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what's up everyone a holster is a device that helps to carry a handgun safely comfortably and reliably the s w m p shield demands a dependable holster it is highly important that we eliminate all unnecessary details and components when choosing a holster for this concealed carry and focus on the vital components for this weapon comfort and reliability there are a number of options on the market which makes it difficult to choose the best one in this video we compiled a list of the top 5 best holsters for m p shield on the market today be sure to watch till the end for our best recommendation if you want more information or updated pricing on the products mentioned here check out the link in the description below if you have another product you'd like us to review let us know by leaving a comment down below so without further ado let's get started first we have best concealed carry holster for mmp shield relentless tactical the defender leather iwb holster for snw mnp shield this iwb holster fits over 100 similar sized concealed carry handguns comes in six colors and its stainless steel clip does not require adjustments when moving agilate and without the worry of the gun slipping or sliding out it's prozar it has a rugged belt clip made of steel it's highly comfortable in any bodily position it has outstanding quality leather and stitching and there's no accidental discharges the trigger is well covered however you cannot wear it with a tucked shirt and it has difficult reholstering if the leather reverts to its initial shape bottom line is it's the best concealed carry holster for m p shield it's made from genuine usa bullhide leather and it fits most full-size and compact handguns so it's quite versatile next we have best iwb holster for m p shield concealment express iwb kydex holster this iwb holster made of 0.08 inch kydex is made for the snw mmp shield m2.09 or 48 with red or green integrated crimson trace laser only it is meant to cover the whole gun with or without a built-in laser it's pros arm it's very light yet thick it weighs only 2.5 ounces it has an adjustable carry angle from 0 to 15 degrees it has a positive and very secure audible retention click and it has versatile body positioning on the appendix hip cross draw and palm and back however it's not fully comfortable and there's only one retention screw which may allow the gun to slide out easier bottom line is it's the best iwb holster for mmp's shield it has an open-ended and full-length sweat guard for comfort and it's one of the best selling iwb holsters on the market next we have best holster for mmp shield nine millimeter concealed carrier iwb holster smith wesson mmp shield 9 millimeter or 40 snw this is a simple but effective holster attractive in both form and function it comes in right or left hand draw and if you are not satisfied with it concealed carrier offers a full refund which consoles the buyer and our readers greatly it's prozar it has two retention bolts it has appendix and hip carry it minimizes printing greatly it has an adjustable can from 0 to 15 degrees it's made by a usa combat veteran company which is neat and detailed oriented and it has a positive audible and tactile click so you know when the gun is in place however it has sharp edges and it has a plastic belt clip bottom line is it's the best holster for m p shield nine millimeter it has two points of retention for adjustment and it has a notched area on the inside to prevent accidental magazine release next we have best poster for mmp runner-up alien gear cloak tuck 3.5 iwb holster this highly comfortable iwb holster is made with a cool vent neoprene backing layer and smooth covered edges which allows the skin to breathe and wicks away moisture keeping the gun dry at all times it's prozar it's perfect for four o'clock carry it has custom molded retention bolts for excellent fit it has really solid and hard plastic belt clips for a lifetime of usage and you can control and adjust the cant and depth with toolless configuration however you cannot tuck it in a shirt and the screws sometimes easily fall off bottom line is it's the best holster for mmp runner up it has a custom molded retention shell for easy holstering and it has a lifetime warranty plus a 30-day trial period finally we have best overall cya supply co iwb holster this holster comes in five colors and is primarily designed for the mmp shield with exemplary attention to detail it is made from a bolteron thermoplastic whose features outweigh those of the equally popular kydex material it is abrasion resistant and keeps its shape better even in high heat circumstances it's pros are it has a positive audible click when reholstering it's simple and practical yet meticulously crafted it's slim and light enough for perfect concealment and the cant and belt clip are greatly adjustable for more comfortable usage however it uses plastic instead of a metal belt clip bottom line is it's the best overall holster for m p shield it's an iwb holster with adjustable retention level and can't angle and it has a posi-click audible retention lock system there you have it our top 5 best holsters for m p shield on the market check out the links in the description below for detailed information and latest pricing if you thought this video was helpful please smash that like button and consider subscribing if you didn't let me know why in the comments below thanks for watching and i'll see you in the next video