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Now, JOHNNY's camera is on Pass the baton Hello JOHNNY's cam The last episode It's a bit sad Finally, this is the last episode Now it's 11:00AM Now I'm at a cafe with JAEHYUN Say, 'Ah' No, this is mine Umm Yesterday's episode was tough Seriously It's not easy I filmed nearly 3 hours with YUTA But you know, we normally spend time together I had a date with YUTA for 3 hours in the Han River In his video, except for the first 5 and the last 2 minutes, I was always there You must have had a good time after a long time Did you have fun playing basketball? Yes, I did, it was fun Was it 1:1? Yes Who won? Aw, you didn't have to ask (Haha) Okay, I didn't have to ask It was a 3-point game Actually, I wanted to wake up other members who are still sleeping, but DOYOUNG already woke up and HAECHAN is still sleeping I filmed while I was working out yesterday At 10PM How was it? It was tough I had to do it harder because it was filmed I was camera-conscious When I was filming, I didn't even make a sound I tried not to But I did It'll be funny if we compare our videos (Right) Because we work out differently Nowadays, I've been exercising with kettle bells But when you wrap up weight training, You know, an exercise that I stand on one foot Now I can do it for 5 minutes You know, the one that I sit and stand on one foot Let's practice it hard and show it as our personal skills Oh I don't think people can do it easily I wanted to make a video about drinking wine yesterday And go somewhere? No, at home with purchased wine But I thought it'd be difficult to drink a couple of bottles myself Wine is interesting I didn't know that I'd be into wine Me, neither When I drank it first, I thought, 'What kind of taste is this?' I think it's good to start from light wine It's like coffee When I tasted Americano for the first time, 'Jeez!' But as I drank, its aroma grew on me I never thought that one day I'd like wine But I still don't know much about wine Me, neither I don't know which wine I really like Among ice wine, white wine and red wine, I like red wine the most Oh, wine manufacturers, too Chile, France Australia Australian wine is not bad You know (How to find his favorite wine) I drink it at one go What I did was to buy 4 or 5 bottles of wine at once From all different countries Then I realized which country's wine I like the most And I also realized which country's wine I hate the most Then I need to find more wine in that country Then I haven't figured out my favorite brand yet I'm still studying the region What was the region? Australia? What was it? You know, Bourgogne... Bourgogne The region in France (Haha) I thought, 'What's 'Australia' in English?' Shiraz Shiraz Yes, Shiraz The table is too low We need to lean forward Looks like other members have done a lot HAECHAN has been to ITAEWON And I also saw TAEIL having fun What did they do? They played bowling and ate dinner Yes, they ate sea eels It's only 11:20, but this is my second coffee already Did you do that? Yes You brewed your coffee yourself? It tastes so good It's much better than this Which coffee beans did you use? Arabica I also ordered coffee beans from Costa Rica They tasted so good, too I don't know what do to on my right ear Piercing? Are you going to do it? I bought all different earrings for my left ear, but on the right side, You haven't decided yet? It's difficult I just realized that your right ear is not pierced That's why My right ear I've always had something on my left ear But there's nothing on my right ear I was thinking of buying the same thing It sounds good, too The same size... Right When I was 20, I got my ears pierced All my friends said, 'It won't go well with you' But I wanted to, why not? So I just did If you really want, you should do it So I did and people said, 'Ring earrings look good on you' You never know It's better to do it even if you regretted If you really want It won't leave a scar No matter what people say If you like it, that's enough It's your life Suddenly... Just do whatever you like Because I'm sitting on my wallet, my butt is sore The funny thing yesterday was you know, after filming the work out video, I ate Tteokbokki at 2AM Looks like I work out to eat late night snacks Right Seriously, I work out to enjoy food Everyone, I'll be back with another camera Give me a second Okay I changed the battery (Ang) It sounds like a remix song Or a cover? What's this song? It's a remix But I don't remember the original I won't be able to remember it now I just know this song Baby It's frustrating No Just give up Just give up quickly (Frustrating) (Haha) Oh Shawn Mendes! Shawn Mendes? Yes, it's Shawn Mendes' song Right Is it? Shawn Mendes, 'Where Were You In the Morning' You did it I also thought about buying Lego blocks and assemblying them I like it But I was not sure where I should put them So I was thinking of puzzles Then I thought, 'Can I finish them in an hour?' Mission 'Completing a puzzle in 1 hour' Or a 1000 piece puzzle For me, 'Monopoly' A card game And, wow That'll be fun I love playing Monopoly It's one of my favorite board games You know, the one you reach for the bell What is it? You know, the cards showing fruits If the number is right, you reach for the bell I don't know I thought you were talking about UNO Yes, I played it a lot I did, too I really played it a lot UNO, one card It's still fun to play (Right) What was it? Halli Galli? No... Halli Galli was like this, wasn't it? Halli...what was it? It's a game, right? Halli Galli Jeez It's frustrating I want to know Halli Galli Oh? It's Halli Galli! I was right I don't know it well I haven't played it That sounds like HAECHAN's favourite 'Harley Davidson' Halli Galli (Motorcycle) Harley Davidson I thought, 'Was it Harley Davidson or Halli Galli?' It's 11:53 We've been talking for nearly an hour This is my first time to stay at a cafe for an hour Really? I do it often It feels weird In the day time, - it's good to spend time like this - Yes From my bed to the cafe I've shown everything How I eat, and how I spend time in Han River I'm sure our fans will feel we've grown closer We don't do anything special No, not at all It's 11:59 Hope you enjoyed the video Hope you enjoyed the video, okay Countdown At 12:00 sharp (NCT 127 24hr RELAY CAM, The End)