02 Welcome to the Course

welcome to looping animation for Instagram and gif by CG shortcuts here's a few quick tips to help you get the most out of this course so when you get started you'll probably see something like this it may or may not be this course but this applies for any courses on Skillshare the first thing you might want to do if you haven't already is click the follow button here so you'll be notified every time we release a new cg shortcuts course and you'll also get updates if we change anything or add to any of the courses so the player window is pretty self-explanatory these are all the lessons if you want to play one you just need to click on one and it will play in this window this is the play button you can also scroll through nice and easy and you can even come down here and add a note which looks like this so you can type in a note for everyone to read publicly or you can just make notes for yourself let's close that off and we'll take a look at the About section here here's all the information about the course again it's not necessarily this course but this is pretty standard throughout Skillshare and then we've got the reviews tab so you can write me a review in here hopefully a good one next is community and this one's a pretty important one this is where you can have a conversation with myself or other students in the course you can also ask any questions you might have here and when you've completed the course you can share your projects here it would be great to see what you create so please do remember to share let's come up to the next tab the your project tab here's where you'll find all the details of the course project and you can also access the course resources down here and these will change depending on the course you're looking at and we've got another option here to upload your project and then in our final tab you'll be able to see all the projects that have been uploaded although currently in this course we don't have any yet but unless you're looking at a brand-new course I'm sure there will be some projects in here and that's pretty much it for the Skillshare interface each of our courses also comes with an exclusive Facebook group to make asking questions and sharing work a little bit easier so let's take a quick look at that now so to start with you just need to find the Facebook group for your course you'll be able to find the link in the as PDF document that comes with this course will also put it on the screen down here so when you follow that link you'll come to a page that looks pretty similar to this and in order to join you just have to hit this join group button you'll get a pop-up asking you a couple of questions and if you just go through and answer these and hit submit we should be able to confirm that you are a student and you will be accepted into the group very shortly our Facebook groups are pretty similar to the normal Facebook groups out there you'll be able to ask questions chat directly to the instructor and engage in conversations with other students you can also upload your files and your artwork in one nice easy place we check the Facebook groups extremely often so if you want a fast answer this is definitely the place to go finally for extra tutorials and resources head to cg shortcuts calm and you'll find loads of stuff to help you out with your CG and motion graphics that's it for now let's start the course