1 Simple Secret To Raise Your Social Status As A Man




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and so many Hollywood movies these days you see these guys who have ladies falling for them left and right and it's like they just lift a finger and then boom every girl within a ten-mile radius is all over them and you're sitting at home or in the movie theaters thinking to yourself man I've got to give me some skills like that but since it's a movie what you don't see is that all the girls who are tripping all over themselves to get in front of this guy are actually paid actors who are being given enormous sums of cash to do so but here's the crazy part this really does happen in real life to some extent and there really are guys out there who have evolved to the point of being able to make most girls fall all over them without really even trying and these dudes weren't bitten by some radioactive love spider and not too long ago they were probably just like any average guy when it comes to their attractiveness and status so what did they do all that they had to do is simply think a little bit differently and if they can do it then you can too now what you're about to learn is another little secret that will help you evolve into a high status man almost overnight but before we get into this something that you have to understand is that high status simply means a man of great value because everything in life whether we like it or not is measured in terms of value how much value are you giving how much value are you receiving now girls and other guys are drawn to men of value and there are a handful of ways that these men think a little bit differently that sets them apart from like 95% of what you would call the average guy now in the last Mission Impossible movie the main star was Tom Cruise and love him or hate him this guy is a total genius when it comes to acting and Tom is basically just winning every single time that he hits the big screen now for just being honest here Tom also happens to be more physically attractive than the average man and I would be totally lying to you if I said that that didn't make people like him a little bit more because we all know that psychologically people automatically assume that physically attractive people also come with excellent character traits so it should come as no surprise that his good looks are definitely helping him on the big screen but tom has a little ace up his sleeve and once you find out what it is you will too now let me ask you a question have you ever noticed that no matter what seems to go wrong in the movies good old Tom always seems to have a fix for it for example they find out that the bad guys are actually thousands of miles away in some random country and they only have 60 minutes left until the total destruction of the entire world occurs but guess what even in this situation Tom has a fix and whether it's Mission Impossible or the main character in some other movie this story is always the same the bad guys try to do something bad the good guys come up with a plan the plan fails and what do they end up doing they figure out a way to win anyway in life things rarely go exactly as planned so ask yourself this how do you yourself react when this happens are you the type of person that completely falls on your face or do you use the magic ability that Tom and many of the most high status men on the planet seem to have now it really doesn't matter if you're trying to attract a gorgeous woman or simply trying to make the best of a situation that didn't quite go according to plan understanding this little secret that Tom in all high-status men seem to have will allow you to evolve or become more of a high status man yourself which brings with it many many rewards now I remember I used to have this friend and this guy was far from what you would consider to be a physically attractive man in fact he was quite the opposite now he wasn't exactly ugly but he was what most people would consider to be slightly below average in terms of physical looks but here's a crazy part this guy was a total chick magnet and like every single time that I saw him he had a new girl under his arm and these weren't the types of girls that you would think this guy would be hanging out with but simply these were not the types of girls who tend to be overly friendly with pretty much any guy instead these were actually very attractive very high-value women and I always wondered what sort of magic gift was bestowed upon this guy because I couldn't come up with anything that could even kind of explain how this dude was like a magnet for beautiful women and something that made it even crazier was that he was not only extremely good with women but also very good at getting guys to respect him and without really trying to do this it was like people both men and women were just drawn to him and he didn't seem to have any of the character traits that you would think a man needs to have to be so good with people but later on in my own life once I knew a lot more about people I realized that this guy knew the same exact secret that Tom and so many other of Hollywood's most talented actors knew and even though I was aware of this at the time it still didn't make any sense to me like how is this scene worthless skill able to be used in such a way that allowed this guy to turn pretty much everything he touched into goal and then I tried it for myself and it actually started to work extremely well and from that point onward it has always been an extremely valuable part of my character and life in general and this tool that has two potential to quickly transform average men into high status men almost overnight is improvisation sounds simple enough right something that most people don't know is that many of the greatest moments and the Hollywood movies are actually the direct result of the improvisation skills of the actors in other words magic things can happen when you go off script imagine for a second useful so take this girl to the movies right but all in the way there you see a local carnival and you decide to stop and check it out and after a few minutes you quickly realize that the carnival has far more potential to create attraction between the two of you then the movie could ever have so you quickly cancel the movie date and you stick with a carnival but at some point you decide to ride one of the rides by yourself and then the ride breaks and then you end up getting stuck for several hours with some other girl on the seat next to you and what actually happens is that you end up liking this girl even more than the other girl that you came with and you end up calling her later that night rather than the first girl this is a great example of improvisation and the better that you are at it the better the rewards will be for you and by thinking just a little bit differently you're able to improvise the date with the first girl and end up meeting the second much more attractive girl which in the end netted you a better overall experience than you would have had otherwise now improvisation is like any other skill so the more that you do it the better you get at it the similarly magical skill that my friend had is the same exact skill that all of the greatest actors have and it's something that draws people to them in the best way imagine you go to a job interview and you think that they're going to ask you a bunch of questions so you prepare for that but instead you get to the store and they end up telling you to walk around and try to sell stuff to customers while they watch in this situation your ability to improvise could literally mean the difference between getting the job or not getting the job and then others it could be the difference between surviving or not surviving improvisation is simply how well you were able to handle a situation when you thought it was supposed to go one way and it ends up going a completely opposite direction that you never planned for and the reason why this is such a valuable skill to practice and have is because life itself is like one giant date that never seems to go as planned so the better that you're able to improvise or make the best of a situation with what you have the better results you could potentially get in your own life this is the ace card that Tom has up his sleeve and on the big screen it allows him to repeatedly save the world over and over again no matter how many times the original plan fails and to do this what you have to do is simply practice getting the best outcome you can get using only what you have around you so if you think life is about to throw you some oranges but it ends up throwing you some lemons instead then you better get good at learning how to make some lemonade improvisation is one of the greatest skills a man can have and getting good at it whether it's needed during a conversation or any other unexpected situation is one of the fastest ways to becoming a high-status man yourself who is extremely attracted to women and also respected by men and with that said until next time thanks for watching [Music]