02042020 Commission Meeting

good afternoon welcome to the town of Highland Beach town Commission meeting Tuesday February 4 2020 at 1:30 p.m. in the Commission chambers kindly silence your cellphone's thank you town clerk please call the roll Commissioner David resident commissioner Donaldson here Commissioner Gossett Seidman here vice mayor Bobby present mayor zelniker here town manager labadie present thank you our attorney is not here yet oh geez coming in right now okay I will speak for him here mr toura sevilla is officially here officially here okay okay now we're going to as soon as our town attorney sits down we will say the Pledge of Allegiance and we're all going to rise for the pledge and we will have a moment moment of silence for our troops here and abroad safe thank you at this time we will have additions deletions and prove all of the agenda and I would like to make an addition I would like to add a discussion about the incident that mr. Goldstein described at our last Commission meeting so that my commissioners know I have been approached by a number of people in the audience and in the community that wish the Commission to discuss the incident that mr. Goldstein described at our last Commission meeting and what action we as policymakers can make because of the sensitive nature of the incident we must give it the appropriate attention it deserves I'd like this placed immediately following public comments so I need a vote from my fellow commissioners to approve it Commissioner David yes yes thank you so we will discuss this immediately following the comments so is there a motion to approve the agenda as amended does anyone else have anything else if I might I had a question under new business item a and B we should reverse that order or we okay in that order I actually had a comment on that it's my own it's my own item but it was suggested by our lovely Clerk Wynalda Gaskins that I'd be a contact point for community greening but I don't know that that's really necessary and perhaps the whole project should go to the Board of Natural Resources I'm just throwing that out as a possibility because it should be their expertise I mean I know the plants in my yard but I'm no expert so would that be acceptable we're just trying to figure out a contact point they could review our community greening discussion of two weeks ago four weeks ago sorry and then maybe be the contact person the chair of it that makes a lot of yes ma'am I don't need to be the contact person about cutting the trees okay so now we have to have a vote on the that'd be acceptable the new agenda bull will vote okay move to accept the agenda as amended twice okay second all in favor thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you we will now have the civility pledge okay there disability we will be respectful of one another even when we disagree we will direct all comments to the issue we will avoid personal attacks politeness cost so little by Abraham Lincoln presentations and proclamations we have none today public comments and requests for non agenda items only but we just say I did something but they can come under here public comments are now open each speaker will be allowed five minutes to speak on a non-agenda item only all comments will be directed to the commissioners body through the presiding officer please raise your hand and wait to be recognized Carol Wittenberg thank you wait is it on and put it closer to her Thanks my name is Carol Wittenberg and I live at three nine one two South Ocean Boulevard on November 18th 2019 my husband and I finally after seven years homesteaded happily here in Highland Beach Florida we've described Highland Beach to our friends and family as our very special little corner of the world our paradise needless to say that when we heard mr. Goldstein painfully recount his son and granddaughters horrific experience with the Nazis just one and a half miles away for where my husband and I had happily just made our home we were horrified incredulous saddened and disturbed we have been to Dachau and to reason two of the world war ii concentration camps and the final message at the camp was never again at the time my husband and i wanted to believe that however never again was not the case after i heard mr. Goldstein's story that same night on TV there was a news report about anti-semitism at boca raton high school a young Jewish boy had organized a web site where students who had been recipients of anti-semitism could record these stories of harassment so they would not be alone on January 21st twenty twenty Louis Solomon from the sun-sentinel wrote an article about a sixteen-year-old Boca Raton High School student reporting that the student was victimized by a young male at the student for wearing a Jewish star he harassed her by calling her a dirty Jew and telling her that she should burn in the ovens he took strips of blue tape that were on the bulletin board over her lacquer and made a swastika out of the tape On January 20 27 20 20 this was the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz Auschwitz another concentration camp located in Poland in 2005 the United Nate United Nations generally at General Assembly designated January 27th as the annual international Holocaust Remembrance Day I commend the Goldstein's Louis Solomon and the sun-sentinel for coming forward and reporting these vicious acts of hatred a friend of mine told me to be careful when addressing this issue we must be like the Goldstein's and Louis Solomon we cannot be afraid to contemporary in any form and we should be more afraid of not acting we must remember that the true villain and all of this is apathy therefore I would like to hear from the leaders of our community today what are your thoughts on these vicious acts of hostility and what actions can you take to combat these this display of prejudice we must protect our children and our grandchildren we must teach them to love and to not have animosity to my knowledge this was the first time that there had been contempt and it had reared its ugly head in our community let's make it our last fred rosen thank you but they thank you and I know there were a number of people that requested then I put this on the agenda thank you uh yes I'm Fred Rosalyn Brimmer I'll thank you very much for that appreciate it before I get to what I wanted to talk about I also wanted to thank Peggy for her efforts in working with Tallahassee I think it's gonna make a big difference and I crosswalks and what we need to do we currently have an ordinance that stops any kind of construction on Saturdays and holidays and I would like the Commission to consider discussing or putting this on the agenda for the next meeting allowing low-impact contractors in meaning electricians plumbers painters it's just it in big communities it really hurts because there are things that are trying to get done in the building and needless to say if the front gates aren't allowing people in or the the private homes in the back streets it's just it takes more time it's more expensive and I'd like you to consider doing that as far as a1a is concerned I would say you would allow contractors to come in or low-impact projects as long as they can part in the driveways along a1a it's just been a pain for big communities and also individual people who just want to have come at somebody come in during a weekend or during a holiday and get a job done that doesn't impact anybody you consider it thank you okay anyone else Paul please always always nickname around 47 40 I'd like to get the help of a commission to get something done I think I've been here before on the same issue over in Boca Highlands it's several communities and one of the communities is Grand Cay which is a bunch of single-family homes those of us living on the north side of Bremer Isle have been looking at I think they started about 35 or 40 foot pilings 10 of them behind a house back there this project has been going on well over I'll say a year to 18 months and nothing has happened this steel pilings sitting there I've been talking to the building department and the latest discussion I had with them is I can't discuss it with you because we got a lawyer's letter from the owners there so I don't know why a lawyer's letter should stop anything from happen I'd like to see the Commission direct the building department to have them excuse me Shi T or get off the pot and finish it or pull the pilings out of the water so that we don't have to look at pilings anymore thank you thank you very much okay anybody else have any comments to make at this meeting yes John mayor vice mayor commissioners thank you for the opportunity I'm John shoemaker Highland Beach Club first I have three topics I have spent a number of hours reviewing all of the videos going back 2019 and 2018 of town meetings and workshops if you haven't done it it is an eye-opener I have learned enough a lot more than I ever thought but anyways it was a remarkable experience I think the effectiveness of the videos is excellent and I think the way it was done presented really was helpful secondly Peggy I gotta give you a lot of credit scene from John Ross's report how effective you were and going up to Tallahassee and getting money I mean that's taking the bull by the horns and making something happen so I obviously have to congratulate you on that next rich Pollack is here I wanted to thank him because he gave me some names to deal with or search into the whole problem of homeland homelessness which is what I want to report back to you today what I learned and this is really more for your information and however you view it I have a specific concern about it but let me share with you that I spoke with ariana.sea onko del weigh her title is population specialist which is unique but she is heavily involved in the homeless situation as well as Janet Meeks she is from the edge she's the education coordinator for the time of already but the person that had the most impact on me was this El Rey excuse me ezra creek i guess it's her his name KR ieg last name he's from the will industries he's the local manager and works with the homeless as the director of housing initiatives there's a lot of stuff going on here folks I was concerned and I think I mentioned last time when I visited the ranger station down at the Spanish River that what they gave me was somewhat surprising they really are not that appeared to talk about homelessness at Spanish sure look at the park under the bridge or wherever and simply gave me and this is for the chief this go check out the police they can help you and I soon learned that when it comes to homeless and the quote problem of homelessness everybody refers you go see the police and the police chief what what are they doing so it comes down on your back at some point now I know this is not a problem for us today oh it certainly it could be and may be a problem for us in the future so this is really about a little foresight into what we're dealing with here so the main issue when you net it all out is that homelessness is not a crime that's been decided by the Supreme Court and that is also the problem because nobody knows what to do about it that's why in my search there are no ordinances and politically there's a huge problem in writing anything down about the homeless because you know it's going to be captured and used to beat you over the head so her comment Janet Meeks said that it's just simply not optimistic about anything that's written in a way of an ordinance for delray most of their homeless are longtime residents who ended up being homeless and who are mostly over 65 they do have rights so we have to respect their rights I'm just I'm quoting from a number of notes and I could go into this and a whole lot more detail but when I talk to Ezra this man is amazing because he's really coordinating and involved in this in a direct and personal way his his feeling too is that since it's not illegal you can't arrest using the police department to solve the problem you can't do it creates more problems although they can facilitate by capturing or collecting their belongings when they're not there or by even picking them up and transporting them to facilities that could help them and that's okay you may continue it's alright thank you the second point is that there's limited if not no housing in Palm Beach County well that's changed changed somewhat Ezra's team and he has a team of 40 people who deliver a variety of services but today in Palm Beach County well as of 2012 I should say they had 1600 homeless in the county and they have since built of housing with a with beds 65 beds in them that is clearly not enough because that was 2012 and it has expanded since then there has not been a good effective census so to speak of the problem Lake Worth is building a facility in the next year that will house 80 beds so that's kind of interesting that there is at least something available on a county basis and in all cases the police departments are proactive and our considered positive influences to helping address the problem Azra also goes on to say that the tactic today is to keep the homeless moving don't let them settle keep them moving which is kind of a tough thing to do in delray they have about 100 homeless that are roaming the streets running around he and his team provides some bed units they have a vehicle that will give them showers at times in it and also food so my big question at the time is oK we've got this Milani Park what do we do since we're starting from scratch and we really don't have a homeless problem but we don't want to tax the police department with another issue on their list to deal with he said it all comes down whatever you do with the park and he was somewhat familiar with the park apparently this park is well known more than I thought but what he suggested is that whatever you do whoever designs this park has got to take into account critical things like lighting lighting is a major concern in that if you have enough lighting that also is is that deterrent of in a way as well as how you landscape is it to turn and the facilities you provide now I say deterrent but we want to be helpful we want to provide guidance what we don't want you know people to plant themselves for weeks at a time and here's the thing that he mentioned that will woke me up as a practice the homeless tend to cluster once one or two come in you can bet the word goes out and you then have a cluster and you will have a much bigger problem now the other things that they are concerned about is medical support because you obviously don't want homeless running around with diseases of all types so they do have a medical van a shower van and they provide food through the churches and for Delray those who are interested in helping the homeless the third Wednesday of every month they have a meeting at st. Matthews chore Church which is a big deal a lot of people come and they talk about what they can do nature the problem what they are providing what's on the schedule it's a lot of information and action I'm not just talking so in essence for what we're trying to do is a town with milani Park these are the things that we have to consider in the design architecture of the park as well as our whole approach and attitude towards homeless which we all certainly feel very bad about the homeless situation and it's everywhere in the US so unless there's any questions that would be my report to all of you all right thank you let me ask my commissioners Commissioner David thank you that's a lot of information and very well but thank you for your efforts No thank you job very very good I think you know the more won't know where we are of the resources available to the community the better off we are so certainly appreciate the information on the efforts you put into it thank you yes thank you also John I know I see these people in delray focus sometimes and I do feel very badly that there are problems but it's good to know how other cities are combating it so thank you okay oh wait Greg insightful and thanks yeah I know Cecily thank you but I'm sure you're aware you've been in the Army or an army career person right most of those veterans over 65 sometimes I speak to them I see them on the street whatever they're will veterans a lot in them not all of them but lots of them are veterans and it's up to us in our society to do something with our government for our veterans there are a lot of problems with veterans I don't have the answers but they're certainly they can do a much better job than they're doing now and it breaks my heart my own brother was in Vietnam and when you know these guys they come and they have a Vietnam hat on and they're homeless it really does break my heart but I feel the problem and we will kind of know again is mental illness we don't have proper facilities but I do know our policeman is that right chief sometimes we you have to Baker Act somebody is that correct yes and in other words our police are on it we do the best we can and I know you're all concerned about milani Park and who they bring in but it's not afraid to complete yet I'm sure whatever we do in milani Park will be for the good of everybody because everyone's working on it and the other issue is drugs what are we doing with the drug problem in America it's not a Delray problem or a Highland Beach problem or Boca I do volunteer work with Boca helping hands you should see the people coming in just like us looking just like us and their lower income families and they come in and you feed them you help them but this is excellent information the more that the public is aware of the problem maybe something will happen people have to speak up on behalf of our veterans like you add me yes no please sub note to your comments and it is true of my army infantry veteran and it is and has been a concern of mine with Veterans Affairs and support with veterans but I will say the notion that veterans a lot of them are homeless or a lot of the homeless our government is a bit exaggerated and and it's unfortunate it's real but it's not nearly at the numbers but that's complicated because it's not a good way of taking a consensus because there's also a lot of homeless men in particular who are fake military veterans they say that they are and they're not yeah that's true and I have personally have qualified enough to know that it it's a real problem yes and follow the fake veterans stolen honor so to speak is a problem but I think more of a problem is mental illness for sure from what I've from the people I've talked to secondarily is the drug issue and third is frankly they've just given up either looking for a job or have a lack of skills or have not made the commitment to learn anything so what Delray is doing also is providing a way to get them cleaned up that's the first step get some fluid in them and then get them oriented to get some training for job training that can get them out of this homeless State so I just wanted to add that a little bit because I appreciate your sensitivity to the veterans but I also don't want to have it exaggerated so that when people see a homeless oh there's another veteran that's not the case at all they wear those hats thank you thank you thank you very much speaking to the microphone please if someone else wants it somebody just asked again the meetings in delray the third Wednesday of every month at st. Matthews church I don't have the address well thank you thank you very much we appreciate that now we have added to place immediately the following comments and actually I put it on the agenda and we're going to discuss this discussion about the incident that mr. Goldstein described at our last Commission meeting and before we go into the commissioners thoughts I would like to ask our town manager and our attorney to make some comments so town manager Thank You mayor I know that you brought this to my attention as does mrs. Wittenberg on this information on this topic that mr. Goldstein presented police are still amidst the investigation to try to figure out what exactly happened but that's ongoing but what I would say is from an operational perspective we have a zero-tolerance policy we strictly prohibit any discrimination or harassing practices and actions based on a whole host of issues especially religion ethnicity color gender sexual preference national origin citizenship all that stuff's covered we have a zero tolerance policy that is what we believe in it's on the books and every Commissioner has made that clear to me as well as any interactions I've had with residents we just don't tolerate it and that's that's our policy now on other things I know we had discussed this or something that the Commission could do you can you could either reaffirm or make a pass a resolution with in so many words is to reaffirm your position of this zero tolerance against discrimination in some sense we could put something together for the Commission to consider just to make sure it's even further clear to not only the community and the residents but to staff that again this is where our what our position is and that might be of some assistance or some help or something in some type of tool you could use to to make that statement an attorney true Sevilla what are some other towns doing and what with the language beep well as Marshall said you you could adopt a resolution for example reaffirming your commitment against discrimination or harassment you could talk in terms of the zero tolerance you can talk in terms of promoting diversity so it's a you know you can make it more positive in that way in terms of not just being negative in that we prohibit these things like discrimination harassment but you also promote things like inclusiveness or diversity there may even be a possibility of you know a letter to the legislature I'm not sure if the hate crimes law for example needs to be strengthened I haven't look at that law in a long time but there are laws against hate crime so there's a variety of tools that you have to communicate the position of the Commission on this topic okay thank you and I'll start just by giving a quote from our Albert Einstein the world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who watch evil and do nothing so on that note what would this governing body like to do if anything and we'll start with Evelyn David I find the whole situation disgusting quite frankly that being said we could pass a resolution you can do a lot of those things but in point of fact that will have very little effect we do live in a country that has free speech if the police are notified of something which I recommend everybody if you see something say something they can have them move along but they can't make them stop saying what they want to say that's free speech we all have it we may not like what people say but it's part of our country and I may not agree with you but boy I'll defend to the death your right to say what you want to say we can you're right we can't affirm and say no we're not going to tolerate that here but that's only good up to a point so I'm willing to listen to what anybody else has to say that they think we can do something and not just say we don't want it because we all know we don't want it there are hate crime laws and this is not acceptable behavior in a school situation that's the school has to punish the children who do that and the school has a lot more control over behavior than we do as a commission or then the police do in a town like this because school is just it's a completely different situation but I'd like to hear other people's suggestions okay mr. donalsen yes I did talk to mr. Goldstein after the meeting and chatted with him a little bit about you know apologize first of all and had told him you know we just aren't that kind of community we don't want to be that kind of community as far as where we go from here I think the scope of this is beyond what we can talk about right here right now what one thing I might suggest is who may want to give consideration to a special Town Meeting dedicated solely to this topic I think we could certainly identify someone to come in who could help educate us a little bit raise our awareness we can have the community give us feedback talk to us more in depth on their experiences we can do a little research into what other communities are doing and from that then I think we can develop a bit more of an education awareness and public stance position on this and just raise the level of notice to other people in other communities that this is a town that will not hate thank you fish assignment I I'm appalled by it frankly I have never seen that before in my existence I wouldn't mind a resolution if we all agree or some kind of a statement that states we will not tolerate this kind of behavior and make it known publicly We certainly have resolutions for a lot lesser things like community greening note they're great but you know we've had passed resolutions to support other towns efforts and certainly this would be an incident that we will not tolerate this kind of behavior against any and any group of people or persons but specifically in this case um I'm still I'm still shocked so I would propose a resolution if we all agree make it simple thanks man thank you very I Marshalls comments I echo exactly commissioner David's comments I'm hoping to assured Allison's suggestion happy to pass a resolution it doesn't do anything it's a feel-good resolution but that's fine if that makes people feel better I'm open all of that okay well I think it's very clear that Highland Beach will not tolerate indifference Highland Beach will respond to discrimination of any kind and Highland Beach will not tolerate bigotry racism and anti-semitism and the attorney said we could we could even take it further and write a letter to our legislators to make something tighter and I have to say and are very proud of Pope Francis for helping condemn growing anti-semitism around the world he's by the way the same day we had our incident January 20th 2020 recently we have witnessed a barbaric resurgence of cases of anti-semitism once more I firmly condemn every form of anti-semitism that those are the words of Pope Francis I think to say nothing and to do nothing is wrong and I feel very strongly a simple resolution we're all aware of free speech and this is not about the two men who did this this resolution is sending out a single to people in our community that we have a resolution and that we do not tolerate this and it's not just anti-semitism it's racism it's bigotry towards others that are different and I think it's good to put it on record in the public of a short resolution stating these facts and to send that resolution to the legislature making them aware that we had this incident and that we would like to put it on record that's all it's not about free speech and it's not about anything other than taking a stand to do what's right thank you madam mayor I wanted to point out that last summer our representative my Caruso sponsored and was passed in the Florida Legislature a bill against anti-semitism specifically if you'd like to just read it to the audience or difference it yeah this is from actually The Times of Israel but it was covered pretty much nationally internationally a freshman US Republican lawmaker in Florida has introduced a bill which did pass that would add a controversial definition of anti-semitism to laws barring discrimination in the state education system the amendment proposed by Caruso uses as its template the State Department definition of anti-semitic which includes calls for violence against Jews advancing conspiracy theories about Jewish control in Holocaust denial double standards and requiring behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation so there is law in the books so we could perhaps well it was under so did the people who don't understand but I'm saying that they are fully aware of it at the state level so maybe we could certainly send a factually president Trump had just made a resolution from the government so I feel we should as well or a small municipality we never had this occur and put it on the record put it on the record I would like someone to make a motion to give this to Marshall to work with mister true Sevilla and to come back at the March 3rd meeting with a resolution Mary you don't want to make the motion I'm not allowed in my left sure you can yeah alright that's my motion I need a second I'll second thank you and a roll call vote mayor zelniker yes Commissioner Gossett Seidman yes Commissioner David yes Commissioner Donaldson yes vice mayor Bobby yes motion carries thank you when a thank you all very much thank you and thank you for coming out we appreciate that now we go on to announcements but you could say it on the tape you could get up and say yes you may sameer on that was I'm not surprised because we have a wonderful Commission and I thank you all for understanding how this is so important and I repeat the victim in all of this is apathy I'm not seeing up here thank you thank you very much appreciate that okay we'll continue then okay announcements board vacancies Board of Adjustment and appeals three vacancies for a three-year term code enforcement board one vacancy for an unexpired term ending July 1 2020 and one vacancy for an unexpired term ending August 1st 2021 financial advisory board one upcoming vacancy for an unexpired term ending April 30th 2022 meetings and events planning board meeting February 13th 2029 30 a.m. then we had on here marshal you had on him Town Commission meeting and I think that's been cancelled because I have to say Marvel has nothing for the agenda we have no new business no there's some backlog of stuff that's I'm excited to say that after about 16 months that we've kind of hit a final law for a moment while we read gear gear and move into the next stuff so there won't be a meeting on the 18th but we will come back on the 3rd as you'll see from March 3rd March 3rd and then we'll have our resolution a lot more stuff back in back in the queue for that meeting very good thank you Town Hall is closed February 17 2020 in observance of President's Day board action reports none a little bit of lenience I know that the census committee has done a few things and they have an update after the agenda went out and I forgot to catch it if to ask if it would add would the Commission be okay with the sense commitee giving a quick update absolutely Thank You Teresa Cuevas chairperson of the census complete count committee just everyone reminder since this is five weeks away be on the lookout in the mail you'll be getting your invitation card which will have your ID on there you enter that in online you can do it computer smartphone any way that you see fit and if you need some help March 25th you can come into the library we're having a census response tonight with that the census committee had our final meeting on January 29th at that meeting we finalize all of the initiatives that we will be putting forward over the next five weeks and with that we've designed a new logo for the town of Highland Beach our census logo so everyone will start seeing that around town I'll pass that around and we also finalized a design for lawn signs that will include the Highland Beach census logo as well as the dates that are important if any property owners would like to have a lawn sign on their property please contact me we'd be willing to give out as many as we can thank you very much thank you thank you for great before it thank you you're certainly getting the word out maybe we can have some of those and put them in the car windows we used to do that in elections yes yes Doug mr. Hillman mayor elect Hillman Doug Ulman Dalton place just to follow up to our chairperson if I may Amy people that are in condos or private homes it is essential that we get your permission to put the signs up so anybody here in a private home raise your hand please Greg is might we put a sign up on your property you got one here might we put a sign up got two there thank you got three might we put a sign up thank you we have three those are oh okay those of you that don't know it's critical for the census for a number of reasons the most important reason is there are some 435 representatives in the House of Representatives each state gets representation there based on the population that's in their state the census has done every ten years in 2010 our state got an additional four representatives we anticipate well we might get as many as three more this year but if you don't fill out the census form that you get we're not going to get more representatives if a lot of people don't fill it out we might lose representation obviously the more representatives we have there the more power we have money comes from representation there the money that we get is used for schools bridges roads infrastructure and the kind of money that Peggy is going after for us for our crossroads for across walks excuse me and our own infrastructure like our swales the flooding that's on the streets so it's critical that these get filled out that enough no more okay now those of us that are in condos anybody that has lives in a condo that is on a1a in particular very important that you go to your boards and convince the board to allow us to put the sign up on a1a it's only good money up there for what is it two weeks so it's quick so please check with your boards convince your boards to let us get those signs up if you need any help call our chairperson she'll come down I'll come down we'll all come down okay twist their arms two weeks it's quick it's essential that we get these signs up okay thank you thank you very much we will now continue or up to number nine ordinances and resolutions ordinance number 20 - 0:01 amending chapter six building and structures Article five sea walls bulkheads retaining walls and amending chapter 30 zoning code article 4 zoning districts second reading this is the second reading so we've had many discussions on it so I will start with Commissioner David there do you have any other comments on it well I want to know how far back this can go I'm when I was looking at this I noticed that there was only really a few changes that were made most of it had to do with giving the authority to the Planning Board to make final decision so a lot of what's in here Harel is already applicable and yet there are some things such as the marina problem at Grand Cay that don't seem to have followed a lot of this and I was wondering how we could make go back and find out what their permits actually said what didn't it say and why are they not following the regulations that we have in place is that pertain to this ordinance or that no it does because it's a morita-ya no I understand what you're saying to go back yeah but you're talking about a specific I'm talking about a specific I mean going forward I believe all of us here are committed to making sure all our rules and regulations are followed and we do it understand that we have no control over what was done in the past however that being said sometimes things get missed and perhaps we should make sure that they're not missed and that they're fixed and I I do know that you can't hold somebody to new regulations but I'm not talking about something that we're changing I'm talking about something that was already there that perhaps might not have been enforced that should be enforced do you want any changes on this ordinance we're talking about just the ordinance um this order and snow I have then that's what we're talking about I have no problem with this ordinance and giving the control to the Planning Board I think that's an appropriate use of their time and it's appropriate to take some of the burden away from the Commission Thank You Commissioner Thomason yes I mean I'm in favor of this as is I think we sort of the way this all works is of course we have an ordinance we get this on the books there's a problem that it sort of flips into the enforcement side certainly we continue to hear problems about this particular location that was brought up I know we are pursuing it I'm sure it'll be dealt with so we're kind of between policy and enforcement that's dealing with policy I'm happy with it I'm ready to move ahead thank you thank you yes ma'am thank you I know I'm for this ordinance and I know that we've been talking about this since 2018 I actually brought my list of the things we've been talking about since March 2018 which all proceeded to distribute to the current Commission and future but I know we had a discussion about perhaps retaining or obtaining a marine specialist to come in and review plans are we anywhere with that or we're just still talking about it yes yes and yes there's three things in there I'll give an update on one zero zero six grand Court with the managers report I will give you a blow-by-blow where that is marine facilities expert yes we got that in place we have a few little pieces contractually to work with them on but that's in place yes okay great awesome and I know we had talked when we had a visit from the head of the area Army Corps of Engineers here who suggested that we actually survey and survey the two lakes in town we own those the town of Highland Beach so that's something that we could maybe work with down the road but otherwise I'm glad to get this rolling and get to get this Authority and to give us guidance and proceed thank you okay vice mayor I've said a lot on this ordinance and the best and I'm happy with the condition it's in so I'm glad we're doing a second reading good okay so I agree we've discussed this ad nauseam and this was just simply to approve this on the second reading yes okay typo good catch good catch well she's an attorney so she got it showing up the male attorneys good okay at this point this is the second reading of ordinance 20-0 one okay and you gave us the information and we had our discussion at this time public comments are now open about this ordinance does anyone have anything to say about it seeing no one raising their hand I will they we going back to Commission discussion but I think at this point is there a motion to adopt the ordinance number 20 - oh oh one on second and final reading I so move okay second I need a second roll call please Commissioner David yes vice mayor Bobby yes Commissioner Donaldson yes Commissioner gossip Seidman yes America's own occur yes motion carries thank you very much now we're up to ordinance number 20 - oh-oh - street parking an ordinance of the town Commission of the town of Highland Beach Florida amending chapter 16 motor vehicles and traffic article 1 in general by modifying the current regulations and removing outdated provisions and to allow for on street parking in certain situations providing for the repeal of laws in conflict providing for codification and severability and providing for an effective date so this is the first reading of ordinance number 2000 - we have discussed this many many meetings many too many and I'm gonna go to the vice mayor for this one are you happy with this final you're hitting me first yeah would you want to go first okay fine no problem I'd like to go first thank you very much vice mayor and mayor because I was the lone no last time around we were discussing this and since then some things have come to light and I wanted to and I will provide copies to the clerk to produce to the other people on the Commission in the public anyway so we've had four surveys on parking one by the town one by resident two by residents including the belly toe Association one by vice mayor Bobby and at last meeting the one by the belly toe board was not conclusive or tabulated it was just hearsay and talk so I was not happy to move forward until we clarified some things and I'm happy to report that we have numbers on that survey and they coincide very closely to the numbers on the other surveys and so they basically uphold this as written with just a few areas of question one where the cul-de-sacs and the other the mailboxes two areas that do get clogged up the federal law is 15 feet on each side of the mailbox and our estates just don't block the mailbox we do have a situation where you have two new mail people delivering and one does not remove herself from the truck to get to the mailbox if it's blocked they continue driving which is federally allowable and I can tell you people have gone to the post office in Boca to get mail so I don't know if we want to include the 15 feet or just do it on a case-by-case basis but everyone seems to be there are some knows on the the seven questions of the belly tow Association but the nose in general were were more geared toward overnight parking and RV parking on the streets and and the majority of people do agree with the town's original survey which is good to know so I'm in favor of moving on I did find an old 2008 parking ordinance which just by chance I found in my files which I'll provide to the town manager just interesting to see where we were back twelve years ago and lastly I just wanted again I brought this report from when I got elected and we started working on this at my proposal April of 2018 and it was brought up again May October November December of 18 and again June of 19 so not only do we have the history as printed on this but it has been long talked about so I think I'm for getting it on the books and if we have to tweak it in a year as the vice mayor and I discussed with other ordinances we'll look at it then but I'm just happy that it worked out for everyone and the majority rules and I'm waiting I'm just very happy the majority rules on this thank you so you're approving this yes ma'am okay I'm very happy nice may just say yes or no I'm glad to hear that your revised or the revised information survey is now more aligned so it makes a lot of sense not a lot more to say besides I think we should just move this forward I mean this is what the police chief recommended in the Town Manager recommended so I'm so very much in favor of it I understand the 15-feet federal setback on the mailboxes I don't think we should really do that I don't think we need to I don't think we have any problems we can always edit it later on sure Commissioner Johnson yeah I'm good with an uncurl forum thank you okay and Commissioner David well I don't think it matters if we add the 15 feet in here or not we're still subject to it because federal Trump's Highland Beach that being said we've discussed this to death I'm happy with anything short of banning all on street parking there are only four areas that it applies to in this town two of them are irrelevant because it's all either driveways or mailboxes so you can't park on those streets regardless the other two streets if people don't like it let them do it street by street as long as it's reasonable let them decide within their own neighborhoods what they want or don't want that being said I do have one question Section six seven which talks about commercial vehicle parking on project property and when it section b of that when it says that it commercial vehicles applies to taxis and limos and i'm questioning if this would stop limos and taxis from picking people up after 6 p.m. and before yeah between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. because I know I've had occasion in the past where a car sits and waits for you and that's in essence parking or standing but I don't want to stop people from having limos and new words and taxis coming and getting them no I do not believe this is really related to when Park permanently at your at your home it cannot be visible from the street if they're picking you up for whatever reasons that's not it can we clarify that please so that people don't get the wrong idea that they know that it's parked permanently or parked overnight as opposed to just standing and waiting for you here late coming out of a party or something like that if we just put in the word unattended yep I don't think anyone reads our ordinances anyway I'm sorry but it's okay you're right it should be done right absolutely it was a very good suggestion thank you okay so can we I'm missing in town attorney can we approve this with the correction yep okay so we need a motion well actually at this time before we do that public comments are now open dr. Greenwald you live there any other comments it's fine all right we have the blessing of dr. green worlds we're good well you lose there that's okay no other comments at this time okay we'll continue and I need the motion to approve ordinance number 20 - uh-oh - on first reading with the corrections with the I'll make the motion to approve or in this tornado with the amendments as stated right thank you roll call please advise me Bobby yes Commissioner goseck Seidman yes commissioner David yes commissioner Donaldson yes Amira's Elna Kerr yes motion carries thank you make one more motion just to kind of anything else things up can I make a motion to cancel the proposed survey of the bollito homeowners association that's one of the things we put forward in the last meeting do we need or can we just make sure it's canceled so we don't leave the town manager and a precarious state of not knowing what to do with it yes if I could just get a general nod that we don't need to pursue that any longer at settle no that's the appropriate venue for such so let's just say I if we don't want him to proceed I you got it chief we good is that okay perfect now we go on to the consent agenda here we go nomination to a point Michael Chabot knee as a member to the code enforcement forward to serve an unexpired term ending May 28 2020 he was he came before this commission for another for another for the Board of Adjustment sent Appeals so we did interview him already and we all agreed he was very good so now he switched he's now going to be on the code enforcement if we approve him I am okay now the we have a commission discussion on this candidate is there anyone who wants to say anything if it's if it's a consent agenda you really don't need to just move it if you're so inclined okay I believe we interviewed him for the Planning Board wasn't he the naughty boy yes and Jared Grumman okay then great okay at this time are there any public comments about this appointment I seeing none is okay I'll say is there a motion to nominate Michael Chobani as member of to the code enforcement for to serve an unexpired term ending May 28 2022 I need a motion a second and then we have to say irony I make a motion to a point Michael chair beanie thank you second second all in favor say aye all right okay unfinished business none new business and we're taking off item number 12 because we're moving it to the environmental advisory board what would be 12 a 12 a right 12 a routine and so you still want 12 B I thought you said to take both of them all a and B well I had proposed a resolution to allow community greening which I believe miss Cassie so you want B to be discussed briefly okay it doesn't matter briefly okay so we're up to be discussion on mutually partnering with community greening Inc a nonprofit organization and I'll hand this over to Commissioner Gossett Seidman well yes thank you this follows the their presentation of a month ago with a two gentleman who founded this nonprofit tree canopy process - which is work beautifully in Delray Beach if you look at the intersection of i-95 on the northwest corner I 95 in Atlantic Avenue they've planted 75 trees and they're sprucing up many areas of the South County and also working now in West Palm it the rosemary square what used to be City place the idea that we propose and adopt a resolution like officially working with them is not any kind of financial burden it gives them the the benefit and us the benefit to go after actually state and federal funding for this and showing that there is we've got a mutual respect agreement I just think that the follow up with this area should be the natural resources because it's sort of a obvious fit and if we get something on I know they're coming to Spring Fling the community greeting and if we if we have something that shows we have a mutual a working arrangement it benefits everyone that was my proposal and I believe Linnell did did draft up draft up that resolution I have not drafted the resolution we have to get the content okay so we need the content so basically would be a mutual working agreement to promote a better tree canopy within the community and have a mutual understanding that we work together on future grants and funding hopefully mr. David won't cost us anything might make our town little greener it will help us get money to do that I'm in favor of it mr. donalsen yeah I have to admit I'm having a little heartburn about this I've put a lot of blood sweat and tears and trying to get this town to improve itself was not very successful i I've tried to take up you know a good solid look at this and I'm having a difficult time feeling like this particular group is a good fit for this particular town I have no objections to their goals what they're trying to do I think it's working out very well in delray I just don't think it has a good fit here so those are my thoughts o ask mr. Dawson are there are other groups you think we should be looking at I mean you spend more time on this and I have like I think that it's absolutely proper that the Natural Resources Board that we have should be looking at these kinds of things we again when we put a bow around the referendum we also discuss the possibility of addressing this at some point appropriate point in the future because again the the biggest majority of the public land we have here is unfortunately a 1a that's going to come up again and I think to the degree that we need to at the right time reintroduce that topic with such things as greening with how hopefully the side road improvements can happen what we may or may not have to do to deal with some of the right-of-way bike path issues are going to come back to us and I I think if we kind of look at this in just a sort of one piece here and one piece thing somewhere else it we sort of get lost in the weeds and we need kind of a more comprehensive idea about what we're looking at again don't object to the organization but when they have an emphasis on undertaking some of these programs on public land we have very little to offer when it comes to communication and interface with schools we have no schools to offer when it comes to the tree giveaway yeah who doesn't want a tree but I find it hard to think that's the only reason to do this I'd like to I'd like the Natural Resources support to think a little broader in terms of what's coming down the pike for them and for the Planning Board and I think that's where we need to put our energies and start thinking about how we're going to fund those things and how we're going to interface on those things no well actually I find that again we are a very small town and we have ordinances on the books that are not followed I've been talking about this for six years it's like a broken record we have an ordinance every time that somebody builds a house every tree taken down is supposed to read and what puzzles me is we don't have much you know most of our land is private it's private so you're telling me they're gonna buy trees for people in Highland Beach when let's say Riviera Beach as a very poor neighborhood and they're not gonna put it in there they gonna give it to Highland Beach I don't know I think what they really want cuz we're very small there's not much they can do here you know she knows that but I think what they want is a resolution that we support them and that's what we really do we support any effort that helps the environment I have no problem if you want to put together the Commission decides to put together a resolution in support of them well if I could follow up yeah I had actually drafted this for Miss Gaskins but it didn't make it to the dais it says a resolution of the town commission of the town of Highland Beach recognizing community greening is a nonprofit organization raising awareness and area municipalities as a collective effort to improve our environment for people in nature and to create sustainable green spaces and a vibrant tree canopy to equitably strengthen our environment economy society and health now this is no you know allocation of funds there is no that if you if we decide I'm fine with giving this to the Natural Resources Board if they'd like to look into other organizations this is an effort that could provide us with guidelines say when someone demos a home instead of taking out if for tea trees you look three or you replant with sustainable natural trees that those that were indigenous to our area this is the area that we need to go in yeah but don't we have ordinances saying that we just don't do anything with it that's well they we have a ordinance on on the books man can't we but if we had a list of these are xeriscaping trees low water low maintenance highly resilient to storms we don't have such a list this could be provided I don't have a personal interest in this one so maybe other groups are out there and I'm happy to have the board look into that I just think we need to go into some direction where we don't clear a lot down to the bare earth with not one speck of green and then perhaps guiding our private homeowners and anything on the municipal lands on least on the 17 foot on each side of a1 a just a guideline that we can work with that's what I'm looking for what I'm saying so I we have it on the books already that's why I'm concerned well we in other words we can I support the group because I think every place that's you know environmentally has to have the green if you want a resolution saying that but in reality every every in six years I wasn't able to do anything with this every person who builds a home in Highland Beach is supposed to have a Landscape Architecture and they're supposed to give plants and they're supposed to use native species and and it's very clear in our ordinances what they have to do I personally have no problem supporting any group that wants to maintain the environment so if it's a simple resolution of supporting them fine for me anyway but okay that's up to the of 12 you why don't we redirect it and give it to the board and let's see what they come up with and they give it back to us I'm I'm amending my first goal with this okay and we can give this copy to them give them the data that the community greening provided to us originally and see if they find a better group or no group but it seems like we do need a list of plantings tree canopy that we can go for it's in the ordinance although small part of it is but they list the trees in the ordinance okay well then let's have a look at the organ okay thank you that's why at this time though because we were all discussing this as anybody in the audience like to say anything public comments yes John johnross kazarina so my friend Barry Donaldson has brought up the boogieman of the RRR project yet again and I think the people spoke pretty clearly about this last March what in the event that they decree that a 1a needs to be resurfaced they will resurface it just as they did to the streets outside of mr. Donaldson's office you're an elected body elected bodies always Trump bureaucratic organizations always if people really believe that F dot is gonna come in here override the wishes of the people take 25 feet on each side of the highway knocked down every single properly permitted driveway and three on that street to put in bike lanes they're wrong the first place they'll be sued by a hundred percent of the dwellings and the owners on a1a in the second place that sort of draconian thing poses a threat to Gulfstream ocean ridge and every other town along a1a in addition to us we would have a lot of friends on those lawsuits the courts will take four or five years we're now talking about 2030 2035 before they could start filling the potholes and in the end that's what they're gonna do they're gonna mill and fill you don't know what milling is that's when they make the road funny with the ruts in it so that blacktop and fit and then they come in black top it in front of Commissioner Donaldson's office it took five working days to begin and end the project on a street 1.5 miles by the way I didn't examine that because your office was there I go to the gym there okay I'm not spying on where you work three times a week I go by there and work out and I noticed it because it was a project a project that took five working days those sidewalks were built no trees were knocked down new striping was introduced no parking spots were added that's what an are in our our our project actually looks like alright that's what we should expect okay as for the particulars of this resolution it's always nice to plant trees especially when they're free right dr. Hillman Dalton place I heard a number of things that really sparked my interest first of all it's a great project in the canopy more of the town is obviously a great idea great program but what I heard was turning it over to the environmental board clearly a great idea that's what the board is here for excellent assignment for them and they'll dig into it to look for other organizations that we might partner with and the thought of endorsing them with the resolution doesn't hurt their great organization adding Highland Beach to the other towns doesn't hurt good idea but what came to me after Commissioner dhalsim was talking was this really and clearly should be part of our 5-year plan we should be thinking about longer term here and how does this fit into what we four seed long hurm for our town what organizations fit into what our vision is and what is our vision so I think that's part of what we were talking about probably last week where does it fit in our five-year plan how do we fund it what kind of costs are we looking at which organizations and that then fits into not just the environmental group but board also then flips over to the financial advisory board so that's how these boards start to come in and of course the Planning Board fits into it so that's how the board start to fit into the five-year planning project so what you started to bring up just triggered to me this is all part of our five-year plan so great thinking and I can't wait to get on board here start working on it thank you okay yes Caterina yes she's on the board Katerina's on the board I member of the resources advisory board that's why I feel I should say something I think it is I guess we get the information about it and we can prepare for our next meeting to look into it I have what I understood is that this organization is looking at what belongs here what should be planted here what is right here what is wrong here so that in a kind of hurricane situation the wrong trees are not ripped off and all these kind of things what is crossing my mind and that goes with the five-year plan is for me living on the ocean it would be also then part of the whole deal to know and to inform and maybe to force what is planted on the beach we learned here in a very interesting session that there are a lot of invasive speeches on the beach that doesn't help to preserve the beach and if we do something in a five-year plan or in what is right or wrong to be planted on the street we should include the beach because it doesn't make sense to me to do the window dressing and and not look goddess on the beach we tried it and we know a lot about the wrong things on the beach and but maybe that group is is having knowledge about that too I do not know so but I wish we could include that in our discussion in in the in our advisory board okay that's good that's fine okay anyone else on this topic or will go on words any more Commission discussion or okay push beside one more comment I know it's our our job to task the boards with direction and this is something that we're not always specific about and Commissioner David has been very remarkable about stating we need to be clear and give direction and be efficient so that codes aren't hanging around for 18 months so and I feel the same way so would it be possible to decide today to task the Natural Resources Board with looking into overall a green policy because houses are being torn down there was one in the south end of town on the ocean the lot is completely devoid of any green and there used to be some nice trees on it I know a gentleman in my neighborhood kept a single lot and he kept a very beautiful 80 year old tree on it and several other shrubs that make it look much better than just leveling it all with every tree so couldn't we task them with general policy reviewing the ordinance and going forward with a green effort in the meantime folding that into the five-year plan with the Planning Board and the Commission because we don't always give them two exact directions but I would like to do this they're a very valuable board I attended the last meeting because I was here and I would just think that would be a good way to go you want to make a motion yes ma'am go ahead well the vice mayor looks like you nobody make a motion we make a motion to test Natural Resources Board with looking into an overall greening effort going forward and folding it into in the long term the five-year plan but encouraging and encouraging our residents plus adhering to the ordinances to give us some kind of a guideline for a green plan and looking at this organization and possibly others and giving us the in assist on it that's the lengthy motion I apologize for being 1d we're capturing it in the minutes we should be I don't know what just say bringing this over to the advisor but put in your motion that they have to read the ordinance because it's all there okay let me edit myself it must be the new pets we adopted lately I got too many pets in my house I make a motion to task the Natural Resources Board was looking into our overall green effort in existing ordinances and future plans and working with community greening and any other they see fit very nice okay okay all right then now we'll have a discussion on the motion we should have a second and then a discussion a second okay thank you he wants it you wanted to say something I was certainly in favor of considering groups like that community of I think it's overreach to tell people what they have to do with their trees and their property I think that's a horrible idea sometimes you remove trees because you have small pets and they drop little berries whatever and it makes them very sick don't want people telling that town shouldn't be telling people what trees you can and can't on your property other people have allergies to certain type of trees so again telling them you have to have these certain set of trees in your property is a huge overreach so I'm a horribly against that but if you want to look at having a recommended list or something like that that's fine well that is what I hadn't intended I don't like to order people around too much Commissioner David any thank you coming soon yeah the only place I disagree with the vice mayor is when it comes to what's planted on the dunes on the beachside and there I think we should have the right to tell people they can't plant certain kinds of things encourage them to plant others but specifically saying you cannot play these invasive species because it destroys our Beach I'm a hundred under agree with you on that actually I did a lot of work on that when we had to replace the dunes in my previous community where I lived and there's only a there's actually this great guy who comes around his name's Ron Barron and he seems to know everything about every plant that's ever been planted on the beach and what it does so I'm gonna agree with you on that yeah other than that I agree with you you can't tell people what they can or can't plant in their backyards that should just be a suggestion yeah I don't want us get ahead of ourselves thinking you know what the board may be or may not come back to us with all this will probably pretty much relate back to the comprehensive plan so I view this more as a general mandate and then we'll see where they go with it well this all goes back to some of our ordinances are from 1949 I say at every meeting and they really have to be upgraded because it's all in the ordinance of what we're supposed to do and not do but most people don't read it so they don't know and our now we're getting a little tighter with it with the permits but you're supposed to have an architectural you know architect you know giving us a plan for the greening after when someone's building a it's right there but that's up to the environmental maybe the environment the group could do that Catherina you could review the ordinances we need updated ordinances up yeah yeah okay now you know to keep it within the context of all the comments that have been made I I was here when we do have the last triple our project here I am sure there are others that are sitting here today who were also here let's not under simplify what that undertaking is for Highland Beach I remember a rather extensive period of time we were all crawling along at 25 miles an hour with flag flag people stopping traffic it's not that simple it's not a mile and a half of road out in an office park it's something totally different so let's let's not act like this is something that is just simple it is gonna be involved and we need to be paying attention thank you okay we have a motion on the floor so that motion and any of the comments for the commissioners will just create the motion rewrite again Commissioner Geiss incitement can you read your motion over nice do you have it there blue nails let me show you a sixth time when I would I just did it off the top of my head and let me try again I don't think anyone wants to hear me talk anymore to do it so it's okay it's okay all right basically a resolution that the Commission would authorize our Natural Resources Board to look into updating our current ordinances and reviewing green trees and spaces for the future residents that they be just reminded of what they are not required now I can't remember the rest of what I said we have a ton right yeah they have it's on the tape you are green ordinances and tree canopy and work with community greeting and/or other organizations to improve the health and well-being basically we're giving it to the board the adviser report we give source on the review our ordinance and make a recommended list that we're doing okay okay let's have a vote on this okay the Rope roll call would be commissioner Gossett Seidman yes and I believe Commissioner David second at that motion yes okay Commissioner Donaldson yes vice mayor Bobby yes and Mary zelniker yes motion carries thank you thank you all right we will continue okay approve and authorize Commissioner Gossett Seidman to attend the 2020 Florida League of Cities legislative action days On February 11th 2020 through February 12th 2020 in Tallahassee Florida and approval to attend any future meetings related to the 2020 legislation action days commissioner Seidman yes next week is the official Palm Beach County legislative action days there are a dozen senators and legislators that I was not able to see in my last trip and additionally I've requested a meeting with the president of the Senate who would be Speaker of the House is ultimately responsible along with the governor's final signing of putting basically putting through our requests for funding one request has gone through the other one is pending and as I'm told look good as my my contacts there say it's not it isn't over till it's over until the fat lady sings and all this politically correct okay so still counts in baseball so I I'm just suggesting that again at no at no cost to the the town because I have accommodations that I get up there and get around to see the other people who make a difference and see if we can't keep moving forward to help out the town okay Commissioner David yes I think that Commissioner Gossett Seidman is really uniquely positioned and capable of dealing with the legislature as she has shown the only change I would make as I would say that we should authorize her to do it for the 2021 legislative days as well because she is good at this she seems to enjoy doing it and who knows what we're going to want to ask for next year so let's let her use her connections that she's already made rather than changing it up so let's do for 2020 and 2021 I think I'm all for that thank you you have to get a wish list together then for the next step coming fiscal year see what we can do commission balancing yes there are a great number of legislative items being proposed that affect Home Rule and we certainly need a presence like Commissioner goz assignment there so absolutely what's what's center up there okay I'm VP verbatim echo Commissioner David's comments yeah I also there's no doubt about it pinkies very good at this and one day she'll be a lobbyist and join me anyway she's very good I will you be there when they're going to be discussing the Airbnb that's a big issue in the legislature right now are you familiar with all that's going on here I'm following that you're following that when it's that vote I don't have a date they set the dates usually Friday night or Monday early morning so actually I check every couple of days every yeah okay that's a big event it's a major manager for all communities because the state wants to supersede municipalities and they seem to be leaning towards do whatever you want with the Airbnb s-- even even overriding to talking about overriding documents in condominiums actually I sent that out yes it's a couple of people so that's something we would like you very much to keep an eye on for us yeah I just wanted to clarify would like to see Commissioner Gossett Seidman advocate in opposition to that House bill that state preemption to our short-term rental yes yes but this motion now is from going to be from Commissioner David to Center for two years okay there's nothing to do with well perhaps for the if I could say perhaps for them for the air B&B we could have mr. Liberty draft an actual letter that I could pass out because emails they sometimes just click delete delete delete delete walk in with a piece of paper and hand it to them goes a long way I did send it to all the commissioners that everybody get that email about the air BnB x' yeah this is really very important for our town and every small municipality if I could add one thing I'll show madam mayor where as you know I've been working this as best as I can and I do have lovely contacts there was there a few things that mr. Labadie wanted to comment on would that come with your your town manager's report regarding the actual Speth specifics of our current requests with the color of lights and all that would usually now or later interested in that too so yeah okay thank you okay mara legal question are for the attorney are we allowed to extend a period of time like that or does or do we have a one-year limited on commission actions you can extend it obviously it's hard to look into the future and see what issues are going to be there next year so more conservative approaches take a year at a time but there's nothing illegal with no cathay if two years all right okay so your motion is on there did you make a motion for two years yes I moved that we approve an authorized Commissioner Gossett Seidman attending the Florida League of Cities legislative action days both for 2020 and 2021 second worker okay okay okay Commissioner David yes Commissioner Donaldson yes commissioner gas excitement yes vice mayor Bobby yes Maryellen occur of course yes motion carries okay we will continue we are going to D approval of meaning minutes October 3rd 2020 regular minutes October 15 20 20 regular minutes November 5th 2020 regular minutes November 19 20 twenty minutes December 3rd 20 20 regular minutes I refer this item to the manager minute that's what it says thumbs up thumbs down what do you motion to approve well we met okay okay are there any changes to the minutes oh no changes to the minutes here yeah just the dates have to be the year has to be changed it's the dates are wrong on the agenda but they're right in the minutes they're right in the minutes but they're wrong in the agenda okay oh sorry for the error we will make sure they are all 2019 yeah sorry about that so 2019 okay and are there any comments from the public about the minutes okay okay with that said we need a motion to approve the meeting minutes second very good Wroclaw all in favor thank you thank you now we will have public comments and requests agenda items that were discussed and public comments are now open all comments will be directed to the Commission as a body please raise your hand and wait to be recognized John Russell please what happened press upon John Ross Casa Rena it's really a question Boco I guess it's to the town clerk and her boss so not to the Commission Boca has published a list of sites for early voting and while we're not voting on a commission or any local elections we will have a presidential primary and I was curious where that would be located for voting on the Election Day on primary day if it's the church who will the gates be open for people to park if it's gonna be Town Hall what was there and will the early voting site that Boca has talked about which is the library site the old library site be available for us to go for early voting okay if you have any questions or any comments on that no it wasn't it's a comment it's alright it's okay almost an important comment the early voting sites are provided by the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections and all any early voting you can go anywhere throughout Palm Beach County at an early voting site and vote during early voting on the day of election you have to go to your precinct so if you want to go to Boca during early voting you're more than welcome to because it's open up to the entire county we will get that I have to download it from the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Office and I'll make sure everyone get it well blast it out and provide some usually I tell people to go to the Supervisor of Elections the office there and you have early voting right in there and there's no one there there's no waiting it's terrific we've done a fuse that's what it's the church church but what I think John is trying to say is we should post it on the website well we can even send out an email a town email advising people the early voting and that's absolutely right okay once a yeah and we the more information we give to people the better thank you for John just a couple of quick comments we refer to the subject as Airbnb and that's really a company and a brand okay if I may all due respect yes the subject is short-term rentals yes correct okay so that's that's the generic word yeah okay the other thing is vice mayor you were objecting to telling people what they cannot plant and I agree we should never be telling people what they can't do other than enforcing the law of course however we're in a hurricane zone and there are some trees and some plants that just don't do well in hurricane very short or high whatever the right terminology is it's and whatnot and it would possibly do damage to neighbor's property etc and it's just not advisable to plant those and they should probably be on a on a nono list okay also there are shrubs bushes what-have-you that attract bees and whatnot and many of our properties are very close to one another and if those are on property lines that's going to invade others space that should be on an Ono list so I think there are certain what's the term species or whatever that are just not appropriate here so we might want to have a list maybe maybe we come up with the right terminology okay that are just not appropriate so those are the two comments I okay okay are there any other comments anyone would like to say nope being no comments boy this is an early meeting for us three o'clock keep going okay commissioner all right we're gonna call on each Commissioner separately for comments commissioner and I would like to know is Matt here I would like not to be here if he's here so you're gonna make the statements yeah yeah that series in the crowd oh there he is I didn't see him okay okay Commissioner everyone David any comments uh no I'm good thank you yeah Commissioner Donaldson a couple of items I monitored a webinar from the league recently dealing with comprehensive plan and elected officials I recommend it to everyone it's in their library I did take a couple of screenshots next meeting hopefully I'll have enough time to just put together a real quick thing on a couple of the screenshots I thought we were taking our interest into our community and how we deal with our comprehensive plan the rest of the items I discovered I have a thank you list for first of all I want to thank the governor who endured a remarkable purchase of land out in the Everglades this week goes very far toward hitting some of the policy goals of the urban league of urban cities on water quality certainly affects us even more directly where we live so many thanks for that I want to thank mr. shoemaker for the work he did again on the homeless investigation something we just have to keep in our mind I would add to all that Bokke helping hands which is a great resource to help people get their lives squared away again and give them that helping hand to move on fabulous fabulous organization thanks to Commissioner Peggy and represented crusoe for all the work in our funding requisition moved ahead will keep fingers crossed I think we're in good shape that'll be great and let's see thanks to Marshall and his staff we have cleared out an incredible backlog of work I know you probably have some room left on your white board but appreciate the effort for everyone here in the city staff and you it it's been amazing how the list that we've tackled and gotten done so thank you that's it we shouldn't yes thank you regarding the trees everyone's right there are there are a list of do's and dont's that on the state website so I'm sure they'll be looking at that some like the ficus are pretty much on the way out secondly I will copy the Commission as I said this is the three page double spaced list that things we started tackling 18 months ago that is really whittled down so I I also thanked Marshall Linnell de and his staff Teresa thirdly a very cool thing last week the st. Lucy's church hosted a place of Hope countywide Awards and we had two county commissioners Melissa McKinley who won an award for advocating for assistance in human trafficking a place of hope aids human trafficking victims and shockingly it's just not big cities such as Miami and Jacksonville they have trafficking happens right here in Boca del Rey I know the chief was there and they are very on top of this comment but also Bob wine Roth was there our representative at the county level and people in that business from all over the county and I was invited and when I was in basically introduced I represented myself as for the whole Commission because I didn't know I was being invited by the church but being a city seating commissioner I did state I was representing the Commission and we had commissioners from Boca del Rey and other municipalities and it was very nice to see our town showcase that that was a quite a quite a big deal apparently in our County they have recovered 48 victims of international trafficking and I know the chief knows a lot more about this but it was an excellent event lastly I wanted to thank the Commission and the townspeople for support for these funding at the state level I mean there's a lot more out there so we'll just go get it thank you very much no report no report drink some soup he said here's a cold okay I have happy news happy news and I would like Matt to come up and stand before us on the podium yeah very happy news excellent news okay I received a letter and it says the certificate of achievement for excellence in financial reporting has been awarded to the town of Highland Beach by the government finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada seeking job in Canada for its comprehensive annual financial report the CAFR this certificate of achievement is the highest form of recognition in the area of government accounting and financial reporting and its attainment represents a significant accomplishment by a government and its management so this goes to our town manager as well an award of financial reporting achievement has been awarded to the individuals flesh as individuals or department designated by the government as primarily responsible for preparing the award-winning CAFR the CAFR has been judged by an impartial panel to meet the high standards of the program which includes demonstrating a constructive spirit of full disclosure to clearly communicate its financial story and motivate potential users and user groups to read the CAFR and this was signed by the government financial officers Association of the United States and Canada and I really want to applaud Matt and our town manager we appreciate all of your hard work and I know when you came here things were a little chaotic to put it mildly he really straightened out a lot of our books and he deserves the credit thank you Matt thank you very much other than that when John Ross made his comment about the bicycle lanes because we have a lot of bikers in Highland Beach many people complain when they're driving with all the bikers are in the middle of the lane and they're all concerns about you know but they're going in packs they do Drive and they ride in packs it's the law they're allowed to so bicycle lanes are very important in Highland Beach and we do have residents who ride bikes as well I ride my bike but I'm an old lady now so I cried on the sidewalk and when people complain that I'm running on the sidewalk I say gone when I was little I couldn't ride in the street and I'm old I can't ride in the street so you know but people do get a little annoyed when you ride on the path when they're walking so we do need bike lanes and we do have to get into the 21st century and some of the laws have nothing to do with Highland Beach these are state laws that you have to have bike lanes now the fault lies for years and years and years of neglect when they were issuing permits and they never should have issued permits for that area because it didn't belong to the town it belongs to the state so it's not that simple it's gonna and and yes it will happen yes f dot is going to come through a one egg I only wish and pray that all of us are still here when it happens so it's gonna be down the line and it will happen and everybody's gonna have to adjust to it f dot has to do what they have to do by the law but we'll see what happens in five six years from now it'll be mr. Hillman's problem anyway on that note I want to thank the town attorney if you had anything else that you would like to say and I am very pleased that we are passing a resolution against anti-semitism racism and bigotry I'm very proud of the town thank you and what does nothing further okay and Marcia for those that are restless I apologize I do have a handful of updates I wanted to continue on what the mayor said the work that Matthew did is quite amazing it's understated to say it was chaotic when he came in but he adopted an unmapped and undocumented program with the departure right at the end of fiscal year so I'm I'm grateful that Matt was here to help not only me but the Commission through this it was a remarkable achievement and we're gonna be aiming for it again this year with our our audit process and financial reporting so we're in great shape again I always continue to say financially the town is in strong condition health condition we are financially stable and prepared for the future we truly are so with that being said we're even more financially stable appropriations requests Commissioner Gossett Seidman I think has found a very good space for her talents up in Tallahassee so we seem to have gotten a great traction on our crosswalk dollars so I will be able to leverage our charter limitation so this is great that hopefully when we open bids tomorrow we can be comfortable that we could implement the entire project that's going to be great we're hoping that f dot I just saw an email comes through maybe there'll be one more maintenance agreement or some other type of arrangement we have to sign but we're there we're at the finish line I know this was important I do recall during my interview process several commissioners were you know this is very important you have to get this done so I'm glad that with the hard work cooperatively of the Commission and the community we're going to deliver this product together and we'll have improved safety at our crosswalks with that though there was some email exchanges dr. Prima you identified that we're representative Caruso had identified his desire or wish to take those rapid flashing beacons that are traditionally yellow and turned them to red he truly does desire that because he doesn't find that yellow is adequate to safely stop or alert traffic I had a very honest conversation with him that I don't know that they could legislate that change because it really it's really dictated from the federal level ins on federal highways and state highways the legislation the way it is written on that House bill we're fine because it does reference back to the the manual of uniform traffic control devices which allows the yellow and prohibits the red but he would truly like to move in that direction but I think he's got a little bit of a few obstacles with F dot and the engineering staff there to do that so he wants that it doesn't hold up our money our project will be moved forward I just think he's got on a side issue I think he's got a lot more work to do on his end to change the minds of the four most thought leaders and traffic engineering I think he's got a lot more road to cover no pun intended grand court everybody one thousand six grand Court so back in January those that had contacted me were interested in what's going on with that project I'd indicated that we have reached out and will be shortly reaching out Ingrid did give them a review letter and stated our position and in my emails communicating that I said if they move in the direction to seek legal representation the process slows down lo and behold they have acquired legal representation the process is going to slow the town's position has not changed that will be communicated here if not yet shortly tor savea's firm has given us the strength to write a response letter that we are clearly standing behind our position that if they wish to build what you see there a plan amendment or a permit amendment and some larger review by the Planning Board is required and they have to clarify other pieces of information to us that wasn't clear on their first two we've we've permitted this project twice however they have to provide some clarification so we're in that process or those that are adjacent and growing quite frustrated by it we are working on it but when individuals seek legal counsel it does slow the process back and adds yet another series of steps to address it we're working on it we're on top of it we're moving it forward we're holding to our position the next steps it really depends on what and how they are going to respond if they are going to Pat then we move to the enforcement side of it and or some type of litigation if it gets there we're not there yet we're hoping they'll see it our way but that's what's taking so long is the posturing and responses so we're still working on it and we'll be getting that to come to an end we did open a few RFPs that we talked about the IT system with that being said we have opened the bids we have the two bids that we got the ones the two firms that we thought would be we thought others would they haven't there's a cone of silence now placed on the selection committee myself tarisha and matt will be looking at that in great lengths there will be meetings that will be noticed to review that so the public if they want to come Ken but we're moving forward with that the programming we got a bitter on that as well I know I've communicated to the commissioners I'm just going to let the public know that when we did the true up process on the fire contract there was a reduction of costs of about a hundred and ten thousand dollars that will be coming back to the township so the cost so there last year when we did the budget we said they were about five point two percent increase year-over-year it's at two and a half percent once you factor in that true up so their cost increased to that fiscal year was two percent rather than five the other issue I'd like to bring up now think mat again for finding this we passed a fee schedule adjustment and I'm gonna particularly take your attention to the trash hauling costs we moved it up about fifty percent because that hadn't been touched in three years to kind of recognize some cost escalation over time well for the last five years ish that's nodding condos on an in a unit by unit basis were to be paying twelve dollars a unit well the town had decided to charge eight dollars a unit so when we went to implement the twelve fifty that was approved in our fee schedule we started to get a couple calls saying wow that number really jumped up on us because we had been billing eight and we just went to twelve fifty so what we're gonna do is proportional administrative costs to the contract rate so the condo fees aren't going to go up to twelve fifty they're gonna go up to nine dollars so we're making that adjustment to stay proportional and fair and equitable as the single-family homes and the townhomes but for whatever reason for five years or potentially longer we hadn't been charging condos the rate that was established by a fee schedule so to go from eight to twelve fifty I think while the crowded room and it really isn't justified by the contract amount for the condos those being greater than four units together so basically the more of our high-rise and mid-rise condo units so I made that change just wanted to keep you in the loop that we found that will tighten it up with a modification to the ordinance and get more information to you but we're gonna chase back to that billing cycle so we moved it to nine which would be proportional from the contract rate that the single-family home see on their rates so for the condo folks your managers may have fallen out of their chair when they got the bill we are making a correction and getting that more properly in line with the intent of the fee schedule community greeting I know we were talking about it I just don't know it people know that as part of Spring Fling we are doing a mini tree giveaway to kind of test the waters with community greening so those that wish to come to the Spring Fling there will be trees available for if you will adoption and they go through their process of mapping that out and seeing where you track it and how it grows over time and they'll have three different types that will be available with the residents so we're gonna do a real small pilot to see what that with the interest is of the community to do the tree planting so those that are looking to put a tree on their property or condo associations that want to put a tree in just come to Spring Frank and we'll have until the supply runs out some trees to give away to see if there's a community interest on that that's it okay wait wait wait make sure so I covered that mr. shoemaker there's also I'll get you some information there are task forces on homelessness by the Palm Beach Florida League League of Cities so there's a palm breach branch that Commission usually gets communications they have special task force that are available for elected officials to participate in I think I might ask that maybe you want to have an interest in that and I will get that communication to you so with that thank you okay before we end they just want to say thank you to John Bowden who's been working on the coursework lighting with me for over six years and we're gonna celebrate I hope we have a big celebration but it's going to happen and to rich Pollack who said it will never happen you in there and you wouldn't believe it you said okay there being no further business I call for a motion to adjourn the meeting some with 3:30 so moved okay thank you meeting adjourned nothing I could tell you not yourself do you have a finger and I ask you to say the violent psychopath I've got forgetting on that award can you imagine me remember we used to have you