1 Tutorial Basic Set Up

this faster tutorial we are going to show basic operation to use a yard sale software for archery competition management we start from this page that is the page were listed all the previous competitions Saturday in the system but we want a new one so let's move to new tournament is requested to insert some data we're in our competition code that is the first name of the competition international tournament 2011 maybe the complete name of this competition and this is the organizers so cold and be informational Federation and complete name we must choose now which rule are we going to use for this competition you can choose between international tournament is a feature of sir or some national rules or Paralympic rule server going to use the international rules here and which kind of competition we want to shoot the feet around double theta or theta or 70 50 meters which shows this one and which classes are participating to this competition so all the classes or only junior on the senior we can choose each classes here these are flag there is to delete all the changes in classes so that we will do after if we did some mistake and we are not doing now the competition will be held New York let's say and the data the data from two means competition start on three and finish from four must consider that the system set automatically the first Sunday frame after the creation of the competition you can choose the paper dimension a4 or letter the currency or that will be used in the budget form and print out language that is automatically Saturday on the language that you are using but you can choose different one different kind of character and if to enable ATT system or not then we confirm with save but after that you confirm at the rules say everything is OK you will see that is possible to work otherwise you will see a yellow market where that's a mistake and the first step is to choose the session we can choose how many session of competition for this tutorial we are going to shoot the two session one with courtesy top 36 targets of ABCD so for Archer for target the second session we have the same number of target and also for a triple target we do Farrell say we can also set a name of this session that's more useful for the whole if you are using for a field or trainee competition you can assign a special name to the different course you can choose the session that you're ready set it simply clicking on the number then we can call of course one you have here the targets and the other that already set high timing means that in the schedule of the competition you will not see the time scheduled but only following this when you are not completely sure about the time you know and like the whisking front pushing save and come back to the basic setup like easy we have already the list ready with 36 targets and four place for target second step we can add the people working on the field ensuring identification number if you have it and the name of the official and the can be the judge of the director of shooting the responsible of organizing committee and add all the people that you need to lists know where see the in suriname and choosing his position and so on you can also print out the list of the judges the distal jury of Appeal where it's mandatory to have it simply push it here okay and you folder a new page with open with the names that you insert as you can see there are no layout graphics because we didn't create yet so next step is to insert the graphics you can do it always from edit competition info images or directly from the main page you can select this comment image management you must choose the image that you are going to user this is sent from the operating system mine is in Italian so you reads choose the document editor again the rules to insert these images on the top left top right and the bottom are simply to use PNG or jpg image maxims at 64 kilobyte choose a simply image i already preferred a folder with the major that they want to use one - and simply clicking update you will see that your major are in red for the bottom image that will appear at the bottom of the page we suggest to use the dimension 19 centimeters flanked and one for the ight it's already preferred also this one you see this man I cannot use because it's too big so use this always update to see and now you have your image if you come back now to the previous printout because the feed through you would see that now you have the graphic layout on the top and the bottom of the page and each other print out of the competition without this layout the other imaginative answer will be only that one for the back numbers print out the next step it's a little bit complicated it's division classes management these are inserted automatically considering the rule of the competition that you create the record ball compound bow but you want to have also burble on this competition so it's very easy instead of code the complete name ifs not right or not because you can use this also to manage off features and other people these are applets and the progressive that is the order that will be follow it in the printout so in this situation you will have a recurve always printed first compound second double replaced and save to create now you have the division bear bone in the your system same things for the classes you have the surname the gender man a woman or unique name a unique Turner for judges maybe is not important there man or woman the description the always in is an adult or not progressive list exactly like for the division and the age means the first age in the last stage the people between 21 and 49 will be inserted in this class and the people before 21 are usually junior was 20 18 20 junior and after your master and allowed division and before all means that if you don't is anything you will use this class in each division or if you want to have only senior former beau simply adhere verbal and the junior will be only in the division compound and so on there is no sense in this case but sometimes can be useful or maybe you want a simple class for the berbil you want that all the verbal are in a single class so called an verbal class unique plus we set up an applet progressive in place and you write from 1 to 100 very cluster they can shoot only in a verbal class we cannot shoot in another class and of course it verbal so it means that you will add only verbal unit class but you must set also compound recurve for all the others one cannot no time to do it of course we must always confirm pushing save you know we have a class ready which distances are going to shoot these classes you manage from here but always also from competition at the competition and manage businesses very easy you choose the cluster that one that you just created barrel and insert the distance that they will shoot our barbell would shoot 14 meters on the first distance and 40 meters also second one this is a text so now if you will change them you can write anyway and simply push okay at the helm now you have a deer barrel shooting from only 40 meters and 40 meters you can manage also the distances and the target faces from this video you can choose you can see the class division and which kind of target they are going to use here are the lists of the class one two weeks this means that is completed target face with five colors from one until 10 and X or you have the six rating the fiber ring from six to X the inner and this difference is important for the graphic layout when you ever the using graphics for output and small time or with the big ten and the field are true 3d standard and it nice and so on and always confer with okay after that you can come back to your new edit competition in from main page and you want to all set up set up everything that you need and you are ready to start to insert your outlet so that will be in the next you