hey guys it's me Miranda sings the famous singer actor dancer model legit Jean storm I have very exciting news I'm going back on to yes it's true I've been touring for years and years and years but this is the best tour I've ever even done there will be seen there will be dancing there'll be magic there will be laughter there will be tears there will be diapers and there'll be one lucky Moe Fanta because listen up folks I'm not just going on tour to just sing and dance for y'all no no no I'm going on tour to give away my child and I know what you're thinking oh you're such a bad mom I'm not a bad mom I just don't make it anymore so make sure to get tickets it is an all new show all new everything Miranda sings Stockholm 14 gates get it now before it's too late it sells out because it always does cuz I'm freakin famous [Music] you can just record with this [Music]