1 Player Vs 40 Players Fortnite Custom Match




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(dramatic music) (upbeat, fun music) (laughing) - Everyone just stay right here. We're all jumping. Oh my gosh. Awesome, everyone just chill here. Don't get any weapons. Everyone just hang out. - I, I , we can do it. I have like a shotgun. I just don't have a lot of ammo, so. - Okay, everyone open your map. We are all going to Dusty Divot. Let's go right now. - I don't have enough ammo for this! - Just follow the mob of people. Did someone die from jumping? It's okay. We still got people, I guess. - I don't have enough ammo, oh my god. - Alright everyone, don't go in yet. Don't go in. Hold. Hold. (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly theme song) - No, it's very bad. - [Leader] Alright, everybody rush! Go, go, go! (screams) - I hit someone. Oh god. - [Leader] He's got someone. - I got someone! Screw all you guys. Ah, oh my god! They're on me already! - [Leader] Rush! - [Other Gamer] No, no, no, no! - There he is. There he is! - Get off of me! - Get him! (mumbles) - Screw you guys! Wow, you must all feel so good about yourselves. (bell dings) (light music)