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Newspaper Newspaper Japanese army has arrived at Shanhai Pass Peking is in danger of being occupied One piece Thank you Newspaper Newspaper Japanese army has arrived at Shanhai Pass Peking is in danger of being occupied Newspaper Newspaper Newspaper Japanese army has arrived at Shanhai Pass Is Japanese occupying Peking Newspaper Newspaper Japanese army has arrived at Shanhai Pass Peking is in danger of being occupied Newspaper Newspaper Newspaper Don’t listen to this It’s China’s territory Why do the Japanese come It’s beyond our ability to interfere Coming Freshly cooked Help yourselves Enjoy the food Here my fellows Recently work in the cotton mill is very urgent We need to work day and night Mr. Xu let me reward you with a good meal We are like family This work is our duty Yes right When we finish the clothes The National Revolutionary Army can wear them to fight against the Japanese Right The Japanese are too arrogant When we eat and drink to our heart’s content Let’s go and finish the clothes Send them to our army to fight against the Japanese Cheers Cheers Who’s speaking ill of us Japanese I will ask one more time Who’s speaking ill of us Japanese Are you able to tell good from bad You think we don’t understand Chinese Don’t understand Chinese If you don’t understand Chinese Get out of China Right Get out Get out Stupid Mother fucker Don’t threaten me Fellows in our mill won’t give in for this How can you beat him How can you use violence Do you have opinions on this Beat them Fight What have you learnt at school today Any assignments from your teachers Yes When we’re home focus on the assignments OK I will Uncle look Another fight Let’s go home Beat them Take him up Yes That’s the price for insulting the Japanese Make a mark for you to remember this Mr. Xu I ask you to host a meal Why do you end up like this We were enjoying our meal And said something about the Japanese They heard it And beat us with no reasons And and shaved my head Did you insult them We only expressed some true feelings of us Chinese We are workers of the Associated Cotton Mill We won't debase your reputation What do these Japanese belong to Hongkou Dojo I know them I’m calling Sato Hongkou Dojo please Hello Is Mr. Sato here I am Sato Hello Mr. Sato I am Xu Yannong Hello Mr. Xu What the matter Workers of my mill just ate out But they were beaten and shaved by your subordinates Is it true You’re the Japanese community leader It’s your responsibility to discipline your men Mr. Xu how can you be sure that it’s my men Is it my duty to stop all the Japanese having fights For me Mr. Xu has been an open minded gentleman Don’t you think it’s better to call the police station first OK I will call the police Are you saying that it’s not your business Alright You should have thought about it What situation are we in The Japanese are tough characters It wasn’t us who provoked them It was them who started the fight OK OK Get out of here Let’s go Leopard I succeed Zhiwei what have you succeeded in Nothing Give me I am disappointed Why are you so absorbed in such useless tricks Instead of practicing Kong Fu How many times have I talked to you Do you want me to tell mom and brother about it I only play with it to relieve boredom When I have nothing to do My Lady My Lord Something’s wrong What’s wrong Workers of the cotton mill were beaten After a quarrel with the Japanese Qiu Ba even got his head shaved My Lord so many years With us Fuwei Martial Club Fellows of the mill have never been bullied Especially our fellows in Peking We have been hired by the Associated Cotton Mill And have guarded them for decades They treat us well Those who bully the mill Is bullying our club Don’t just talk the talk Let’s teach the Japanese a lesson I think it’s better to wait for Lord Zhixiong There’s no need to bother brother I can settle it with sister Fellows let’s go Let’s go Let’s go This Dongjue I tell you I Zhi’en you’re back We’re going to teach the Japanese a lesson Please look after the club OK Let’ go Go Let’s go Hurry up everybody Who shaved off the hair of our mill fellow It’s me Do you want to get shaved too Do you want to get shaved too Beat them Stop Stop I’m sorry You Chinese only bully minorities Alright Chinese Kong Fu emphasize morality Zhiwei you go first He deserves it It’s my turn One on one Fair enough Zhiwei He’s scared Finally it’s his turn to be scared He deserves this Right Stop Wait My turn Wait Wait I surrender I surrender You know we’re tough characters Do you know what to do now Yamamoto I’m so grateful for your help on this No problem Let’s go Hasegawa Hasegawa turn back I’m asking you to turn back What happened to your hair Tell me It’s shaved off by people from Fuwei Martial Club We Yamato people is an excellent race But you’re debasing our reputation Go and rebuild the reputation Or you’ll have hard time explaining it to Mr. Sato I think after this the Japanese won’t be so arrogant Good job Zhiwei The Fangs have never been bullied for generations Why didn’t you take me with you for the fight I was the first in the imperial martial examination If I fought you just need to stand by and watch Uncle Huangfu those Japanese were too weak For you to fight against I haven’t fight for a long time Now I’m itching to have a go Why you are so happy Uncle Huangfu Zhixiong Brother some Japanese bullied fellows of the mill Zhiwei and I gave them a lesson Is this the hair of the Japanese They shaved Qiu Ba’s head Sister and I shaved theirs in return You’re so reckless of the consequences How dare you shave off the Japanese’s hair Japanese warriors attach great importance to dignity What you did has insulted them The Japanese have insulted us Chinese for many times This is fighting back The Japanese come to our place and abuse our people Do they regard themselves as our masters But we just act against their will The Japanese are making troubles everywhere I’m worried that they won’t let us off Don’t worry Uncle Biao and I are here for you Those who dare to revenge on you are seeking death Mr. Fang Mr. Fang Some Japanese want to see you Look here they are Let me have a look What are you doing here I’ve told you again and again Stop acting like this I’ve told you Mr. Fang won’t see you Please leave I am a Japanese warrior My head was shaved by your people I am too ashamed to live I want to borrow your place to commit hara-kiri Please leave here What are you doing It’s you again What do you want this time I want to commit hara-kiri here If you want to die go further And leave us alone No one will pick up your body The Fangs shaved my head I’ll die in front of your house OK Alright Just kill yourself as you want I’ll regard it as someone killing a pig In front of my house during the New Year I’m an old lady who has experienced life Your tricks won’t scare me off Thanks for your permission Wait for a minute Fellow it’s just some hair being shaved off You’ve shaved the head of our mill’s fellow too Focus on the issue Don’t exaggerate it We Japanese warrior see our hair as our lives If I return like this I can’t explain to my master My only choice is committing suicide Don’t stop him Let him die Do it Do it Do it Kill yourself Mom Don’t talk like this My friend what’s your plan on solving this Tell us clearly It’s easy to solve this You the Fangs hurt my fellows Pay me 300 silver coins as compensation And I will let it go Stop your daydreaming Where is here Here is the Fangs’ Fuwei Martial Club You’ve been provoking us all the time I’ll kill you before you committing hara-kiri Zhiwei don’t be so reckless Bing get 300 silver coins from the counting room And give it to this fellow This Brother Alright Stop arguing about this Just go Thanks Mr. Fang Let’s go Let’s go My fellows I’m inviting you all for a drink And to visit prostitutes tonight Let’s go Let’s go I’m telling you I have money I can get you a girl And get you one as well Girl why are you on our way Give it back What 300 silver coins My brother agreed to give you But my sister and I haven’t nod at it No no no This is the compensation for me I won’t give it back to you Fellows of our cotton mill Also need money for treatment My brother give it to you and you give it to us Fair and reasonable OK I can give the money back But the girl has to accompany me in drinking I’ll pay for the drink Asking for death Your turn first Beat them Beat them Beat them Zhiwei So hurt My silver coins All 300 silver coins you took as compensation Was snatched back by them Now that our army have won one battle after another Where our national flag flutters The Chinese will escape with fear You You’ve debased the reputation of us Japanese Kneel down If we give no reaction There will be no place for me in Peking Mr. Sato I think we can’t just let it go like this They shaved the head of our Japanese warriors We’ll shave their heads too Right We’re waiting for your order Mr. Sato It’s time to dampen their arrogance Hiroshi Yamamoto Yes Taku Asami Yes You two go personally Must make Fuwei Martial Club know clearly In this city It is Hongkou Dojo that has the say Yes Dongjue You’re practicing so hard Uncle requests me to beat it 1,000 times a day Your uncle asks you to practice Kung Fu everyday But he himself has never practiced it Why I don’t know Remember Besides Kung Fu you should work hard on study too I know Miss Fang Sorry for trouble you again No problem Dongjue is a good boy This is the money for tutoring Dongjue this month The Fangs don’t lack this money Save it and buy some cloths for Dongjue I can’t The Fangs have been treating Dongjue and me very well I can’t accept more kindness from you Please take the money OK I accept it I’m keeping it for Dongjue Thank you You can’t come in It’s here What are you doing What are you doing It’s this woman She snatched my money Miss Fang we’re going back to the room What are you doing here Haven’t you got enough from last fight So you come back with two helpers this time How can an ordinary Chinese girl be so arrogant I am that arrogant Beat them Stop What are you doing here Move backwards Backwards If you want something from us We can sit down and have a talk There is nothing to talk about We come here to destroy your club Buddy You don’t have to leave no room for negotiation If you flagrantly destroy our club There will be no place for us Fangs in Peking It’s not my business Buddy a step forwards we’ll be enemies A step back we’ll be friends We are not friends Master I Chen Zhen have always remember your words I will bring up Dongjue to be a talented man So that he can spread your spirits as you wished Dongjue kowtow to your father Uncle why do we have to worship everyday Just do as I ask Because I need you to remember that You are the descendant of the Huos In the future rejuvenating Jin Wu Men Will be your responsibility Do it My respectful late father I Huo Dongjue will obey the words of Uncle Working hard on martial arts and treating others genuinely To fulfill your last wish Stand up Finish your school assignments Uncle There seems to be a fight outside It’s not your business Do your homework Hero thank you For saving us in this dangerous and urgent situation Would you please tell me your name Hero stay please Now that you’ve saved us Why not let us know your name So that us can learn about our savior Zhixin don’t be so rude Since you don’t want to show us who you are We won’t force you to do it Thanks again for saving us So that we can avoid being shamed by the Japanese Zhixiong who on earth is this man I don’t know This is the first time That I watched such superb martial arts Uncle Have the Japanese gone Uncle Why you act against your words to help others Dongjue Do you sleep well in the Fangs’ house Do you eat well Very well All we own today Is given by the Fangs Do you understand Continue studying That means we owe the Fangs many favors I haven’t welcome you in person For your distinguished guests’ arrival It’s my fault Hope you can forgive me Please have a seat China is a land of courtesy and propriety How can we not serve tea to our guests It’s not necessary I believe Chief Jin must know Japan is the origin of tea ceremony The tea you have here I think it’s too bitter And lacks fragrance Mr. Sato I can’t agree with you As far as I know In 2200 years ago an alchemist named Xu Fu in China led 3,000 children traveled to Fusang It is him who took tea to your country Since then Those 3,000 children started to grow up and reproduce in your country Chief Jin you’re deviating from the topic I come here today Because I want you to uphold justice for us Not to discuss our ancestors We can have a peaceful talk Adjutant serve tea Yes Those Japanese came to our club for troubles With the intention to destroy our club They’ve crossed the line Cross the line It is you who shaved the head of Hasegawa first We weren’t the first to shave It is you who shaved Qiu Ba’s head first It is you who insulted us Japanese first Chief Jin Our Fangs’ Fuwei Martial Club Has been in Peking for generations You know clearly how we conduct ourselves Of course Since I become the chief of this police bureau The Chinese and the Japanese Have been living in harmony Some quarrels and fights between civilians Shouldn’t be exaggerated like this Right Compromise brings peace Restraint makes harmony Mr. Sato Can we save the trouble I don’t understand Chief Jin’s words I mean you can sit here Have a talk and smile on it Although some of you are injured But it isn’t serious You can recover in a few days Am I right But we Japanese suffered a loss How can we just let it go like this Apparently you suffered a loss But it is you who went to their house for a fight I’ll exempt you from the charge of violating public security regulations Is it fair They ordered a masked man to prey on us It’s vile I am getting confused now What is that masked man about Chief Jin I won’t lie in front of you Who was that masked man We don’t know either It’s just a helper in the fight Not a murderer Never mind Let it go Chief Jin I don’t think you really care about it I’m taking care about it I don’t think you can take good care of it We will deal with it in our own way Chief Jin I hope you can have a clear picture of the situation According to the Tanggu Truce signed by our two countries The Chinese army has retreated to Changping and Tongzhou And cannot cross the line The Imperial Japanese Army has garrisoned Pinggu and Miyun They can enter Peking any minute You’d better not burn all your bridges Who was the masked man That they’ve just mentioned I didn’t lie to you We also want to know who he is Zhixin you’re the elder sister Zhiwei is young and reckless You can’t let him do whatever he wants I know What mistakes has my sister made People of Hongkou Dojo bullied us If we gave no reactions They would be more arrogant Stop talking Do you understand how serious the consequence is If that hero didn’t show up to help us The Fangs’ reputation would be seriously debased The Fangs have virtuous ancestors When our family encountered danger Gods sent us a helper to solve it I think the one who helped us Must have something to do with our family Or he wouldn’t take such a risk Is it possible that he is an apprentice That your father had taught outside the club No Even though my father’s alive He could not defeat that man Do you have any opinions on your father Your father was a virtuous man In turns of appearance he was very handsome As for martial arts all gangs and association in Peking Would name him the number one Do you have any opinions on him You’re right I’m not saying my father’s weak That’s settled Sister this time we’ve earned the family an honor Don’t talk like this Don’t you see brother has been angry about that Our brother has always followed the rules With the prestige of our family we aren't afraid of anyone That’s not true Without the help of that masked man We would have been beaten by those Japanese Who on earth is that man He was so great Alright In the following days be careful when you go out Maybe those Japanese will come back for revenge Sister What’s the matter I have no money left Did you just spend all the money given by brother In less than half a month That money from brother is far from enough You You only know how to ask me for things You are the good sister of mine Don’t squander it Thanks sister You two are the top martial art masters in Japan How could you be defeated by a Chinese Mr. Sato That man was a superb fighter Who is he We’ve never seen him At least it is impossible That he is from any gang or club in Peking How do you know that Because Yamamoto and I have fought against them And We’ve never been defeated I’ve never heard a good news from you Mr. Sato We should think about the countermeasures I’ve foreseen the arrival of this day So I’ve hired a top fighter from the Yagyuu family He will arrive in a few days The Yagyuu family Restrict yourselves for a while There will be the day for your revenge Yes Excuse me What’s the matter Mr. Sato Mr. Watanabe has arrived Lead him to the tea room Yes Mr. Watanabe General Nakamura sent me here To talk about issues of the Associated Cotton Mill Associated Cotton Mill According to the information Xu’s Associated Cotton Mill Has accepted many orders from the Chinese army They’ve help the Chinese army secretly to fight against the Japanese What does General Nakamura want me to do The situation is very subtle It is inconvenient for the army to step in There are many issues in Peking That need to be settled by civilians Here are the orders of the general First collect information Second use your ability To control the economy of Peking Especially the Associated Cotton Mill Please tell General Nakamura I will carry out his orders General Nakamura reminds you There is a growing hostility towards the Japanese Among the Chinese Don’t increase their hostility Do we have to keep silent in front of bullying That’s right Mr. Nakamura Bowing to them is an insult for us Japanese warriors Stop You don’t have a say in this room Think about it carefully The general doesn't care what methods you take He only cares about the results The Associated Cotton Mill is the pillar of Peking’s economy As long as we can achieve our goals In turns of methods I don’t care how you do it I understand what Mr. Watanabe said It suits me fine To control the Associated Cotton Mill We need to deal with the Fangs’ Martial Club first What are you thinking about Eat I’ve been thinking for a few days Who on earth is the masked man That has saved us It is impossible That he has nothing to do with our family Is he a subordinate of Boss Zhou From Zhenyuan Martial Club in Hexi When your father’s alive He had a good relationship with that Boss Zhou It’s impossible The subordinates of Boss Zhou Only know some basic tricks of martial arts It’s good for watching but not fighting Who can he be