that when we were in Ye City the two of you appreciated each other and even reproached me together. When I now think about those days in Ye City it feels as if it were yesterday. Since Your Majesty entered the palace I realized that we're always either caught in matters of life-and-death or on the run because of some imminent disaster. But I've been lucky. I managed to escape unscathed every time. And I even get to hold your hand in mine. Those are fond memories. Instead of acting all prim and proper as the emperor and empress that was much more interesting, wasn't it? Yes. If we can stay hand in hand I don't mind being on the run with Your Majesty at all times. But... I'm scared that once we stop running, a crowd will then have us separated. Don't you worry. This time, we'll stay hand in hand until the very end. We've gathered all the arrows and rocks in the city. We're also constructing defensive measures. However, we fall way short of arrows. It's impossible to keep defending for a long time. There isn't any bamboo in Lulong. Even if there is any, we won't have time to make them. We just need enough for one field combat. Young Master, are you going to take the enemies head on? Generals, please leave us. Young Master Liu and I will need to discuss this further. - Yes! - Yes! Your Majesty. What is the matter? You'd like to take the initiative? Your Majesty. I've checked the number of weapons in the city. It's impossible to keep defending the city. We don't need to defend it for long. We only need to hold the fort until the reinforcements arrive. Your Majesty, have you overheard what the soldiers are discussing? Libationer Guo. Indeed. I overheard them as well. There's already speculation of Libationer Guo's death. Moreover, after Kebineng showed off their military powers everyone in the city flew into a panic. Should this continue, they will lose confidence. Therefore, we'll have to strike Kebineng's clan unexpectedly before they strike us. How do you intend to do so? I'm Minister Cao's son. I'm also the commander of the army. If I ride out to the battlefield their main forces will definitely target me. Your Majesty can then lead the cavalry to break out from the side and inform my father. With Your Majesty's orders my father will surely send in his reinforcements to us. Haven't I already turned down this suggestion once? Your Majesty! The situation has changed completely. We're already running short of soldiers and weapons in the city! The reinforcements have yet to come. It's impossible to defend Lulong. Therefore, I have to escort Your Majesty and the empress out of here while there's still a chance. What about you? Since you've decided to be the bait you must be prepared to sacrifice yourself, aren't you? My life matters not. Foolhardiness. It's so easy to seek death. Why don't you wield your sword at the enemies right at the gates and then recite a few lines of a poem before you die? What a delight that must be! You'll be dead and I'll escape. Are we just going to abandon Lulong? We can do as we please. But once the city is taken the soldiers and civilians in the city won't be able to die in a dignified manner even if they want to. You're not even afraid to die. Why would you be scared to defend this city with me? Your Majesty wishes to protect me out of goodwill. You've encouraged me with a noble cause. However, I know my priorities. If Your Majesty returns with the reinforcements we can still take back Lulong from the enemies. But Great Han is doomed should the emperor be killed! I've already made up my mind. I'll head out tomorrow to set a time for a battle. Your Majesty can decide whether to stay or leave. If Your Majesty would have me die in vain... I could only accept it. Nonsense! If you were my brother... I'd give you a sound beating right now. In the past few days, absentmindedly I've regarded Your Majesty as my own older brother. Therefore, Your Majesty, you must return here alive. Perhaps... I might still be alive to be reprimanded. Fourth Young Master. Fourth Young Master! What are you doing, Jie? Empress! Empress, do you think that I look like a female general? Such a valiant and heroic bearing. You're indeed the daughter of a general. However, aren't His Majesty and Fourth Young Master defending us? We just have to help out with the supplies and rations. War is more than just wielding a sword and taking lives. Sometimes, logistics are more important than combat. You just have to keep your spirits up so that the soldiers can see how fearless Miss Cao Jie is. It will boost their confidence. From tomorrow onward I'll have to defend the city on behalf of my brothers. Do you mean that Fourth Young Master intends to send me and His Majesty away by using himself as a bait? By now, he should have told His Majesty about it. Then His Majesty must have already turned him down. I know that His Majesty will object to it. But my fourth brother is unlike me. He seems gentle and scholarly in appearance but he's actually more obstinate than my second brother. Is he? But I'm sure that His Majesty will be able to talk him out of it. I'll only tell you about this. When my fourth brother was little, he joined my father in the army. One time, when my father punished a soldier Zhi went to defend him. He said that the soldier was innocent. Although my father knew the truth, he couldn't look bad as a general. He reprimanded Zhi for it. Zhi ended up kneeling outside my father's tent without any meals or water. He then passed out. In the end, my father admitted defeat. My father went to console that soldier in person. Minister Cao... would actually admit to his mistake? Only your fourth brother could do so, I suppose. That's why I think... His Majesty won't be able to dissuade Zhi. What about you? Aren't you going to hold him back? If this had happened in the past I'd surely have been too upset to go on living. But I now know what I should do. If Zhi dies in the battle... I'll be the only child of the Cao family left here. Lulong City... I'll have to defend it. I have to ask you for a favor. But... it's not to have you seek death. Have you found any? Empress, I told them to pick out the nice ones by the river. I also asked the craftsmen to drill holes in them as you instructed. Are these all right? These are quite nice. Here's the needle and thread. Thread these pebbles together. Every string of... 12. But what are these for? You'll know. If the situation in Lulong is true both the emperor and empress will be in grave danger. Prefect Xun. You must take action. Administrative Aide Cui! How would I dare to overlook the safety of the emperor and empress? He who is in office has to do what his duties ask of him! Without Minister Cao's decree and tiger tally I really can't deploy the army! Even if I give orders to deploy, the generals won't obey me. After all, Prefect of the Masters of Writing is but a civil post. Prefect Xun, Warrior Pan, who visited yesterday, asks to see you. Invite him in. Sima Yi? Your legs-- Thousands of mile away, the emperor's life is at great risk. The fort at the frontier will soon be taken. Those matter more than my legs, don't they? What do you mean by that? With this, Prefect Xun can deploy the army, can't you? This is a false military command! A huge army has Lulong besieged. With only the old and weak to defend it, Lulong will soon be taken. Should Prefect Xun hesitate any longer the emperor, empress the Cao family's fourth young master, and Miss Cao will all be killed. Minister Cao, who is attacking Liu City, will be cut off from his escape route. When the Xianbei Tribe's cavalry comes invading down south I'm afraid the capital won't be spared either. Even if Prefect Xun cares not for the emperor and empress you have to consider Minister Cao and the millions of people in the Central Plain! All right. I'll command all the generals right now to-- It's too late. By the time they gather up here, Lulong will be taken. Ye City. It's the closest military base to Lulong. Prefect Xun, please gather troops here in the capital and head out to Ye City. We'll only need Ye City's cavalry. They must ride out to Lulong overnight. Most of the generals in Ye City were Yuan Shao's subordinates. We're still on friendly terms. Why don't I write you some letters? They should obey the orders. The generals in the capital have all followed Minister Cao on the expedition. Who will lead the soldiers? I forged the tiger tally. I'll also command the soldiers. I'll take the blame should Minister Cao find fault with anyone. You're just a scholar. How would you dare to interfere with such a huge national military issue? Because my loyalty differs from that of Prefect Xun. Even if I consent to this, how are we to gather that many war horses in time? The army of Western Liang didn't have any other abilities. It's just that their horses were swift. Although many of their men are dead their armor and their war horses were left behind. There's no point in keeping them around to put on weight. Let the young man take them on the scurried journey. Why are you helping me? Helping you? I'm helping His Majesty and Minister Cao. As well as myself. I don't wish to bury my old bag of bones in the turbulent times. Xun Yu... I was nearly going to be condemned in history! Thank you... gentlemen. - Prefect Xun. - Prefect Xun. Greetings, Your Majesty. This is... Miss Cao and I worked overnight on making the emperor's imperial attire. In times of peril and war, the people feel lost and distraught. Only Your Majesty is able to appease and calm the soldiers down. We mustn't conceal our identities any longer. I'll help Your Majesty change into the attire. Thank you, my empress. I'll lead 1,000 cavalrymen to break out from the middle. The two of you will take the flanks. We'll penetrate into the enemy's mid-section in the wedge formation. Young Master, we'll need reinforcement on the side for the wedge formation. We don't have enough cavalrymen. It will be hard for the infantry to break into the enemies' cavalry. I'll decide the strategy. Just obey my orders. Yes! His Majesty arrives! Greetings, Your Majesty! Long live the emperor! My dear subjects, do rise. Thank you, Your Majesty. I've joined Minister Cao on this expedition. As it was confidential, I couldn't reveal my identity to all of you. I am to be blamed for it. I've come here today to tell all of you that I am here in Lulong and therefore, we are not without a commander. I have not given up on any of you. Nor have I given up on Lulong. Your Majesty is wise! This is our blessing! Your Majesty is wise! This is our blessing! Lulong is the first pass at the northern frontier. If Lulong is taken either the entire city will be wiped out or, even worse, Minister Cao will be attacked from both sides. Once there's a crack in the border of the Central Plain the north that Minister Cao and I just recently pacified with great effort will once again become a battlefield. The people will once more be thrown into the flames of war. The safety of the nation now lies entirely on us today. Should we take a step back you and I will be condemned in history. We pledge to give it our all in defending Lulong! Lulong is a stronghold at the northern frontier. We have high walls and a deep moat. There's an abundance of rations. The Xianbei Tribe's cavalry is skilled in field combat. They aren't as good at breaking down the fort. We shall hold the fort down until the reinforcements arrive. As long as I am in Lulong Minister Cao won't abandon Lulong. Neither will the imperial court. After the battle, we shall all drink together to celebrate our victory. All of you will be rewarded! I understand it isn't the reward that you'd risk your life for at a time when the survival of the Central Plain is at great risk. But it's for the lives of all of the civilians here in this city and those in the Central Plain. I'm no different. My family is also in the Central Plain. For their sake, we will use our bodies as their shield. Sinners, we will not be! We will use our bodies as their shield! Sinners, we will not be! We only intended to take the city. Who knew that we'd also get to take the emperor? Interesting! Fine! We'll take the emperor of Great Han back with us! I'll be sure to capture the enemies' commander so as to avenge the civilians and soldiers who were killed! Long live the emperor! Is that your armor? Yes, before I went to Guandu my father said that I'd grown taller. He had the craftsmen make me new armor that is as thin as paper but strong and indestructible. It can block any arrows. However, I didn't expect Father to have me stationed in the camp and he then won the battle in a sweeping victory. I didn't even have the chance to wear the new armor. The highest form of generalship is to balk at the enemy's plans. Minister Cao commands with miraculous skills to win a battle with the fewest casualties possible. You need not feel bad for yourself. I know that my father commands the army miraculously well only because of Your Majesty's assistance. I only got involved by coincidence. Judging from what my father and second brother said as well as what I witnessed I'm well aware of what Your Majesty did in Guandu. I was unsure and curious about Your Majesty. After spending the past few months with you I've cleared my doubts about you. I really made a huge mistake in trying to make Your Majesty leave. It's my honor to fight alongside Your Majesty! That's it. As comrades, we won't debate over who is higher in authority or who should be sacrificed. As long as there's still hope, no one should be sacrificed. I know that Your Majesty will surely take the lead. Your Majesty didn't bring along any armor with you. This armor is my gift to Your Majesty. We are comrades. All right. Comrades we are. Once you step out of this door, I won't be able to see you off. It's all right. Await my return. Get ready to welcome me home. Isn't that just as good? Why do you have to go? I'm the only one who can defeat the Xianbei Tribe with 5,000 cavalrymen. You've never led an army to war. Is there anything I can't do? Stop bragging. On the battlefield, life and death are decided in an instant. It's best for you to take caution. Don't be too careless. Come here. I have to come back here to marry you. "My noble lord! May he return! May he return!" Who knew that I'd make you the yearning wife who sees her husband off to war? When the wind blows and the snow falls, be sure to think of me. Am I starving out there? Am I shivering in the cold? You're so naughty. Who said so? I'm always very serious when I'm with you. Every word I say to you, I say it from the bottom of my heart. Ying, don't you worry. I'll be sure to bring Yi He back. Young Master Sima! Young Master Sima! Young Master Sima! Coming! Mister Cui? You shouldn't be here. Young Master Sima. Why won't you take me with you? This won't be the only battle that His Majesty is fighting. Therefore, we mustn't expose all of the forces that we have. I have the letters that you wrote me and Master Jia's war horses. Those are good enough. However... I know the generals in Ye City very well. What do I have to fear if you don't? Mister Cui. I'm just a commoner. I have nothing to fear. But I'd ask you to take care of yourself for His Majesty's sake. There are still days ahead of us. I've always had this question in mind. I wonder how Young Master Sima is related to His Majesty. Why would you be willing to lay down your life for His Majesty? Perhaps... I was indebted to him in my previous life. Mister Cui, I have to head over to the drill ground. Well then... may you return in victory. Here's another fool of blind loyalty. As for who the fool is, I believe that the results are obvious. Indeed. You're smart. A paralyzed man is back on his feet again. When Cao Cao returns, how will you explain it? Only a foolish man sees only the worst of things. How affectionate. It's a pity that you've chosen the wrong person. If you die in the battle, shall I let you be buried with him? Thank you for the blessings. If we return in victory Registrar Yang should write us a congratulatory essay, shouldn't you? I'm really looking forward to seeing how you'll compliment us. I'll take my leave. 2,000 garrison guards from north of the capital! 3,000 officials, scholars of gentries, and their servants and personal guards. 5,000 war horses. Much jewelry and cloth was donated as military resources. Please inspect them, Young Master! More than half of you here have never fought on a battlefield. I, Sima Yi, am no more than a scholar who was entrusted with this task by Prefect Xun. However, we have weapons and war horses! In Lulong, we have His Majesty. We have Libationer Guo. Let us collaborate with them and fight a battle that is ours to win! Although many of you are just servants now you'll be heroes upon your return! You'll be generals! You'll be millionaires laden with riches! I'm not asking you to seek death. I'm asking you along to strive for a different future! You'll fight just this once and you'll be respected for all eternity! We're willing to risk life and limb alongside General Sima! He shouldn't really say it outright, should he? "The mind of the superior man is conversant with righteousness." "While the mean is conversant with gains." This strategy of his is the most effective at such times. Princess Consort of Hongnong arrives! Greetings, Princess Consort! General Sima, please do rise. General, you're leading 5,000 warriors to battle today. Even as a woman, I understand that the safety of this nation is now tied to you. As I can't ride to the battle with you, here's something to reward the soldiers. I thank Your Highness for assisting the army so generously. The armed forces will surely fight valiantly to bring His Majesty back safely. I'll send a guide with you who knows the way to go. Please protect him. I'll only rescue the people of Lulong. I won't save those who prey on others. Rest assured, Your Highness. I'll be sure to return in sweeping victory. Take care. What took you so long? I thought that something had gone wrong on the city walls. I went to the kitchen. The kitchen? I said that I was going to cook for you, but it's been held off until today. There's nothing else to do tonight, so I'm making it up to you. By the way I managed to get a bottle of wine secretly from Cao Zhi. Everyone has to abstain from alcohol. We'll drink this secretly behind closed doors. Are you worried that we won't get to do so after tomorrow? Today, I suddenly recalled the many promises that I made to you. If I can't even keep such a trivial promise what's the point in making those heroic speeches? Why don't I start fulfilling my promises starting with this meal? Here, try it. Do you still remember that question the late emperor asked me on the first night of our marriage? I don't want you to shield me from the enemies. I might not be able to protect you until the very end. But I will fulfill my duties as an emperor and a husband. Yes... A husband. I hope that tonight, you'll spend the night with me as my husband. I don't wish to wait any longer. My entire life... I've been waiting for too long. I don't wish to wait any longer either. Now? Right now. It's a pity... I can only offer such a nuptial wine to you tonight. Nonsense. How could there be a more bountiful wedding banquet? Your Majesty, don't you have to conserve your energy? My empress, you can review the troops first. Sweet talker. Subtitles by DramaFever