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bouncing bananas Wow - yes frying fish fingers wet toast makes me seasick to see it through her nose her tongue this is too freaky they pick up smells through senses in their mouths seem strange now would be a good time stop praying try you camera what take a photo we're about to get swallowed the flash no seems she likes the attention settling down grave time blazing blizzards it's striking like a jack-in-the-box and look at Boomslang snake such beautiful eyes hello that's a spitting paper see how fast it moves quick and dangerous hey it yeah follow me why are you whispering oh no won't keep very still okay while the mystery okay Oh snakes can only see you when you move I'm not moving and they have no ears but feel sounds through the ground and pick up body heat through special organs in their jaws I'll be as quiet as a mouse they eat mice I'll be as quiet as air they can taste the air too oh then I'll just be very very quiet you think that will be okay I don't think they eat pizzas so it should be fine my voice bandit Ali move around like that well they're made up of a whole lot of bones ribs and muscles so they're very flexible as flexible as wire very wiry in fact come on I think it's safer to keep our distance what's he looking for I don't know she think he smells something you know like with his tongue he's smelling eggs effor come have a look bouncing bananas look at that yes and now you'll see he'll crush it in his audience it has the shell if he can swallow it oh he will the bones in his mouth separate to allow it does it hurt not at all takes a bit of effort though say cheese now head what did I say about keeping a safe distance I know he's pretty much back to normal again it'll take a while to digest the egg and now here comes the shell does he have to do that well you wouldn't want to swallow the shell would you bouncing bananas he's going to eat the other one you really can't say that a snake has eyes bigger than its stomach but you can call him a bigmouth did you know they're cold blooded meaning their blood matches the temperature outdoors which is why they like setting themselves and soaking up some heat and I think it's time we made a move why that's why let's go quick really stop we're all in a pickle unless I'm thinking Sub Zero Sub Zero Sub Zero temperature you said snakes cold-blooded here's the plan tell the flip-chip to drop it central cooling to below zero the PIP ship turns I see the PI thing catches a chill it lets us go and Bob's your uncle will be flying again and outside and you may just be on to something tell me pip chip come in you her desk turn yourself into an ice box and then where were you drying fish fingers he can do anything they can climb swim some can even jump incredible they seem really old see how he winds himself around that branch yeah that's how pythons catch food other snakes spit their venom like a spitting cobra what's read of a strong poison Oh inject their venom by biting like this boom slam it's amazing how they can almost disappear hey I Spy something beginning with s oh my he's almost invisible against the tree why is he for fear like that probably warning us off snakes will hiss or puff up or even rattle just to warn you away cheerio then where's your sense of adventure hey what's we looking at please a gaboon viper lying in wait very well hidden jumpin Jupiter's then we should go yes let's leave her to sleep thanks mo that was really amazing for the next big adventure aye aye captain lead the way to new horizons and new adventures click on the videos above to see more amazing animals and be sure to subscribe