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[Music] [Music] [Music] ladies and gentlemen cabin crew please remain seated looks like we gotta waste before we break through this thing and then have some rough air coming up we're gonna leave the seatbelt signs on for the time being so just sit back relax we hope to see setting your skies here in a bit hope to punch through the storm shortly and again please remain seated keep those seat belts fastened everyone thank you so much for your patience will restart beverage service once we reach clear skies you check the ATIS I want to get a read on the weather report see me might break through this thing why doesn't your dad smile in photos he never has but why I don't know just not his thing even at my baby photos he would just like hold me and just be like probably something I did as a baby hey mom was happy did they hate me they hated me they hate you that's just how they are oh you're just saying that no no see I love you and because I love you they love you too and even if they hate your guts they're still 2600 miles away well raising that loved me I'm sorry it was fun yeah yeah there's shit going on my brain doesn't matter thank you for asking me to come there's perfect yeah thank you for smiling yeah my pleasure [Music] anything I've changed looks like it's unavoidable projections are all over the place precipitation patterns are screaming MCC but that can't be right great I think this thing is following us hey and it's your turn yes sir what can I do for you can you please tell the pilot to not crush the plane I assure you that he's already considered that are you in the same flight it is me I can I get you something my medicines it's in my bag oh sure is it in your carry-on one do you know which bin no no no my suitcase Oh sir if you checked your luggage at the airport we can't get to it it's in cargo don't you have access to that I mean what if it's an emergency aye sir I'm sorry I I can get you a headset or pillow blanket I can get you some water how can I relax no crash any minute now oh what a little heartbreaker how old is she almost 4 ah what a great age I wish I could see the look on her face when she sees you happy to see any look on her face I've been overseas deployed for 24 months now oh if they I could think about was hurting her mom are you a soldier yes ma'am Army Ranger so how much more time do you have left well I was delayed in Paris the only flight that was to LAX so we got five hours to New York and then in our car ride and I could see my family you're adorable she's adorable oh I'll say they're getting restless yeah well hopefully we break through this before they get restless for us this well we're going to start service so you wouldn't anything now though oh yeah can you pass me one of the blankets bit yes here you go you're too nice for this crew thank you [Music] Hey don't worry I'm supposed to have it sorry I wasn't worried I'm lying I'm afraid their status US Air Marshal nice to meet you [Music] fight back Oh can I get you guys anything no I think we're good thanks Alice everything good back there I'm nothing we had one passenger asked that you guys not crash the plane hadn't thought of that let me know if you guys need something just right you will Thanks everything all right back there yeah yeah seems good I was just checking it would have been nice if JFK give us a heads-up on this storm before takeoff man I don't think they knew about it I never seen us doing this big creep up out of nowhere we should've been able to eyeball this thing the moment we were off the ground yeah these domestic red eyes are a nightmare too I've done my fair share but after a while start seeing you know needing some daylight any tips all the coffee in the world my friend coffee in the world any plans for New York absolutely on a hot date those beautiful woman you've ever seen yeah oh yeah what's her name don't know yet blanket make things better maybe I don't get people who are afraid of flying like if you can't do it why try I don't think it's a fine I think it's so being stuck in a compressed metal tube that resembles a penis while thinking look falling and exploding that's not an image I want to think of what a giant penis or the following an exploding both are you ever afraid of planes I'm afraid of a lot of things but flying isn't one of them paint up here the beautiful thing we do and look at us up here in the darkness where no one can see us so majestic birds after all this time how long have they been like three years girl please I'm a museum your shit the next one anytime [Applause] [Music] has everyone shake it up please please please take your seat okay I can assure you then there's nothing like that okay what you see seduce me oh sorry sorry you can't use the bathroom sir don't turn the dirt everything's fine everyone everything's fine excuse me what's happening it's just nerves that happens the storm has everyone shaken up literally I take this flight all the time this is the worst I've seen it do you live in Los Angeles oh my parents didn't we're just there on vacation we're heading back to New York Brooklyn actually winds though like honeymoon really ha well congratulations Thanks let me ask you something so what happens when a passenger is more out of control like more than that I had generally these situations resolve themselves but we have protocols in places for extreme situations that's scary as I said these situations usually resolve themselves nothing fear you've seen things rain sir no sir marshal everything's fine Batman you see everyone back to your seat please I'm at the restrain this passenger till we get the JFK give anything to come there hey are you sure you guys will be okay US Air Marshal no I'm just dealing with somebody [Music] I can hear you now he's hanging up we still have a lot of time left on this plane okay everybody hey first class I need you to get up and move to the back of the plane right now please sir ladies you okay thank you and I'm sorry passenger and that was giving us a series he's been medicated patience with us I think that which returns everything's okay [Music] you can't interfere and stuff like this brand what I just wanted to help yeah I know but this isn't something you should be involved in okay I'm sorry I guess I guess I'm still in my head about my parents I don't know what the problem is you said it was okay I believe you I always believed you yeah yeah maybe next time it'll be better just blanketing everything five minutes ago that we'd be out of it in 20 but lose the altimeter and fuel gauge are working latest build us yeah looks like it they shouldn't be doing all this at once flight deck captain it's Liam the storm caused a passenger to flee doubt the marshal stepped in assistant but we had to sedate or restrain him restraining is everything under control back there I think so okay good just make sure everybody's comfortable storms the only thing I want to worry about right now got it here your ma'am sir buck-naked just a water please okay miss I was wondering if you had anything else I could snag on I mean I I had the peanuts this gentleman gave me his but my stomach is still probably um we're gonna start the end like me as soon as the storm dies down okay but is there anything you can do if I get you another prepackaged salad without thank you sir for sharing your peanut of course do you think he saw goes you know I mean I think you probably thought he saw one come on yeah probably just crazy you know I think I saw ghosts when I was little really I mean maybe these things you don't understand like walking down an old hallway you see someone out of the corner of your eye you look and they're gone or you're driving and there's someone behind you you look for them and then they're just gone as that ghosts are just other people okay like this one time I remember being in my bed at night lying on my side looking out my window at this line of trees that's behind my house and I was blinking a lot because I'm trying to go to sleep and there's this guy that walks out of the woods a guy you look like Frankenstein but that's probably not he started walking towards the house through the backyard straight towards my window until I could see the whites of his eyes and then he just stood there and shit what did you do I freaked out I ran to my parents room woke them up told him I saw a guy in my window and then my dad he came in looked around but there was nobody there they even went into the backyard they said I was dreaming where you dream you know you think I don't remember falling asleep or waking up [Music] you know I don't think you saw ghosts babe I think you so creeps I don't know have you ever seen one no have seen angel okay you know that's not gonna get you out of my happy wedding conversation right the truck cool it you know if you give someone a salad during a storm will be picking crouton crumblies off the floor for hours she is very cute this has been a flight huh nope it's the worst that'll happen well we've got Charles Bronson over there keeping watch we should be fine can you breathe alright just come back you see ya he's I think it's in my hair check the other salads go Jesus [Music] like that hey sorry to bother you again Lane what's going on our in-flight meals are well they're rotten I think rub their like satanic ride full of maggots actual maggots it's disgusting your flight meals are rotten great have Liam call LAX tell him about the food does it call LAX let them know about the food just there's not much we can do from here so just try and keep the passengers as comfortable as you can and worst case we'll take care of them when we land you keep everyone comfortable phones are working we're running out of ways to keep them comfortable seriously bring on the frogs what what else was there locusts darkness yeah [Music] [Music] we're part of the engines there's got to be a technical bug no way we got struck not rust two meters out all right we might have to keep the nose up in this guy you got night for the rice Brian trying it kids on supper down right now all right keep your eyes out there wait for lightning strike [Applause] hey Missy sitter this is we've got dual engine failure on repeat all engines out goin for an engine failure systems check brilliant anything no come on we're in storage jewelry's networking shit [Music] [Music] we need to get these engines working just get up spinning the generators a run put the wrap too far out not gonna work Oh please [Music] thank God flight lead please contact the cockpit thank you it work I've never seen a plane to die like that before I have but not like that looks like you're getting to see a lot of things you've never seen before tonight oh Jesus Christ I think I almost had a heart attack can you start that what's real you okay back there I think so there's a lot about everyone else any injuries I don't know I haven't started the walkthrough yet copy that looks like we're about 4:10 do we hit New York just try to keep everyone calm and comfortable let's see if we can make this a better trip from here on out I just think we need is a plane playing creepy thank you so much yes Oh sweetie that looks bad oh my god why don't we touch you up in the restroom I'm not qualified for this yes sir thank you are you okay my apologies are doing everything they can ladies and gentlemen apologies for the turbulence as you may have gathered our aircraft experienced a brief loss of power which caused the drop in altitude but everything's back in order good news is planes are made to handle situations like this we hit a rough patch of sky but it's our number-one priority to get you to New York or wherever your final destination may be with us this evening safe and sound hoping to have you on the ground and just about four hours so just sit back and try to relax we'll be sending the flight crew through the cabin to make sure everyone's okay once again we apologize for the discomfort on behalf of the airline and the crew we hope you enjoy the remainder of the flight why am i it's just a zip tie zip tie what are you you had an episode I had a restraining oh no no you have the right to remain silent [Music] [Music] [Music] and us five seven LAX Center and us five seven we've lost contact with JFK do you copy I can't get anyone and they were updating us on the pressure systems this all happened after we lost power keep trying they'll come back what about the systems check Brent of the book the plane can fly but after the outage got a few problems according to Diagnostics the cabin pressure is good fuels good landing gear landing gears out comms are down and auto pilot's gone yeah okay well this plane may not be brand new but it's one of the greatest ever built keep our hands on the wheel we should be just fine we're about FMS that means it for some reason we lose navigation you never flown one of these things before Abbie there's storm with engine failure not really Keep Calm kid all right I've been through worse than this keep your head on what say it is saying about the weather report well still surrounded even if we wanted to divert our path according to the data there's no way around it and we're stuck in the middle I can't see anything out there look equipment no equipment radio or no radio storms only last so long we'll be through this shortly your head keep it on [Music] [Applause] [Music] man excuse me man ma'am can you hear me ma'am I'm sorry me walk over light is stuck I can't open the door from this end [Music] [Music] um someone's coming to help okay please just stay calm you can even stay calm I think that there's a woman trapped inside she's stuck but yeah the locking mechanism isn't working properly ma'am ma'am this is the US Air Marshal I need you to open this door right now you're right okay [Music] [Music] ma'am tell us three I want you to push the door [Music] one [Music] oh my god oh my god [Music] okay come on come on okay okay Shh okay okay just this way yeah can you take us you can you can you sit up for me seriously we're never flying this fight again is what's going on well I'm serious there's maggots in the food people are throwing up the lights are going out in the no I don't I don't know either we're in a hell of a tank we're in a hell of a storm okay and storms pass the Air Marshal said that the crazy one was a terrorist okay commit never they didn't say that I think you actually said the opposite what are we supposed to do when there's a crazy person on the plane I mean what have you heard somebody okay maybe we shouldn't call him crazy yeah and what's this talk about ghosts okay nothing it's just just all a little frazzled right now it's a malfunction it's a malfunction with the plane that's it look all I know is you better keep that man away from me because I just want to get on them you know maybe maybe we got struck by lightning you know I mean that explains the power going in now but lightning hits planes in the air all the time what are you a mechanic I'm a teacher and I watch the news okay you know what cool it all right we're in a storm okay we're on a plane the plane is a machine if you so much as use your cell phone the signals get jumbled all right so if we're at this high up covered by clouds surrounded by lightning of course some shits gonna go wrong so please it's not making accusations that you guys don't even know it's true you're gonna make everyone panic exactly everywhere just take a deep breath sit back and try to relax are you sure everything's normal no I'm not sure but it's not supernatural we're on a plane and planes have problems things not ready I know look how about and take her mind off this like music maybe you still haven't listened to the mixtape that my brother put on your phone in LA yeah I don't know I don't know it feels weird okay okay okay babe babe babe we're in a storm storms pass okay you know if I opened my carry-on and snakes fall out I'll be the first to let you know okay [Music] hey listen you're really stupid if you think I'm letting you out of my sight relax did you say something to me what I thought I heard something okay did you not hear that your what there's someone trying to to call me or speak to me or something what what am I trying to hear I don't hear anything lady what nothing volume or something oh my god did you sign it or something Jesus I mean it sweetie Danica what's going on you're scared what the balusters procedure for a reason you can't just barge in here like that look three hours and some change will be on the ground that's whatever you that's what we're all worried about we're losing this fight I need you to take control now sorry so far we've had a lightning storm rotten food people having panic attacks and then losing power I don't know what this is but it isn't normal she's got a point Alice I need you to calm down okay it's a rough flight but you've been doing this long enough you should know all right I don't know what's going on back there I have no idea what the problem is but I can't be back there to fix it personally I'm doing everything I can to keep us in the air yes sir no I know you're trying and you're doing a great job it's just we're doing all we can appear sir yes sir I understand trying to be a hard-ass here it's just we can all make it through this flight without losing our minds drinks are on me you see in this so what what is that during the clouds Birds that's impossible birds don't fire this altitude then what in the world as people what are you talking about captain I I don't see anything you're not seeing this right here right right I swear to Christ people you're gonna take over for a minute maybe you know I think it'd break might do you some good maybe some coffee is a break no I don't need a break shit lot of water please Alice Jack there's no shame in being exhausted it's a tread I direct coast-to-coast I know I just I'm scared yeah me too yeah maybe a little I don't know something's not right something just doesn't feel right your hands have been shaking are they I need to notice I I guess I just got a lot on my mind Thanks did you see [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] make sure this stays open okay [Music] Danny [Applause] [Music] bring what I don't feel well what's going on would you think it was weird if I thought there was something else on this flight is it like your Frankenstein thing no I'm not following Danny Danny honey hey Danny okay [Music] do you have aspirin yeah I think there's some I carry on [Music] [Music] [Music] granny hey hey hey you okay okay get away from you there's this there's nothing there how about you to break it everybody I'm not trying to freak anybody out I'm just trying to calm her down better what did you see and they know there's nothing there but it wasn't info so I believe him you do something's going on here we just need to find out what yeah I think so I promise I just don't know what's going on all right I'm done look excuse me I'm gonna go to the bathroom all right you really don't want to go to the bathroom oh great mr. crazy man is awake but please don't say it okay there are no terrorists on this plane look mr. Marsh ma'am why don't we just tire ask what's gonna get tied down to anything okay to keep her calm I just I just don't understand okay I don't understand what's going on I don't ascend what's going on with my wife look nobody knows what's going on but the one thing that I do know is that I trust the man with the badge and the gun look there's a lot of crazy unseen shit going on in here I don't know what it is but I do know that this woman you're just trying to get back to her families just like everybody in this place do you sit down now listen up I need everyone to keep their head on their shoulders and stay calm okay no I don't think it's terrorism let's stop using that word that word just gets everyone worked up well what are we in North Korea now we can't express ourselves really are you service look look I'm sorry this must have an asshole I'm just warning people the ground look it's scary when the plane malfunctions it is we are people who do this for a living so let us do our job and we will be fine see it's exactly what I was saying malfunction so what are we talking about gas leak loss of cabin pressure I didn't say that how much longer until we get to New York are we gonna be okay it's just gonna be a couple more hours okay we're almost there miss would you please check with the captain make sure all the mechanical wishes aren't ordered please we are losing electricity often it's a good place to start I'm no mechanic and I'm sure the captain is doing everything he's supposed to be doing on his end most important thing is we're still in the air we got that going for us fantastic fantastic finally somebody that knows what the hell they're doing hey you keep talking like that the two of us are never real serious brother so I need you to sit here and keep your mouth shut you got that I'm so sorry about all this hey hey hey don't be sorry okay you didn't do anything wrong I don't know what's happening did you take the aspirin of course but don't worry sweetheart you all do realize that if there is a major malfunction over in the air during a storm that's worse than ghosts right because I can actually kill this okay the plane is not haunted that's an insane why don't we just land the plane and sugar problems on the ground look as the captain mention anything about when and where we're gonna land what I can tell you know the storms making it hard to get anywhere at this point trying to land in this up here excuse me what about the storm give any idea when it will be behind us no I and the moment of storms linking everything it seems to be sharking the distance excuse me what do you want it's not electrical [Music] [Music] what's real look we can't land into the storm clears up Alice you know that we need to land it now jack else is going again with this Ryan we're all tired baby sit down for just a little bit okay I'm getting worried about you and we're gonna be on the ground in like 95 minutes yeah where do you want me to land Alice huh my comms are out storms manases take off we're on our own with nowhere to go planes hottest would you listen to yourself we're not gonna lay in the plane because the superstitious then why would ghosts want to haunt this plane excuse me Brian Migra belt on right [Applause] [Applause] not flying autopilot no we lost it over the plate lost power I'm so sorry right I don't know what the hell we just saw but something's definitely wrong we agree on that right I mean you said there's something physically wrong with the plane right no not anything that's gonna cause hallucinations or visions I don't know what would cause us to see the things we saw okay well let's start from the beginning so this one started soon after takeoff pretty check was fine luggage was fine mr. Peck in 25a and mr. Peck he claimed that he saw something unusual on the wing of the plane and then he went to the bathroom to cool off and then he got spooked again well I know what I saw in the bathroom was wheel the woman in the bathroom she was in the mirror and she was reaching out for me and then I fell through the floor I couldn't get the door unlocked I mean either I tried but I couldn't it felt like he was being held from the inside goodbye I checked it though I mean there's nothing physically unusual about it okay then the plane lost power and we fell and then the food was spoiled somehow I heard a woman scream through my earbuds it's great scream what at first it was whispers then it got louder it sounded like she said murder well that's when my phone stopped working mine too I thought I was the only one and there was something really weird on my screen what was it a sonogram Oh what you know like you need tech pictures of babies from a pregnant lady that woman in the aisle Brian going crazy and attacking jack and then the corpse and the beaver had been and now someone's written murder on the outside of your window okay so what are we looking for and where do we even start okay I mean it has to be coming from around here somewhere well it all started in the front fight but I already checked the bathroom though and we've been up there most of the flight well that wouldn't explain the phones or the overhead bins or what happened in the cockpit we're subscribers no no we're not screwed that is okay listen we just need to find the source - what the hell is going on right now Ryan my hints that's on purpose what happened you attacked Jack you got crazy eyes I'm going straight for the throat you know what why would I do that all right listen up I know it's been a crazy night for all of us but there has to be a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of us there are only so many places to look if not the cabin the front or the back what else is there okay we decided that it's art on the wing now we have that word written on his window yeah but we can't check out siding the wing right now we're in the middle of flights what about the manifest is there anything on board that's out of the ordinary nothing that I know of no it's special packages for museums no that soldier is being transported home from Afghanistan Brandon what do you say I mean objects could be conduit for spirits okay maybe there's something on the playing that's traveling with it okay it's all right if there's nothing on the manifest what do we do what were you saying when when you said you fell through the floor where did you go um I don't know the cargo holds I think why because I saw that too when I fell back against the seat and then I was in the cargo hold babe there was someone there and I don't I don't know but I felt like they needed my help what do you see gran there's something something happened something bad we have to go down there babe if we're having visions of the same thing in the same location something is telling us to go down there the luggage speak up the luggage I I don't know what's going on but talking about it isn't going to solve anything like she said we need to go down there and see for ourselves if I find out you have something to do with this you are in a big world of her do you understand how how you tied me and put me in a chair cut him loose yeah clarifies anyone of us we were freaked out in that bathroom this what you happen to have any scissors please yes thank you don't make me regret this you won't okay here's what's gonna have the next you're all gonna go back to your seats and I'm gonna go down to the cargo area I'm sorry sorry guys no one can go down to cargo do you want this to come to an end or not because I gotta cover all my bases here I'm going with you Danny no you are not going with me no it was speaking to me I saw it I'm not gonna sit up here and wait for someone else to figure it out I'm going no you're not going what I'm going to I in travel this far let's get back to my wife or my kid let's not get home now afternoon down there finding out what's going on it's gonna help us all get home then I'm gonna help you have your six I appreciate that but I'm doing my job right now and I'm going down alone Danny you stay here and I'm gonna go with the marshal nobody's coming wait stop just follow me you guys are gonna have to be quick you can't see anything down there that light would be strong enough [Music] sorry I thought I saw something but it's gone this is a nightmare [Music] Oh it's leading to that back what that's blood souvenirs come here Oh okay huh are they all here where's the woman that ran towards us and disappear this bag belongs to someone there's a killer will you give whose bag is this that's easy to figure out No [Music] no disrespect marshal but can we do this another time I don't know if you've noticed but I'm flying this plane by myself and we haven't really been having a great night you sure you want to do this right here do what you serious cut the bullshit you whoa you can't talk to me like that look marshal whatever you think's going on I can't have this many people in the cockpit I'm sure you know protocol I'm afraid I'm not gonna be able to follow protocol right now captain neither are they what is this we're almost on the ground whatever it is can wait to wear on the ground no can't wait we're talking about this right now where did you get these what did you do to her I don't know what you're talking about it is this good god what's wrong with you people I don't know who this woman is don't lie to me what did you do to her what did you do to her baby it's funny how the women in this photograph stress seeing women causing all the problems on this plane I'm also very funny how all the pictures ended up in your bag Jack I don't hurt money oh come on tell [Applause] [Applause] Hey [Music] what did you do I don't know what you're talking about tell me what she dared do anything you tell me what you did right now or I will end you where you sit fuck nothing yeah I did matters okay okay none of it matters you're gonna get everyone killed come on not everyone just you [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] we're good back here [Music] okay [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you