£10 Football Team Vs £1000000000 Dream Football Team

this isn't an actual match between warm Sunday team costing ten pounds and a professional one costing 1 billion imagine some john fan TV after that Cheers sons crying nice one support them our whole lives and that's how they repay us I mean the lads debated whether to go home a halftime I voted to leave all right no Warnock I just walked up and down outside the changing rooms for a week I've been one of them would come up and have a go at me so you know I kid I kid all right Liam I'm going to show you the footage today of my Sunday League team's biggest win of last season in which I was directly involved in six goals and not a single bribe with an opposition defender now remember soccer manager arena they were the guys who gave me the fàbregas opportunity and he still follows me to this day so I'm eternally in debt to them they're back with a brand new game called soccer manager 19 which is a proper football management simulator game you're basically just live the life as a football manager without the unpleasantness you try kicking the car you eat me they've given me a 1 billion pound transfer budget to put together our dream team on soccer manager 19 I'm gonna play five games on the app which is how many games I played last season in son my injury and see if I can record a bigger wind of my Sunday leave TV chief to give me some motivation today to actually beat the Sun daily score I've got my hands on five of the most dangerous objects known to man I'm going to give away five of the proper mitre FA Cup footballs they're worth about a hundred quid at the end of this video if I manage to beat my Sunday League score on soccer manager this is rapidly turning into one of those videos that only I understand Burma hurts Keigo so first things first I need to build up my 1 billion pound team Messi is already valued at 113 million I'm sorry I'm just trying to adjusting the wage budgets if we can get him on loan overseas interested I do not feel a move to your club would be beneficial to my shop and Ronaldo is not coming over and has refused to move from you vase so yeah well on the way I'm gonna skip through the squad building as I began to select the players I wanted I will get Sergio Ramos and change the tactics to attacking 9 times the tactics like the gameplay in terms of how we approach the opposition over the next half an hour I was locked in fierce negotiations with clubs as I began to build my 1 billion pound dream team I'm actually gonna go for Louis Suarez I'm gonna go for 60 million and 1 pound the team is fully assembled ooh-whee Suarez and Pierre Emerick aubameyang up front Eden Hazard Muhammad Salla bringing up the midfield we got Kevin deploying a playing defensive midfield kind of realize I got so many attackers I had to stick someone there with Tony Cruz Jeff the whole team and in our first game of the season we were to face Newcastle surely we're gonna thrash Newcastle surely I'll be getting a dislike from big massive will any surely before that though it's time to kick things off with a local so obvious within the season here were say it was at home a fortress at the home advantage find us seven of them this is one of those days when the pitch wasn't one of those days when you've got a 50% chance of a 5 yard pass along the ground coming in at head height in the first 10 minutes of games you always told to keep it tight at the back now I can't speak for a whole team but personally as their forward began to close down this back pass I had no problem maintaining that particular condition I strongly believe even Edison would have had trouble composing himself as the 11 man strong shout or get rid sounded across the pitch and to be fair I'll keeper did get rid of today's clean sheet this is the next clip never change son Daly yeah the corner comes in a little bit of wobbling around and it comes back to be all that practice in the summer of left like how many hours of left foot advice cool cakes and one chance I get when the footage isn't cut down by three hours of editing and that's what I do fraud the biggest fraud out all it in blood yet right then the ball breaks on the right wing I'm making a run on the right first time hold that Kevin de Bruyne I would be proud of Who Loved sitting through that next time I'll catch up with it yeah really nice finished my strike up and that puts us at 100k so there's the first goal of the game what I think I'm gonna do is splice this up with soccer manager games in between in Sunday's video so that is one or its check on how the first game of soccer manager is doing no doesn't make sense all right it's clock kickoff Newcastle reunited or getting battered so here we go the 3d game buh-bye 30 seconds in staffers in but in cod fish [Applause] what's the seconds gone right gone slightly overkill here I'll mix up water ball that is first fine Pierre Emerick ababa yang gets his head on it to nail blue explorers on the wing what's he gonna do a balmy yang again sticks it top corner what a room finish that was or what is this a no-no for now Suarez header is 5 lil it's five nil when it's not even half time Taylor unless you don't see I know what the score is but unless we've got a classic Sunday League like 30 to nil bumping we don't be in trouble Oh Suarez are the freaking edge of the box stuck in one pre-k pool game as well is he gone oh my god Chris Andy himself would have you you deserve to die I told them to play it through the middle told them to be creative you know no Jose Jose Mourinho style Kevin de Bruyne er stuck in the back of the net it's 7:00 till 7:00 nil is the first game we played I might we begin the dislike from Brian as well at this right you deserve to die full-time and the game has ended and Newcastle have been absolutely rogered seven new right that's game one set things off quite nicely I'm returning back to the real football it's another highlight for them but they're playing out nicely which is really brave on a day like this bed won't move towards their striker especially really unlucky as their striker accelerates past a man probably 20 years younger than him and then finishes it like prime to cameo only for it to be ruled out for I think offsides oh no no no it's the foul it's a foul on the defenders I fell on the defender VA all might have given that one can wait for the day it comes into something like this is gonna be a great day there's no chance of its slowing down the tempo of the game let's face it so second off we're down on the right wing defender makes a rush tackle comes across takes out form our midfielders the guy who won it was kind enough to hand over responsibilities to me and of course I'll never shy away from them an opportunity to prove myself in this department it's not quite as simple as that though so we've moved the pitch sideways to try and like give the brass time to heal all basically so there's a patch where there's just no grass and of course the penalty spot this season is now coming like that I have no idea which one was the actual penalty spot like a solid 20 seconds it could have been either of these two kind of like barren areas of ground thank you to the opposition defender who told me which one she was this had actually been so long since I played a match before I couldn't remember what my penalty technique is so I thought the same thing will just be team just every regret great the Seidman one really and sticking with the keeper anyway and take it off the book for the rebound and stuck it in the bottom corner shins fault it went in the back of it okay that was two it could be the last goal of the game for all you know my game - we've got United and Old Trafford here we go voice here we go Old Trafford new valley barring we need to lay down and that's the end of that yeah that's clearly they clearly haven't changed her socks cure yet that was not as exciting as I thought it was gonna be right so it's to on to remind you quite a lot of goals to try and get through here to even enough time things on well though we're on the attack we're bottom layers gets tackled the ball falls really kindly to me I don't know how I can be so sweaty in every single game of food it doesn't even go through my mind here if that's on FIFA it's probably two or three passed by because that happened before that goes in the back of the net you deserve to die oh my goodness yeah I'll keep them in a couple of insane saves in this game so I just have to leave moving on we get a blow at a time I'll write Beck's plays are really nice to me I bring it down sensible thing would probably be to lay it off to the two freemen with an open goal in the center but I clearly fancied a better stop padding you know those total number of take ons are gonna increase themselves had to make them really work for the tap-in and yeah lady across goal house three on to us all right our third game of the season some Mary's away tough place to go and play and the best of times in fact the Suarez principal bow meow who sticks it in the back of the net it's worn it already on board and Ramos Lou Suarez - who was that in those odd sticks into nil nice bow meow always so easy as focus watch me tell you what I like how the goals Ripple even back in fee for 2005 we could have done with these goals oh hello Southampton 500 have scored Southampton have scored and we concede our first goal despite the fact I spent pretty much 300 million on other fenders alright anyway a 3-1 against Southampton away but again obviously that Newcastle ones the the big one that matters in this video we're turning back to the three on Sunday League scoreline they're on the attack this time eat another really really good save you from our keeper totally redeeming himself for that back pass situation me and a vocal Jack we would play midfield I've got a couple of nice little link on the news you made the run here and I played a ball through to him cuts inside little Antony Marcial style into the far corner probably my head went marshy out instead of Andriy their first depressing day yeah anyway that makes it 4-1 so uh another four goals and this could be interesting Game four is Cardiff City out of the Emirates the hope you've been practicing your fault line dances boys first highlight inside five minutes doesn't bode well for the travelling Cardiff all of it back - I said out of bamboo yang it is one nil five minutes and five seconds didn't see a flaw so they're those say walk that one off promise genuinely just head by them they've somehow managed to personalise Ramos in this game alright halftime and card it for they're really hot right we've got our goal from ahead of us I'm gonna go if we go why you're passing style let's go short and then let's go down both flanks my plan is stick it to the winger's get it yeah it's not working no there's definitely not name oh no Ramos is going Ralph is going shore leave besides look says there's really not much actions not much I can tell you about from this one but from that card if have held us a one-nil win against Kearney for home Wow is this goes on it doesn't reflect well on Newcastle I must say right with that we got one game left to try and get bigger win than the 7 nil thrashing against Newcastle right now this is getting to the point in Sunday League games where the defensive line really starts to struggle I got down the wing played a ball across to a striker a little bit of a mix of me playing it too hard and not quite so nice feet good god that is that is a ridiculous touch you know but long here are this would have been another one of those another one to add to my catalog of sergio busquets assists pick up the ball at midfield or one lay it off in my own half to one of our big fielder's in bronze pause for all of them and then unfortunately drugs it wide all right so go keep on the ball okay this is this is what you all covered these videos for so we'll play through to me I make a really nice run timing it perfectly I've been in these situations a few times I've kind of tried to lob the keeper I'll see if I can find the clip from my videos just might call it right now make the run beat the offside trap when those longer you trying to cover it round and go for the chicane that very proud of that one let's let show me please shall we yeah unfortunately the camera doesn't catch me forcing over corn flag sir five what at this point this visor foot was might not be sick after all obviously I know but I'm just trying to make it interesting come on all right here it is the last game of the season while our season our five game season is Huddersfield Town seven nil currently the biggest result we have after this game and we were really nice summer league match obviously I know what the score was but to give us the best chance of beating it you know to keep you guessing all the time we've got to go for a bit over seven minutes got first prize [Music] wammy Hank as stock get in the back of the net 1 mil this is looking good ok 10 minutes we've got a second one if he's in house or even has hit and the goalkeeper some questions to be asked of him got a corner and they stopped why are we so bad corners it's hourly so good game a real advert for the Premier League this is their there's an enzyme serious amount of highlights game salla is on the way force into the box oh who is that Luis Suarez first hopefully he top pins five balls Kevin Suarez has put in the bottom key present even moved embarrassing oh we could be on we could be on free here come on let's get another one here and then it's real Oh Muhammad Salla has stuck it at the back of the desk you know this very close as a perfectly setup Salah it's the box it's in off the post even has a pod doesn't win many headers score many of them but he has now salary now for Hazzard what's the first time across that's his above yang is separate one we've scored seven yes again what an absolutely ruthless attack could this be the eighth this could be it eating as odd Suarez come on gang it's eight one the ninth one could be on all right we've equaled the seven nil score line all right my camera stopped for a second now I'm not sure for how long for but Huddersfield have a penalty just can't keep eight two score lines away from Arsenal a two we've conceded the eight one was on Oh give me a nine to expiry time I'm knocking spearing that is the biggest win that we've got I think that beats a seven mil so on the final game we've got our biggest when nine two I've done all I can it's all over the state he was like but it still might happen in a Sunday League match so let's go check it out now for the last ten minutes of this match in summer league football we're at the booth room again where the defensive live is just non-existent it doesn't exist okay so yeah I'm capitalizing on that by just playing on the last man up on the left wing once again why haven't I spoil this guy in the center like anyway laid it off to on the field driven to make it 6-1 I'm sitting on two bottles and four assists in this game at the moment which I think he's my best ever return rate in terms of being involved in terms of goal contributions in a game still not over yet okay six one does it get any bigger than nuts that's the question they don't get free pick edge of the box can they pull one back cold really nicely to the back post hits there but really unfortunate if that one goes in the top corner it looks great we're tacking down the right wing looking dangerous the defensive line is not looking great but the more Hill stands in for their lack of defenders just brings our attacker to the floor and then moving on the ball comes down to me left wing along ball I cut past led offender and try and cut it back the goalkeepers got it all sorted though a little more unfolds head to the box really nice pass I pick it up have a go bottom corner just wide the pope from the post sorry and that is full time so we've done it nobody suppose all yours we only wanted six one that's seven mil for a king of Newcastle as diamonds now if you fancy having a go at soccer managed in nineteen it is on the App Store and the Play Store so yeah go check it out if you have to former manager games there it's a good one as you've seen you can play with the 3d game engine sign players on the transfer market they've got a new sport update coming out very soon so now's a good time to try it additionally you can also upgrade your stadium you can light upgrade the capacity and things there's way more tactics that I haven't gone into today kind of breezed over that you don't really need it when you've got a 1 billion pound team the links to that will be in the description below so head on over and laughs if you fancy I'm gonna put a post up on Instagram about the five minor footballs if you head on over there give me a follow over there for now if you're interested they haven't actually arrived yet so I'm gonna put up a post once they've arrived and I can actually put out the giveaway and I'll announce what to do on the actual post at the time but that'll be sometime in the next week I will go through and pick someone pick five people a bunch of the damage one person group of five mites football so obviously that means that the ten-pound Sunday League team over lots of this little competition can imagine the locals forum you think Network let's take a look at what's in John Fante be thought about this loss if I left my cattle in a field for ninety minutes they wouldn't produce anywhere near as big a pile of and back to me last thing if you want to start your soccer manager nineteen choreo with a 1 billion pound transfer budget just move your game idea in the comments below and [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]