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what's up everyone you don't hear much about shoulder holsters anymore because many believe that they are outdated there's no place for them but they are wrong shoulder holsters or underarm holsters are another excellent option for convenient carry in many different scenarios there are a number of options on the market which makes it difficult to choose the best one in this video we compiled a list of the top 5 best shoulder holsters on the market today be sure to watch till the end for our best recommendation if you want more information or updated pricing on the products mentioned here check out the links in the description below if you have another product you'd like us to review let us know by leaving a comment down below so without further ado let's get started first we have best leather shoulder holster golden goodrich b804 g17 gold line shoulder holster glocks are by far one of the most reliable pistols you can find anywhere else they are known for having excellent firing power unstoppable reliability and a quality that is second to none civilians law enforcement and even military members around the world depend on it for the purpose of self-defense it's prozar it has a horizontal style it's fully user adjustable it's good for concealment it's a double ammunition carrier it has a durable leather construction and it supports various pistol types however all the hardware is plastic and it doesn't come with belt keepers but it can be used without them bottom line is it's the best leather shoulder holster on our list it has a durable and comfortable leather design with holes for strap adjustment and it has snap button retention and also includes a double mag pouch next we have best vertical shoulder holster utg deluxe vertical shoulder holster it's got all the makings of an accessory that any given prepper would be happy to have assuming they're intended to conceal carry on a regular basis or in dire situations regardless this holster will be compatible with a number of pistols it's prozar it's made of premium synthetic material it's designed for ambidextrous use all components are fully adjustable it has a double mag pouch with hook and loop and it has a universal design for fully equipped pistols and mp submachine guns however it's not great for concealed carry and the adjustment straps are just not long enough their size will not fit a lot of adult males bottom line is it's the best vertical shoulder holster on our list it's an innovative holster that fits pistols mp submachine guns and even uzis and it has a modular ambidextrous design and well padded shoulder holster for max comfort next we have best for the money visum ambidextrous horizontal shoulder holster with double magazine holder nothing makes prepping for danger like being able to strap on your favorite pistol along with a few extra magazines or you can use it for your next competition or practice session either way this shoulder holster is pretty versatile and it might be the closest thing you can get to a universal holster it's prozar it's a good value for the price it includes two magazine pouches offside and it has an adjustable thumb break for various pistol sizes however it may require some modifications it's not recommended for duty or daily carry and the adjustment straps are not long enough for some bottom line is it's the shoulder holster second runner-up it's an ambidextrous shoulder holster with adjustable double thumb brake straps and horizontal alignment and it also includes a double mag pouch and extra material on the shoulders next we have runner up uncle mike's black cadre nylon sidekick vertical shoulder holster this holster is a perfect fit for those who happen to be a larger size this can fit up to a 48 inch chest with maximum comfort it's a holster that you can use for either open carry at the range or under your jacket if your job depends on it i.e security it's pros arm it's a vertical style it has good retention it has a flattened profile you can wear it inside or outside your jacket and it fits large autos and long-barreled revolvers however the firearm angle is not adjustable bottom line is it's the shoulder holster runner-up it's made from cordura nylon for comfort and suits medium and large sized revolvers and it has a fully adjustable shoulder harness and a self-centering back piece finally we have best overall utg deluxe universal horizontal shoulder holster this holster not only will allow for carrying a pistol but it's got the pouches that you can use to carry extra magazines that might be worth using if you are in a concealed carry situation or if you are in a competition and have extra rounds to work with it's prozar it's fully adjustable it's a good beginner holster for experimenting it's very cheap ideal for buyers on a serious budget it has a padded shoulder harness for maximum comfort its universal form fits most popular pistols and revolvers it has an inverted dual magazine pouch with hook and loop closures and it's a complete system that includes the weapon ammunition and other accessories however it's not the easiest rig to conceal the retention is inconsistent because it is universal and the shoulder padding does not extend all the way to the harness bottom line is it's the best shoulder holster on our list it has a modular design with a detachable holster and double mag pouch and it has soft shoulder pads for added comfort while wearing for long sessions there you have it our top 5 best shoulder holsters on the market check out the links in the description below for detailed information and latest pricing if you thought this video was helpful please smash that like button and consider subscribing if you didn't let me know why in the comments below thanks for watching and i'll see you in the next video you